Real world feedback from Groove3 customers.

FabFilter Tips & Tricks
Great infos, thanks!

Intro To Music Publishing: A Creative and Business Perspective For Musicians
Informative, Quirky, Dated 2018, Ending Presents Questions With No Answers
The questions at the end of each segment, where answers are not provided, are mostly why only I've given 2 stars. If it doesn't provide certification, then I can't reasonably be expected to do homework.

Solid information foundation presented by personalities that are eccentric, which gives an "At the Movies" meets "Wanye's World" vibe; information is also a bit dated as it's mentioned that it was made in 2018.

Also focuses, for the greater part, on United States laws and treaties.

Band-in-a-Box: Getting Started
Well presented and comprehensive BIAB introduction
I am only about 1/3 of the way through this video course, but so far I am learning a lot. BIAB is presented well here, and is clear and easy to follow. The only slight issue I have is the keyboard shortcuts are for a Mac (I am on Windows) and in most cases I can't get it to work by changing from Ctrl to cmd or Alt. No matter, the course is still very good. Highly recommended if you are new to BIAB.

Logic Pro Explained
This course helped me immensely! Well worth the (low) price.
Really well done!

All-Access Pass
Filled with info.
A real instruction of Band in a Box...

Logic Pro: Songwriting Workflow Tips
Wow!! Fantastic
First I would like to say that Groove3 is my favorite tutorial place. Second I want to mention that Eli Krantzberg is my absolute favorite tutor. Third I want to say that this is the best single Logic that I have ever listened to. I learned more useful stuff in this video than I ever have before. I thought I was an advanced Logic user, but I bow to the Master. Thank you, Eli.
It is worth the price of the All-Access Pass just for this video. There was not a wasted chapter in this. I will watch this one several times.
Professional, Musician, Audio Engineer, Logic Pro, Pro Tools, Studio One

Dorico Explained
Excellent in depth view of Dorico 4
Very Helpful

Moog Sub37 Explained
Great Course of a very powerfull harware synth
very well explained !!
Good job Groove 3
Professional, Musician, Producer, Audio Engineer, Sound Designer, Sound for Film/TV, Ableton Live, Logic Pro

All-Access Pass

Mixing With UAD Spark Plug-Ins
Great video series!
Information is super helpful and not only about UAD Spark. There are general mixing tips that are explained well with good examples.
Professional, Audio Engineer, Sound Designer, Logic Pro, Pro Tools

Logic Pro X: Creating Generative Music
Very Useful
Great course with a lot useful tips and tricks to ignite your imagination during creative process!!!
Hobbyist, Semi-Pro, Musician, Producer, Sound Designer

Beginner's Guide to Dorico
Great introduction to Dorico!
Very good course on how to understand the basics of Dorico in order to get you up and running in no time.

Jimi Hendrix Smash Hits: Guitar Play-Along
Good but missing key element
Very good content, but need the ability to see the whole tab in one view so when you are learning you can look up to see the whole piece, rather than stopping, rewinding or fast forwarding to a spot you may have forgotten.

Dorico Explained
Perfect introduction to Dorico 4
This course is the perfect introduction to Dorico 4. In less than four hours, Doug takes you from absolutely knowing nothing about this powerful piece of music up to being able to face your own first projects.

Mixing in Reel Time
Real mixing!!
Real mixing, very informative. A great video-tutorial from the one and only Kenny Giogia!
Professional, Producer, Audio Engineer, Ableton Live, Reaper

Songwriting with RealGuitar
Real Guitar and more
I get so much out of every tutorial I purchase. I prefer the downloads so I can refer back when needed. Groove3 is always my "goto" for learning. Thank you Groove3. I never been disappointed in any of your tutorials.
Brian C.

