Real world feedback from Groove3 customers.

iZotope RX 6 Explained
Excelent videos
The videos are very good and didactic.
Professional, Musician, Sound Designer, Sound for Film/TV, Digital Performer

Home Studio Know-How: The Room & Acoustics
Knowledge with no faffing around! Cheers
This helped in preparing my (limited) space for recording/mixing.

Output Analog Brass & Winds Explained
Good Overview
A good overview of a nice sound library. Many of the tips could be applied to other Output products that use this or a similar interface.
Musician, Reaper

GarageBand Explained
A must have for GarageBand!
Simple, down to Earth instructions!
Beginner, Hobbyist, Musician, Producer, Mastering Facility, Logic Pro

Output Analog Brass & Winds Explained
I can sure use this information!
Give me more of these courses. It will surely help me master plugins like this.
Semi-Pro, Musician, Producer, Ableton Live, Cakewalk Sonar

FabFilter Pro-Q 2 Explained
Great and useful informations.
Great, compact course. Everything you need to know and get started is explained. Thanks
Hobbyist, Beat Maker, FL Studio, Reaper

Navigating Chord Progressions
This is the first time I've personally come across this guy, and maybe I should have watched his earlier videos first. I just got the feeling that perhaps this set of videos is an afterthought, and maybe should have been included in the said earlier videos.

Ableton Live 10: Tips & Tricks
tons of ideas
Semi-Pro, Musician, Ableton Live

Logic Pro X 3rd Party Plug-in Mapping with Smart Controls
Extremely Helpful!
Very nice and detailed info about Smart Controls. It helped me a lot.

Exploring: Electronic Music
Very Informative
Enjoyed watching his workflow and creative process, was worth the watch.
Professional, Musician, Producer, Beat Maker, Audio Engineer, Sound Designer, Sound for Film/TV, Ableton Live, FL Studio, Logic Pro, Pro Tools

Pro Tools 2018 Explained
I like this very much

Guide to Modern Jazz Piano - Vol 1
Very helpful introduction into modal scales!
This really helped me to get into playing the modal scales. I took away some exercises that I included in my daily practice. I am just a beginner of jazz piano and for that it was really helpful.

MIDI Orchestration Explained
Amazing content!
Thanks for sharing this acknowledgment! This is priceless.
Hobbyist, Semi-Pro, Professional, Musician, Producer, Audio Engineer, Sound Designer, Mastering Facility, Reaper

Ableton Live 10: Tips & Tricks
Game changer experience.
Those snippets are straight to the point and so helpful, really really good.
Semi-Pro, Musician, Sound Designer, Ableton Live

MIDI Explained
A must have
We all need to know midi as many Virtual Instruments are becoming an integral part of our production
Hobbyist, Semi-Pro, Musician, Producer, Audio Engineer, Pro Tools

Orchestral Library Toolbox
Best virtual orchestration/composition series that I’ve seen.
Very thorough and considerate. While the authors do delve into specifics about individual libraries and virtual instruments, they offer lots of pointers and examples of how and why certain techniques and workflows yield the best results.

Waves H-Reverb Explained
Good overview to get you started
Steps through each of the features in H-Reverb to get you started.
Hobbyist, Beat Maker, Ableton Live, Logic Pro

Logic Pro X 10.4 Update Explained
Excellent Overview
extremely efficient and concisely presented

Trilian Explained
Much Appreciated
I just bought Spectrasonics Trilian. Groove 3 is my go to website for learning my new software instruments. I'm grateful for these tutorials.
Semi-Pro, Musician, Pro Tools

All-Access Pass
An Awesome resource!
After obtaining my All-Access pass I immediately watched the Logic Pro X 10.4 Update Explained. I thought I knew a bit about Logic, having used it since the early 1990's when it was called Notator. Apple certified Logic Pro master Eli Krantzberg has put me in my place in the nicest possible way. I can't wait to watch the rest of his tutorials - thanks you Groove3.
Semi-Pro, Musician, Logic Pro

Cubase 9.5 Production Tips & Tricks
Nice tips !
Nice tips and tricks !
Semi-Pro, Musician, Producer, Beat Maker, Audio Engineer, Sound Designer, Game Designer, Mastering Facility, Sound for Film/TV, Cubase

Sylenth Explained
Now that I know.....
Sylenth looks like it can be intimidating but after watching these videos you find out that it is very user friendly and you can get to patching right away!! I really like the guys teaching and he is very clear and shows you how each parameter works. Very handy.

