Real world feedback from Groove3 customers.

Nectar 4 Explained
Excellent Mate !
Brilliant and helpful tutorial again by Eli. I watched and applied it to the tracks I'm working on while watching the tutorial.

D16 Silverline Distortions Explained
Good Stuff!
Glad you put this together. I'm a big fan of Decimort and Devastator 2. I use them all the time when processing drum breaks but have felt like I was just scratching the surface just fiddling with presets and the dry/wet know.

All-Access Pass
Really Helpful
Really handy for all levels of musicians

Calibrating Your Studio Monitors Explained
Simply the best out there, bar none
Finally, the best audio calibration I could ever get. My speakers and room sing and I am super thankful. Warning: this is not a master class you can skip ahead or watch while doing something else... you have to set time apart and turn that phone off. I thought I knew REW and RePhase (all free software btw) but I was so wrong. The level of clarity pays off. I am semi-pro, not totally a beginner, but I thought I had it, before I watched this. Great stuff, I would love a follow-up for subwoofer tuning!

Producing & Engineering Low End/Sub-Bass
Ambitious well-made course - Why your bass does not sound that you want.
Getting a bass that sounds distinct and sharp can be tricky if you lack the understanding of how different frequencies affect each other.
This course covers all aspects why a bass does not sound as desired and how you solve them all.
Professional, Musician, Producer, Sound for Film/TV, Cubase

How Drum Grooves Control the Genre of Music
Great for kids
Topics are explained well for kids. Nothing of value for seasoned musicians.

Dorico Key Editor Explained
Excellent introduction
This was a very helpful course to get started with the Dorico Key editor. The pace was great and its a fast way to get going. Recommended.

RME Total Mix Explained
Very informative
learned alot and was straight to the point, and clear.

Mixing with FabFilter Plug-Ins
Absolutely great course. FF is such an easy UI to learn from. Laurence uses it really well
I'm a decent mixer but not great. Each course I do teach's me something new (of course) but this course really made me understand the process flow with mixing. FF has such a great UI that it's easy to see what is being taught. Laurence is giving a great work flow and why.

The Bruce Swedien Recording Method
The Bruce Swedien Recording Method
This is an excellent resource for all who want to gain valuable knowledge from one of the industry legends.

Home Studio Know-How: The Room & Acoustics
Very good and extremely well made
Thorough, well-made video and many practical tips.
Good for beginners who have a bedroom studio, but also I think that many experienced studio technicians can benefit and refresh how sound waves behave in reality.
Everyone can probably find important grains of knowledge, so I well worth checking all sections, (at least a quick look.
Professional, Musician, Producer, Sound for Film/TV, Cubase

Calibrating Your Studio Monitors Explained
Awesome!!! The best I ever seen. 6 stars!
It is explain everything from start ( using REW software, microphone etc) to end. Also showing to use measurement to correct the room for plug-in ReverBerate VST for Cubase / Nuendo, hoverver you can use every DAW.
Professional, Musician, Producer, Sound for Film/TV, Cubase

Mastering with Ozone 10 Explained
Very well done
I have watched many of his videos but again his preference for using very short loops for demonstrating (as he said) is annoying. Focusing on the annoyance takes away from the awesome point he's trying to make.

Practicing Mixing Explained
Ambitious well-made course series - How ever it's still easy to understand
Beginning level to mixing, and as well advance practical ideas to verify your mix by listening in the stereo field mid/side (MS) and in mono to find issues.
Professional, Musician, Producer, Sound for Film/TV, Cubase

Panning Explained
Very good and extremely well made video!
I think the teacher was good at explaining and also very competent so nothing was left to chance.
Professional, Musician, Producer, Sound for Film/TV, Cubase

Ozone 11 Explained
It was really helpful!
Thank you Eli for making yet another great video series! This series have all you need to know about the new version of Ozone, guys! I really appreciated the last video! Thanks!
Professional, Audio Engineer, Sound Designer, Logic Pro, Pro Tools

Bitwig Studio 5 Update Explained
Deep Dive into Bitwig 5
This cleared up a lot about the new browser and all the hidden help menus that are actually in the program in real-time, No other DAW does this but Bitwig.
Gary clearly shows how to use the new features in Bitwig, but there are too many to list in this brief review. If you are new or are a seasoned user, these videos will be of use.
Professional, Musician, Producer, Audio Engineer, Sound for Film/TV, Bitwig Studio, Nuendo, Pro Tools

