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200 Rock Licks

200 Rock Licks

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Rock on Garth! A Guitar Licks Goldmine awaits in this incredible rock collection, jam-packed with killer lead lines, phrases, and riffs personally taught to you by professional guitarists Greg Harrison, Matthew Schroeder, and Troy Stetina.

An Introduction to Open Tunings and Slide Guitar

In this Homespun series, Roy Book Binder teaches the essential open tunings and bottleneck style techniques in a way that will be easy even for newcomers to slide guitar!

Arpeggio Power!

Arpeggio Power!

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Arpeggios (chords played as individual notes) are an indispensable component of music and can become an invaluable tool in your musical bag of tricks. Paul Mehling has methodically created a program of drills and exercises that “connect the dots,” offering a disciplined approach to practicing for guaranteed results.

Basic Licks & Classic Solos for Electric Blues Guitar

Here's a Homespun video series for players who know the basic chords and want to get started playing blues on the electric guitar. Guitar pro Jim Weider takes it from the top, and shows the easy way to get into playing authentic licks, riffs, rhythms and hot solos.

Basic Theory That Every Guitarist Should Know

Learn how the guitar strings, frets, notes, scales and chords all work together to make music in this in-depth Homespun music instruction series.

Blues Guitar Arrangements for the Intermediate Player

In this Homespun video series, you’ll learn five classic blues songs, especially arranged for intermediate-level guitarists who want to explore exciting new styles and repertoire!

Blues/Roots Guitar

Steve James is known for his mastery of blues guitar styles, as well as his deep knowledge of the history of the great traditional players, from Piedmont to Delta. In this video tutorial series, he takes five pieces representative of different styles and teaches them in careful detail for the learning student.

Bryan Sutton Secrets for Successful Flatpicking

This extraordinary video series is filled with spectacular picking, detailed instruction and invaluable advice for aspiring bluegrass guitarists at all levels. Bryan Sutton thoughtfully and methodically lays out his “tricks of the trade” to help you play any tune and improve your flatpicking speed, power, timing and musicianship.

C-A-G-E-D Guitar System 1

If you think of the guitar fingerboard as unknown and remote territory, full of mystery and confusion, we have the road map and compass you need. The C-A-G-E-D System provides you with a complete understanding of the entire neck of the guitar so you can find your way around without ever getting lost again!

C-A-G-E-D Guitar System 2

Ernie Hawkins continues his detailed exploration of the C-A-G-E-D Guitar System, using his long experience in country blues fingerpicking as the springboard for this lesson. You’ll start by learning to play the standard 12-bar blues chord progression in every position and in every key – the heart of the C-A-G-E-D concept.

C-A-G-E-D Guitar System 3

Ernie Hawkins uses the amazing C-A-G-E-D System when playing his specialty- blues and ragtime tunes in alternate-thumb fingerpicking style. This way of looking at the instrument enables him to have instant access to the guitar's entire fretboard.

Conquer the Challenge of the Steady Thumb

In this Homespun video tutorial series, master thumbpicker Happy Traum reveals ways to develop and keep your groove steady and in-time.

Easy Steps to Acoustic Blues Guitar Pt 1

So you want to play the blues? Well, veteran guitarist, instructor and Homespun Tapes founder Happy Traum offers the very best way for you to get started!

Easy Steps to Acoustic Blues Guitar Pt 2

So you want to play the blues? Well, veteran guitarist, instructor and Homespun Tapes founder Happy Traum offers the very best way for you to get started!

Easy Steps to Bossa Nova Guitar

The distinctive sound of Brazilian Bossa Nova guitar has permeated the musical landscape for fifty years, influencing singers, instrumentalists and songwriters throughout the world. Learn to easily incorporate this timeless style into your playing with these info packed Homespun guitar video tutorials!

Essential Techniques for Mandolin

Here's a Homespun video tutorial series that will thrill and inspire mandolinists at all levels. Mandolin pro Chris Thile shares his own successful formula for developing right and left hand dexterity, improving speed and accuracy, and playing with heightened musicality.

