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Real world feedback from Groove3 customers.

Amplitube 5 Explained
Vey Helpful
Still learning
Beginner, Musician, Reaper

Virtual Mix Rack Explained
Well explained
It would be awesome to have a more complete version of the VMR.
Semi-Pro, Musician, Producer, Audio Engineer, Game Designer, FL Studio, Pro Tools

Band-in-a-Box: Getting Started
Very helpful
I find the tutorials very useful in kickstarting the learning process for a particular topic. However, tutor Eli can be a bit fast sometimes!

iZotope Nectar 3 Explained
Well done!
Another great series. Now I feel well prepared to start using Nectar on my sessions.
Professional, Musician, Producer, Beat Maker, Audio Engineer, Sound Designer, Mastering Facility, Sound for Film/TV, Logic Pro, Pro Tools, Reason

DSP Quattro Explained
Used V4 to learn about v5
Very useful tool to explore the functionality of DSP

Band-in-a-Box: Getting Started
good info
methodical explanation. Thanks

Modular Synthesis: Beginner's Guide
Great stuff
Lots of great tips, in this 1st series on modular. I'm looking forward to more!
Professional, Musician, Producer, Sound Designer, Bitwig Studio, Reaper

Producing Professional Voice Overs Explained
Good tutorial!
Very easy to follow, very well explained.
Hobbyist, Semi-Pro, Musician, Producer, Beat Maker, Audio Engineer, Sound Designer, Ableton Live, Logic Pro, Pro Tools, Reason, Reaper

Logic Plug-Ins Explained
Eli knows his stuff!
I am finally able to understand how and why things work in Logic Pro x because of these tutorials.
Beginner, Musician, Logic Pro

All-Access Pass
Very easy to use!!
Beginner, Beat Maker, Ableton Live, FL Studio, Cubase

FabFilter Timeless 3 Explained
I have always found Groove3 videos to be helpful. NOT THIS ONE! The video quality and presenter were good. The problem was the example used. This is video about delay. Don’t use an example that makes it VERY difficult to determine which is the source and which is the delay. The example vocal sounds like it’s already drenched in delay and reverb. You need an example that starts out TOTALLY DRY so that you can hear the effect Timeless has as it’s applied. Worse, the same useless example was used through the entire course making the entire course useless.

Mastering in Studio One: Beginner’s Guide
Well worth the time...
Detailed but concise, thorough with nice pacing. Finished series in one sitting. A DIYer's goldmine of tips on how to master your project files in Studio One 5.
Semi-Pro, Musician, Studio One

Vital Explained
Vital knowledge for what is now a vital synth in my arsenal!
Honestly I got this synth the day it came out and was super confused by it at first. Roll on months ahead and I see people are making sweet ass sounds, so I decide to give it another whirl. Well after learning pigments, serum and massive X I must say this one is definitely on par with the big boys.

Overall great tutorial from a great teacher as always!

Love you larry! Keep the quality content a rolling! Your videos are VITAL to my learning. HAHAHA sorry, that was a bad joke
Beginner, Student, Hobbyist, Producer, Beat Maker, Sound Designer, Ableton Live

All-Access Pass
A great music and recording resource
I have been a member of Groove3 for many years and it never ceases to be that tutor at my arm. Whilst simple tips can be picked up from websites, YouTube for free, Groove3 gives that bigger picture support.
The instrument tutorials are super too. Many are dated from the days of VHS but the content is still golden.
All in all, it is an excellent resource and one that I have recommended many times to others.

Virtual Guitarist CARBON Explained
Really good!
This is a must if you bought the plugin.
Professional, Musician, Producer, Ableton Live, Pro Tools, Reason, Studio One

MIDI Explained
Very helpful
very good topic thanks

Country Telecaster Virtuosity
This product is great for my telecaster playing! Very helpful.

Songwriting with Band-in-a-Box
Very Useful Additional Info!
I already have the initial BIAB tutorial from Groove3 but this offers more information on getting the most out of it.

All-Access Pass
Great resource
Plenty of courses for musicians with more courses and books and videos being added all the time

Scaler Explained
Scaler 2.40
great set of videos for getting started with this varied program. takes a lot of getting the bes out of it, but the author covers most of the bases. Ive yet to complete the last few videos as I'm trying everything out as I go through them. great so far.