Good tips
Very interesting useful learning points. Enjoyed the course.
Hobbyist, Logic Pro, Studio One

Arturia Jup-8 V Explained
A regret.
I would've loved for this tut to go deeper other then that it's excellent! Jup 8 what a dream synth...
Semi-Pro, Musician, Sound Designer, Ableton Live

Eli's teaching style is admirable, he's a master of his craft. To understand you only need to follow the clear path he sets for you making it so easy.
Semi-Pro, Musician, Sound Designer, Ableton Live

Mastering with Ozone 8
So inspired to use it now!!
Great tutorial! I bought Ozone 8 Advanced a couple of years ago now, but
I was a little terrified of using it!..Lol. After watching this series though, I can't wait to get started! Thanks Groove3.

Melodyne 5 Tips & Tricks
All will be revealed!
Many tutorials describe the trees. This tutorial reveals the forest.

iZotope Neutron 3 Explained
Compression Module Confused me
Compression Module Confused me
the Teacher talks about expander mode, which if I am not mistaken is upward compression. Not the same

All-Access Pass
I am truly excited about the quality of the offerings but also the scope of the instruction.

Reading Music Explained
Very Informative
Great Review!
Hobbyist, Musician, Producer

Creating Epic Cinematic Compositions
Gary does a great job of explaining the techniques and the why(s) of cinematic compositions. I would suggest downloading the project file and following along with the video by adding your own vsts in your own DAW. I learned a lot about my own VST instruments and how they work in a cinematic composition.
Student, Musician, Game Designer, Cakewalk Sonar

Mimic Explained
Thoroughly Explained Mimic
Great job in explaining the details of the Mimic Sampler.

Mono-Compatible Width Explained
A brilliant companion piece to Dynamic Loudness Explained
Lots of insights here for producing and mixing music, all the more so if completed together with Dynamic Loudness Explained. Larry's DAW of choice is Logic but the DAW is largely irrelevant for both courses as the teaching points are all for general application.

Reason Explained
A lot of great tips!
I have been using Reason12 for about 5 months now and this video series has taught me so much, highly recommend watching regardless of the level of experience in Reason.

Pro Tools Automation Secrets
Quite exhaustive
Dispite my worflow is different (I'm working in post/dubbing) I learned some very good tricks ! and improved what I already knew.
Very clear and pedagogic for a very friendly price .
Professional, Audio Engineer, Sound for Film/TV, Pro Tools

Dynamic Loudness Explained
Really interesting global perspectives on mixing here
I found there to be lots of insights here on gaining headroom for a louder track without compromising the sound of your track - shaving transients musically, having your Limiter react to peaks while still bringing up the RMS yet keeping it at a safe distance from the Limiter's ceiling, considering mono compatibility in the bass frequencies particularly (with a helpful warning for those of us who like using Retro Synth!). I've done loads of Larry's courses, and this was like a consolidated review of all of them because the general principles given in this course are the same ones he implements in all his mixing and mastering courses. This course brings it all together in one concentrated package.

Neutron 4: Beginner's Guide
Impressed to the max
Eli is one of the best teachers out right now. He never fail at dropping gems.

Neutron 4: Beginner's Guide
Great overview and examples of use
Eli has a great way of extracting the capabilities of the software in an easy to understand presentation. Some great new features in Neutron 4 are brought into focus and well demonstrated.
Hobbyist, Semi-Pro, Audio Engineer, Cakewalk Sonar

KClip Explained
Some helpful tips as well
All plugin functions explained well, particularly input/output and 'threshold' signal path clarification. Some good examples of uses in tracks and busses too.
Hobbyist, Semi-Pro, Audio Engineer, Cakewalk Sonar

Mixing with Pro Tools
Very very helpful !!
i've learnt so much !
I think ,i need to watch several times again !!
thanks a lot !!

The Ultimate Practice Guide for Vocalists
Not what I expected but good
I really enjoyed watching this. The training is for someone who already has a foundation in vocal training, which I don't, but I still enjoyed it. The instructor was fun to follow along with. I will re-watch this for sure trying to unpack the short condense nuggets provided. I wish they would make a course for beginners that is more in depth instead of touching on a few principles.

Moog Sub37 Explained
Great course!
Great course! Well explained and easy to follow.

MIDI Orchestration Explained (Legacy)
Many Ideas
A decent exploration of concepts.

