Real world feedback from Groove3 customers.

All-Access Pass
all access pass
suberb resource initially only focused on getting more knw of my wonderful Izotope suite .Overwhelmed to discover that there are so many excellent tutorials for other products i own , or that im considering purchasing. A great resource and highly recommended !

Ozone 8 Explained
Listening to this gives me pain in the ears
I would love to say many wonderful things, but I could not really enjoy this course. The guys s-sounds and sibling are so incredibly cutting sharp, that I got head-aches from it. I cannot understand that someone who delivers such a bad mix of his voice, wants to teach a mixing tool. Just does not go together for me.

iZotope RX 8 Tips & Tricks
Good overview!
I liked that he gives a good and easy to understand overview and even becomes a bit creatively playful with the tools. Would have loved to see a bit more dialogue-editing

Reaper Advanced - SWS Extensions
Kenny at his best.
The guy always rocks with his tutorials.

WaveLab Cast Explained
Good for beginers.
Could be more specific.

Revoice Pro 4 Explained
Delivers the goods
I received a copy of this along with my revoice purchase, and I have to say I really like the site. I'll probably be buying a few months worth of lessons with other subjects as well. There's a lot of value here.

Arturia Organs Explained
Helpful, but maybe too much talk and not enough playing and exploring sounds. I got a lot of one note fingering around, was hoping to hear how some nice chord progressions sound while making adjustments to the controls. Honestly after the good explanatory intros, I'd like no more talk, but get down and just play - I don't really play organ either - but I can at least get my fingers down and fake it and mess around with chords. I think that would have inspired me more.

Melodic Lead Guitar
Very useful information!
A wealth of ideas to improve your solo’s. The concepts are well explained and examples put everything into context. I enjoyed watching this video.

The Mechanics of Mixing in Studio One
Eli never disppoint me.
I wish I could link his music knowledge to mind. He is knowledge-based and easy to follow along to. None of that extra talking about irrelevant things, he's str8 to the point and since I have very little time that's exactly what I need

SUPER 8 Explained
Thank You very much.. .
I appreciate your time.
Beginner, Producer, Logic Pro

Apogee FX Plugins In-Action
A good thorough walk-thru of these beautiful sounding plugins.
Semi-Pro, Musician, Producer, Logic Pro, Pro Tools

All-Access Pass
Knowledge is Power !
An amazing collection covering everything that is required in order to be an accomplished audio head !

Thank You very much.. I learned a lot from your videos.
Beginner, Producer, Logic Pro

Reason Explained
Discussing so many topics...

Groove Agent 5 Explained
Doesn't have to be this tiring
Why this author makes every tutorial so tiresome and difficult to keep the interest?

Bitwig Studio 4 Explained
It is ok could be better.
clips are too short and lots of repetition.

GrooveCell Explained
Succinct and Informative
Another great series from Eli. Thorough, clear and shows the product being used imaginatively.
Hobbyist, Semi-Pro, Musician, Producer, Pro Tools

Bass Chops
Immediately to Favourites!
Different styles, different levels of difficulty. Succinct, straight to the point bass chops, each one is gold!
Semi-Pro, Musician

All-Access Pass
I've learned so much, no longer am I stuck on YouTube looking through useless videos that leave out information.
Beginner, Producer, Logic Pro

Logic Pro X Know-How: The Marquee Tool
Super helpful
I'm was excited that using Logic for almost a decade - didn't found such simple and powerful not even tricks, but a core functionality.
This tutorial series is brilliant and a must-see. I'm very grateful towards author for making this tutorial!

All-Access Pass
Really impressive!
One of the best investments I'm about to make. Used promocode for first free tier, but I am definitely sure, that it's a beginning of a new, long lasting relationship :) $15/mo is a bargain for such quality content. Thanks!

COSMOS Explained
Simple, short and effective
Thank you Eli for this lesson. Within minutes, I was able to use COSMOS from scratch. Highly recommended.

Seventh Heaven Explained
Straight to the point.
Straight forward explanation both standard and advanced versions of seven heaven .

All-Access Pass
Professional, Sound Designer, Game Designer, Ableton Live

Cubase 12 Update Explained
Great Course !
Gary explains everything very well and makes it very easy to understand. If you just upgraded to Cubase 12 this is the course for you.

All-Access Pass
Very Helpful
Not had time to review software?