Exploring: Electronic Music
Good Overview
Good overview of electronic music styles. I liked that it didn't waste time covering recording and production basics like eq, compression nor did it go into sound design to any great depth. These topics are covered in great detail in other series. As someone with experience using hardware synths from back in the day, I learned the nuances of techno, trance, trap, house, edm and the like so I can better understand what you crazy kids are listening to today in a more informed way. Now get off my lawn!
Semi-Pro, Musician, Producer, Audio Engineer

EQ Explained
Complete overview!
Very detailed content. Someone who doesn´t know anything about Eq will definitely be able to do some nice work in Mixing!
Hobbyist, Musician, Digital Performer, Reaper

Panning Explained
Good Information
Panning isn't even something I gave much thought to beyond the basics. This series did a good job of raising awareness of so much more.
Beginner, Student, Hobbyist, Semi-Pro, Musician, Producer, Audio Engineer, Sound Designer, Studio One

MOTU CueMix FX Explained
Super insightful
This course explains this piece of hardware brilliantly! thank you for shedding light on what was very confusing prior to reviewing these modules..
Semi-Pro, Musician, Audio Engineer, Digital Performer

Ableton Live 10 Explained
thorough and succinct.
Semi-Pro, Musician, Ableton Live

FL Studio Know-How: The Piano Roll
Awesome explantion of FL's Piano Roll
Tyler sure has an awesome gift of explaining how things work within Fl Studio. Look forward to his other videos and I hope he continues to make more.

Logic Pro X 10.4 Update Explained
A must have product!
A must have for any Logic Pro user that want to take advantage of the full potential of Logic, even if you are an advanced user. Very easy and detail explanation of the features. Great product, worth every penny!

First Song with FL Studio
Wow Golden Nugets
Really you laid out so much in this tutorial. Literally tons of golden nuggets.
What I liked about it is that you threw out some important points (without) going into detail this way I was able to make notes as you eloquently show us the procedure of making a song from beginning to end. (not making it complicated).
I was able to outline it as you were moving along.
Now I am able to look at the outline and study it in detail and stop to learn exactly what you pointed out through research and searching tutorials on that subject and part.
This is the first FL Studio video tutorial I have ever really understood.
You actually maid my membership worth every penny paid.
Bottom line you kept it understandable and kept my attention.
Thank you Sir for your time and expertise..... Dave

Compression Explained
Great Graphical Examples
I really enjoyed this series of videos. I like the brief history of compression and the graphical examples shown in the video. My knowledge of compression has definitely improved by watching. I may have missed it in the videos but who is the band used in the audio examples?
Hobbyist, Semi-Pro, Musician, Producer, Audio Engineer, Cakewalk Sonar, Pro Tools

All-Access Pass
very helpful
this has been an excellent choice for learning about daws, also having the apple groove 3 app for the tv i've looked at numerous other online tutorials, and none are as up to date as groove 3, particularly with garageband with its latest incarnation, had looked at **site name removed** for garageband but their material was so old, different interface , and a review said the app for the tv was very slow,look forward to using tutorials for ableton and akai.

Beginner, Hobbyist, Musician, Ableton Live

Studio One 3.5 Update Explained
Very informative for all Studio One users and DAW flippers
This video was agreat outline of the Studio One 3.5 updates and helped me realize what the software can do over my past DAW (Sonar Platinum). The presenter also showed the Notion integration which is a small but very good aspect of the update.
Musician, Studio One

Exploring: Electronic Music
Good stuff!
This opened up my mind to a lot of new possibilities.
Semi-Pro, Musician, Producer, Audio Engineer

Ableton Live 10 Explained
Excellent starter and also some of the new!
Loving this video as it goes in depth but not in a long toothed sense. Straight to the point no B/S.
Student, Hobbyist, Semi-Pro, Musician, Producer, Beat Maker, Audio Engineer, Sound Designer, Ableton Live, Logic Pro

Logic Pro X Score Editor Explained Vol 3
only one word: perfect
thats the way teachers should be: always on the point, no stuttering or stumbling around... everything thought clearly and easy to understand. Thanks, Doug, as always -I learned a lot!
Professional, Musician, Producer, Audio Engineer, Cubase, Digital Performer, Logic Pro, Reason, Studio One

EZdrummer 2 Explained
Great intro to EZ Drummer!!
Very helpful, great job
Semi-Pro, Professional, Musician, Producer, Audio Engineer, Pro Tools, Reason, Studio One

Practical Music Theory Know-How
Practical Music Theory
Absolutely the best video for beginners .. great!