Songwriting with Band-in-a-Box
Nice Addition To The Groove3 Band-in-a-Box Video Tutorial Collection
This tutorial series is based on the 2020 BiaB for Mac program. There are some differences as how each feature is accessed .
Songwriting with Band-in-a-Box, or BiaB for short, is a welcome addition to Groove3 and Eli Krantzberg's series of BiaB tutorials.
This tutorial series demonstrates several BiaB features that user may have overlooked.
Eli explains his method of using the Melodist, Melodist Maker (which is separate and distinct from the Melodist), one of two available Audio Chord Wizards and other BiaB features to create interesting song intros, song arrangements, guitar and piano parts, solos and harmonies.
The overall goal of the tutorial appears to suggest ways the small studio producer can use BiaB to improve their productions by integrating BiaB features into their production workflow.
Learning to use some of the tools and practices in this tutorial series can elevate any audio production.

All-Access Pass
The best tutorials
I’ve tried them all and find groove3’s tutorials to be the best. Great detail

Songwriting with Band-in-a-Box
really very helpful
did not know half of this even existed--well done Eli

Ableton Live 11 Explained
Tiny Curser
For me, cursor could have been larger as it was hard to follow. Otherwise, a very good tutorial.

Songwriting with Band-in-a-Box
Learnt a lot more about BIAB
As is usual Eli demonstrated another different way of using a product. Learnt more here than in most other BIAB tutorials.

Thanks again Eli.

UA Unison Preamps & Channel Strips Explained
Very insightful
This has cleared up some ambiguity with Unison. I also have a clearer idea of how to use my PreAmps.

UA Apollo & Console Application Explained
This is exceptional
Thorough detail. Precisely organized. Phenomenal job

Waves OVox Explained
Helpful and thorough
Great scope

Waves Tune Explained
Short and sweet from the professor. Very useful!

Vital Explained
Vital Explained
Always great tutorials - This one is one of the best
Hobbyist, Musician, Cubase

Mixing in Reel Time
I highly recommend Kenny's work.
Nothing more to say other than what I have already said in the TITLE. I sincerely mean it.

Scaler Explained
As always, Larry explains things like a boss!
This plugin is GREAT! Ive had it for years and never bothered to download the update for it (though it was automatic) and realized how much i was missing out on after I watched this series
Beginner, Student, Hobbyist, Producer, Beat Maker, Sound Designer, Ableton Live

Songwriting with Band-in-a-Box
Great overview of some creative uses of Band in a Box
As a new comer to Band in a Box, I thought this series was pretty nice in laying out how to use some of b.i.a.b functionality to assist your creative process. It covered both starting with a melody and coming up with chords for it, or having chords and using b.i.a.b to help flesh out a melody to work with, along with other topics.
Beginner, Musician, Audio Engineer

Ableton Live Racks Explained
Very Helpful!
It´s a good way to understand about racks in Ableton. Actually, racks is how Ableton Live is defined.

MASCHINE 2 Explained
i loved this
easy to keep up with and i learned a lot of new stuff

Scaler Explained
It's thorough but often hard to sit through ...
Ultimately I was informed and felt that my time wasn't wasted but it was just short of excruciating at some points. The instructor's mouse is often jumping all about making it hard to follow along. The revisiting of material already covered, like the playback matrix, drags things out. The instructor seemed ill prepared, such as not using well thought out examples, but he does make up for it somewhat with his intimate knowledge of the product.
Professional, Musician, Producer, Audio Engineer, Pro Tools, Reaper

Beginner’s Guide to Mastering with Ableton Live
Clear , no nonsense and to the point !
Clear , no nonsense and to the point !

Logic Pro X MIDI Plug-Ins Explained
Very helpful, overall
This is another great series by Eli, on the whole. After completing it, you should feel quite confident about most of the MIDI plug-ins. If you then go on to complete courses by Larry Holcombe, who uses MIDI FX to great effect (especially a course such as Creating Generative Music or Production and Theory Hacks), you should feel very confident about how to use many of them.

However, the series does have one or two frustrating videos. ‘Envelopes and LFOs together’, for example, is mostly just Eli playing with parameters for no obvious teaching reason. I had to go elsewhere to learn more about this plug in. It’s also a shame that Scripter isn’t mentioned despite having some great possibilities, as the course Creating Generative Music illustrates. I wonder if this plug in was added after this series was published?