Electronic Music Producer’s Guide: Dynamics & Compression
Me serviría para aprendizaje
Beginner, Student, Producer, Beat Maker, FL Studio

All-Access Pass
Excelente, muy útil y entretenido.
Es muy grande y variado el contenido aquí, realmente profesional.

All-Access Pass
I am seriously impressed.
While some of the videos are just what you'd expect, others are far and beyond, sharing some deep insights - pure gold. I'm a Reason user and benefited from a bunch of other VST manufacturers' videos here, so your experience may vary. I'd recommend throwing the $15 and pillaging their site for a month first, just to be sure :)

Logic Pro X: Creating Generative Music
Great tools for idea generation.

Logic Pro: Production & Theory Hacks
Very Good
Many useful ideas.

All-Access Pass
I get to understand so well from plugins to DAW

All-Access Pass
Groove3 Is On Point!
Groove3 is awesome! The videos are very detailed and easy to follow.

Superior Drummer 3: Recreating the Legends of Drums
a little rushed but excellent info
I wish it had included the presets discussed in the video.

All-Access Pass
Aprende con profesionales
Estoy satisfecho de toto el contenido profesional y de gran aprendizaje, gracias por el tiempo y esfuerzo que realizan paa darnos las herramientas de calidad.
Hobbyist, Musician, Producer, Sound Designer, Sound for Film/TV, Cubase, Nuendo

Songwriting & Producing with Toontrack: Dream Pop
Thorough and creative guide to producing pop/rock songs
Get this one! If you're doing anything in pop/rock or even most other modern genres, it contains a ton of useful techniques.

Well-organized. Lots of amazing ideas in here, and each one is presented at the right point in the process. Really enlightening to see how the song is produced from the ground up - including demoing instruments/loops in ezkeys+ezdrummer all the way to mastering (ezmix - which I don't have but the concepts for each instrument/track type are really useful).

It was interesting to see how even the drum samples could be used to produce a bass line (particularly using dreampop's kit). And similarly by reusing the same keys midi to support a track with a different instrument, and then again to provide a simple bass line using part of that midi. Also, very creative approaches to pads (lots of them - using actual pad instruments, using drum samples, vocals with processing).

I've already begun applying what I've learned to a more classic/prog rock song I'm working on. This is well worth the money and has so much material I'll be returning to it many times to catch up on all the tricks and ideas here.
Hobbyist, Musician, Producer

All-Access Pass
Was user friendly
It is very helpful

XO Explained
I asked for this instruction a few months ago and now it is here. Loving Groove3!
Semi-Pro, Professional, Musician, Producer, Cakewalk Sonar, Cubase, Studio One

Producing Drums with Superior Drummer 3
Not helpful.
This is merely a tour of the software feature set and is not a tutorial on production. Other videos may be more useful.

Logic Pro X: Producing Electronic Music
Very useful ..
I like to say that this tutorial is very useful..

In fact, all the courses of the Great teacher Laurence Holcombe are very useful and I have benefited a lot from them.

And I would like to say to him thank you..
I discovered logic with you more than ever before, You make everything clear and easy..

I hope you will put more and more of these great educational courses for us in the future ..

Thank you very much..????
Semi-Pro, Musician, Producer, Audio Engineer, Sound Designer, Logic Pro

Harrison Mixbus Explained
Great overview of Harrison Mixbus
Really is a perfect introduction to all the essential features in this mixbus DAW software. Also a very practical delivery using sample multitracks for you to follow-along with.
Hobbyist, Musician, Producer, Audio Engineer

All-Access Pass
Very Experienced Music Professionals
A wealth of knowledgeable Professionals it’s almost like being a kid in a candy store. So much to choose from and once you take a bite it’s hard to eat just one.

Pro Tools 11-12 Explained
Very Useful
Eli is an outstanding trainer and this is a perfect example of his quality. Like all his videos he leads you through the content at an ideal speed and with clear delivery. Great product and perfect for anyone wishing to learn pro tools.
Hobbyist, Musician, Producer, Audio Engineer

All-Access Pass
The lessons are easy to follow. Very thorough!

Working with Ableton Live MIDI Effects
Excellent. I love these more creative series.

All-Access Pass
Diverse range of quality tutorial content
I resubscribed after an initial hiatus due to acquiring a lot more software products particularly Native Instruments. Although I mostly figured out some of the fundamentals I decided the tutorials would help quicken the process of mastering them and so far has been exactly the case. A lot of time saved so far.

