Real world feedback from Groove3 customers.

Mixing Synths Explained
Extremely Helpful
I was always wondering, why are there so loss "Synth Mixing" courses available. Synths are the main element of electronic music. Great course with understandable explaination of the effects and mixing thechniques. A must for Synth lovers.

100 Rock Lessons
Great lick, very good musical examples.
Excellent material, well structured. Not for the beginner guitarist though.

All-Access Pass
Very useful
I've been able to find videos for just about every plugin I own. Very helpful to have real tutorials and insight from pros, instead of perusing youtube. All the videos are concise and broken up in sections.
Beginner, Musician, Producer, FL Studio

Ableton Live 11: Making a Song
Concise and productive intro to new Live 11 features
A nice project for a Saturday... not too long, and with an emphasis on some of Ableton's new devices and features in Live 11.0 (don't try on Live 11.1b4 since the Tree Tone device is broken).

Generally the video is excellent and well-edited. Even more "zoom in" for the settings would be appreciated though (in some parts it was great).

MASSIVE Explained
This toutorial was exellent. Very helpful. Good Job

Studio One 5 Explained
Extremely helpful learning!
I love this! Very helpful teaching the ins and outs of Studio One - once you get into Studio One 5 and learn its magic, you will not come out until your song is mastered. I am rather new with Studio One, these videos smoothly explained a lot more. Thank you.

Producing Tropical House
Very Inspiring !
Hobbyist, Producer, Beat Maker, Pro Tools

Jimmy Bruno - Inside Outside Jazz Guitar
A Rare Gem has finally landed
This is really a rare gem. I studied under Jimmy Bruno many years ago and for some unknown reason he would refer to his No Nonsense Jazz Guitar DVD but he hardly ever referred to Inside Outside Jazz Guitar. Finally I have had the pleasure to view this course and I highly recommend it. Forget all the theory and use your ears. Some note and are INSIDE and others are OUTSIDE and JAZZ demands that you use both.

Mixing with FabFilter Plug-Ins
See this to get a commercial release mix
Thanks Larry, now i knew what the step process in terms of mixing. This very helpful for every beginner out there.
Beginner, Audio Engineer, Ableton Live

Mixing Heavy Rock / Metal
Fantastic expertise and mixing philosophy!
Fantastic expertise and I really like the philosophy of relatively quick mixing and not getting lost in the weeds. Thanks Kenny! I'd like to hear more of your philosophy on how to ride the you watching the waveforms or mostly listening? Fascinating. Thanks again!
Student, Hobbyist, Semi-Pro, Musician, Producer, Audio Engineer, Logic Pro

Scaler Explained
Everything you need to know about the plugin.
Great detail and explanations of functionality.

Arturia Analog Lab V Explained
Very good intro
Great intro to Analog Lab V itself (not the instruments)

Studio One MIDI Guru Guide
Perfect for people working on MIDI
Short and very instructive. Great series !
Hobbyist, Producer, Audio Engineer, Ableton Live

Mixing Jazz Fusion
Riding side saddle with a master....these mix tutorials are superb. Thanks KG for the expertise and wisdom! Like an apprenticeship through my studio speakers....very valuable.
Student, Hobbyist, Semi-Pro, Musician, Producer, Audio Engineer, Logic Pro

Mixing with Pro Tools
Absolutely Wonderful
This stuff is complicated and the amount of knowledge in all of these videos is truly priceless.
Semi-Pro, Musician, Pro Tools

Studio One 5 Explained
A well detailed course for begginers and advance users too. I'm new to Studio One, could not have started with a better tutorial.
Hobbyist, Musician, Ableton Live, FL Studio, Mixcraft, Reason, Reaper, Samplitude

All-Access Pass
really very very helpfull
thank you so much for all the great videos for learning
Professional, Musician, Producer, Audio Engineer, Sound Designer, Logic Pro

Producing Modern Metal Explained
Well put together
I thoroughly enjoyed this mixing course and definitely feel that I benefitted from the material. It is put together in a logical sequence and even if you don't have exactly the same plugins you can still apply the principles and end up with a great sounding mix. I would definitely recommend this course.
Hobbyist, Musician, Producer, Audio Engineer, Reaper

Jazz Theory Explained
very informative
very informative
Professional, Musician, Producer, Audio Engineer, Sound Designer, Logic Pro

UVI Falcon 2 Explained
Step by step
I was having trouble with Falcon when I first got it. I was dragging, pulling and screaming and getting nothing done. I downloaded UVI Falcon 2 Explained and I was already making my own patches by 5 videos. I can also recommend Strike and Transfuser Videos. They are a fast track to successful programming and a faster way to get your own sounds.

iZotope Music Production Suite: Remixing a Stereo Mix
Excellent overview of how to use a few of iZotope modules
I like the approach and the focus on a few key points in a limited time. I would have seen in that subject the use of Tonal Balance to show the analysis of initial mix, evolution and final comparizon between "before" and "after"
Hobbyist, Musician, Cubase

Ableton Live 10 Explained
Lots of good information on using the DAW and getting the most out of every feature - very helpful!

iZotope Stutter Edit 2 Explained
Altogether worth watching, it will get you through the basics of Stutter Edit 2.
Overall I learned mostly everything I was hoping to.