Still, the course is very useful and engaging overall.

Logic Pro X Drummer Explained
Great course
Engaging and very easy to follow. If you know little or nothing about Drummer, by the end of this course you should feel confident enough to say you know a lot about it. The course also includes very helpful tips on how to get the most out of Drummer in a creative context.

My only criticism is that DMD has been updated since this course came out, so perhaps this part of the course could also be updated.

If you would like to increase your knowledge of Logic’s Drummer, I can’t imagine a better way to do so than following this course.

Cubase Chord Track Explained
Excellent Lessons!!
I watched this tutorial before but watching it again really enforced the usefulness of the chord track. Only suggestion is learning how to use the chord pads with the chord track. This way you can use the midi keys or keyboard to play the pads.

Semi-Pro, Musician, Producer, Cubase, Studio One

Logic Pro Jump Start
Amazing For Beginners
I just upgraded my laptop and got Logic-- and as a Songwriter who's getting into production, this was invaluable to me. I'm not gonna speak on behalf of more experienced producers, but this course is basically perfect for getting a feel for, and learning workflow tips, for people absolutely new to logic. Man was just amazing at explaining everything as clearly and concisely as possible, great at showing examples and encouraging the learner to do the same, etc.

KOMPLETE KONTROL Software Explained
A Komplete Kontrol jump start
I will be flying through a few sections of the KK manual after watching this; it provides a quick look under the hood and explores the depth of KK in an easy to follow way.
Professional, Musician, Producer, Audio Engineer, Pro Tools, Reaper

First Song with MASCHINE MK3
Good Information
rated the course a 4 due that I already knew a lot of the information

Acoustic Favorites: Guitar Play-Along
Easy to follow and like various songs
Wanted dead or alive is a great song I'm learning. Judy blue yes seems like a neat and interesting song to tune to E on top four strings! I have never seen that tuning before. I will like pink houses and yesterday also.

GUITAR RIG 5 Explained
Very helpful.
Very thorough.
Hobbyist, Musician, Producer, Audio Engineer, Reaper

Analog & Digital Processing

MASCHINE Know-How: Sampling
Good information
This course was a great refresher course there's a lot of things that I haven't forgotten about how to utilize in the sampling mode

MASCHINE Know-How: Ideas View
Good information
Great information I really like the the part about the mini control knowing that you can control different scenes and groups within machine inside your doll to make a song great information that's a game changer.

Plugin Alliance SPL Plug-Ins Explained
Upgraded my understanding
I've had some of these plugins for a long time but have only made use of them once in awhile. The videos here helped me better understand how they can be useful in my workflow.
Semi-Pro, Musician, Producer, Audio Engineer

Synthwave Production Explained
Extremely fun and filled with learning
Total noob here, but the presenter was nice and clear, and explained everything basically. Can really recommend to anyone wanting to learn synthwave. It was a fun filled experience with a lots of learning throughout the series. I followed along in CakeWalk.

Compression Explained
all i ever needed.
I'm confident in what i learned here and excited to use it. Feel like this is what a school course would've or should've been like. no tips and tricks just what is and why and how you can use it.

Songwriting with Band-in-a-Box
Really Good Tips and Ideas!
Eli does a great job as always and I really enjoyed this series! I've used BIAB for years for tracks, now my curiosity is peaked about using it more as a creative resource. Thanks Eli!

Songwriting with Band-in-a-Box
Spot on
Been waiting for video like this for a while huge potential biab but not many tutorials this is really helpful thanks Eli

MASSIVE X Explained
The mist clears
I liked this. Clear, informative, no going off-piste, no over explaining. All at a pace that kept the attention.
Hobbyist, Audio Engineer, Sound Designer, Mastering Facility, Ableton Live, FL Studio, Studio One

Cubase 10: Mixing Explained
Great intro to and overview of mixing
I am new to mixing, and found this very useful, and easy to follow. A lot of great info that I will be putting into place in my own mixes.

Superior Drummer 3 Explained
very informative, lots of tips and tricks
a must watch for anyone who owns superior drummer 3 to get the full amazing use of the program.

Mastering with UAD Plug-Ins
Overall a good short course on some basic mastering techniques.