Session Guitarist STRUMMED ACOUSTIC 1 & 2 Explained
First rate
Clear, detailed and easy to follow. Everything you would want in instructional video.

KISS: Guitar Play-Along
Upside Down???
Why on Earth is this shot upside down? I was going to buy it for the fun of it being a huge KISS fan but no clue why the perspective is that of the player's view. When Guitar players watch other players it's a mirror image which they've become accustomed to. This would drive me nuts trying to watch this.
Semi-Pro, Professional, Musician, Producer, Mastering Facility, Sound for Film/TV, Cakewalk Sonar, Reason

iZotope Ozone 9 Explained
Of all the Groove3 courses I've indulged in, this is by far the best. Eli Krantzberg has perfect pacing, uses a variety of genres, and ties concepts together. I looked forward to each new video. Thanks so much.

Producer's Guide to Optimizing Your DAW & Computer
Very Helpful!
very helpful for all producers. Great content!
Semi-Pro, Musician, Producer, Audio Engineer, Sound Designer, Ableton Live, Logic Pro

Jimi Hendrix Smash Hits: Guitar Play-Along
This is one of the best anthologies for learning to play Hendrix's hits exactly as they are recorded. The video guide is invaluable and allows you to learn performance tricks that would be impossible to know with just the tablature.

All-Access Pass
Yearly Subscription is an Excellent Value
Groove3 has an abundance of material from excellent authors. Being able to access this material without limitation for 1 year is an excellent value. My only issue is slow loading of course material. Overall, keep up the good work.

Music Theory Explained
From Introductory To Expert Too Quickly
A great brief on general music theory.

I have been dabbling in music for around 20+ years., and picked up some music theory along the way. I understood about 75% of this tutorial, and I feel it quickly jumps from beginner to expert.

This is definatly something I'll have to watch and study a few times.

I was hoping to learn more about ornaments, however, they are only briefly touched on here and there.

Dynamic Loudness Explained
Really good!
As always a pleasure to follow one of Larry's courses and what a gem this is. I never knew how the pro guys made their tracks so loud without completely destroying them, but now I feel I'm a lot closer to get my pop tracks up to par. I make a lot folk, jazz and instrumental music without the need for loud mixes and masters, but still feel I can use the concepts discussed for clarity and space in those tracks as well. This is quite an advanced course with a lot of difficult subjects and a few times the pace is a little high, so easy to use I don't find it hence the 3 stars, but it's well explained for most stretches, so not that hard to follow and with a rewatch in future more details will stick. Some of the plugins used are rather expensive, but besides a clipper which I don't have, I'm sure I can use some I already own or at least find cheaper alternatives. All in all a really good and helpful course. Thanks Larry.

Neutron 4 Explained
Clear and Punchy!
Great videos - clearly communicated and efficient and quick but with all the detail. Learnt loads. Concerned my computer will crash if i put an instance of N4 on every track for the tonal balance controlling, but i guess the idea is you export all tracks with the automation and effects etc and then bring the stems in to a clean project?

Thanks.... great stuff.
Hobbyist, Semi-Pro, Musician, Producer, Logic Pro

Top Down Mixing Explained
Great stuff!
It's great to see a mixing course that actually encourages and advocates ignoring the microscopic detail. It gets tedious fast EQ-ing and compressing every element in a mix, so this top-down approach is a refreshing and welcome new perspective on mixing - for me, at least. The only thing is, the track used to exemplify this approach feels a bit like a cheat. The 'raw' audio isn't really raw. It's all clearly been through some high-quality compression and EQ, so are we really seeing pure top-down mixing, or is it more like the bottom-up mixing has already been done in preparation for the tutorial, with the stems bounced down, and then the top-down mixing is in fact a final polish? Either way, the principle is worth being aware of and I really liked the video series. A good length, engagingly delivered, and thought-provoking.

Producing House with Native Instruments
Another Masterclass!
This is probably about the 5th of Tom's tutorials I've gone through from beginning to end. Using his regular clear, lucid style, he takes you through a house production from start to finish. You learn production techniques, but also theory and composition, as well as how to use particular plugins more thoroughly.

