Real world feedback from Groove3 customers.

Jazz Guitar Techniques - Modal Voicings
Good material, well presented...
Clear on implementation, but can't find a sheet on the voiceings and whatnot. THAT wulda been nice...
Semi-Pro, Musician, Audio Engineer, Digital Performer

Studio One: Beginner's Guide
Amazing Into to Studio One!
Brilliant stuff! I'm switching to Studio One from another DAW (Logic) and this course exceeded my expectations in the best way possible. The instructions given were perfectly clear so it was easy to follow. The course is based on the 4th version of the DAW (I'm using the 6th one) but all the functions remain in the same place so there is no need to run any additional search.

I highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to understand the basics of Studio One.

Cubase: Editing Audio Explained
Very nice!
I was searching for Cubase 12 Pro tutorials as I am new to Cubase - just bought it. However, this tutorial from versions 10 is incredibly useful. The UI may have changed a bit but you learn the idea and can put it to good use. Very well explained.
Professional, Musician, Producer, Ableton Live, Pro Tools, Reason, Studio One

GarageBand iOS Explained
Explains the basics but his tech is out of date
I bought this course because I’m new to garage band. I was hoping he would explain how to hook up a guitar interface, but he didn’t. His iPad was so old it had a headphone jack and you could tell his iPad was actually lagging when it switched screens. He knows his musical terms which is good and he knows the iPad software but there’s a better course on Udemy where a guy teaches you how to plug in your device, how to get everything working properly and how to avoid feedback plus he’s got a more modern version of an iPad. So while this course does teach you the basics, the basics are out of date.

Referencing with Metric AB Explained
Very informative
Enlightening me a lot

Podcasting: Getting Started
Very interesting
1st video I have seen.

Mastering in Studio One: Beginner’s Guide
Great training!
Very clear, concise, and informative. Great job - demystified mastering and provided great tips for applying to all your masters.

SpectraLayers Pro 3 Explained
Very Helpful, but would like to see an updated SpectraLayers Pro Version 9 tutorial
Any help in learning this software is great.. I am using SpectraLayers Pro Version 9 and this tutorial is Version 3. Would like to see an updated tutorial, (newer functions) otherwise very informative ..Keep up the great work and Please update some videos..

sonible smart:bundle Explained
Excellent tutorial !
Sonible has given a fresh perspective to using tools which we may think we know. This set of videos by Eli will more than introduce you to the plugins but give you a deep dive into what can be achieved. I recommend this set of tutorials very highly.

Mixing with FabFilter Plug-Ins
This is a must watch
Due to my impatient nature, I didn’t go through the entire series at first. I wanted to come to understand the Fabfilter plug ins. After the first hour, and no Fabfilter, I gave up.

But I have now gone back and listened to most of the offerings.

In reality, this is a must watch series!!!

The concepts and practices presented here are incredibly useful!
Not just for Fabfilter plugins, but for mixing as a whole!

Thanks Larry!

Semi-Pro, Audio Engineer, Sound Designer, Mastering Facility, Reaper

Mixing Disco House Explained
Another Really helpful Tutorial!
As usual Larry delivers a truly excellent run through of his mixing approach. I find it most beneficial when you can follow along and hear the changes being made to each audio track as you tweak the plugin settings. Larry explains and justifies each move which makes for a great learning opportunity.
Hobbyist, Musician, Producer, Audio Engineer

Ableton Live 9 Explained
Very good
Excellent course, I picked up a few new things even though I'd already watched Ableton Live 10 & 11 Explained.

UJAM Instruments Explained
The "creative use" examples in this course are excellent and informative.

Pro Tools Toolkit for Mac
Some good info here
This needs an update. Focused on Pro Tools 10, there are a few things that have changed since then. I would like to see at least PT 2018, but still, some useful information
Hobbyist, Musician, Pro Tools

Ableton Live 10 Explained
Brilliant Educational Series
I really enjoy Scottie's tutorials here on G3 and this is one of my favourites. In fact it's the reason I decided to give Ableton another try and eventually bought Live Suite!

