Real world feedback from Groove3 customers.

iZotope Music Production Suite: Remixing a Stereo Mix
basics of using the Izotope products
Semi-Pro, Professional, Musician, Producer, Audio Engineer, Mastering Facility, Logic Pro, Pro Tools

Creating Sample Packs Explained
Thank you very much
all the material on Groove3 is great

Orchestral Mixing Explained
A lot of insightful tips and tricks here for anyone taking on orchestral mockups.

Mixing with FabFilter Plug-Ins
Brilliant course!! Loads of mixing gems
Learnt so much and applying the techniques has really improved my mixes. Liked the way the instructor didn’t just focus on the plugins themselves but took us through the mix thinking process with loads of helpful mixing tips whilst making the most of the fabfilter plugins. Highly recommend the course.

MIDI Explained
Nice in depth explanation of MIDI technology
MIDI Explained is the most in depth discussion of MIDI technology I've found. Will be referring back to this instruction series numerous times as I attempt to get a deeper understanding of MIDI. It's apparent a solid understanding of MIDI will be critical to achieving proficiency with my DAW and all of the incredible MIDI Plugins that are available.

Flex Pitch Explained
Now I know
Been using Melodyne for so long but now With knowing how to use flex pitch its easier for me to just stay in house.

iZotope Music Production Suite: Remixing a Stereo Mix
Best Tutorial!
Instructor was excellent, described in detail every module he touched and their uses, very informative and knowledgeable.

Well done!

Understanding Recording Signal Flow
Explained a lot
I'm a novice and this explained things I didn't even know I didn't know

iZotope Music Production Suite: Remixing a Stereo Mix
A nice workflow
I have some really old recordings that I’m trying to restore. This course is the final part of my workflow, which I hope will take my cleaned up denoised stereo files to the next level. Thanks a lot.

iZotope Music Production Suite: Remixing a Stereo Mix
Very Helpful
Very efficient walkthrough of remixing a stereo track using Izotope products. The music rebalance feature is quite impressive for extracting stems from a stereo mix!

Producing & Engineering High End / Top End
Some interesting and creative techniques for bringing high end to a production. Although, a common problem with modern digital production is having too much high end, so I expected this to be addressed along with solutions for dealing with brittle/harsh high end in a mix. Maybe in another video?
Professional, Musician, Producer, Cubase

MYSTERIA Explained
Well put together
Great, enjoyed it

SONAR Explained
Great content!
I am very impressed with the depth of instruction in these videos. It has helped me immensely in learning this DAW. I 100% recommend this content.

First Song with Cubase
Great series. Straight and to the point.
Professional, Musician, Producer, Audio Engineer, Sound for Film/TV, Logic Pro, Pro Tools, Reaper, Studio One

Electronic Music Producer’s Guide: Dynamics & Compression
Great dynamics primer
Clear and concise! Great compression basics for newbies, and a good refresher for ppl with experience.
Professional, Musician, Producer, Cubase

All-Access Pass
Fab videos on Studio 5, am a newbie and it is really helping me to get to grips

Studio One 5 Explained
Huge help for me
Using this really improved my workflow

Johnny Winter - Legendary Licks Guitar
Too Much
Segments are too Long. Simpify. The Man playing Winter's licks is Spot On.
Hobbyist, Musician, Logic Pro, Reaper

MYSTERIA Explained
Operating the Plugin Explained
Concise and well structured, explains the operation, rather than an overview of sounds and effects . That was exactly what I needed.
Professional, Musician, Producer, Audio Engineer, Sound Designer, Mastering Facility, Sound for Film/TV, Cubase

Mixing Electronic Music
Straight forward and easy to follow
Awesome set of videos. To the point, easy to follow for beginners, really good tips and instructions that can be applied to any track. Logical workflow.

Logic Pro: Preparing to Mix Explained
Very interesting
Interesting to understand how to organize the project and prepare for mixing

Logic Pro X 10.5 & 10.6 Update Explained
Thanks a lot, great videos
Beginner, FL Studio, Logic Pro

All-Access Pass
Very Helpful
Im excited to learn about every thing this course has to offer has helped to further my knowledge in Music and music production it also has help in other areas in music I haven't thought about.
Beginner, Professional, Musician, Producer, Beat Maker, Audio Engineer, Sound Designer, Mastering Facility, Sound for Film/TV, Logic Pro, Pro Tools

Notion Explained
Very interesting and helpful
I am so glad to have made that purchase. I have found answers to a lot of questionning I had, and I am saving a lot of time learning, instead of doing things the wrong way. I am very satisfied.