MASCHINE 2 Explained
real good and helpful
real good and helpful

Editing Audio with WaveLab 8
Excellent Tutorial!
This tutorial was awesome and to the point!!! So sad that stevemarchant appears to be illiterate. Perhaps he has a learning disability that makes it hard for him to understand information that is being presented. Whatever the reason for his shortsighted review, I really liked it, the narrator gave a clear and concise explanation of the workings of this cool plugin.
Beginner, Hobbyist, Musician, Beat Maker, FL Studio, Cubase

iZotope RX 6 Explained
Very helpful, easy on the ears, always a bonus and well explained. If you haven't watched them and prefer the manual I would say "just watch these tutorials" Even if you are quick at learning on the fly, these will help you understand the intricacies and some of the finer details that are not obvious. Thanks!
Professional, Audio Engineer, Sound Designer, Sound for Film/TV, Pro Tools

Exploring: Electronic Music
Very Informative!!
Very informative!! it gives you a great understanding on the history of EDM and the work flow. As a result, it opens your mind in order to allow you to get started within the genere.
Semi-Pro, Audio Engineer, Pro Tools

FabFilter Pro-Q 2 Explained
Great video set!
I really like his style of tutorial. Wish he would slow down a bit sometimes and explain what were seeing in the display as he is knobbing around, He does offer that sometimes but he flies through some things. I wish I could stop him and ask a question.

EDM Sound Design with Serum
You nailed it
Fantastic. Very very helpful and easy to follow. I found all the videos valuable even though many aren't my specific genre. Cheers!

The Complete Guide to Beginner DJ Mixing with CDJs and a Mixer
great course!
DJ Shortee is just so very good at explaining and demonstrating everything, really helpful.
Beginner, Hobbyist, Musician, Producer, Ableton Live

Logic Pro X Explained
Clear and Concise
Very clear and 'to the point' tutorial.

Logic Pro X 10.4 Update Explained
If I have any kind of negative comment it would be that this upgrade from Logic is so vast that this course would be better if it were 10 hours rather than between 3 and 4 hours.
That said, Eli, as always, does a superb job and is easy to understand, thorough and well versed on his subject. He is probably my favorite instructor for Groove3 and that is among some really great tutors.
I am only giving it 5 stars and if it were more extended I would give it 7 or 8 stars out of five.
Professional, Musician, Audio Engineer, Logic Pro, Pro Tools, Studio One

Loom Explained
Terrific! The missing manual ...
Conceptually additive synthesis seems so much more controllable and creative than subtractive ... and Loom's presets sound great ... and THEN there's the "Random" options to play with. But all the potential didn't make any real sense with the documentation ... but I now have a sensible idea of how to use it. Putting that into practice is going to be a whole lot of fun, and an education when the graphics clearly show how all the options change things.
I have Loom II, and the fact that this video series is based on Loom doesn't devalue them in the slightest. Clear, sensible and informative - great stuff!

Studio One 3 Explained
Plays like a dictated book, not ab instructional video
I have grown accustomed to some excellent "Explanation of" videos here at Groove3. Unfortunately, this isn't one of them. While viewing the modules, I kept thinking that the material would be more useful, if the presenters words were printed in a document with illustrations that showed the areas of the interface being discussed. Although, I'm sure that the coverage of the material was very comprehensive, the tempo of its presentation was much too fast to easily assimilate. Almost no examples are given of any manipulation the narrator describes are given, and the monotone presentations make them difficult to attend to without resorting to room isolation headphones. The whole point, I thought, in a video, is for the exploitation of the multimedia environment. The presenter makes no use of audio examples to highlight or explicate his descriptions. I'm currently in the process of trying to decide on a DAW replacement for Sonar (recently left unsupported by Gibson), and I have been working in DAW environments for over 12 years. This title was probably much more helpful to me as an advanced DAW user than it would be for a novice. That I had trouble moving from the paused video to try things out in Studio One, suggests that this video will be pf little use for somebody just getting started.
Professional, Musician, Producer, Audio Engineer, Sound Designer, Sound for Film/TV, Cakewalk Sonar, Mixcraft, Reason, Reaper

Studio One Automation Explained
Excellent coverage
After watching these videos I feel confident that I can control automation as effectively as I have learned to do in SONAR.
Professional, Musician, Producer, Audio Engineer, Sound Designer, Sound for Film/TV, Cakewalk Sonar, Mixcraft, Reason, Reaper

Studio One 3 Explained
Excellent intro to S1
Thanks Scott. This was a very helpful and straight to the point intro to Studio One 3.