Spire Explained
Spire as a synth doesn't exactly recreate the wheel but it has functions and features others do not and a voice all it's own. The author really covers the fundamentals clearly and quickly and then brings it all together with some real world examples. Had this synth a long time and definitely came away feeling more powerful with it.

Producing Indie Pop with Native Instruments
Another Great Product!
Up with the best as usual an excellent choice for all levels of skill. A top trainer very easy to follow along.
Hobbyist, Musician, Producer, Audio Engineer

Oszillos Mega Scope Explained
Very informative
Comprehend it's usage better

Serum Explained
Very Helpful!

Basic Theory That Every Guitarist Should Know
Really interesting
Happy is a great teacher and guitarist - really enjoyed this.

Producing Vocals in Logic Pro X
A very well explained set of tutorials.

Emily Remler - Bebop and Swing Guitar
Wasn't familiar with her before I watched this video. Excellent player and teacher. A lot of great stuff in here.

All-Access Pass
Loads of usefull knowledge
I have t had the opportunity to really even begin learning from all of the avenues offered by Groove3, but there definitely doesn't seem to be any shortage of help!

GUITAR RIG 6 PRO Explained
Very well explained, with really helpful illustrations dotted in along the way. Thanks, Gary!

All-Access Pass
Amazing Service!
Groove3 All-Access provides me with so much content to further my life of music. Thank You, Thank You!

Electronic Music Producer’s Guide: Dynamics & Compression
helps me to stay current and stay on target
I'm an old-schooler with lots of awards and credits but that's all the more reason to tap into Groove3

Melodyne 5 Explained
No shortcuts for Windows users??
Interesting and useful, but we hear all the time the shortcuts for different fonctions for Mac, but not the corresponding ones on Windows, so it’s harder to follow and to use all the explanations.

MODO Bass Explained
Concise Teacher, But More On DAW Please
Like others said, this is much like the manual or anything we could find on YouTube. This is a good approach for visual learners, however, it is very difficult to find any kind of step by step practical instruction anywhere on connecting this to your DAW and how to use it via that interface, which is what I expected from this tutorial. A month into my ownership, and I'm still lost on this aspect.

Session Guitarist STRUMMED ACOUSTIC 1 & 2 Explained
Very clear explanations
Another Larry hit :-) I know my way around the plug-in much better after watching this video series. Larry combines explanation and demonstration very well. Thanks!

All-Access Pass
Very Helpful!
Great place to learn
Hobbyist, Musician, Studio One

Creative Mixing with iZotope Neutron
The best Neutron 4 course there is!
It's great to understand different features of Neutron 4 in a practical level. Most of the courses will just showcase the features without using them on a actual sound or mix.

All-Access Pass
Very helpful! Extended Fantastic tutorials!
It has helped me to get to know the software I am using explained step by step

Dorico Key Editor Explained
The hidden power inside Dorico
The key editor is something I have mainly ignored, trying to fiddle and fix things always in write mode. This covers areas that will enhance my scoring edits, and interestingly the quality and nuances of playback. With some requirements to produce orchestral works, I have left playback to the DAW, and the scoring to Dorico.
With HSO in Dorico Pro, and expression maps, I now understand more about getting a playback as good or better than my original DAW performance.
Very clear instruction on a real ton of information.
Thanks, I’ll be visiting the key editor and play mode a lot more from now on…

REPLIKA XT Explained
Very helpful and to the point
Excellent overview of this user-friendly plug-in. Thanks very much, Scottie.

Getting Your Song Ready to Mix
So Useful!
Thank you for putting this together! Fills an important gap. So many vids about music production and so many vids about mixing, but hardly ANYTHING about making the transition in your workflow. All the mixing vids just start from a nicely organized bunch of audio tracks (presumably with everything you’ve presented here already done!). And don’t sweat the presentation comments below. I love your friendly, authentic tone. Much better than that phony super ultra podcast superhero YouTube speak. Hope to find more vids by you!

Session Bassist PRIME BASS Explained
very informative

Cubase: Mixing Explained
Helpful in explaining how Cubase works, but not on how one should mix
This course gives a good overview of how Cubase works on a technical level to mix tracks. There are some things which can be done easier though.