All-Access Pass
Great stuff
Good stuff and lot of knowledge gained by me. Just hope their subscription was cheaper by 10 dollars however, its worth the price.

Logic Pro Explained
Excellent Logic Pro Course. Highly Recommended
I have just started using Logic Pro and started learning from another vendors course. While it was good this course is far superior. It is an in depth course on all aspects of Logic Pro. Eli Krantzberg is an excellent teachers, he goes at the correct pace and is easy to listen to. The course uses many examples and is ordered well. I highly recommend this to those that are new to Logic or have been using Logic for a while but only it’s basic functions. You will learn a lot.

Session Guitarist STRUMMED ACOUSTIC 1 & 2 Explained
Great, but
As others have said but must be repeated. The drum track was way too loud. Often drowning out the subtleties being demoed. Also would have liked to see the keyboard more often

All-Access Pass
Very professional and educating.
I’ve been under the monthly subscription for a few months. So pleased that I decided to upgrade to the full year all access pass.
Great work thanks.

Producer's Guide to Optimizing Your DAW & Computer
Some good thoughts but also feels like it needs a refresh
Overall there are some ideas well worth considering when building and using a computer for audio production... but there were some sections that do not necessarily reflect the situation today or were so specific to the setup (which appears to be a Mac laptop running Ableton) as to not be clear for other scenarios. Specifically:

The "never update" section needs to qualified better (i.e. if using ONLY for music production, etc.) and this qualification should also reflect the fact that many plugins and DAWs now require internet access some or all the time, so it is important to keep security patches done at the very least.

The comments about second displays seemed very specific to laptop configurations, probably where there isn't a dedicated GPU - again, some qualification about when this may be an issue and when it probably won't be is important.

Finally, it would also be useful to call out the Windows equivalents to some of the Mac utilities/comments - as well as something around other DAWs. This was a very specific "optimizing your Mac and Ableton.
Semi-Pro, Musician, Cubase

Logic Pro Jump Start
Best Introduction to Logic Pro Ever!!!
Eli Krantzberg is by far the best instructor I have came across in my Daw Journey! I've now chosen him to be my go to instructor for everything Logic Pro X! I highly recommend him. Thank you Eli Krantzberg and Groove3 for an amazing Introdction to Logic Pro X.
Beginner, Musician, Producer, Beat Maker, Sound Designer, Sound for Film/TV, Ableton Live, Bitwig Studio, Logic Pro, Pro Tools, Reason, Studio One

Great insight!
Within a few seconds I started to learn and was surprised that I could do such things with Butch Vigs Drums!

u-he Bazille Explained
Probably the best tutorial on the Bazille.
This is a very informative tutorial on the Bazille, and extremely helpful to understand the synth.
But I would point out that there is a few minor changes on avaliable patches, placing of controls (in the filter section of tweaks and FX) and the Midi and Program-change part of the tutorial.
This is probably because it was made during the beta-period of the synth, and it has gone thru quite a few updates since then.
But still, a great tutorial, you'll actually learn a lot you can use on any virtual synth.

Studio One 5 Explained
Clear and to the point
I really liked this course. The pacing was spot on, the instructors voice likeable and the contents very much to the point. I have been using Studio One for over 5 years and every lesson I learned something new. Highly recommended!
Hobbyist, Producer, Studio One

Mastering with FabFilter Plug-Ins Explained
Great stuff from Larry once more
I found this course really helpful as a review of things to remember when mastering. I did Larry's course 'Mastering in Logic Pro X' last year at a time when I had only Logic stock plug-ins, and I got loads from that one. This course is more or less the same in its approach to mastering, but of course using the FabFilter plug-ins instead. At the time of writing this review, the versions of the plug-ins are the latest in the suite: Pro Q3, Saturn 2, Pro C2. A great series to watch for people who find the idea of mastering intimidating; and an excellent review course for anyone who's done mastering before, but wanting a refresher before doing it again - with the FabFilter plug-ins, obviously. One thing I was a little surprised by was the absence of Pro-DS even though there was one track with problem sibilant sounds. I would have liked to know why Pro-DS wasn't used as it would seem the most natural choice. Still, excellent educational material from Larry, as ever. Cheers!

FabFilter Pro-Q Explained
Very helpful
As with the Pro-R tutorial series (another course with Eli) this one covers all the need-to-knows and does so quickly. A great way to get comfortable with navigating Pro Q.