Unfortunately, I had a bit of trouble understanding Gary's accent which is no fault of his own, I just couldn't for the life of me understand a few things he was saying, which made it hard to get the full concept of a few topics.

I would definitely say it's a good tutorial, but could have had a little more detail on some specifics as well.

So far, this was my least favorite of the 7 iZotope tutorials I've watched on Groove 3.

I would love to see Eli or Laurence take a shot at doing a Follow Up Stutter Edit 2 Video, like I've seen them do in the past on some different tutorials. I found them to have an easier teaching style to follow and understand. I would love to see what they could add using their own examples.

I do appreciate Gary's effort, he definitely understands how to use Stutter Edit, but his teaching methods could use a more streamlined flow, there was a good amount of jumping back and forth that left me confused. My hand written notes ended up all over the place.
Logic Pro

Shaperbox 2: Getting Creative
Good overview of some creative ways to use Shaperbox
A great way to get you started with different ideas of how to use this plug in and should inspire you to think about how to use this tool in even more interesting ways

iZotope Neutron 3 Explained
Very Helpful and Straight Forward
A very well thought out tutorial that goes over all the main features without bogging too much into the details.

Thorn Explained
Awesome Content
Very precisely explained, very happy

Jimmy Bruno - Inside Outside Jazz Guitar
Great demo video
I’ve looked for a long time for the right guy to show me some jazz licks
This guy is the cake !

Mixing 101 - Mix Session from Hell
Again, KG hits it out the park!
Wow, so much practical sitting next to a master at the desk. I wish I would have learned much of this many moons ago...valuable, concise, wise and skills I will use on every mix from here forward! Thanks Guys!
Student, Hobbyist, Semi-Pro, Musician, Producer, Audio Engineer, Logic Pro

All-Access Pass
A lot of Information
This makes you create music fastly with only using Reason DAW
Beginner, Audio Engineer, Ableton Live

Studio One Effects Explained
Best Tutorial Ever!
I am 5 time stroke survivor, I also the recipient masters degree; this tutorial is outstanding.

MixBox Explained
Tremendous teacher and tutorial!
Eli never disappoints...I've been using Mixbox for several months and it is a favorite, mind blowing value for the money. AND Eli makes this plug in look brand new to me, so many great illustrations of what this plug in is capable of...Thanks Eli and Groove3. Might I add a suggestion - I would like the narration a bit lower relative to the music files, as I like to hear the subtleties of the audio engineering, and cranked up some. The narration is a bit loud in a few of the vids at Groove3. Hope this suggestion is helpful...Thanks again for amazing tutorials.
Student, Hobbyist, Semi-Pro, Musician, Producer, Audio Engineer, Logic Pro

MODO Drum Explained
Good overview as always!
Lots of good tips on using this instrument - helpful for understanding the flow of the basic features :)

Creating Epic Cinematic Compositions
I think the whole project has some exciting parts which will certainly be useful to me in my work.
I would have liked a bit more in Cubase 11 but so far so good
Professional, Sound Designer, Sound for Film/TV, Ableton Live, Bitwig Studio, Cakewalk Sonar, Cubase, Logic Pro, Pro Tools

Compressors Explained
Wow, finally compression demystified!
Most helpful study of compression, how to use it and how to hear it, I have ever studied. Great histories and priceless to watch this expert tweak the knobs. I discovered I was being a bit too subtle and missing out on some compression magic. Finally, the conceptrs of attack and release really understood and felt. Super practical. Great tips for using compressors that do not take so much tweaking also. Tremendous teaching! Wish I would have seen this decades ago....Thanks a ton for sharing this expertise and wisdom!
Student, Hobbyist, Semi-Pro, Musician, Producer, Audio Engineer, Logic Pro

Logic Pro: Preparing to Mix Explained
So far so good
Logic newby and have worked my way through the first four videos. Really informative and good visual examples of what it should look like when a change is made successfully. Could move a little slower in where to click to find functions; pretty common in all types of documentation when the demonstrated knows the process exceptionally well. In all very useful, well done course. Likely to buy other courses done by the same instructor.