KONTAKT 6 Explained
This Kontakt 6 is great!!!
I am amazed at how you guys teach in this course. I canceled an online music class because what I wanted to learn you guys had without all the extra noise. You guys do great work. I hope you guys do one for Serato Sample. Thank you.
Beginner, Musician, Producer, Logic Pro, Studio One

The Art of Recording a Big Band
Given that Al Schmitt recently passed away, this is a wonderful expression of how he worked. Really enjoyed it. What I think is important to this particular type of recording is having a good sounding acoustic space to record in.

Studio One 5 Explained
This is very helpful for me and I have been surprised of the the ease to get in to Studio One 5.
Thanks for a fantastic teaching this course in a good pedagogical way.

Music Technology 101
Good for building a High School Course
The book is excellent to build a beginner program, and quite necessary for those that do. The quality of instruction was good, the information well presented and easy to understand. It covers the basics well.

Softube Modular Know-How: The Basics
Not enough
Just not enough meat to this course. It only covers the briefest of overviews of what anyone could figure out. I would have been fine if it had only briefly made the simplest of patches. No such luck.

Creating Sample Packs Explained
Just what I needed
A great tutorial with a back to basic start.
Great to see how each step was auditioned after being used.
Well Done Groove3
Hobbyist, Musician, Cubase

Pro Tools Elastic Audio in Action
Pro Tools Elastic Audio In Action
I liked the content of the series but I didn't like the rapid fire pace of the mousing when the instructor would go to turn a feature on or off or highlight and change something. I watched the whole series and this was constant through out. I am going to have to watch the whole series again and I will take notes.

All-Access Pass
Groove 3 has been my lifeboat. Kindly add tutorials for Guitar Pro 7 and Ample sound AME. Thanks

Logic Pro X Explained (Legacy)
Very, very useful information!
I was having trouble using Logic before the tutorial. I've been using Protools for a very long time. Now, I'm liking Logic more and many ways to improve the workflow.

Mastering with UAD Plug-Ins
Strong Video
1. If (!) you use Apollo Interfaces, UAD Plugins and Logic Pro X; Then this should be required viewing....
2. It also serves as a great individual tutorial for some specific UA Plugins....
3. Even if you use other DAWs and other plugins, this is still a worthwhile watch for mastering techniques....
Semi-Pro, Professional, Musician, Producer, Audio Engineer, Mastering Facility, Logic Pro

EZbass Explained
Great tutorial
Perfect and detailed explanations

Arturia Modular V Explained
Brilliant Course
Course goes into excellent detail covering all the parts of the synth. Learned so much from it

Mixing Pop Rock with Neutron
Very nice!
Very clear and interesting videos

Ableton Live 11: New Features Explained
Great videos.
Beginner, Student, Hobbyist

U Produce™ Marshmello
very helpful
I'v liked this u produce series
Semi-Pro, Musician, Producer, Audio Engineer, Logic Pro, Pro Tools

Home Studio Know-How: The Room & Acoustics
Lots of great information.
This video series was extremely helpful. I’m excited to get started implementing the knowledge I learned from these videos. Thank you!
Musician, Producer, Audio Engineer, Studio One

FabFilter Pro-Q Explained
Thanks again Eli.
Beginner, Student, Hobbyist

Joe Bonamassa – Lead Guitar Unlimited
Legacy video, but in a great way....
Obviously, in the guitar community, JB needs no introduction. What I love about these (older) videos, is seeing how much he had then; already in his trick bag. Also, he's not much of a pedal guy these days, but it is nice to see him show his pedals, and how they formed his tone (then).
Semi-Pro, Professional, Musician, Producer, Audio Engineer, Mastering Facility, Logic Pro

Mastering with Logic Pro Explained
Some great tips.
Larry gives some great tips on using the Logic Plugins. There were a couple of plugins I have rarely, or never, used and I found some cool things to try for completely different types of material. Always welcome ideas. I am a yearly subscriber to Groove3 for a number of reasons and this video proves its worth.
Professional, Musician, Audio Engineer, Logic Pro, Pro Tools, Studio One

KONTAKT 6 Explained
Thanks man. Loved the course and learned how to use it after all these years
Beginner, Student, Hobbyist

Working with Video in Logic Pro X
Big help!
Very well laid out. Incredibly useful!

Bass Essentials with Benny Rietveld
Covering all the bass-es!
Lessons go over useful techniques for the newbie. Very clear instructions. Grounded fella with no pretensions even if he plays with the greatest!