One thing: I'd have liked a quick overview on how S1 handles instruments as they are not embedded in a track like in every other DAWs.
Hobbyist, Producer, Cubase

Reason 5 Explained
Another excellent video even though its an much earlier version
Scott is a wonderful instructor he main gold is to explain items with simple ease and example you can not go wrong with groove3 tutorial videos. A quality and standard thats is seconds to none.
Hobbyist, Semi-Pro, Musician, Audio Engineer, Sound Designer, Cubase, Reason, Reaper

U Produce™ Post Malone
And Reason Tips, Too!
As an introduction to producing this style, I found this very helpful. And even though I mainly use Reason Essentials as a rewire in my DAW, I found that the Reason and the synth programming tips very beneficial for using Reason and other free and 3rd party synths.
Beginner, Musician, Producer, Mixcraft, Reason

Mike Demicco - You Can Play Jazz Guitar Vol. 1
Good intro to jazz basics
This was good (though it looked like it was recorded on vhs) and Mike seemed a bit nervous, but it was interesting and helpful. Made me understand modes a bit better.
Semi-Pro, Musician, Producer, Audio Engineer, Sound Designer, Mastering Facility, Sound for Film/TV, Pro Tools

Compression Explained
Quality production and good overview of compression
Very well produced videos, good intro into compression basics
Hobbyist, Beat Maker, Ableton Live, Logic Pro

GarageBand Explained
very helpful
this is a new venture for me, living in cambodia its difficult to find any support for working with garageband,no ones fault, just the nature of things here, in fact most computer users here are windows (microsoft),oriented and they are very good at what they do.
look forward to getting used to using groove 3 with garageband., and getting involved with the community on line.thanks
Beginner, Hobbyist, Musician, Ableton Live

UAD Apollo 2 Console Explained
Very clearly explained.
Very clearly explained. I especially liked the examples that were used as part of the presentation. Really helped to tie things together.
Hobbyist, Musician, Producer, Beat Maker, Audio Engineer, Ableton Live, Logic Pro, Pro Tools

HALion 6 Know-How: Getting Started
Fantastic intro to Halion 6
I've had Halion 6 for a while.

At first, as many will say, the UI is overwhelming.

I've been able to slog through it, but this video course unveils all the basic functionality REQUIRED for using Halion 6.


I would LOVE to see more Halion 6 video courses by this presenter.

Especially creating new libraries using existing sample sets.
Hobbyist, Semi-Pro, Professional, Musician, Producer, Audio Engineer, Sound Designer, Sound for Film/TV

Reason 9 Know-How: Pitch Editors
Another excellent video by groove3
Quick concise a great benefit to producers.
Hobbyist, Semi-Pro, Musician, Audio Engineer, Sound Designer, Cubase, Reason, Reaper

Ableton Live 10: Tips & Tricks
Some great tips...
Stuff you never thot of...
Semi-Pro, Game Designer, Ableton Live, Mixcraft

Logic Pro X Score Editor Explained Vol 2
absolutely helpful and on the point
Doug has done - as always - an absolutely perfect course. No matter if somebody has to start from scratch in the theme of scoring in this DAW, or wants to perfect the scoring subject: this is the best way to get deep understanding. all thumbs up!
Professional, Musician, Producer, Audio Engineer, Cubase, Digital Performer, Logic Pro, Reason, Studio One

All-Access Pass
Really Helpful to Get Access to Priceless Information
Very good site, good quality content, just awesome !!

