Real world feedback from Groove3 customers.

Logic Pro X 10.4 Update Explained
Very Helpful
I am excited about this particular update /upgrade because it contains many improvements that I need to use.
Hobbyist, Semi-Pro, Musician, Producer, Audio Engineer, Pro Tools

Harrison Mixbus 6 Explained
Well, I have hope for more...
I still have to Consul the manual. Lots of ?? Still!

FabFilter Mixing & Mastering Plug-Ins Explained
It's helpful and pleasing to learn.
Very good general review of Plug-Ins.
Semi-Pro, Producer, Sound Designer, Logic Pro

UVI Falcon 2 Explained
Always Useful & Valuable
Have been using Falcon for quite awhile and I always learn and enjoy Eli Krantzberg's videos on this subject, amongst others . Even reviewing the video over time is of value as Falcon is very deep. If you love sound design or just mucking about, you'll love this amazing synth and Eli's videos on the subject.

HALion 6 Know-How: Getting Started
A very helpful Quickstart
This is a quick primer on the basics of setting up and using Halion 6 for a new user of the software. It explains the functions of all Halion window panels, how to arrange them and how to set up user screen sets. It also gives a basic overview of building a sound and how the internal routing works.
Hobbyist, Musician, Producer, Beat Maker, Audio Engineer, Cubase, Logic Pro, Reason

MASSIVE X Explained
Amazing Job of explaining a complex Synth
This gentleman does an amazing, and detailed job of explaining a VERY complex synthesizer, that is easy to follow along, anyone wanting to learn Massive X should watch these video's, I can't say enough good things about this Massive X title
Professional, Musician, Producer, Audio Engineer, Sound for Film/TV, Logic Pro, Pro Tools

McDSP 6050 Explained
Great, but not yet complete
For what it covers, this is a great course. It's a good overview of the strip itself. For the modules it covers, it really helps you understand each one.

However - be warned, it does NOT cover anything except the new saturation and gate modules included with 6050. It's unclear if you're supposed to watch another course in addition to this one, or wait for them to continue adding content to this course. Regardless, it's not a complete overview of 6050 - not by any stretch. Most modules are NOT covered in depth.

Love the presenter, very easy to understand what he's saying; it's easy to "get" it.
Semi-Pro, Audio Engineer, Reaper

All-Access Pass
Extremely Helpful!
It's helped me alot with vocal processing , and learning more about the software I use.
Semi-Pro, Audio Engineer, Logic Pro

All-Access Pass
Great Stuff!
I really like the content, and how fast new content arrives when a new software or hardware comes to market.

EZbass Explained
Great Overview
This was exactly what I was looking for. An ordered introduction to the plug-in and standalone versions. No complaints.

Xfer Cthulhu Explained
Very Through Course That Makes You Learn All Aspects of Cthulhu
This was definitely most apprehensive guide to Cthulhu for me. I understood how to apply many different techniques that I didn't know that existed before, as well as come to a full understanding of how to apply Cthulhu while writing chords, melodies and harmonical elements. Thanks a lot Groove3!

EZbass Explained
good insight under the hood
was a pleasure to cut thru the gloss of advertising
Hobbyist, Musician, Cubase

KORG Electribe 2 Synth Explained
Beginner, Ableton Live

EZbass Explained
Super Tutorial !!!!
Intuitive and very Interessing Course !!!!!

MASCHINE MK3: Getting Started
Super helpful
This tutorial is a great must watch intro to Maschine MK3

Melodyne 4 Explained
Getting The Ball Rolling!!!!!
If you like me you always wanna know where's should I start with this new tool? More importantly, how is this tool intended to be used? I know that I'm not a master with Melodyne after watching these videos. But my dull sword is being sharpened.

First Song with Logic Pro X
Nice Overview
If you’re new to Logic, like me, this is a great overview for how to put together a song. I think the assumption is that you have some familiarity with DAWs in general though.