Your First Home Studio: Beginner's Guide
So succinct :-)
I don't know what it is about the topic of setting up your own home-studio, but I just don't find it interesting. Patrick, however, does a fantastic job of making the topic palatable for someone with no knowledge - and no desire for in-depth knowledge - and telling you what you need to know as concisely as possible. Thanks very much for this series, Patrick!

Perspectives: Film Scoring in Logic Pro X
Worth it
Very enjoyable course, well presented.
Hobbyist, Logic Pro, Studio One

Seventh Heaven Explained
Excellent Introduction to Seventh Heaven
Excellent overview of Seventh Heaven along with its new functionality.

HALion 6 Know-How: Getting Started
Very Helpful!

MASCHINE 2 Explained
Very comprehensive helpful tutorial
I am new with Maschine and this helped tremendously in learning how to use this for overall functionality as well as specifically in setting up multi outs for studio one which is primarily how I intended to use it and why I chose this tutorial. Covers all the essentials and despite being an older video, still very applicable to current version 2.15. Highly recommended for new/intermediate users.

u-he Zebra2 Explained
Watching beats reading
One might argue that video tutorials like this are basically just filmed manuals. And that's true, to some extent. On the other hand, a good trainer like Scott delivers info that goes far beyond that. You learn about the workflow, the pitfalls, the especially interesting aspects and so forth without even starting the software. And all of this in watching 1,5 hours. This is worth the time invested in any way!
Hobbyist, Musician, Cubase

Connecting Studio Hardware to Your DAW Explained
Good explanations - on expensive gear
Patrick has a nice, calm, and easy to understand way of explaining things. Whatever he explains in this video series, you get a good understanding of the various topics. If there's one thing I could complain about, it's the rather expensive equipment he uses - which makes me a little envious. If only I had the budget to buy this high quality stuff, too... ;-)
Hobbyist, Musician, Cubase

Mixing with FabFilter Plug-Ins
Loved it!
This course does exactly what it says on the tin - it shows you in quite some depth how to mix a track using FabFilter plug-ins. It goes beyond its stated remit, however, by also being a course on mixing more generally, throwing in lots of useful advice for the novice mixer, and this regardless of whether you use FabFilter or not. What I found really interesting, as someone who has also completed Larry's Mixing Electronic Music course, is the near absence of additive EQ. In that other course, additive EQ was used a lot, but here it's all about saturation instead of EQ boosts. No surprise, I guess, when you consider that Saturn 2 is Larry's favorite all-time plug-in and Logic doesn't have a dedicated multi-band distortion plug-in. (Although isn't Phat FX capable of boosting just a specific frequency range with the Bandpass Module and Reject Mix dial, Larry? Something to consider for future Logic-focused courses...) In short, loved it, and look forward to seeing how FabFilter can be used in the mastering context next. Cheers, Larry!

Hybrid Explained
To the point explanations. I am quite happy with this course (despite I have more updated version of Hybrid, this is still covers 99%) !

Vacuum Pro Explained
Well explained
The logic of this VST is well explained and aided with examples and graphs to the point!

FabFilter Pro-R Explained
Perfect length
Eli tells you everything you will probably need to know about using Pro R. I found the series easy to understand and the length felt just right. His delivery is fluent and the sequencing of information makes sense. I look forward to watching his series on Pro-Q3 :-)

Fabfilter Saturn 2 Explained
Love Larry's overviews of the FabFilter creative suite
There can be just one plug-in to rule them all, and according to Larry, Saturn 2 is it. His passion for this plug-in comes through repeatedly. If you have watched either the Timeless 3 or Volcano 3 series, you will zip through this one in no time, as so many of the general features are the same. Easy to follow and all bases covered.

FabFilter Timeless 3 Explained
Very satisfied
Some of the criticisms I read below are valid - on some videos, the choice of audio was not helpful for illustrating the function in question, such as when different rhythmic delays are demonstrated on a part that is already rhythmically complex; but that wasn't often an issue and wasn't distracting enough to take away from the fact that I was still learning a lot despite the poor example chosen. In short, I thought this plug-in was quite intimidating when I first opened it, but I don't find it intimidating anymore. That for me is the ultimate sign of success after watching a series.

Synthesizer Terminology Explained
It goes straight to the point, very clear explaination and great examples to help you understand what he's talking about, I honestly enjoyed it!