Ozone 11 Explained
In depth review of that new version...
Thanks to Eli, I now know more clearly if I need the update from my version 10 advanced. Very deep into every module and clear explanation of virtually every nuance of the plugin. Thank you!
Professional, Musician, Producer, Audio Engineer, Sound Designer, Mastering Facility, Ableton Live, Digital Performer, Logic Pro, Pro Tools

Neutron 4 Explained
Very Helpful. I found the examples useful.
I just hope he considers using longer looped sections of the track he's using for demonstrating. It can be very difficult to listen to a 3 sec loop for and hour and a half. I have had to skip some of his videos as a result of that.

Reason 9 Know-How: Workflow Enhancements
Very informative, even if older v9!
I thought this FREE course was very informative, inspiring, and well communicated (aka easy to understand with examples).
Still valid today even though older v9 used. So much to learn on modern DAW's like Reason, I think little morsels like this are very helpful.
Thanks Dave and G3! Looking fwd to more useful FREE stuff and keeping Dave on the radar as good instructor!
Beginner, Hobbyist, Musician, Producer, Beat Maker, Audio Engineer, Sound Designer, Sound for Film/TV, Ableton Live, Bitwig Studio, FL Studio, Cubase, Mixcraft, Reason, Studio One

Making Music Today
Great Overview to share with people that don't know....
I think this is a wonderful video to share with people (family, friends, etc) that don't entirely have any idea what it takes to "make music", or in other words.... What I'm into learning about and doing at my music desk :)
Thanks Dave A and G3 ! ! !
Beginner, Hobbyist, Musician, Producer, Beat Maker, Audio Engineer, Sound Designer, Sound for Film/TV, Ableton Live, Bitwig Studio, FL Studio, Cubase, Mixcraft, Reason, Studio One

KONTAKT 7 Explained
Very Helpful tool
If You own any of these versions and need to understand how things work, get this Video's and you will understand better.

Secrets of Creative Compression
Excellent stuff!
I really enjoyed the ideas Tom showcases in this series. An added bonus is that each video is around seven minutes long - a nice length, I feel - and one which is pretty much perfect for fully illustrating the ideas being shown.

This series is a great way to deepen your understanding of all things compression.

bx_crispytuner Explained
A very enjoyable overview of the bx_crispytuner. No stone is left unturned and yet the series only clocks in at around an hour. Nice.

This is a plug-in for which my initial reaction was 'meh', but when Eli moved on from the Simple and Advanced tabs into an overview of the Graphical one, that's where the possibilities really started to become apparent. This plug-in could be a lot of fun to use and is very user-friendly.

Cheers, Eli!

UVI Falcon 2 Explained
Very Helpful
If You need to know how to use the product you just purchased this is Video that you need to understand how it works

Logic Pro: Drum Synthesis Explained
Completely amazing course
'Amazing course' probably would get the point across, but 'completely amazing course' seems a better fit. I've just completed this course again after two years and it is just fantastic. Ultrabeat is amazing and Larry makes it come to life. One of my favorite ever courses, probably - and I've done a lot of them!

The only thing I don't quite get is why DMD is introduced as THE way of getting access to the Step Sequencer and channel-strip processing for individual drum sounds. Can't you do both of these things without leaving Ultrabeat? You can use a multi-output option and still use the Step Sequencer within Ultrabeat. Or am I missing something? Probably, I am. Still, for anyone not familiar with Drum Machine Designer, this video shows you how to go about using the two instruments in conjunction.

Still can't believe this course doesn't have any reviews other than from people who share my name. Perhaps Ultrabeat simply isn't being used anymore, which is a shame, because it sounds great. Probably it's an interface thing. Not everyone is into UFO-style designs.

Thanks, Larry. Such a great course! In fact, you could even say that it's completely amazing.

Mixing for Depth & Space Explained
Useful insights from Tom once again
Another useful series from Tom. He could perhaps use the word 'super' a little less, as it can feel like he's trying to sell the techniques a bit too hard. I'm also not sure whether I fully believe him when he says, 'I think I'm hearing a resonance at 300Hz' and then the resonance is indeed at 300Hz. OK, perhaps his ears are that well trained - but that's very specific...Or maybe I'm just jealous.

Anyway, thank you for another insightful set of videos!