EZbass Explained
Lots of hidden aspects that I would not have found easily by myself
It is well worth the 2 to 3 hours of tuition for this app to find out lots of little details that would not have been easily apparent by just playing around with it.

Logic Pro Jump Start
Excellent course
Well presented and useful. Videos are just the right length and to the point.

Sunset Sound Studio Reverb Explained
Reverberating Success
After buying SSSR, I thought to myself: what's the point of having isolation booth IRs, but this video demonstrates their purpose. Good tips for creatively applying this reverb! Eli is a great!

All-Access Pass
Always on Line
It's helpfull to have so much information 24/7 365 days a year. Well worth the price. Always take advantage of Videos on a weekly basis.
Hobbyist, Musician, Logic Pro, Reaper

MIDI Orchestration Explained
Clear and Helpful Teaching
I've just started the first lessons on using strings with midi orchestration and I have learned a lot already. The lessons stay on point and the videos are done well, so it is all easy to follow.
Hobbyist, Semi-Pro, Musician, Producer, Sound for Film/TV, Ableton Live

Production Techniques & Strategies: Is My Track Finished?
Receiving Totally Pro Tips!
I really appreciate this instructional video and have learned a lot from it, cheers!
Professional, Musician, Producer, Cubase

U Produce™ Techno
No Logic? Not for you!
Almost impossible to follow without Logic and a lot of third party plug ins.

Cindy Blackman – Multiplicity
OMG Awestruck...
Great insights into the world of drumming at a Masters level.

Cubase 10: Mixing Explained
Good course
Easy to follow. Lekker

Logic Pro X Automation Explained
A great tutorial about the basics of Automation in Logic.
This was a great tutorial by Doug. Very on par with Eli's Logic videos. Really enjoyed working though this one. It would have been cool to see a few more creative methods to use with AM, but definitely gives you a solid foundation and understanding.
Logic Pro

U Produce™ Post Malone
very good video
Very well explained with a little sound design, I would like more video like this one on Reason

Pro Tools Mixing Tips & Tricks
Great lessons
Clear instructions that I found useful and will be using in my next sessions

All-Access Pass
Excellent Value
This is excellent value for the money. Top content, top presenters, top subjects!

Producing & Engineering Low End/Sub-Bass
Was very interested. It got a bit geeky. Curiously I found this most interesting and learnt a lot. Recommended for anyone planning to mess with bass regardless of genre. Thank you
Started very interestingly.
It got a bit geeky. Curiously I found this most interesting and learnt a lot. Recommended for anyone planning to mess with bass regardless of genre. Thank you
Hobbyist, Audio Engineer, Studio One

Electronic Music Production Workflows
Useful information
The teacher is very charismatic, which I'll admit surprised me a bit at first. However once I stopped watching him and started listening to what he was saying, I started learning way more than I thought this introductory course would teach.

Delay Explained
Don’t delay????
Kenny is clear, concise- wonderful overview on different ways to use delay! We all know reverb, great intro to delay!

Studio One 5.2 Update Explained
great but...
Eli is a great tutor and the Sound Variations (3 tutorials) is well covered but I can't understand therefore the Studio 1 remote app was ignored especially when it was referenced in the tutorials and is logical for anyone using SVs. Have to go to Youtube for this unfortunately. Otherwise the product is very good.

Songwriting in Practice
Very disappointing
The book is so wordy and vague that I lost the motivation to even want to continue to read it.
Beginner, Student, Hobbyist, Musician, Producer, Audio Engineer, Mastering Facility, Cakewalk Sonar, Reaper, Studio One

BIAB 2014 for Mac Explained
Extremely useful
I use BIAB for Mac 2020 and this course has really opened my eyes to the possibilites this incredible tool offers. Some things have changed of course since 2014, but use the Search feature in the Help menu to find menu items which have moved around. I found everything with a bit of trial and error. I wish the course was based around a single project and how to develop it, but this is more a "grand tour" of the product. It is very well executed and easy to follow.

MIDI Orchestration Explained
Great learning experience!
Very comprehensive content. If you have basic knowledge of music theory and want to incorporate symphonic arrangements into your music, this is the course to go for.

Harrison Mixbus Explained
Awesome easy video tutorial
I decided to add MixBus to my traditional studio setup. I am a longtime user of Motu Digital Performer. The Harrison MixBus intrigued me somewhat. However the workflow is considerably different in so many ways. I stumbled upon the Groove3 tutorials on a Facebook ad, and since the price point was awesome, I took a gamble and purchased it. I won that gamble. Right from the start, this series was super helpful in the simplicity of loading a project. It saved me hours of hit and miss attempting to learn this software. The video's are easy to follow and are clear and concise. So much so that even an entry level engineer/producer can learn quickly. These handy video's have already saved me a ton of time and I'm only at the 1/2 way point in the series.