UA Apollo & Console Application Explained
Great video
The video is great and gives a thorough review of what's needed to get up and running with the hardware/software. The only issue I have is that I'm stuck at the moment for about an hour now trying to figure out how the instructor routed console's output to the DAW (virtual 1/2), at about 2:39 in the "DAW" video. I don't think this was explained. I think the commenter OneHappyBunny may have the answer. I will look at the last video to see if this is correct.

All you need to know…
Quick and useful tutorial on another great NI instrument. Eli, great as allways!
Hobbyist, Semi-Pro, Musician, Producer, Sound Designer

Beginner’s Guide to Live Sound Setup & Mixing
It is felt that the course reflects the whole practice
I am a professional sound engineer, I have made thousands of live performances and I looked at this course out of curiosity and I have to recommend it to all beginners.

FabFilter Volcano 3 Explained
I feel much more confident about using Volcano 3 now
A great introduction to the features of Volcano 3. I'm just in the process of getting my head round the FabFilter suite: those are some purrty lil' thangs.

I now have a much better understanding of all the moving parts. This is a beautifully designed plug-in but it's not necessarily the most intuitive - at least on first glance. I now feel far less all-at-sea and am in a position to enjoy the plug-in. The bonus is, of course, that once you know how to use the various features here, using Timeless 3 or Saturn 2 also becomes much easier. I found the brief workshops on using MIDI controllers particularly helpful. I'd had some trouble setting this up, but going through Larry's videos slowly made me realize where I was going wrong. (It's usually something which, in retrospect, is obvious but doesn't seem that way when you're in the midst of smashing your keyboard against the wall). However, I do feel that the examples in the final two videos, which are designed primarily to showcase what Volcano 3 can do, could have been thought about more carefully. I don’t really think the examples ‘sell’ Volcano 3 well: the first one in particular just sounds a bit too chaotic. Still, I’m very glad that neither white noise nor pink noise were used in the making of these videos. Cheers for another helpful series Larry.

Working with Spectrasonics Sonic Extensions
Fantastic as always…
Eli does a fantastic job going through the parameters of these extensions. Clear and concise information and is a great asset to groove 3.
Hobbyist, Semi-Pro, Musician, Producer, Beat Maker, Sound for Film/TV, Ableton Live, Cubase, Logic Pro

Logic Pro Quick Sampler Explained
Great overview of the plug-in
I'm a big fan of all Larry Holcombe's series on Logic, so you could say that I'm biased by this point in time. A little caveat, too - I'm already quite familiar with Quick Sampler (QS), so this video series was more of a refresher than an 'Introduction To'. And for that purpose it did the job very nicely.

I think not showing how QS can be used in conjunction with the Step Sequencer's pattern regions is a big missed opportunity, however. This is probably the most exciting aspect of QS, at least for me. Also, Larry must have updated to a new version of Logic by the time he recorded the LFO video and beyond, because the glitch (since resolved) whereby modulation rings don't light up automatically when adding modulation targets was obvious in a few videos. This inconsistent behavior of the plug-in could leave some viewers feeling a little confused. Overall though, I benefitted a lot from this run-through of the key controls of QS.

As always, thanks very much, Larry!

Logic Pro Sampler Explained
Great overview of Sampler - and a cheeky look at Autosampler too
I give this series five-stars just for introducing me to the 'Enable Search Filter' function, which is sooooooo useful when using Sampler as it has an endless number of presets.

Sampler's five tabs are introduced pretty comprehensively. There are a few things that are not mentioned that could be of value to EXS24 users, such as how to access the Key and Pitcher functions (see Eli Krantzberg's overview on Sampler for that) but I imagine most people coming to Sampler don't even know what EXS24 is, so there's that.

Overall, a great series for discovering Sampler. Cheers, Larry!

Pro Tools Editing Tips & Tricks
Easy to Use : Added Value, Learn from a Master
I always look for teachers who actually are experienced masters. I watched the free clip and sensed that I need this. A Must have.
Hobbyist, Semi-Pro, Musician, Producer, Audio Engineer, Logic Pro, Pro Tools

Getting Your Song Ready to Mix
Content, yes; Presentation, not so much
This is every cliche about the boring professor’s cadence wrapped up in one tidy package. Sure, there’s good information to be had, but if you’re fast asleep mid way through the series, then that hardly matters. Strong coffee recommended!
Hobbyist, Musician, Producer, Logic Pro

Session Guitarist STRUMMED ACOUSTIC 1 & 2 Explained
This series tries to be helpful but falls short.
The author explains all of the apps functionality adequately. My problem with the entire video is the mix of the app examples with the background arrangement. I could barely hear the guitar, let alone any of the subtleties that the author was trying to convey. Secondly, many times when the author is explaining examples the keyboard is hidden where in others it's clearly visible.