Producing Tech House
Very well explained
Another excellent set of tutorials

Thorn Explained
Worse than a video manual, because sound selection was torture
This course was no better than reading the manual and playing around with Thorn yourself. The sounds selected to demo each feature were often horrible and barely even showcased the feature in question. It's like there was zero planning on the part of the instructor other than to point and click and talk. The ambient patch at the end was pretty good and there were some good pointers there, but the bass patch was horrendous; I have no idea why the instructor thought that was a good example of using Thorn to make a bass sound.

In the end, I didn't learn much of anything that I couldn't have learned just by playing around with it, and had to endure constantly scratchy, horrible sounds that Thorn can tend to make if you're not smoothing/filtering etc. This is fine at some points so people see the process, but watching a whole course of it was just torture. Horrible sound selection for demoing.

Creating Realistic MIDI Drums
I couldn't get through it.
This guy seems knowledgeable but he just rambles on and on and on about minutiae instead of getting to the actual instruction.

The Mechanics of Mixing in Logic Pro X
Very clear explaining important topics
I loved to follow this course, very easy to understand. To me I just didn't know how to explore the channel strips Eli used, but I will try to replicate it to understand the flow

oeksound soothe Explained
This is a great course on Soothe. Short, sweet and very practical once the necessary run-through of the parameters is done.

Phase Plant Explained
Great Tutorial
Very informative intro to the Phase Plant. Now I can create my own presets in it. Highly recommend watching it.

Virtual Instruments Tips & Tricks
Good review of basics — How about an advanced course next?
This is a good review of basics. Always nice to remind yourself of what you know, and what you should have at hand every waking moment in the studio.

And now... How about an advanced course, same topic?
Semi-Pro, Musician, Logic Pro

Phase Plant Explained
Great Tutorial Series
Groove 3 is definitely one of the best investments I've ever made, and this series is fantastic. A Phase Plant tutorial series was one of the few things I needed and didn't get from Groove 3... Until now.

This is probably not the best synth tutorial too watch first in your music production training, I would recommend the Serum and Sylenth tutorials here on Groove 3 for that purpose, but if you do have some experience with synthesizers this is the perfect way to get acquainted with and start using this amazing synthesizer.

Ozzy Osbourne - The Randy Rhoads Years
Good learning skills.
It made it easy to learn Randy styles of music.

Calibrating Your Studio Monitors Explained
Lost me
Lost me in the set up and preferences...

Amplitube 5 Explained
Covers everything for Amplitube MAX!
Up to date in AUG 2023. Covers everything in a very straightforward way. I hate those guys that tell you the same thing 6 times over! Highly reccommended.
Hobbyist, Semi-Pro, Musician, Producer, Cakewalk Sonar

SONAR Explained
Very good but quite dated in Aug 2023
Unfortunately, Groove3 tutorials are undated. But even so this tute series is excellent and most features apply to newer versions. Others need a bit of googling.
Hobbyist, Semi-Pro, Musician, Producer, Cakewalk Sonar

Logic Pro: Preparing to Mix Explained
Goos stuff. Learned a lot.
Professional, Musician, Producer, Audio Engineer, Sound for Film/TV, Logic Pro, Pro Tools, Reaper, Studio One

Cubase 10 Explained
On point
I am impressed by Paul Ortiz. He leaves out the fluff and waffle and instead explains Cubase with a remarkable clarity that demystifies the general features of Cubase. His step-by-step guidance takes you on a journey through the software, unveiling its potential in a way that empowers both beginners and seasoned users to harness its full capabilities with confidence.
Hobbyist, Musician, Cubase

Presonus ATOM Explained
Excellent Course
The Presonus ATOM has a lot of capabilities, many I did not know existed or did not know how to use them. This course did a fantastic job of walking me through all of the settings and what they do. I learn best by watching and experimenting, and this course is set up perfectly for me and does a nice job with showing the effects in Studio One while at the same time showing you the ATOM and what is being set. There are other training sites, but so far I found the lessons on Groove3 to
1) Have the best instructional videos
2) Have the best prices
3) Have courses on topics not found anywhere else

I like the options to either purchase and own forever, or to subscribe and view every single video during your subscription. I am a buyer, so I purchased it.

I waited a bit before leaving my review, so that I could give my honest opinion. I have purchased some other lessons as well, but have not gotten to them yet. But I will say, as far as Presonus ATOM Explained, this is an excellent course. So if you want to learn the ATOM, this IS the course.