All-Access Pass
Re-upping is a no-brainer
Many of the best tutorials and information on many of the best tools/products by many of the best instructors/hosts. It's not unusual to have every feature and control covered and explained, with useful tips and insights thrown in. I'd consider a lifetime membership.
Semi-Pro, Musician, Reaper

Harrison Mixbus 6 Explained
Very concise.
Been a Mixbus32C user for a few years. Always look to learn something new. These vids showed me a couple things I've missed.

Cubase 9 Know-How: Acoustic Drum Programming
Very helpful
I have learnt a lot from this

Logic Pro X Know-How: MIDI Transform Window
Very comprehensive.
Hard to find this info elsewhere. Thank you!

Waves Tune Explained
Best tutorial I've ever seen...no kidding!
I've been lecturing in audio at universities for 20 years so I've seen plenty of tutorials.
This was very well done.
Informative , perfectly paced. and easy to digest.
I learned heaps in a short time!
Thank you.

Harrison Mixbus 6 Explained
Excellent Course to Gain Familiarity with Harrison Mixbus 6
As a recent purchaser of Harrison Mixbus 6, my first purchase of this DAW, I began searching for a good education course. Initially I was unable to find a true course on this DAW and then during a recent search in the Groove3 library I found this new addition by Gary Hiebner. I was familiar with other courses by Gary and new immediately this would be a great course, and it is just that! All new owners/users of Mixbus 6 needs to view this course. Highly recommended!
Semi-Pro, Musician, Producer, Audio Engineer, Cubase, Studio One

Harrison Mixbus 6 Explained
Excellent video series!!
I am so stoked by this video series, I'm only halfway through it and I know far more about the "Harrison Mixbus 6 32C", than I was ever to figure out on my own. I purchased this series because I knew that trying to figure it out on my own would be daunting, but this video series is the very best hand-holding I have ever experienced and I know that by the end of the series, I will be an experienced expert with this software title, fantastic offering, especially for someone moving into using a brand new system and this Harrison system is powerful on steroids!!
Semi-Pro, Musician, Producer, Beat Maker, Audio Engineer, Sound Designer, Pro Tools, Reason, Studio One

Producing Melodic Techno: Ableton Live Beginner’s Guide
Short and Sweet
As the description says, this is good for beginners. Although I’m not a beginner, I was interested to see if I could learn some new techniques for melodic techno. After watching, I would say this is one of the better courses for learning how to get started quickly. No fillers just good content. I strongly recommend if you are just getting started. If you are not a beginner, you could definitely skip the course. Regarding the genre specific techniques, I personally don’t believe this is melodic techno... more Mainroom EDM and the stab techniques are good for that. As far as the rolling bass lines, I’d recommend watching Julien Earle, he has several techniques for getting the sound which sound much more techno to me.
Hobbyist, Producer, Beat Maker, Ableton Live, Logic Pro

Builds, Fills & FX in Logic Pro X
Great Tips!
I’m pretty new to Logic and picked up lots of great techniques that Timothy demonstrated while creating builds and fills. This included the use of automation, macros, and various effects.

Builds, Fills & FX in Logic Pro X
Has given me new ideas on how to add meat to my tracks.

The 11 Contracts that Every Artist, Songwriter, and Producer Should Know
Very Informative & Helpful
I love the sub paragraphs you use to describe each clause- just wish you did every clause
Semi-Pro, Producer, Beat Maker, Audio Engineer, Sound for Film/TV, Ableton Live, FL Studio, Pro Tools, Studio One

Waves OVox Explained
Brilliant. This man is a genius.
I could've paid the yearly sub just for this. Fantastic and enjoyable tutorial for this magical plugin.

The Ultimate Practice Guide for Vocalists
Very Helpful!
Loved how she properly taught through examples singing scales and licks. I also found her instruction on proper breath support very informative as I often forget about using my entire body as an instrument and some times only focus on singing from my throat.