I 100% recommend this series for beginners or pros alike who are wanting to learn the workings of Harrison MixBus.

This is a comprehensive tutorial!
This covers lots of ground, but it is easy to follow along. Even if you think you know the product, you will find a tip or trick.

Melodyne 5 Tips & Tricks
I think that you need to see Melodyne explained to really appreciate this video. Once you’ve got the basics right, what you can do with this plugin is absolutely mind blowing. I’ve had Melodyne for a long time and didn’t really use it to its fullest, this video makes me want to try things I never thought of. Clear concise explanations of its capabilities is what I got from this video. Excellent!

All-Access Pass
Great Experience For Novice And and the Pro
Finally decided to jump in feet first.

The digital world of applications and plugins has become much more complex than a large format console, outboard and tape machines.

The wealth of information, as well as the superb presentations are worth their weight in server racks!

A big thank you to all those involved.


John Chase

Melodyne 5 Explained
I learned a lot
I’ve watched Eli a few times and he always manages to lose me somewhere along the way lol but when i get in front of my gear i realize how much control of the product i retained. It’s always the same with
Eli, when he’s explaining somethings I find myself going “What?” But I am always amazed how fast I’m up and runnig

Notion Explained
Say What?
No midi lesson?

iZotope Nectar 3 Explained
very clear
very well explained

Mixing Electronic Music with UAD Plug-Ins
Very Concise and Clean
This was a great mixing tutorial It didn't have the usual blah blah blah that some can have. It was to the point and well done!
Semi-Pro, Musician, Producer, Beat Maker, Audio Engineer, Sound Designer, Logic Pro

REAKTOR Know-How: Blocks
I love this course
I love the way they explain these courses. I am glad that I bought it.
Beginner, Musician, Producer, Logic Pro, Studio One

How to Practice Music Production
ADAM aka Multiplier perfect as ever
This tutorial is a gift, well explained, with good "visual feedbacks" ;)
Adam knows how to be effective choosing small subjects and providing goods and different examples to push the concept beyond the cliché or the "known by heard".
Very interesting

Great jobs,
thanks !
Semi-Pro, Musician, Producer, Sound Designer, Sound for Film/TV, Ableton Live, Cubase

EZdrummer 2 Explained
Nice overview
Nice overview, giving me a good sense of what this product does and how to use it.

Bryan Sutton Secrets for Successful Flatpicking
Great series thanks. I will probably purchase this title. Groove 3 is a great resourse.

Output THERMAL Explained
To The Point
As usual, Eli explains things in an easy to understand way.
Musician, Producer

Logic Pro Jump Start
Great intrudocution an overview...
This tutorial gives a great overview of the functionality of Logic Pro X and is a good starting point for working with this DAW. It was worth its money for me, would buy it again.

Songwriting Theory Explained
This a high quality intro of the course strait to the point. The information is very easy to grasp even for beginners. I defiantly going to purchase this song writing course.

Songwriting in Practice
Just what I needed!
Just started the book. Scanning the chapters and table of contents, this could potentially revolutionize my songwriting and further my creativity and productivity.

Songwriting with EZKeys
Interesting, but EZkeys Explained is both sufficient and better
It was interesting to see slightly different approaches to using EZKeys, but I'm not sure how much added value this has on top of "EZkeys Explained". If I didn't have an All-Access Pass, I think I would have been disappointed with this course.

Studio One 5 Explained
Good but too long
This is part tutorial and part watch me try to fix my song. Many parts are way too long without actually teaching anything new, just trying things out , where we have to watch. Systematically going through the menues is ok but a more practical workflow could be more helpful

William Kanengiser – Classical Guitar Mastery
Beautifully done.
William Kanengiser masterfully shows a part of classical guitar playing overlooked by many, the use of classical guitar techniques to express the artist soul, his artistry, not just virtuosity.