Figuring Out the Fingerboard

If you've ever wondered how the hot flatpickers improvise solos using the entire length of the guitar fingerboard, and wished you could take your own distinctive breaks in jam sessions or performances, then these Homespun guitar video tutorials are for you!

Get That Classic Fender Sound

Learn amazing licks and solos, and get a close look at some of the famous guitars and amps that made rock 'n' roll history! Jim Weider is an expert in Fender styles, and you'll learn essential guitar techniques such as double bends, volume swells, raking and muting, pedal steel licks, Texas blues, harmonics, chicken pickin', finger-and-pick rhythm and lead, and much more. Includes downloadable PDF!

Guitar Licks with Greg Koch

In this must-have Hal Leonard Guitar Method instructional series, guitar master Greg Koch teaches you 50 lead licks and phrases in the style of legendary guitar greats.

Guitar Setup & Maintenance

Denny Rauen is a nationally-acclaimed master luthier whose clientele includes many top musicians and collectors from around the world. Spend some time with Denny and learn how to setup your Guitar just right as well as make modifications and customizations!

Learning Bluegrass Dobro

Here is a hands-on Dobro course that will teach you to play your favorite bluegrass and country tunes in no-time, even if you've never played before! Jam-packed with information, this series by Dobro pro Cindy Cashdollar utilizes close-ups and split screens, pdf booklet and easy-to-follow instruction to make it easy for you to learn Dobro like a pro!

Les Paul

Les Paul

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This in-depth instructional video series by Hal Leonard Publishing is interspersed with performance clips that take you up close with Les Paul for a fun, humorous and incredibly educational view into the awesome world of music as seen by one of the truly great guitarists, musicians and innovators of all times.

Making the Acoustic Guitar Rock

James Nash brings rock n roll sensibility to the acoustic guitar and breaks down his formidable picking skills into accessible lessons for guitar players of all levels in this Homespun music video tutorial instruction series.

Mastering Thumbpicking with Richard Smith

On this technique-intensive Homespun video tutorial, Richard makes some of his most dazzling arrangements accessible to aspiring pickers.

More Guitar Setup & Basic Modifications

Denny Rauen is a nationally-acclaimed master luthier whose clientele includes many top musicians and collectors from around the world. Spend some time with Denny and learn how to setup your Guitar just right as well as make modifications and customizations!

Pete Huttlinger Wonderful World of Chords

Get ready to give your left hand a workout! Pete Huttlinger has created a "video chord library" that's a must-have for every serious guitarist. This crash course is designed to show you all the important chords and fingerings you'll need, from the easiest shapes to some challenging finger-twisters.

Slide Guitar for Rock & Blues

Learn to play the blistering guitar solos, churning rhythms and wiling slide sounds that have impressed Roy Rogers’ fans worldwide, in this fantastic Homespun music instruction series.

Take Command of Your Fretboard: Chords & Melody

In this Homespun series, Woody Mann delivers an extraordinary course teaching new repertoire along with fretboard concepts that give an in-depth understanding of how to build great fingerstyle guitar arrangements.

Take a Solo - The Secrets to Blues & Country Guitar Improvisation

Homespun and guitar great Toby Walker shows you how a blues or country guitarist creates a great solo, thrilling the audience and getting nods of approval from fellow musicians. How does this happen? How do you even start figuring out which notes to play in the midst of a song or jam session? Just watch and see!

The Electric Guitar of Jorma Kaukonen

Here’s a "formula for instant success on the electric guitar." Learn hundreds of great licks for blues and rock playing and use them to create solos and lead lines to rival the best of them! Includes downloadable PDF!

The Mandolin of Norman Blake

Before there was bluegrass there were fiddle tunes, mostly brought to these shores from England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. In this Homespun video tutorial series, Norman and Nancy Blake teach beautiful, little-known old-time and original instrumentals in the Celtic and Southern mountain tradition.