Synthwave Production Explained
Solid introduction to synthwave creation
Very well thought out and constructed tutorial on the synthwave form. There's none of the usual "crafting the perfect kick drum" or the perfect synth lead nonsense, just total focus on creating an example synthwave track.

Builds, Fills & FX in Logic Pro X
Short & Sweet!
A few good ideas with plenty of application possibilities, explained in a clear and succinct way.

UA Apollo & Console Application Explained
I was lost trying to learn the apollo console software. I can't believe how much this helped me. Every new Apollo owner should be given this to save time and pain. Thanks Groove 3!

iZotope Nectar 3 Explained
Very comprehensible and in-depth tutorial!

Ambient Patches with Strymon BigSky
Helpful But Poorly Presented At Times
I did learn some important things about the product and am indeed glad I watched this tutorial, but it was poorly presented at times. The presenter frequently blocked the view of the input screen with his hand and seemed unprepared at times.

All-Access Pass
Very useful
Really handy information that has got me up to speed so much faster than going through the manual.
Seems to be very good value on the All Access Pass for what I’m getting out of it so far!
Hobbyist, Musician, Cubase

FabFilter Pro-Q Explained
super well done Eli
As usual very concise and informative. Also, and i feel hugely important, his , musical examples are nice, subtle and unobtrusive. Very pro and well done.
Semi-Pro, Musician, Ableton Live

Mixing in Pro Tools with Phil Magnotti
Exactly what you need.
the way he explains things in full detail is the best thing about the video, he leaves nothing out!

Cubase 9 Know-How: Acoustic Drum Programming
great tips

Revoice Pro 4 Explained
Exceptionally helpful!
An absolutely invaluable resource assisting Synchro Arts Customers. I learnt a lot from this course and I come back to it often. Eli is an absolute rock!
Professional, Musician, Producer, Audio Engineer, Sound Designer, Sound for Film/TV, Ableton Live, Bitwig Studio, FL Studio, Cubase, Digital Performer, Logic Pro, Nuendo, Pro Tools, Reason, Reaper, Studio One

iZotope Ozone 9 Explained
Very Helpful!
Spot on tutorial for this complex but easy to use software!

All-Access Pass
Excellent Resource
The annual cost of the All-Access Pass is about the best bargain around.
Professional, Musician, Producer, Logic Pro, Pro Tools

Practical Music Theory Know-How
I highly recommend these lessons
Quality web functionality, well organised lessons.
Quality well thought out tutored lessons, amazing amount of lessons giving great value for money.
Thank you.

Fabfilter Saturn 2 Explained
very interesting
good insights how to use that tool

Learn Country Style Piano
Bob Hoban Rules!
This was not only informative for piano players, but for any one who wants to understand Country Music, it explains things in a way that clarifies some of the history of country music. I will say that some of the chords ar enot explained in a way that a beginner would understand immediately. If there was notation attached to this it would be a very valuable resource.
Professional, Producer, Beat Maker, Audio Engineer, Sound Designer, Mastering Facility, Sound for Film/TV, Ableton Live, Logic Pro, Pro Tools

Arturia OB-Xa V Explained
Nice, thanks
Haven't finished yet, but I already learned somethings I didn't know.

Loop Based Production Explained
Excellent !
Amazing watching Kenny turn interesting clips into a song. All because he actually knows what he is doing !
Semi-Pro, Game Designer, Ableton Live, Cakewalk Sonar

First Song with Logic Pro X
Vero helpful
I am verá interesses in tese features of Logic pro

Harrison Mixbus 6 Explained
Excellent and very useful tutorial as always.
I love Harrison Mixbus for mixing and I always enjoy Gary's tutorials. Just one comment. Something weird seems to be going on when Gary is demonstrating the EQ section of the 32C. The bands are in fact in order from low to high, with the low band ranging from 40 Hz to 600 Hz and the low-mid from 200 Hz to 3.1kHz. And they can be boosted or attenuated by 15 db. Otherwise great work, thank you very much.
Hobbyist, Musician, Reaper

Mixing Electronic Music with Native Instruments
very interesting and clear

Pro Tools Signal Flow Explained
Good for refreshing after a long time of not using the software to jump back in and get going fast.