Pro Tools Mixing Tips & Tricks
good starting point
covered all basics and knowledge You need to start Your mixing in Pro Tools
Semi-Pro, Professional, Musician, Producer, Audio Engineer, Mastering Facility, Logic Pro, Pro Tools

Logic Pro Jump Start
Nice intro!!
Will get you up and running!!
Beginner, Student, Hobbyist, Semi-Pro, Professional, Producer, Beat Maker, Ableton Live, FL Studio, Logic Pro, Reason

Studio One 5.2 Update Explained
Studio One is dope!!
This Studio one update course is good for your money.
Beginner, Musician, Producer, Logic Pro, Studio One

BIAB 2014 for Mac Explained
Perfect Introduction
Very well explained. Would love an advanced features course that includes practical uses especially for live gigs.
Professional, Musician, Logic Pro

All-Access Pass
Great find!
I can do new changes and upgrades with confidence now!, I can access the tools I've purchased individually, to learn specific actions to preform for specific effects. it gets that learning curve right there where it's acceptable, and it's become second to none for reference. I was so overwhelmed, because my tools needed a major upgrade, and a great deal of them had new toys I knew nothing about. I'm a musician as well, not a trained engineer, so you see new tools but don't always have a common frame of reference. or know how they're applied. with the all access pass, I can look at the use of the tool in the recording environment, and get specific uses, and tips. I'm learning new skills that are bringing all of my old tools to life too, with new knowledge of what they can be used for. I have spent hour after hour in the past on google, you tube, etc. trying to find information, on getting a certain sound or effect, the approach with learning the effect of each tool is much more profitable, and I LEARN what the tools can do, leavening me choices I didn't even know I had before!. I spend more time creating, and less time experimenting with unknown parameters, now when I experiment, I know exactly how I'm affecting the sound, I've learned more in just a week, than I have been able to scrape up over the years, and I put countless hours into it. I have the knowledge, to go with the tools now. and that makes the tools 1000% more useful. finding it hard to see how I got by without it really. and there's info on my DAW's instruments, VSTs, effects, updates, from several manufacturers, all in one place. I feel like I've gone back to school, but only have to learn the specific tasks I want to use, making it a pressure free experience, a pleasure not a task. I recommend groove 3 to anyone who wants to take their sound to the world class level.

EZkeys Explained
Good overview
Nice overview which includes coverage of ideas for how to use it.

All-Access Pass
Very helpful
These courses are excellent.

Moog Sub37 Explained
Phenomenal comprehensive course
Phenomenal course, i've had this synth for a while and really wanted to learn everything about it, this course helped me do it. Really easy to understand and really well spoken by the person narrating it. If you want to learn about this synth i strongly vouch for this course :)

Orchestral Mixing Explained
Not so sure about these tips
I have been through numerous mixing courses from multiple sites and I'm sad to say that this one just does not measure up to others. I really like Groove 3 and this author, but I will not go any further on this tutorial after the mixing of the Strings section. I know these things are subjective, but the samples used are not great and the mix sounds flat. The narrowing of the stereo field on the string parts is not very realistic, since the instruments emanate out into the space. They do not sound almost completely to one side. The final straw for me was the boost on the strings bus around 2.5k where this is an absolute known zone for "harshness" on many string samples. If you do a big boost like this on many of the sample libraries, your strings will most likely come out incredibly harsh and unrealistic sounding. I always have great hope to pick things up off of groove 3 videos, but I can't continue on with this one.

MASCHINE Know-How: Sampling
Good structure and content!
Professional, Musician, Producer, Audio Engineer, Sound Designer, Ableton Live, Studio One

MIDI Orchestration Explained
Very helpful and inspiring. Great teacher.
This tuturial is really helpful for people who are starting out with composing with sampled orchestral VI’s. It touches on how sampled instruments typically work and shows quite a lot of good examples of how to arrange and orchestrate.

It is particularly nice if you happen to own any of the Chris Hein Orchestral libraries, because it might give you new insights into these samples (and an extra inspiration to try and master them / spend more time on getting the MIDI expression lanes “just right”).

I have to say I really enjoy Eli - nice presentation style, great narration, nice voice - and obviously a very knowledgeable person. I am definitely tempted to check more courses where this man has been involved!

Studio One 5 Explained
Excellent detail
Student, Professional, Musician, Producer, Beat Maker, Audio Engineer, Sound Designer, Game Designer, Mastering Facility, Sound for Film/TV

Music Production Theory & Arrangement Hacks
Very helpful!
Outstanding! You get the whole concept and a pretty in depth explanation of how these plugins work all together in the making and finishing of a song. Didn't know Captain plugins were so powerful, or even how to use them properly. I'm ready to build my first beat using this simple, yet very powerful method.

Melodyne 5 Tips & Tricks
I learned more in this single video about Melodyne's capabilities than an hour long course I took from a 'master class.' IN JUST 12 MINUTES I FEEL LIKE I KNOW MY WAY AROUND EVERYTHING!! Thank yo so much.

Presonus ATOM Explained
Very thorough and ordered.
This is a very useful site to find quick references to questions I have about various products,
Beginner, Musician, Studio One
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