Managing Gain & Distortion
Could have been a little better
He explained everything way too fast, if the lectures were stretched to atleast half an hour, it would have been amazing.

Singer / Songwriter Production & Arranging
Great !!!
I really liked this serie, very helpful, thanks Eli , great stuff !!!

Presonus ATOM Explained
The training exactly what I wanted and needed

Jimmy Bruno - Inside Outside Jazz Guitar
Jimmy Bruno shows clearly the difference between a musician and a mere expert technician. The music is sound and notes are the description of that sound. Good Job!
Professional, Musician, Audio Engineer, Logic Pro, Pro Tools, Studio One

Chords: Beginner's Guide
Really clear & concise - great course!
Author quickly demystifies a broad range of chord and theory concepts. Pace is quite fast but learned lots in this concise and informative course. It covers a lot in what would normally take weeks to study.

All-Access Pass
nice perfect
es lo mejor cuando quieres aprender mas de lo que ya conoces
Student, Musician, Producer, Beat Maker, FL Studio

Digital Performer 10: Editing MIDI Explained
Awesome and well explained
Great Job. Really well explained.

All-Access Pass
Impressed to the max
It gives all the info i need in this audio production word with just a click of a mouse. Not to mention Im saving huge amounts of money.

Songwriting Theory Explained
Eli Never Disappoints
This is not an advanced theory course, but some practical ideas. Just what is needed if you happen to be a working songwriter. There are a lot of basics that most musicians know and don't need repeating, but a lot of simple solid ideas for helping with writer's block, which happens to everyone. I always learn something here. Worth the time.
Professional, Musician, Audio Engineer, Logic Pro, Pro Tools, Studio One

Working with Ableton Live MIDI Effects
I've generally worked with AUDIO, while barely scratching the surface of midi. I liked seeing what can be done with midi with actual examples to back up the instruction.

Microphone Preamps Explained
Excellent No Nonsense
Excellent Practical Demonstration with great examples and to the point. Would have liked a little more of the technical side of things though.
Semi-Pro, Musician, Producer, Sound for Film/TV, Logic Pro, Studio One

The Bruce Swedien Recording Method
Great Perspectives
Great new perspectives. Out of the ordinary take on Recording Music.
Semi-Pro, Musician, Producer, Sound for Film/TV, Logic Pro, Studio One

Waves StudioRack Explained
Nice overview of the Studio Rack
The presentation opens a lot of ideas on how to utilize Studio Rack, although it is centered around Pro Tools and my Logic Daw U.I. does not display Studio Rack in the same way - so I will have to "Translate" the visual representations. (The only reason for one less star.)

SynthMaster Explained
I learned a lot ..
Discovered that the built in compressor can take audio input for sidechaining, very cool .. finally learned how to use the modulators properly and how to use SynthMaster for FX only. Love this synth but its always been a bit complex to use, this tutorial simplified a lot of things.

iZotope RX 8 Explained
Qiuck and Good Explanation!
right to the point with all the modules explained

All-Access Pass
Great !
This was great, was a great month, the search engine was a little bit ... not so good in my opinion but that doesn't matter, it was a great experience

Amplitube 5 Explained
Both a good overview of Amplitube 5 and some excellent tips and tricks on how to craft good sound :)

MODO Bass Explained
Simple and concise overview
Excellent overview and some good tips :)

Bitwig Studio 4 Explained
good explanation of functions

Arturia Analog Lab 3 Explained
Learning a lot from all of Tyler's great videos!!
Semi-Pro, Musician, Producer, Beat Maker, Audio Engineer, Sound Designer, Cakewalk Sonar

SampleTank 4 Explained
Incredibly Thorough Intro!
A very thorough look at ST4 and what can be done with this very powerful instrument!

If updating this course at any point:
- could use some more depth at how to build your own sample-libraries and further depths at customization - specifically, how can one develop your own multi-element instruments (certain drum kits have several elements - the one you imported in the last video has a single element - would be helpful to know if you could turn the different samples into different elements)

That said, still TONS of value to watch for here! Excellent!

iZotope VocalSynth 2 Explained
Overall it was a very worth while tutorial for Vocal Synth 2
I learned a lot, and really enjoyed Sami's drum use example.

I do wish there was a little more detail on a few things, but regardless it was very worth watching.

Thank you Sami.
Logic Pro

Working with T-RackS 5
Good Overview - NOT a Mastering Tutorial
If you are looking for a video on the ins and outs of mastering, don't look at this. There are some very helpful tips, but it's not meant to be a mastering tutorial.