EZkeys Explained
Excellent concise overview not short on details
I always love Eli's teaching style and pace. This EZKeys course gives you everything you need to get up and running whether you are using it as a songwriting tool or a live virtual instrument. Great product - great course!
Hobbyist, Musician, Producer, Audio Engineer, Sound Designer, Pro Tools, Studio One

EZdrummer 2 Explained
Great series on getting a lot out of the software.
Wish I had watched these videos long ago! Great tips & clean explanations of how to accomplish different tasks.

All-Access Pass
something about everything
way better than searching youtube and sifting through a load of garbage to get to the bit you you need

EZbass Explained
Very helpful.
Eli does a great job (as usual) of providing enough detail, but not too much fluff to get a deep dive into the basics of this great new tool from Toontrack.
Professional, Musician, Producer, Audio Engineer, Logic Pro

Pro Tools Tips & Tricks-Vol 1
pretty good
it should be updated

Orchestral Mixing Explained
Very near and helpful
Enjoying the clear presentation
Student, Beat Maker, Ableton Live

Sylenth: Making a Track
Recommended to those wishing to learn sound design on Sylenth with easy-to-follow tutorials
Beginners with Sylenth should find this course easy to follow. There are some useful tricks here as well as a fair bit to learn about synthesizers in general.
Best of all I now have the knowledge to make my patches using the basis of the ones taught here.

Melodyne 5 Explained
Great video and a great subject
This teacher, Eli Kransberg, always chooses very nice, soft, beautiful musical examples which he works with to show the program, and the choices are VERY MUCH appreciated - we all know that terrible musical examples can make a music software tutorial intolerable to watch. Really well done
Semi-Pro, Musician, Ableton Live

Logic Pro X Drummer Explained
Lots of tips I was not aware of!
Another great video series.

Beginner's Guide to Dorico
Nicely structured, easily understood course on Dorico
I really admire this course on Dorico. The teacher is very organized and systematic, emphasizing the more useful parts of the package and good ways to think about how the software is organized. Each video is short enough to absorb, and I like his systematic summaries at the end of each.

Building a DAW Mix Template
Solid Tutorial...
Good overal demonstration and articulation. The only fuzzy part for me was the use of VCAs— and how they differed from the main busses in the mix.
Professional, Musician, Producer, Audio Engineer, Sound Designer, Logic Pro, Pro Tools

Notion Explained
Super helpful
Clear teaching method

REV Explained
Very Helpful
Sparked new ideas
Professional, Producer, Logic Pro, Pro Tools, Reason

First Song with Logic Pro X
awesome presentation and concise info to get going quickly.
Nice one !

Omnisphere 2 Explained
Best tutorial out there by far!!
Searched around alot for omnipshere 2.5 courses and every one from the start for one reason or another would start off ok then do something that would leave me scrathing my head with no explanation or just do a course on 2.0 without any of the updates.

As someone who only started learning music production 6 months ago i need everything broken down step by step and this course hits that mark, even when EK had clicked something he didnt mean to he would mention this (which is one of the things i got annoyed at with a lot of courses elsewhere) when im sat here watching every cursor move.

Every little thing on omnisphere is explained with examples and straight to the point with no waffling on.

Really enjoyed doing this course, which ive learnt over the 6 months can be a rarity.

Pro Tools Beat Detective Explained
Very Worthwhile Watch
This is a great series to watch if you want to learn how to use Beat Detective for the first or time or need a refresher on all of its available functions.

Synthwave Production Explained
Just what I was looking for
I've got sound design experience, but what good are custom patches unless you can compose? This tutorial series is perfect because the instructor teaches you how to go beyond the four bar loop and keep things interesting with subtle and not-so-subtle variations. Highly recommend
Hobbyist, Musician, Logic Pro

KONTAKT 6 Explained
Excellent Course!
I had no idea how powerful KONTAKT was!! This course/instructor were excellent, super informative and easy to follow even the more complex functionalities.