Hobbyist, Musician, Producer, Audio Engineer, Sound Designer, Acid, Cubase, Mixcraft, Reaper, Studio One, Samplitude

EZbass Explained
Great teacher
Eli is THE BEST teacher of audio tuorials.
Semi-Pro, Musician, Producer, Audio Engineer, Logic Pro

Logic Pro X: Mixing Electronic Music
Will watch again, take notes!
Excellent. Many great ideas.
Good to know a bit before diving in: many mixing moves not explained in detail.
Hoping G3 can do a mixing course like this, but with source material the mixer has not produced.
Larry’s be great for that one too!
Semi-Pro, Musician, Logic Pro

I Love the Trumpet
Warren Vache is an incredible player with a infectious passion for the instrument.
Having found this series after listening to Warren's records, I was curious to see how his teaching style transferred. He is a great educator and breaks down effective playing to the most simplest form. I am dedicating myself to learning these foundations as I continue my education as a self taught player with aspirations to become a competent bebop/hard bop street performer.

FORM Explained
Spot on!
Very helpful tutorial, explaining in understandable terms what's happening under the hood.
Hobbyist, Musician

LUNA Explained
Very helpful. I sat through all of it.
I have been curious about Luna, especially how it would fit in with all the big hitters, but I found the features that really set Luna apart mostly as a final mixing environment and most importantly to record vocals.

Dorico Explained
Very helpful and professional
Awesome video tutorial

oeksound soothe Explained
Most helpful
Will be using Soothe better, and in a wider variety of instances tomorrow!
Semi-Pro, Musician, Logic Pro

Creative Ways to Use Saturation & Distortion Explained
Will view again, take copious notes!
Exceeded expectations.
Semi-Pro, Musician, Logic Pro

MODO Bass 2 Explained
Very Useful!
Very Useful! for who looking for how to use modo bass in some more details.

Synth Know-How: Layering
Perfect for a synth-layering novice
I’ve been layering synths, even well. This tutorial helped me know what I was doing right, what I could do, and suggested how to keep learning. Mahalo from O’ahu.
Semi-Pro, Musician, Logic Pro

BreakTweaker Explained
Thorough and concise, and to the point! Pro tutorial fo'sho!
I got BreakTweaker in 2021 for use with ACID Pro. This series is very clear and the instructions aren't over my head. I am able to follow along quite well. These plug-ins , for me, are a struggle because the plug-in authors are horrible with documentation. I'm grateful for this GROOVE3 tutorial series. I was afraid I wouldn't be able to use BreakTweaker at all. Thanks!

EZkeys 2 Explained
Very Helpful
I really love the way it gives such a variety of grooves that can be adjusted in so many ways to your liking.the grid editor tap to find amazing.Explained in such a masterful way best video I have bought in a long while thanks appreciated.

The Joy of Uke Vol. 1
Easy way into the ukulele
I enjoyed this a lot. Jim is very likable.

As a beginning ukulele player, I would have preferred more songs and fewer interviews with ukulele players. That feels more niche and of interest to someone who's been playing a while. Otherwise though, the course provides a very good non-intimidating way to get familiar with the instrument.

The Complete Guide To TRAKTOR Pro 2
I've learned a lot!
Very detailed but in a effective way. I've learned a lot.

Pro Tools Ninja Guide
Incredibly Helpful!
I've been using Pro Tools everyday for the past 10 years and still learned a ton in this series. I feel graduated to Ninja Status now!
Professional, Producer, Audio Engineer, Logic Pro, Pro Tools

Dorico 5 Update Explained
Great - clear outline of features
This helpful set of videos really showed me aspects of Dorico I had never explored before - so broadened my use of the program!

Synthesizer Terminology Explained
Quick and effective
This series does exactly what it promises to -- explain basic terminology. I liked the fact that it used sound samples and graphics to "make it real"
Semi-Pro, Musician, Producer

UVI Shade Explained
l' E.Q créatif le plus fun a utiliser
un EQ avec toutes les fonctions de base , plus de multiples effet qui font evoluer l arrangement de nos productions
Hobbyist, Producer, Sound Designer, Ableton Live

Accelerate Your Keyboard Playing
Very clear and helpful. Great.
This is an excellent product. The author clearly reveals the vocabulary, techniques and approaches to master contemporary styles such as blues, funk, rock boogie and early rock and roll. This video is a must.