The NI tool he uses for vox is Glaze, which sadly is not part of Komplete 13U. I wanted to follow along exactly so I bought it (luckily I had a coupon and saved 1/2!). I think this will be a worthwhile addition to my toolbox so am not unhappy about that, but don't get confused if you don't see it in Kontakt.

Overall an amazing experience, I eagerly await his next course offering!
Student, Producer, Ableton Live

All-Access Pass
I ashamed I don't utilize this more often
I received my first year of Groove3 All Access Pass for free as part of an iZoptope product promotion, and I loved what it had to offer. But, I am very ashamed of myself ???????? for not even using it for nearly 80% of the subscription period. Months went by and I never logged in. When I realized what I was missing, I signed up for another year (with an early bird discount). I love the video series, books, and tutorials. I haven't discovered yet if the Groove3 Pass has any mobile options. I am always blown away by the sheer volume of titles. It makes me look like a weenie compared to others here, with respect to audio and music knowledge. At times I feel like I need some schooling to understand what they're saying. I am going to endeavor to take deliberate advantage of my All Access Pass and really learn how to use all the audio software and plugins I spent my money on. Thanks. ????????

Pro Tools Explained
Eli at his best but I missed his "God Bless!"
Eli never disappoints and he's a master at anticipating what students require. He has helped me so much here in Groove 3. This course is A+ standard and typical of his sincerity as a teacher. (It's a pity Groove 3 provide no dates on the videos and I often have to use the reviews to see how old a series is which isn't ideal or fair in my opinion - some of which are simply so out of date, and therefore an audit is required by the editors - however all of Eli's are current and relevant).

I've been putting off using PT for years purely because I felt intimidated by using "The Industry Standard" and I believed it would be too difficult. However Eil took me through it bit by bit. In other courses, I would play through each video but here I found myself having to stop during the video to try replicate what he was demonstrating. PT is not for the faint hearted but this course really takes you through from the start to get you up and running as he promised. Eli also used music which was relevant and supported his teaching. He even brought in a live guitarist for the course which says a lot about Eli's professionalism and dedication. (Some other Groove3 authors are using music that is simply paltry and totally unsuitable for demonstration purposes - perhaps for copyright reasons but that's still no excuse - however this problem does not apply here with Eli - I believe the editors should listen to the supporting music before they sign off on the series and see if it's helpful or even related).

I only have one recommendation on this which is the Automation section where I felt it could have done with an extra video (at least) as it was the only one that went over my head and I will need to explore further. I know this isn't an in-depth look but Automation is often the reason folk switch to PT. Also this course could not be understood by total beginners but PT is not really a beginner's DAW and Eli had no option in my opinion but to deliver the course on the understanding that the student understood at least DAW terminology and basic processes. Would have loved a tutorial on using Video but that's just me.

This course is worth the money. Had I gotten the Automation better grasped I'd have given him 5 stars but 4.5 from me (as Mr McLoughlin will tell you) is very good. Finally I missed Eli's familiar "God Bless" at the end! Eli Krantzberg is a gift to music, period.

Xfer Cthulhu Explained
great review!
To understand this tutorial, you must have at least basic music theory. If not, you will probably be confused and disappointed.
Great videos!!!
Semi-Pro, Musician, Producer, Audio Engineer, Sound Designer, Ableton Live, Logic Pro

Pro Tools Explained
Very helpful BUT
Great clear speech but would help tremendously if spoken a little slower as less is more, your a teacher at school and a great one too, you don't need to be that racing driver on the track

Getting Your Song Ready to Mix
A decent brief of information as described in the title.

Delivered as a monotonous new caster type intonation; which is trained to not sound subjective.

Also a bit of a slow pace in voicing at first, sort of like Ben Stein, then ends a bit faster and finally with some character in closing that the whole tutorial will have benefited from in the first place.

Electronic Music Producer’s Guide: Reverb & Delay
Very useful
Short chapter that can be right away tested and implemented

MASSIVE Explained
Good walk through, but not more.
If someone has no time for / doesn't want / can't read the manual, this video is a good replacement. But it omits some tiny details and there was no practically usable examples I have expected from such format/length.