GUITAR RIG 5 Explained
Once again the quality of your tutorials are excellent, the beauty of them is if you don't quite understand you can go back until it clicks into place.
Thanks again,

Hobbyist, Musician, Audio Engineer, Logic Pro

SynthMaster One Explained
A bit rambling for my taste...
I'll admit that I fast-forwarded thru 75% of this to find the few items where I needed to understand the roadmap

iZotope Ozone 9 Explained
The King of ELI5!
Very clear and accessible as usual. Thank you, Eli!

iZotope VocalSynth 2 Explained
One of the better tutorials I've seen lately.
Very methodical, good examples, well-organized, etc

Getting Creative with Your DAW
Creative ways to make music.
This course has giving me a greater palette of options to create interesting sounds for production. Great course.

Harrison Mixbus 6 Explained
Very clear
I am waiting to learn how to use Mixbus in my Ableton projects
Student, Beat Maker, Ableton Live

Serum Explained
More than i expected !
This tutorial is not only teaching me every nook and cranny of this vst but is also helping me understand sound design. My outlook on serum is different now. Its not just a vst where i cycle threw presets. I now see it as a machine within a machine.
Student, Hobbyist, Producer, Beat Maker, Audio Engineer, FL Studio, Pro Tools

Blues Piano
Careful, step-by-step working through creating a full blues piece
What I really like about this book is that it works through ideas in a stepwise fashion that lets you work on one aspect of blues piano at a time, gradually increasing the difficulty level of balancing out rhythms and melodic fragments in the two hands. It works best if you have a computer monitor right next to your keyboard so that you can plan along with the recorded samples. Playing with the recorded audio is helpful to me for sticking to the tempo, relaxing into the groove. I only wish you could add books to your list of favorites or your history - I have to search to find this book each time I want to work on another section.

Electronic Music Producer’s Guide: Reverb & Delay
These Electronic Music Producer's Guide videos are awesome!
This is really helpful for a beginner. Concise and to the point, as with other subjects in the series.

Awesome material
Great job with showing what the MK2 can do.

MASSIVE X Explained
I have had Massive X for a couple of years. Nevertheless I have never used it. It always looked to me intimidating. Not anymore.
With this course I have all the information that I need to start making amazing sounds.
The instructor teaches this course in a clear and straightforward way thru all the functions needed to start using this powerful synth. I highly recommended.

iZotope Neutron 3 Explained
Perfect. Start with this one before moving to "mixing with neutron 3". Larry's a great teacher! 10/10
Professional, Musician, Sound Designer, Sound for Film/TV, Ableton Live, Logic Pro, Pro Tools

UA Unison Preamps & Channel Strips Explained
Excellent tutorials for anyone.
These tutorials don't waste your time. The information presented is straight-forward and includes pretty much anything you need to know about these plugins. They are invaluable for someone such as myself who's swamped with information while attempting to put together a recording system and has limited time to pour through manuals.
Semi-Pro, Producer, Pro Tools

Xfer Cthulhu Explained
Clear, Informative, Comprehensive - Excellent!
I'd been looking for a detailed and comprehensive tutorial for Xfer Cthulhu for some time. Other videos just seemed to be "reading from the manual" but Larry went through every aspect of the plug-in in great detail and also gave informative examples. Superb!

EZbass Explained
Very Good
I have many of Eli's Explained videos. He is one of the best out there and you cannot go wrong. I highly recommend.
Hobbyist, Musician, Audio Engineer, Cakewalk Sonar, Studio One

Creating Game Audio with Pro Tools
Good overview
This is very good introductory look at creating game audio sounds. I felt it was very informative.
Professional, Audio Engineer, Sound for Film/TV, Pro Tools

All-Access Pass
great informative
everything is very concise and informative
Semi-Pro, Musician, Producer, Beat Maker, Audio Engineer, Ableton Live, Logic Pro

Music Production w/ Pro Tools Vol 1 - Pop
Learned Much, thanks.
Good tutorial learned lots of cool stuff.
Beginner, Pro Tools

Amplitube 4 Explained
Nice Introduction
First of all I am grateful that there is a tutorial out there to introduce a layman/novice to Amplitube. I am pretty new to the idea of electric guitar music in general so this tutorial was pretty helpful.