Flex Pitch Explained
Very Helpful
As usual doug comes in with a well detailed course on flex pitch which takes the understanding to a whole new level. Thank you for making it.
Professional, Musician, Producer, Beat Maker, Sound Designer

Home Studio Know-How: The Room & Acoustics
Practical and Informative!
I brought the series up just to get some information about monitor placement and ended up watching the whole thing. Everything was presented very well. Nice balance of introductory information and what to do with that information.
Hobbyist, Musician, Producer, Audio Engineer, Mastering Facility, Pro Tools

KORG volca fm Explained
Finally, a tutorial that goes for the nitty gritty
This was excellent. Most other tutorials I've seen on the Volca FM focus on the step sequencer and obvious front panel controls. I can work those out for myself!

While this course did cover those as well it also delved into the programming of the operators with some solid examples of what can be done.

I'm familiar with FM synthesis both from using a DX7 (way back when) and FM8 however the DX7 was a pain to program and the FM8 presents a much simpler view of parameters. This course really helped nail the parameters and how they combine on the Volca FM. In particular I'd found the EG particularly non-intuitive and Larry neatly covered this off several times. Repetition helps!!

If you want to get the most out of the Volca FM, and it can offer a lot, I'd highly recommend this course.
Semi-Pro, Musician, FL Studio, Pro Tools, Reaper, Studio One

Remixing in Logic Pro X
Excellent tutorial!
These tutorials are great for newbies like me. :)
Hobbyist, Musician, Producer, Logic Pro

Ableton Live 10: Tips & Tricks
Great !
So far i love the simplicity and strait to the point of every tip and trick !
Semi-Pro, Musician, Producer, Audio Engineer, Ableton Live

All-Access Pass
Finally found some useful tools
Finally found some useful tools to help me figure out my DAW. Thank you
Hobbyist, Acid, Studio One

Ableton Live 10: Tips & Tricks
learned sth new
could learn some new tricks to enhance my workflow
Semi-Pro, Ableton Live

Creating Epic Cinematic Compositions
Fun to follow
It was fun to follow. It's mostly for beginners but refreshing for all. I was able to achieve the same exact piece with using only kontakt factory library (+ Rise and hit)
Now we need a second level course ASAP.
Hobbyist, Musician, Producer, Audio Engineer, Sound for Film/TV, Logic Pro, Pro Tools

Logic Pro X Know-How: Markers
very good
very good. just a "transferring to another DAW using markers" is lacking.

iZotope RX 6 Explained
Got me started with a sophisticated program. Very successful with first use of RX6 because of it.
Hobbyist, Musician, Cakewalk Sonar

EDM Songwriting & Production
Awesome !!
I think this is just awesome, useful and priceless information, thumbs up Multiplier :)

Top Ten EDM Don'ts
Really Good to Know
Very useful and to the point, excellent tips and examples

Ableton Live 10: Tips & Tricks
Inspiring and informative
Just the right amount of essential 'things to know' and creative techniques that inspire.
Semi-Pro, Musician, Producer, Sound Designer, Ableton Live, Logic Pro

Top Ten EDM Do's
Thank you !
Really good information, very useful !

First Song with Studio One 3
Excellent tutorial
Mr Krantzberg never disappoints! Although it's not a straight walkthrough of the software I think even a beginner to Studio One can follow through and learn something about workflow and effective songwriting. The song is very catchy and the singer is great.
Hobbyist, Musician, Ableton Live, Studio One

HALion 6 Know-How: Getting Started
Beautifully and expertly explained
A series that demystified HALion's capabilities, explained in a clear and understandable way.

Novation Circuit Power Start
Very Good Material !
This tutorial has been very concise, clear, easy to understand and to the point, it will help out anyone that wants to understand and develop the skills of mastering the Circuit and use the knowledge for the creative processes of producing music.

U Produce™ Post Malone
Helpful look at song creation in this genre
Nice, simply explained look at music in this genre. It's not done with any of my native daws, but easily translated.

John Sebastian Teaches Blues Harmonica
Great starter vid
This is a solid intro to harmonica. After watching this you should be able to sit in & jam with most folks, and do it confidently.