Developing Your Tonal Ear Explained
Very old tutorial
everything here is super basic and nothing new or techniques to practice ear training. Any tutorial on YT would have better exercises than this old tutorial.
Beginner, Student, Musician, Logic Pro, Studio One

Jimi Hendrix Smash Hits: Guitar Play-Along
Did you forget the tabs?
Ok, the videos are high quality, the sound is excellent and the instructor is a monster player. What's the problem? I'm glad you ask, there's no tablature in the play along videos, only in the backing track with the guitar removed. That's a terrible flaw, not many people can follow the song just watching the instructor's hand, and those who can are most likely professional players. I don't know how they decided to work like this but it sucks big time for the learner.

iZotope RX Tips & Tricks
A Breif On Controls, Demonstrations and Practical Techniques And Logic, And A Experiment
I appreciated the practical examples and extended logic for some of my questionable order of operations flow.

The execution was a bit too serious and feels like a lecture, however, the material delivered make up for it.

Some things I found a bit distracting were often referring to RX as iZoptope and using "but" instead of "although" (tho) or "however".

No tutorial on Groove3 for RX seem to brief on "select similar"

All-Access Pass
Good content, not so good loading times
I find the content very diverse and helpful but it's been a couple times the videos load really slow and I need to watch them intermittently to wait for them to load. Other than that I'm pleased
Beginner, Musician, Producer, FL Studio

Bitwig Studio 4 Explained
very good!
this really helped me to get started with Bitwig.
the videos are short and well explained.

Session Bassist PRIME BASS Explained
Very informative
As Always Eli digs down into the nooks and crannies and finds those things that I’ve missed! Well done!
Hobbyist, Musician, Producer

iZotope RX Explained
Insightful, Indepth, and Comprehensive
I appreciated the amount of detail covered and it is great to now have a further understanding of all the tools available.

I understand this is suppose to be an extension of the manual, although, with that said there were a few things I was hoping to see. Such as repair of a destroyed audio recording, and spectral recovery performed on some signing or more musical usage.

All-Access Pass
So much great content!
The tutorial video content is well-thought out, logical and easy to understand, narrated by musicians who have obviously actually used the software!
Semi-Pro, Musician, Producer, Logic Pro

All-Access Pass
Tutorial Heaven!
The experience has been one of the best I've had to date with tutorials. My membership cam to an end and I after just a short while I felt I needed access again. The quality of the tutorials are top and you will find things are explained in such detail you’ll become an expert in no time. The attached offers you get also makes this an absolute must have! I never give full ratings as I always believe there is room for improvement, but with this I found it hard to not rate it 5 star.

All-Access Pass
Very helpful and useful
Its great all is useful plus its easy available

Mastering with Ozone 9
Gets to the point of mastering demonstration.

iZotope Neoverb Explained
A decent overview and demonstration of Neoverb

Richard Thompson Teaches Traditional Guitar Instrumentals
Beauty Revealed!
The included audio is like having a personal guitar lesson with the inimitable Richard Thompson...what a treat!

Mastering with FabFilter Plug-Ins Explained
A good and oftentimes intuitive series but the video game music removed what could have been a very professional course. In my opinion, tutors should be wary of using their own music for demonstration purposes as they don't always mix (pun intended).

iZotope Neutron 3 Explained
A Brief Of Controls
A brief of Neutron 3's controls, feels a bit redundant as Mixing with Neutron 3 kinda covered the same stuff.

When Larry mentions RMS in a compressor and it creating "aliasing", nothing more is mentioned other than it does. Is there a another Groove3 tutorial that covers this in detail?

Fabfilter Saturn 2 Explained
It has a lot of positives (being up to date was the main one).
I watched this to see if the plugin would be useful to me. However I found that Larry was playing it too much by ear for my likes and using too much of his own music that simply provided zero help in the application of the plugin. Quite the contrary. There were two times when I had to remove my cans to save my ears. Because he's done good other videos before I gave it a generous 3.5 stars but in the end I decided not to buy the plugin.

iZotope Ozone 9 Explained
Great Coverage
A decent overview of nearly all the functions of Ozone.