Mastering with Ozone 10 Explained
Mastering with Ozone 10 Explained by Larry Holcombe, the course covers various mastering aspects. While the tutorial has its merits, I didn't like it's approach. There was no indication that we were going to use individual modules in the description.

The course provides a good foundation by introducing learners to individual standalone modules within Ozone 10. Understanding each module's functionality is crucial, and the course succeeds in delivering this knowledge. However, it would have been even more valuable if the emphasis had been on integrating these modules into the Mothership to give a cohesive mastering workflow, focusing on how they synergistically contribute to creating a polished final master. This was harder to see because of the DAW used.

One notable aspect that could be enhanced is the application of changes during the course. The adjustments made by Larry are often quite subtle, making it challenging for learners to discern their full impact audibly. While mastering is an art of nuances, showcasing more pronounced changes could have enabled learners to grasp the practical differences that specific techniques bring about more effectively.
Semi-Pro, Musician, Producer, Audio Engineer, Sound for Film/TV, Cubase

Soundtoys SuperPlate Explained
Very helpful
I just wanted to add that a simple right click on any parameter (besides the large decay knob) reveals the numerical readout

Pro Tools Mixing Tips & Tricks
amazing !!!!
very good I love it !!!

Audiolens Explained
For me who wonder what of Audiolens can do for me?!
The video give answers to all my questions. Maybe you can skip the first part, if you are in hurry.
Professional, Musician, Producer, Sound for Film/TV, Cubase

How to Make Virtual Guitars Sound More Real
Ambitious well-made course series - How ever still easy to understand
Shows how to really do with a VST instrument several instrument brands eg Kontakt etc.
Even the bass guitar is shown how to get a more realistic sound.
I recommend this course to anyone who uses VST guitars. You don't have pick up all the tips, take some tips and gt sounds much better.
Professional, Musician, Producer, Sound for Film/TV, Cubase

All-Access Pass
Worth every penny!
I'm on my 4th year subscription to Groove 3 All access pass-I can't imagine living without it.! It is like having a personal instructor get me through almost every plugin and piece of equipment I own. I have mainly used it for this reason, only to find hundreds of video lessons on drums guitar piano and more. I would recommend this to all my musician friends. Worth every penny!
Professional, Musician, Producer, Studio One

Audiolens Explained
Short and Sweet!
Like this format, simple and to the point.
Semi-Pro, Musician, Audio Engineer, Sound Designer, Mastering Facility, Pro Tools

VALVES Explained
Exceptional course on this amazing, unique instrument.
One of my favorite courses by Eli. Extremely insightful, concise overview of this remarkable instrument.

Valves is a totally unique NI instrument... I've got 14 Komplete UCE and tons of other VI's I've never encountered anything like this.

This is one of those Groove 3 courses that facilitates a much easier approach to learning this instrument, compared with the manual, which is a bit hard to comprehend, initially, due to the complexities of the options 'under the hood (bonnet?)'.

Great job, Eli!

First 15 Lessons – Drums
Really Good!
It has help me

Logic Pro Jump Start
This is a great course and intro to Logic Pro!
Just getting into Logic Pro and wanted to get an introduction to Logic without getting tossed into the deep end of the pool. Very well designed sessions and I really liked that they short, which made them easy to consume. Good wrap up summary for each session. The speaker really knows Logic well, that is apparent. Lastly, there are file resources available to download. Highly recommended.
Beginner, Musician, Ableton Live, Logic Pro

Soundtoys SuperPlate Explained
Very helpful overview
A very good fly-over of the plug-in. Having a series like this is a really nice alternative to simply reading the manual, even if the information covered is basically the same. As always, Larry includes a video on sound-design ideas too, which is a fantastic bonus in an Explained series.

Ozone 10 Explained
Very informative
This course was exactly what I was looking for, and at an unbeatable price. I highly recommend it to anyone who has recently purchased or upgraded to the latest version of Izotope Ozone.
Hobbyist, Musician, Producer, Audio Engineer, Reason, Studio One

Fantastic Series
Great overview, great detail. I really like the way you incorporated the use of the instrument within the DAW. Not just a here are features type of series but how and why to use them. Well done.
Hobbyist, Musician, Producer, Audio Engineer, Sound Designer, Logic Pro, Reason, Reaper

UAD Spark Plug-Ins Explained
Great Overview of UADx Plug-Ins
Alberto is really a great teacher! I've learned so much about the Spark plug-ins and how to best apply them to a mix. The features, the history and how to get the most out of each plug-in is all here. I'd say if you use UAD, then you need to watch these videos. Thank you Alberto!