If you are after an overview on the features and helpful aspects of T-Racks, this is excellent!

Bitwig Studio 4 Explained
Very helpful for novice users!
This series is easy to follow and well structured for beginners. For more advanced users there is not much in here so it would be great to see a "part 2" for more advanced users.
Professional, Musician, Producer, Audio Engineer, Bitwig Studio, Reason

Soundtoys Plug-Ins: Getting Creative
Great stuff from Larry once again
Larry delivers another great course. The Soundtoys collection is fabulous and Larry shows succinctly how they can be used to great effect. Having now done a number of Larry's videos, I do chuckle when he asks you to close your eyes and REALLY focus when A/Bing: I must confess that I can't always hear the difference. One thing which I found frustrating, and this has nothing to do with Larry, is the fact that Groove3, unlike some other platforms, doesn't provide a channel for asking questions. In this series in particular, I noticed Larry regularly using quite a lot of Dry signal on a send and return aux, even on the final plug-in in the aux chain. It would be great to be able to ask why such decisions are made. Anyway, enough of the tangent. Thanks once again, Larry. You helped me get to grips with Logic itself and its suite of stock plug-ins, and now you're helping me as I venture out into the financial abyss of 3rd party ones.

SoundToys Effects Explained
Excellent stuff
This was my introduction to SoundToys and I'm so glad it was. Very simple and clear explanations. No waffle. Enjoyable and helpful illustrations. At under two hours, it also feels like just about the right length too. Thanks so much, Scott!

Soundtoys 5 Update Explained
Excellent again
A great introduction to Soundtoys updates. I watched it pretty much immediately after watching Scott's other excellent series introducing the Soundtoys plug-ins. When I saw the running time of around 45 minutes, it motivated me all the more. This feels like the 'bonus' track. If anything, I think this second series could have been a little longer as there is definitely more to be said. Still, a very helpful review of updates to the plug-in suite.

u-he Hive 2 Explained
Even though sometimes it looses it's track it is still very informative.
Professional, Musician, Producer, Audio Engineer, Bitwig Studio, Reason

Creating Realistic MIDI Drums
Just what I was looking for
Amazing training. Fills in all the bit I have missed along the way.

Hollywood Orchestra Opus Edition Explained
Eli is excellent.
Concise direct. Complete.
Professional, Musician, Producer, Audio Engineer, Sound Designer, Sound for Film/TV, Logic Pro, Pro Tools

All-Access Pass
Everything you could possibly need / want to know to get deep with your tech!
Okay, anyone who wants to get into the world of digital production, or has some cool new software but wants to get into its features - this is THE place to go! Really good value, and TONS of content on almost anything you'd want to know!

Haven't used the phone app - heard it's had some glitches. But, if you're okay doing viewing via a web-browser, go for it!

EDM Digital Mixing with Analog Results
Intermediate Stuff here (not at all for beginners)
The course was good but the only problem I found with the course was the material used for demonstration, I have been following this guy since a year or two, he knows the stuff. Things that were explained, were explained perfectly but it lacked in the content.
You cannot learn complete mixing only by watching this course.

EZdrummer for PC Explained
Good for beginers
This tutorial is good for beginers. People who have bigger experience should be watch superior drummer or BFD. Good Work

Moog Sub37 Explained
Thank you very much. I learned a lot
the training is fantastic. thank you all.

Compressors Explained
Thank you
Much appreciated.

Mixing for Depth & Space Explained
Lots of useful pro-tips here !
Everything you need to know to get a clear, balanced & maybe spicy mix from EQing to 3D fx.

Mastering with Brainworx Plug-Ins Explained
Very helpful
Well explained.
Professional, Musician, Sound Designer, Sound for Film/TV, Cubase

Mastering with T-RackS
Quite happy with the course, but...
This course definitely offers you the right and helps you to under stand your tool (if you're on T-RackS), but the mastering example could have been improved, otherwise, the course is a big yes yes!
Thank you..

Top Down Mixing Explained
Very detailed focused! All about the little things...

