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"The Best Tutorial Site, Period! - This has been my 'Go-To' site for learning and re-learning the VAST amount of DAWs, Plugins, you name it. They cover it, and cover it PERFECTLY. This has been better than paying for a degree, and I have one..." - George4th

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Logic Pro X 10.4.2 Update Explained®

The newest features revealed and shown in-detail!

Studio One 4 Explained®

"Perfect tutorial! Well organized and explained. Very clear steps divided into small sections for easy learning. Worth every penny!" - Albertcoppo

Pro Tools 2018 Explained®

"Extremely useful presentation of essentials to get you up and running using Pro Tools 2018" - airbusman2002

Learn to Mix at Groove3

Hundreds of tutorials to help improve your mixes.

Learn from World-Class Instructors

Looking for pro-quality studio video tutorials done right? Tired of looking through endless free videos and ads only to wonder if you’re getting correct information? Since 2003 Groove3 has been the answer for all your music software, mixing, mastering, and production questions. Download individual titles a la carte, or stream them all on-demand with our awesome All-Access Pass!

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Thank you Groove3 for helping me get some of the details and understanding of Pro Tools & Reason. You made it a lot easier and a lot more fun. Keep up the good work and i look forward to more video lessons.

Herbie Hancock Multi Grammy Winner

I'm Joe Perry of Aerosmith's touring guitar tech and one of his studio engineers. I have to tell you guys that I can't thank you enough for the great videos. My schedule is so hectic that I don't have the time it takes to fully learn the latest and greatest software. Now, I just put on the videos while we're flying or on the bus. It really makes my life easy. Thanks and keep up the great work.

image description Trace FosterGuitar Tech / Engineer Joe Perry of Aerosmith

Groove3 saves me time and time is money! Every time I get a new plugin or someone suggests a new toy I will reference Groove3 before every purchase to see and hear if its right me. Producing & mixing for 20 years I have a strong idea of what I want from a plugin, while Groove3 covers every element and I always pick up an extra idea or two. The music industry is changing fast as is music production software, with Groove3 I feel confident in I’m kept right up to date.

image description Jan 'Stan' Kybert Paul Weller, Oasis, Massive Attack

"Groove3 is my go-to resource for videos & tutorials. Every time I add a new plugin or DAW to my arsenal or wanna learn new techniques and ideas I can rely on Groove3 for that knowledge & inspiration."

image description Urban KrisVocal & Recording Engineer - Eminem

Groove3 is by far the most serious and thorough place to obtain up to date information for your DAW. Their tutorials, customer service, and knowledge is without equal in the industry. They open the doors quickly for the Artist , Producer, and Engineer , allowing the creativity to flow without getting jammed up on the technical end.

image description Don Chaffin Producer / Engineer DCity Studios

No matter if I'm wanting to deepen my knowledge of a current plug-in or get completely immersed into knowing a new piece of audio software, Groove3 continues to offer brilliant tutorials that are concise, thorough and who are taught by incredibly skilled instructors. "G3" is always my go-to so I can stay relevant and in the game.

image description Tony VincentTeam Cee-Lo - Season 2 of The Voice
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