All-Access Pass
I like it a lot!
I’m enjoying the All Access Pass. I’m just starting my journey as a producer and having access to all the free tutorials is really helping out.

Tracking Rock - Bass
Well done
Good ideas in this one.
Semi-Pro, Musician, Logic Pro, Reaper

Home Studio Know-How: The Room & Acoustics
Very helpful!
It teaches the basics of acoustic treatment in a very simple way. Must-watch for beginners!

On target
The presentation seems thorough and to the point yet enough time is spent on each topic to soak it all in. The presenter needed to spend time learning how to operate the controls without blocking the view; he got better as the videos progressed. The video provided a good overview of NKS so the user manual should make more sense because I now have the "end in mind" ...
Professional, Musician, Producer, Audio Engineer, Pro Tools, Reaper

KOMPLETE KONTROL Software Explained
Very Good Information
This course help to understand Komplete Kontrol a lot better, as far how to use it in music production.

FabFilter Pro-Q Explained
Knowledge heavy... Thoroughly explained in the most simple most simple way
I like the way this tutorial brought me up to speed in time

FabFilter Pro-R Explained
Great teachings
Easy to understand and excellent lessons.

Mixing with Toontrack EZmix 2
Well done
Another excellent tutorial by Kenny.
Semi-Pro, Musician, Logic Pro, Reaper

Mastering EDM in the Box
Single handily one of the best courses I’ve ever taken
This was a fantastic course. It was short(but not too short), sweet, and right to the point. Everything was explained extremely well, clear, and applied to everything I was doing. This is going to be easily one of my go to references for the future moving on.
Professional, Musician, Producer, Beat Maker, Audio Engineer, Sound Designer, Mastering Facility, Ableton Live, FL Studio, Pro Tools

Superior Drummer 3: Recreating the Legends of Drums
THE place to learn Superior Drummer 3
Luke Oswald walks the viewer through creating the sounds of some of the legendary drummers in a sneaky way to teach you how to be proficient in getting the sounds you want from SD3. One suggestion would be to include in the course materials the midi that Luke uses for each of the drummers (in addition to the before and after WAVs)

Very Helpful
The videos were good and detail really enjoy to learn more about my kontrol MK2 keyboard good information. The reason I gave the overall rating of 4 is because a lot of the information already knew I thought I was going to learn a little bit more something you more in-depth maybe if that's all it is to it not sure.

Studio One 5 Updates Explained
Most Useful
As always Eli hits the spot, how well he knows DAW'S I have several videos by him and always learning from them. This is no exception and has moved me on with Studio One 5. The additional content is a big help to follow on step by step.

FabFilter Timeless 3 Explained
Didn't enjoy at all
First, a lot of the examples had the DAW metronome going louder than the example, which made it difficult to distinguish the supposed effect.

Second, I had the feeling that there had been little or no preparation for this video and we were getting to watch the trainer explore the plugin for the first time.

Third, so many of his examples were only useful for EDM (which Larry does very well indeed) but not useful for more traditional music. This pretty much help me decide I do not need to upgrade from my Timeless 2. There certainly is value in that. As always there is something to be gained from watching a Groove3 video.
Professional, Musician, Audio Engineer, Logic Pro, Pro Tools, Studio One

All-Access Pass
Great place to learn various aspects of music production
Great place to learn various aspects of music production

Home Studio Know-How: The Room & Acoustics
Very helpful
It has helped me so much help me so much to understand where where do we have the problem.
Semi-Pro, Musician, Producer, Mastering Facility, Logic Pro, Pro Tools

Carmine Appice – Drum Master Class
Classic Carmine
Can always learn new things from Carmine Appice

D16 Phoscyon Explained
Very helpful. Larry is great
one of the best instructors on groove. thanks Larry.

Mastering with Waves - Grand Masters
Great Walkthrough of Waves mastering plugins.

FabFilter Timeless 3 Explained
Good Thank you
Very nice?
Hobbyist, Semi-Pro

ARKHIS Explained
Performed comprehensively and completely

Accusonus Regroover Pro Explained
Learning a lot!!!!
Not done with the course yet, but it has been very informational!!!

The Cheat Sheet for Programming Jazz Piano
A great entrance into Jazz !
This course is a must-have. From building jazzy chords to improvisation and programming, Cheers!

The Legendary Guitar Of Michael Schenker
Very little of the solos are explained
Very little of the solos are explained. Very disappointed.