Session Guitarist STRUMMED ACOUSTIC 1 & 2 Explained
An excellent purchase.
I really wanted to know how to use this and this tutorial gave me some Knowledge.
Beginner, Professional, Musician, Producer, Beat Maker, Audio Engineer, Sound Designer, Mastering Facility, Sound for Film/TV, Logic Pro, Pro Tools

Session Guitarist PICKED NYLON Explained
An Excellent Masterclass.
I really wanted to know how to use this properly and this class delivered in an excellent way
Beginner, Professional, Musician, Producer, Beat Maker, Audio Engineer, Sound Designer, Mastering Facility, Sound for Film/TV, Logic Pro, Pro Tools

EQ Explained
No! Loosing time.
Absolutely not useful to learn.

Logic Pro Explained
More than what i expected.
I haven't finished it yet but every video is full of useful information. Tackled every part of logic pro. no bulshit just straight to the point useful. i ended up buying the course so i can watch it over and over since i know some of the lessons i might forgot in the future. thanks groove3.. i'm a big fan of your service.

iZotope Ozone 9 Explained
Simply the best!
Eli Krantzberg is simply the best teacher for this kind of subject matter. His explanations are invariably clear, concise and helpful. His knowledge of the product, its practical application and best-practice techniques is seemingly encyclopedic. I also appreciate his enthusiasm and encouragement for us to continue making inspiring music. Keep up the great work!

Dorico Explained
Very helpful
I have just bought Dorico 4 , and found it here explained, that’s great.
Hobbyist, Cubase

Mixing with Neutron 3
Great For Begginers And Intermediate Users, Also A Few Expert Tips
A decent overview of the ins and outs of Neutron 3, and a good explanation of the sculptor.

It never occurred to me to use some of the tools in Neutron on the master.

Synthwave Sound Design Explained
This course is fantastic! Not only does it teach you how Synthwave sounds are sculpted, but along the way you learn how to (better) use numerous synths and effects in your toolbox: Serum, Tal-U-No, Repro, DX7, Diva, Pro-Q, H-delay, and several of AL11's built in effects. Really oriented towards teaching you how to produce!
Student, Producer, Ableton Live

iZotope Nectar 3 Explained
Comprehensive, However, Missing Some Things
An moderate look at the general functions of Nectar 3. Not much for expert techniques, no examples using Rap vocals, no example of using it stacked with Neutron's vocal processing, and no examples of using it on an instrument, choir or vox.

iZotope Insight 2 Explained
Straight Forward And Knowledgeable
Not too much going on in Insight 2 to explore, however, this video covers the basics well.

Related to pink noise, I recently switched to brown noise; as I have been led to believe it's more perceptually flat.

Developing Your Tonal Ear Explained
Love Doug's Ear Training series
This course is certainly on the simple side but I still found it valuable as a review and also as a way of consolidating my understanding of using solfege as part of ear training. It was particularly helpful in that regard when the discussion turned to using solfege in the minor scale. Doug's ear training materials are fantastic.

Navigating Chord Progressions
Not bad
This is not bad, but nor is it great. The instructor certainly has a lovely manner about him, which helps, but it all feels a little too impressionistic. There's not enough pedagogical support provided, and that which is provided - in particular some of the visuals - are even a little confusing. As a learner, I felt that we rely too much on listening to him talk over the piano, and at times the piano-playing feels almost a little self-indulgent. I appreciated the review of what we had learned that some of the videos had at the end but, as said before, more scaffolding is needed for the learner.

Iris 2 Explained
Ouch My Ears!
The choice of demonstration material for the most part was mostly noise.

EZbass Explained
Great comprehensive tutorial!
Each video is relatively short which makes it easier to find a certain topic. If you have EZbass it's a must see!

Secrets of Creative Compression
Timeless Techniques
Wow, I didn't know FabFilter MB can do that. I make plug-ins and it never occurred to me to trigger an expander with another band!

A nice review of classic techniques and some new ones I have never heard of before. I'm surprised rear-buss compression wasn't covered.