EZkeys 2 Explained
Just what I needed!
The videos are well laid out and cover just about everything. They really cleared up some things for me.

Ozone 10 Explained
Very helpful introduction to Ozone
This will have you up and running in no time if you’re new to Ozone.

Great context provided
Eli does a great job of contextualising each of the instruments. Some of the videos feel a bit drawn out, such as having two videos in which Eli is playing with identical reverb and delay parameters, albeit in different instruments. Overall though, very useful and insightful stuff.

Infected Mushroom Pusher In-Action
Good insight on breaking down plugins.
Short and concise. Running well on low bandwidth.

Session Guitarist PICKED NYLON Explained
As I binge watch G3 tutorials I find myself becoming repetitive: brilliant! appreciated! LOVE the real world examples.

I’d already figured out most of Picked Nylon’s wonders, but not all!

And I’d certainly not teased out a few great subtleties!

Great EK tutorial. Great brush up and hole filler if you already know Picked Nylon.

Now… what to binge watch next…

SO thankful I’m not wasting time trying to find relevant information on YT and elsewhere. Great value.
Semi-Pro, Musician, Logic Pro

Mastering with Ozone 10 Explained
Fantastic overall, but perhaps more variety in approach could be showcased
While I really enjoyed this and got lots out of it, the mastering process Larry follows for all three tracks is almost identical. I think there'd be more to learn if he weren't following the same process - particularly given that these are different genres of music - as it starts to become a little too formulaic. Also, a small part of the country track is put on loop for literally about 10 minutes. Surely, a few more sections could have been used, as this becomes unnecessarily distracting.

Don't get me wrong, though. I did still really enjoy doing this course and found the structure and content to be excellent. It starts with a more general first half about mastering and some key concepts to consider, before a very practical second half in which the concepts are illustrated using real-world examples. And there was a bonus feature in that we finally get to see inside the 'Larry's Faves' folder, which has been intriguing me, at least, for ages :-)

LUNA Explained
Wicked training!
I've been looking for an understandable DAW-training for a long time and this training nailed.... I learned more in these 4 hours then the past 4 years of messing around with Logic or Reaper.
Hobbyist, Musician

FORM Explained
Very well delivered
This is another great series from Scottie. He has a knack for sequencing information sensibly and packaging it succinctly. Great sound design ideas for the instrument are provided, too. I think this series sells FORM really well.

TRK-01 Explained
Excellent overview of this plug-in
Really easy to follow and will leave you confident about getting to grips with this plug-in.

Larry also provides more general insights into how to create effective kick drums and what you need to consider when synthesizing one, before showing how TRK-01 caters for these factors.

If I have one gripe, it's that, when illustrating the Bass FX and the Bass Pattern Editor, Larry is using a completely inappropriate bass sound - it's barely audible. Not sure why he couldn't just quickly tweak it so that we can hear the bass very clearly so that any movements to the dials makes a difference to the sound.

Overall though, very enjoyable and educative (is that a word?) series.

SpectraLayers Pro 3 Explained
Can also be used for first time user of SpectraLayers for example Cubase 11
Very old version of SL, however for a first time user it is usefully for even later version of SpectraLayers say 11 (2023).
The best and fast tutorials it is very well done made!!
Professional, Musician, Producer, Sound for Film/TV, Cubase

Session Guitarist STRUMMED ACOUSTIC 1 & 2 Explained
Another great LH tutorial
Again, so helpful.

Real-studio examples appreciated!
Semi-Pro, Musician, Logic Pro

Cubase MIDI Guru Guide
I am now a guru
Thank you this was very informative and straight to the point.

Mixing with Brainworx Plug-Ins Explained
Fun and interesting
I started out a bit skeptical, but it turned out to be fun and informative. If you have some experience it will turn a bit boring at first, but you can still get some tricks or a different perspective. It's cool.

sonible smart:bundle Explained
As always, thanks for quality tutorials.
Semi-Pro, Musician, Logic Pro

FabFilter Pro-Q Explained
Fab FabFilter totorial
Especially like examples of when various features might be used.