All-Access Pass
Keep it up. :-)
The All-Access Pass is like a season ticket to the best virtual libraries. The concept of being able to pick and choose which courses to purchase for download when learning online is perfect, at least for my needs. Also, it's like a paradise for me to spread my knowledge focus anytime, anywhere. The videos are very helpful most of the time. Keep it up! :-)

Crash Course: Programming Drums in Logic Pro
Pretty Solid!
A thorough explanation of the different ways to program drums in Logic ProX. Also pretty easy to understand and follow. I especially liked the parts on the sequencer, the drum designer and ultra beats.

All-Access Pass
I like groove3 because all the information is legit so I can learn to produce music the right way.

Connecting Studio Hardware to Your DAW Explained
Extremely helpful
Extremely helpful tutorial. Shows how to use outboard preamps, compression, reverb, etc. very well done!
Hobbyist, Audio Engineer

Producing Tropical House
Good series!
It's very good series for beginners! Building a track from start to finish. Maybe it's a bit dated as of software versions, but the essence of what it takes to produce a tropical house track is there.
Professional, Audio Engineer, Sound Designer, Logic Pro, Pro Tools

The Blues-Rock Piano of Johnnie Johnson
Could've been better
Camera angles many times are not good for seeing what he's playing. I realize this is a pretty old set of videos but still, if you can't see it then they should have done a better job of explaining what is going on.

iZotope RX 8 Tips & Tricks
Really nice series!
That's one of the most valuable sources of RX info on the web. Great examples, well explained, everything's perfect! Thanks!
Professional, Audio Engineer, Sound Designer, Logic Pro, Pro Tools

All-Access Pass
To the point
A nice service with versatile instructions and explanations to the point. Does not take too much hours to learn but provide with all you need. Reasonable price for all-access pass!

Getting Your Song Ready to Mix
Great videos!
That's probably the most helpful video series regarding cooperation and what to do and what not do when working as a mixing engineer, or with a mixing engineer! Recommending it with both hands!
Professional, Audio Engineer, Sound Designer, Logic Pro, Pro Tools

iZotope Nectar 3 Explained

Logic Pro: Production & Theory Hacks
One of the best courses and instructor!
Didn't regret buying this course.. Rare content + quality instructor.. Thank you!

Getting Your Song Ready to Mix
Great tips, tricks and insights.
I wish I'd seen this course before I prepped the 28 cuts for our latest album. Based on these videos, I would have done so many things differently to make our mix engineer's job easier. I'm going to watch this course again a few times and make detailed notes, so my partner and I are better clients for the next releases. So glad you made this course. So glad I saw it.

Native Instruments CUBA Explained
Very Helpful
Explains the plug-in well

FL Studio 20: Beginner's Guide
Helpful to get started
I already work on music production and decided to buy a copy of FL Studio to collaborate with other producers. This series was helpful, and I might come back to it as I solidify the knowledge and keep learning new things.

Pro Tools Signal Flow Explained
Extremely informative ! ! !
Alegre, la que siempre está con una sonrisa en la cara

MASSIVE X Explained
Provided Insight
I now feel better equipped with handling this new synth.

Getting Your Song Ready to Mix
very helpful, yes.
been mixing many decades and I only wish I received a session as well prepped as this tutorial instructs. Everyone please please do what this teaches, you will save money and a mixers sanity!
Professional, Musician, Producer, Audio Engineer, Sound Designer, Sound for Film/TV, Logic Pro, Pro Tools

Pro Tools Mixing Tips & Tricks
It's a great tutorial!
Quick, well explained and easy to understand. Thanks!
Professional, Audio Engineer, Sound Designer, Logic Pro, Pro Tools

Emily Remler - Bebop and Swing Guitar
Interesting and informative!
Emily donates you a vision of the guitar that is spectacular in its simplicity.
You can learn the basics of the guitar comping in a breeze!
Professional, Musician, Producer, Audio Engineer, Sound Designer, Mastering Facility, Ableton Live, Digital Performer, Logic Pro, Pro Tools
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