Master Mix Explained
Great Title
Very well explained
Semi-Pro, Producer, Audio Engineer, Sound Designer, Bitwig Studio, Pro Tools, Studio One

Mixing Drums in Logic Pro X
Fantastic accessible and practical drum mixing tips!
Eli is always SUPER informative and helpful! Great practical tips that I will use often...Thanks!
Student, Hobbyist, Semi-Pro, Musician, Producer, Audio Engineer, Logic Pro

Pro Tools Editing Tips & Tricks
Well Explained
This is a very well explained, go to the point Curse

Ableton Live 10: Tips & Tricks
It's fine if you're totally new to this and want random information on how Live works
Possibly worthwhile if you're new to Live and have a Groove3 sub. It's a randomly ordered list of very short videos, and like most of Multiplier's videos on here, more than half the "techniques" being demonstrated are just facts about the interface that you'd know if you'd skimmed the manual, poked around Live for a while, or even just had experience in other DAWs. If I'd come across them on social media, I'd call them decent tidbits on the Ableton way of working and thinking, which definitely has *some* value - but not something that should cost money to watch.
Hobbyist, Semi-Pro, Musician, Sound Designer, Sound for Film/TV, Pro Tools, Reason

u-he Diva Explained
Good video.
Pretty much straight to the point. Like this guys style.
Hobbyist, Bitwig Studio, Reaper

Mastering in the Box Explained
very helpful
I liked this course so much contains few nice informations
Semi-Pro, Musician, Producer, Audio Engineer, Logic Pro, Pro Tools

Studio One: Beginner's Guide
Very Helpful
Great introduction, it allowed me to get started using Studio One

Creating a Song Inspired from a Vocal Sample
Mostly basic hints & good
For beginner basics
Professional, Musician, Producer, Sound for Film/TV, Cubase

BFD Explained
Very Very Helpful
This tutorial explain everything about this plugin. Very helpful and creativity. Thanks

First Song with MASCHINE MK3
very good first song video,
pretty much covered everything I was hoping it would in one of these beginner tutorials. I have just recently purchased a mk3 and was struggling to get my head around patterns, groups scenes etc and this helped make sense of everything

Microphone Preamps Explained
Driving preamp to various levels of distortion was good.

All-Access Pass
This pass grants me access to what I want to learn and when I want to learn. Comes in handy when you have a series of things you want expand your knowledge on.

All-Access Pass
All Access
Very intuitive as well as well arranged for almost all levels of players,

The Visual Drumset Method
Visual learners - this is for us
Very simple - but clearly informative. Pictures and sounds TOGETHER are the jam, so to speak. You've heard it all, you've seen the notation, you've probably watched the videos too. This gives you a PICTURE of what to strike and when (while you're listening). Songwriter not a drummer - want to be able to clarify what I hear in my head when collaborating with drummers (and other musicians).
Semi-Pro, Musician, Producer, Beat Maker, Audio Engineer, Ableton Live, Cubase

Improvising Know-How: Modes
Extremely helpful! Excellent instructor and video!
After watching the first video, I was able to improvise, and was impressed with the infinite possibilities through my right hand.

Reason 10 Explained
Totally Helpful
Having not used Reason for 10 years and coming back to it, this set of lessons has been super helpful and smoothing the journey for me.

Band-in-a-Box: Getting Started
The best help you can get to understand BIAB.
Groove 3 is outstanding

Ableton Live 11: New Features Explained
Useful to get caught up
I’m new to ableton and this was nice to showcase the new stuff
Semi-Pro, Professional, Producer, Sound Designer, Sound for Film/TV, Pro Tools

Ableton Live 11 Explained
Extremely insightful!
Really enjoying the Ableton masterclass so far! The intuitive breakdowns really help me develop a more proficient workflow!

Shaperbox 2 Explained
Great Tutorial
Fantastic Plug-in with a lot of depth that Larry explained with great aptitude. Made it very easy to understand the complexity if this software

Logic Pro Jump Start
great class for LP
Eli Krantzberg is one of the greatest online teachers of all time. he strikes the perfect balance of tutorial length and information. I really like the recaps at the end of each lesson

iZotope Insight 2 Explained
Overall, Very Helpful & Easy to Follow!
I really enjoyed this tutorial. Overall very helpful, quick and easy, but could have been slightly more thorough with a few of the settings and explanations. Thank you for a great tutorial Multiplier(Adam Pollard)!
Logic Pro

iZotope RX 8 Explained
Easy to understand, step by step explanation of all of the features of iZotope RX 8 - thanks a lot!
Professional, Musician, Producer, Audio Engineer, Sound Designer, Mastering Facility, Sound for Film/TV, Logic Pro, Pro Tools, Reaper

Ableton Live 11: New Features Explained
Clear explanations
Clear explanations
Hobbyist, Musician, Producer, Ableton Live

Mastering with Waves - Grand Masters
Excelent material, very nice explanation about the mastering process
A detailed explanation about the mastering process and the plugins involved.

iZotope Neoverb Explained
Excellent! Very easy and thorough tutorial.
Thank you again Eli for another great iZotope plug-in tutorial!!
Logic Pro
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