An old tutorial that keeps on teaching!
Semi-Pro, Musician, Producer, Audio Engineer, Cakewalk Sonar, Pro Tools, Reaper, Studio One

FM8 Explained
Excellent Presentation
I am just now digging into all the NI Synths that are included in the Komplete 11 Bundle. I needed an introductory course to the FM8 and this by far exceeded my expectations. Thank you!
Semi-Pro, Musician, Pro Tools

Mastering with Ozone 8
Very informative and smart.
Very well done tutorial. Who would believe that it will be so easy to master track by yourself without mountain of speakers and perfect room. This guy is very patient and smooth. Very good process and set up in Logic X and Ozone. 2 thumbs up..
Musician, Producer

Pro Tools 10 Explained
Eli is a good teacher and very detail oriented.
This is a great overview. Although it is very thorough, I could have watched for longer and deeper delving into more of Protools. For example, I want to know more info on groups. I am sure there is another video for that somewhere here on the site. This one is jam packed full of info and as noted in title, Eli is excellent communicator making the learning process very clear.
Semi-Pro, Professional, Musician, Producer, Audio Engineer, Sound Designer, Sound for Film/TV, Pro Tools

Accusonus Regroover Pro Explained
Very Helpful
Great tutorial for a great VST
Hobbyist, Musician, Ableton Live

Accusonus Regroover Pro Explained
Excellent Overview!
Great in depth review of all the knobs, switches, and applications of this powerful tool. Very helpful.
Semi-Pro, Musician, Producer, Audio Engineer, Cubase

iZotope Neutron 2 Explained
Good product. Does what it says.
If you're looking to become familiar with Neutron 2, this is a great video series. The instructor walks through all of the settings, explains them well, and shows how you might use them.

But, his examples are not planned very well--you can tell he's making it up as he goes along. For example, he shows how Neutron works, but doesn't choose good examples of when the different types of excitation would actually be used in a mix.

I give it 4 stars: great for learning Neutron, but it did not improve my ability to use it creatively in a mix or my ability to mix in general.

Logic Pro X Automation Explained
good and useful info
good and useful

KONTAKT 5 Update Explained
Robotic voice made me stop watching this
all said in the title

Mixing with Waves Gold Bundle
Very helpful indeed
It help me with learning how to create new effects to compliment the vocals and the song

Mike Clark Funk, Blues & Jazz
Thanks for the great history of drumming

First Song with Reason
A Gold Mine of inspiration
Paul Ortiz is just so ridiculously talented and this tutorial was simply brilliant. You watch how effortlessly he composes a super cool track, and if you pay attention, you actually can pick up some of that genius and apply that to your own productions. Looking forward to more from Paul and his magic in Reason. :)
Hobbyist, Semi-Pro, Musician, Producer, Reason

REAKTOR Know-How: Blocks
Beginner, Musician, Ableton Live, Bitwig Studio, Studio One

Ableton Live 10: Tips & Tricks
Excellent video!
Multiplier touches on so many different and unique teachings that can benefit the beginner to advanced student alike. Great job on this tutorial!
Student, Hobbyist, Semi-Pro, Musician, Producer, Beat Maker, Audio Engineer, Sound Designer, Ableton Live, Logic Pro

Logic Pro X Explained
Great videos
Excellent!!! Very informative.
Beginner, Musician, Producer, Cubase

Ableton Live 10: Tips & Tricks
I have been using ableton for 7 years and I still learned quite a bit with this tutorial. Thank you.

Finale Top Ten Tips & Tricks
Very clear!
I think is a pretty clear tutorial. I can pick up finale within couple days by watching it. The only complaint is this version is quite old, so some of the functions are different than the current version.
Professional, Musician, Logic Pro

KORG Legacy M1 Explained
Helfpul, but sometimes a bit fast to follow
Tyler explains the M1 quite well, but when he goes to create some of the sounds with the M1, it goes quite fast, and sometimes you miss what he changed to get to the sound.
But all in all, pretty good and informative.
Beginner, Hobbyist, Musician, Ableton Live, FL Studio, Cakewalk Sonar, Cubase, Mixcraft, Reason, Studio One

Waves Abbey Road Collection Explained
A real benefit
Helped me with some of the grey areas, feel like I will now get more out of my Abbey Road collection which i think is great.Would liked to have seen Abbey Road vinyl mentioned but wonder if vinyl was included at time of creation so gave only 4 stars just incase it was ..recommended.

All-Access Pass
What a resource!
I am trying to learn Cubase but decided to sign up for the all access pass so that I could take their other courses too. I am really impressed with their knowledge and the quality of their courses. I can't say for sure but I would guess that you can get an education here for peanuts compared to the thousands and thousands of dollars that a school like Full Sail would charge. I have loved music all my life and have been involved in helping run our local community radio station for 10 years and with this program I can finally learn some of the technical things I have been wanting to learn all this time.
Beginner, Audio Engineer, Cubase