Apple Loops Explained
Very informative
As always, Eli's material is very informative and the class well organized
Professional, Musician, Producer, Sound for Film/TV, Digital Performer, Logic Pro

BFD 3 Explained
Excellent Course on BFD 3
A really in depth course. Explained in great detail and easy to follow along with. I will watch this one a few times because it is packed with information.

Logic Pro: Bouncing & Exporting Explained
Well done
Beginner, Student, Hobbyist, Musician, Logic Pro

ARKHIS Explained
52 minutes here will save you hours of poking around ARKHIS trying to figure out the interface. Very organized presentation. Thanks again Eli.

Logic Pro: Bouncing & Exporting Explained
As Usual...
As usual, I am learning a lot with GROOVE3 and although I have the years subscription I still buy what I need to keep...
Yeah, THAT GOOD..!
Student, Semi-Pro, Musician, Producer, Ableton Live, Cakewalk Sonar, Logic Pro

Synthesizer Terminology Explained
To the point and very informative!
One of the best Synthesis 101 courses!

Artillery 2 Explained
Good Information
Now I understand how to work with Artillery within my DAW in my music!!! Thank you

All-Access Pass
Very informative
It is very helpful. And brings back a lot of info. I know but had not use in a while. It's great!!

Band-in-a-Box: Getting Started
Good effort but more structure required
I'm grateful for the tutorials. However they could be better structured given the complexity and range of the program. A better appreciation of the differences between BIAB and its RealBand alternative would have helped. The BIAB program is overdue for an interface upgrade and this getting started tutorial struggles to paper over this issue.
Hobbyist, Musician

All-Access Pass
Groove3 is a great, terrific one-stop shop that has it all...
as i get more work in audio and need to learn more different new things, I keep coming back to Groove3 to get me ready. It doesn't matter the genre. It doesn't matter the DAW. Groove3 is a great, terrific one-stop shop that has it all... sometimes it's more "overview" and sometimes a more micro, focused approach is called for - there are very specialty tuts e.g. "midi editing in DAW xyz" etc. So good, that when my brother in law got holed up recovering from surgery, I got him a all-access pass as a gift.

All-Access Pass
Excited about learning new things
The all-access pass is outstanding I bought the 1-year subscription so because there is so much content so much so many videos and training the year access pass is well worth it. The website is just outstanding and user-friendly when you can filter the content to really drill down to Pacific's of what you want to learn.

Line 6 HX Stomp Explained
Well done!
Helped me understand what the HX Stomp is capable of.
Hobbyist, Musician, Reaper, Studio One

FM8 Explained
Good tutorial, well delivered
This tutorial is very good, well structured, it covers all FM8 features, and it's well delivered.

Mixing with Brainworx Plug-Ins Explained
Helpfull indeed
I needed to make an informed decision before buying a couple of these plugins, it did not disappoint.

Getting Creative with Your DAW
Excited about learning new things
Really enjoying this class show me a lot of things that I never knew that I could do within my doll as well as the vsts great course.

Studio One 5 Updates Explained
Learning a lot!!!!
Outstanding and very helpful, these courses help. The in-depth explanation is great!!!

Logic Pro Explained
Superb again Eli!!
I just keep coming back for that all knowing, ‘logic’al voice of calm. Thanks Eli. That was seven quality hours we just spent together.
Semi-Pro, Musician, Producer, Beat Maker, Audio Engineer, Sound Designer, Sound for Film/TV, Logic Pro, Nuendo, Pro Tools, Studio One

All-Access Pass
Just wow!
They say learn to use the tools you have and with Groove 3 I am finally able to use so many of my tools with far greater capacity that ever in a very short amount of time. It definitely beats hunting around on YouTube.
Professional, Musician, Producer, Beat Maker, Audio Engineer, Sound Designer, Mastering Facility, Sound for Film/TV, Logic Pro, Pro Tools, Reason

FabFilter Pro-R Explained
Short and to the point
No wasted time and quite a complete description. I love his examples which were sparse enough to really hear the reverb. Well done Eli.
Professional, Musician, Audio Engineer, Logic Pro, Pro Tools, Studio One

Scaler Explained
Good Information
wish that you explain this course in studio one, can find how to side-chain Scales within studio one 5.
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