Without examples, it just seems like a long list of thing you might do (and must remember). With examples the new and sometimes difficult-to-instantly-recall features exist in context, or in a story. And the human brain is wired to remember stories!

That said, another 5-star EK tutorial! Mahalo!
Semi-Pro, Musician, Logic Pro

Logic Pro for iPad Explained
Definitely worth watching!
Eli never disappoints with his tutorials, Well explained and straight to the point! Learned a lot from this one....Thank you!

Mixing with Ozone 10 Explained
Interesting take on Ozone
As ever from Larry, an enjoyable and insightful series on mixing. This will give you another angle from which to approach using Ozone. Perhaps the best piece of advice is, ‘ fix whatever’s annoying you most’. Larry also seems to have learned from previous series not to play a loop of audio for too long lest the viewer spontaneously combust - or he still sometimes does so but now warns you in advance. Mr Holcombe is a massive asset to Geoove3.

All-Access Pass
great lessons for the money
was a bit late to realize how valuable some courses are here on groove3. the all-access pass makes it convenient to go with the personal flow and have some practical help at hand. Almost like somebody you can call and ask if you need to.

Producing House with Native Instruments
Nice but needs update
Needs a quick update to explain the super duper NI super 8 fiasco. Redo the project files since super 8 isn't going to load for 95% of people. What I'm talking about is there is no Vst of super 8 anymore and only Reaktor based. NI made a mess with this scenario not groove 3 fault
Semi-Pro, Musician, Producer, Beat Maker, Audio Engineer, Sound Designer, Ableton Live, Bitwig Studio, Cubase, Logic Pro, Nuendo, Reaper

SUPER 8 Explained
Needs Update
This plugin changed formats shortly after release. Needs a quick update so people are not confused about what happened with VST being released and then not. Another weird move by NI but good Videos
Semi-Pro, Musician, Producer, Beat Maker, Audio Engineer, Sound Designer, Ableton Live, Bitwig Studio, Cubase, Logic Pro, Nuendo, Reaper

The Art of Spanish Guitar
Its ok !!
no full pieces
Semi-Pro, Professional, Musician, Producer, Audio Engineer, FL Studio, Cubase, Pro Tools

Addictive Drums 2 Advanced Vol 1
One more thing
It would be very nice also to know how to record with addictive drums 2
Isn’t that the object?

Producing House with Native Instruments
Very helpful but with needless omissions
This is another excellent series showcasing how to use NI when producing and mixing music. The reason I don’t give this one five stars, however, is that Tom chooses to use his own drum samples, as he did in the sister series on Producing Indie Pop music with NI. I don’t understand why he does this given that the point of the series is to showcase NI instruments. He could have used Battery, Drum Lab, Polyplex or any other NI Drum VST. This seems like a missed opportunity to further explore the instruments.

Mixing with FabFilter Plug-Ins
100% Platinum — WAY more than FF filters, all about MIXING!!!
Where to start with how brilliant this course is.

1. The first think I’m doing is rewatching it and taking good notes. This is one of the best MIXING tutorials out there.

2. I’ll be looking up and watching EVERY other video tutorial this presenter presents, no matter what the title says. I know there will be gold in them tutorials!

3. I will be checking out the FabFilter specific tutorials to get the finer nuances and “this is what you’d know if you bothered to read the manual” information.

4. Thanking the deities that be that Groove3 produces quality product like this. So so so much more efficient to learn with G3 than try to track down the good stuff on YT (which necessitates weeding out the terrible, choking, I-want-your-eyeballs-and-your-money ‘tutorials.’)

If you’re looking for a great mixing course, look no further.

If your mixes don’t improve DRAMATICALLY as you proceed through the course… rewind, start again and PAY ATTENTION!

Can’t thank y’all enough!

And Groove3? More tutorials like this!
Semi-Pro, Musician, Logic Pro

Native Instruments Sound Design Tips & Tricks
Useful tips and tricks
A nice range of ideas displayed here, some really basic, others more technical. Tom strikes a very good balance in this regard.

One thing I’m not so keen on, however, is how frequently Ableton is used instead of NI. When resampling, for example, why not use Kontakt’s sampler? Many of your viewers won’t have Ableton, but if they’re watching a series on NI, you can be confident they will have Kontakt. Otherwise, this is yet another insightful series from Tom.
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