But I wish it was a bit more in depth. All in all value for money.

Harrison Mixbus 5 Explained
Great detail very through explanations and examples.
This is a great review of the Mixbus product and all the features this great DAW has to offer. I highly recommend taking the time to review this entire course.

Studio One 4 Explained
Excellent Basic Coverage
This course only scratches the surface of Studio One's capabilities, but it scratches it in the right places, providing an appropriate amount of advice and conceptual understanding to go with the how-to coverage.

iZotope Nectar 3 Explained
Very informative!
All instructors on Groove3 are awesome, but for me Eli Krantzberg really takes things to another level in terms of super clear explanations and intuitively structured flow.

I also really enjoy the "now let's break all the rules" sections as it really helps to see just how far you can take things after covering the intended use for a given tool.

All-Access Pass
Valuable Studio Resource
ALMOST ...every question about products I own is answered by Groove3 articles ...the graphics and voice are well done
Professional, Sound for Film/TV, Studio One

Not up to the usual standard
Difficult to listen to. the presenter should speak normally.
Hobbyist, Musician, Producer, Audio Engineer

EZbass Explained
Great Purchase
Thanks Eli. You've saved me many hours of doing things the wrong/hard way, by pointing out a lot of hidden gems.
Hobbyist, Musician

HALion 6 Know-How: Getting Started
Finally understanding Halion!
This is one of the best courses I’ve seen. Very clear, and perfect for the scope of a beginner tutorial. I would love to see more content on Halion 6, and especially from Dave. He explained everything clearly and concisely.

Alternative Rock: Guitar Play-Along
To the point and graphics clear
I want to turn this into an acoustic hip hop version so I thank you for the tuturial

Arturia OB-Xa V Explained
Short and sweet!
Nice overview of the Ob-Xa’s basic and more advanced capabilities, following a concise Synths 101 type of introductory videos. Overall, I really enjoyed it.

I’m not going so far as marking the training down for this, but if I had one suggestion for improvement, it would be for phrases like “and stuff like this”/“and all these kind of things” to be replaced by actual terms for specific elements in the instrument.

I get that the sky is the limit in terms of sound design with an instrument like this one, and that there’s an element of just going with the flow for someone as experienced as the author when creating a sound. However, in the context of a training video, I would have found the videos *extra* helpful with maybe just a bit more structure and clarity as far as navigating between the different parts of the synth with a particular purpose in mind.

Mixing with Neutron 3
Great course!
Lovely overview of the new and improved features in Neutron 3, as well as how versatile it is as a mixing tool.

Practical Music Theory Know-How
Easier than full blown Music Theory
As someone who has always had a hard time grasping music theory and doesn't have the time to be constantly at music, I've gotten more out of this course than I have in trying to learn music theory in the past. I only wish the Keys played, when played, were lit or highlighted as I'm more a visual pattern person than remembering labels. But that is me.
Hobbyist, Musician, Audio Engineer, Sound Designer, Cubase

Studio One 4.5 Update Revealed
altijd leerzaam, dank hiervoor.
zeer goed , het gaat een tijd duren eer uw ingewerkt bent met besturing DAW, het ziet er leuk uit , ik hou van de zijvensters in zwarte kleur witte tekst, aan genaam om langer te werken. tot daar. Tip: er bestaat nog geen daw waar u het totale beeld arrengement en inspecter kunt groter maken of zelf wijzigen, een verticale levelmeter die je kan verplaatsen is ook handig, bij mastering bv:
Hobbyist, Musician, Cubase
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