All-Access Pass
can be useful
Some good courses.
Not everything fits me.

Sunset Sound Studio Reverb Explained
Straight Forward
This reverb is straightforward, so not much to explore. Perhaps we will see Groove3 cover the FAME reverb from IK, which has more functions, and apparently console response curves built in.

T-RackS Tape Machine Collection Explained
Very in-depth descriptions of the responses from the different devices, tapes, and functions.

Hollywood Orchestra Opus Edition Explained
Kranzberg Rules
I have at least a dozen tutorials done by Eli Kranzberg for Groove 3. He is thorough and knows his stuff inside out. The problem is, he moves just a little too fast for me. But he has helped me get past some hurdles that I just couldn't find help with, especially in the case of Hollywood Orch Opus Ed. Every other tutorial I've seen has the program up and running from the outset. Eli even goes to assist with how to download. This may seem obvious to the rest of you, but it wasn't for me. It's too bad there couldn't be different versions of these videos. I should be advanced after all these years, but my use has been intermittent and now I'm old and can't remember a lot of what I had worked out before because I haven't used it. Anyway, Eli helped me see how to get into the Orchestrator and the possibilities. I'm overwhelmed, but feeling a lot better about it!
Semi-Pro, Musician, Producer, Sound for Film/TV, Digital Performer, Reason

MixBox Explained
So Much Information
There are so many processors in MixBox, it helps to have most of them highlighted.

Thorn Explained
Through and well explained
This is one of the best Groove3 videos that I've watched recently. Larry packs a lot into the two hours - there is an awful lot of raw power under Thorn's hood to be explored and I feel inspired to play around more with the Glitch sequencer and MSEG envelope generators in particular.
Hobbyist, Sound for Film/TV, Ableton Live, Reason

Hollywood Orchestra Opus Edition Explained
Effective course that goes straight to the point.
With this training, I feel able to use OPUS quickly and efficiently. Thanks Eli.

MODO Bass Explained
Informational Look At All Controls
I learned new things I never thought were possible with MODO Bass, such as the force string function.

Shaperbox 2 Explained
Shaper box looks amazing and the tutorial series explained well how to use it!

Ear Training Explained - Triads
Great course
I really enjoyed this course. I love that Doug provides different timbres to get your ears attuned to different contexts and there are enough drills to get the sounds in your head. It is quite repetitive, so it certainly isn't a course to do in just a few sittings - but with regular breaks, it's fun and effective. Where is Doug from? The way he pronounces 'root' is really idiosyncratic to my ears. And that word 'root' gets said a lot!

Ear Training Explained - Intervals
Great course
I like that Doug focuses on both ascending and descending intervals. Often, interval training focuses exclusively on recognizing intervals when ascending - yet in any real context it's of course not enough to feel confident only of these. As with the 'Triads' course, it gets repetitive, so regular breaks are needed to get the most out of it. It's good fun if you can fit in an hour a day or every other day. I feel that Groove3 needs more ear training offerings. I mean, intervals and triads are great and all but these courses are nearly ten years old and nothing more advanced has been added since then. Training on chord extensions, altered chords, more elaborate chord progressions, or perhaps even sight singing would be really useful too.

Lonnie Mack - Acoustic Blues Guitar
Where's the PDF notation, tabs?
Video is out of focus, no support material as in standard notation, tabs or Guitar Pro files. It's been out there for years. Hal, you need to up your game. It's not 1955 any longer.

Hollywood Orchestra Opus Edition Explained
A Must Have
I would not have purchased Hollywood Orchestra with OPUS and Arranger without this tutorial!
This class grapples with a very sophisticated new VI play engine called OPUS. It also has an AI Arranger that instantly turns a simple piano chord changes into professional sounding arrangement. Eli is able to masterfully "translate" the manual and point to creative and practical ways to employ this tool to my compositions: This tutorial is presented in a clear thinking way that makes you want to create music.
Eli delivers professionally with deep understanding of us his students.
Hobbyist, Semi-Pro, Musician, Producer, Audio Engineer, Logic Pro, Pro Tools
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