To get the equalizer before the sends, Gary just starts to add the same EQ settings on an eq insert instead on the channel strip, which can easily be flipped before the inserts in the signal chain. Another area Gary misses is gainstaging using the pre-gain knobs.

Apart from that, the final mix of Gary sounds to my ears a little flat and possibly overcompressed. Nevertheless, I enjoyed the videos.

Ableton Live 11 Explained
Finally got what I needed
This what I needed to really get started learning Ableton live 11

Scarbee Basses Explained
Exceptionally good
This series is fantastic. It's certainly more than an 'Explained' series. Following along while programming in articulations in the Piano Roll was the highlight of the series, as it really helped to cement what Larry had covered earlier in the 'Explained' portion. Great stuff as ever from Mr Holcombe.

Native Instruments CUBA Explained
Excellent overview and some practical ideas, too
I think Larry's struck a good balance between explaining the plug-in and providing examples of it in use. Cuba now feels much more familiar. Cheers as ever, Larry!

Excellent overview with practical tips
Really enjoyed this. Gary does justice to the Butch Vig plug-in. Thanks!

As an aside, if you have Komplete, then you'll also have Empire Breaks in your suite. I'd recommend watching Groove3's video series on that drums plug-in too, as these are virtually identical in their design, so learning about one really consolidates learning done for the other.

Danny Gatton – Telemaster!
Classic Through and Through
Truly a classic as far as guitar videos go. One of those videos where you learn something new each time you watch. Danny doesn't teach a structured lesson, but provides a wealth of great ideas for experienced players.

Superior Drummer 3: Recreating the Legends of Drums
Great Course
Very educational. Really helped a lot.

Top Vocal Production Effects In-Action
Great Vocal For Production Ideas
I found this video series to be really useful for vocal production ideas and all the concepts are clearly and well explained.
Professional, Musician, Producer, Logic Pro, Pro Tools

Mixing for Depth & Space Explained
Kinda helpful
If the presenter would get away from saying what he will be going through 3 or 4 times before actually getting to the subject matter, these would be much better tutorials.
Semi-Pro, Audio Engineer, Sound Designer, Mastering Facility, Reaper

Learn to Play the Songs of Jim Croce Vol. 1
Well Done
The guy obviously studied Jim Croce. He also studied Maury's parts. He gives good insight into Croce's picking style and how he and Maury worked together. Overall, I found this video to be very well done and fans of both players will likely enjoy it.

Ronnie Earl - Blues Guitar with Soul
Great Hot Licks Video
I am a fan of the Hot Licks series and this is one of my favorites. Ronnie Earl shows a lot of useful stuff that you can incorporate right away.

iZotope RX Explained
Excellent Job!
This is an extremely intimtading software

POLYPLEX Explained
Very good but a little too brief in places
Scottie is very good at explaining things in a succinct way but, as with the Kontour series, this sometimes feels a little too brief. However, unlike that Kontour series, there are at least some sound design videos in this one and these are excellent as they show Polyplex in action, and do a very good job of bringing together what's been discussed earlier in the series.

DRUMLAB Explained
Very helpful overview
Eli once again does a great job of keeping things short while at the same time providing examples / illustrations along the way. Very nicely done.

All-Access Pass
Amazing value, life changing
I was looking for an out of print Bruce Swedien book when I found Groove 3. I couldn’t believe I could access the book digitally, complete with all the video resources that had been on DVD previously. Between the music theory books, sheet music books, and countless, hyper-specific tutorials, it’s a no-brainer. I could easily spend thousands at a music store with what I have access to from Hal Leonard and other publishers. Any musician or producer remotely interested in improving should subscribe.
Semi-Pro, Musician, Producer

Session Bassist PRIME BASS Explained
Eli really covers pretty much everything you could want to know about using this plug-in. Highly recommended.

Creative Sound Design with Native Instruments Effects Series
Good fun
This is another great course from Fabio. It should have you feeling more confident about using the various creative effects supplied by NI.

It was a little disappointing that aspects of certain plug-ins were not covered. At one point with Flair, for example, Fabio says, 'I know I'm skipping over some stuff here but we're going to come back to this', but we don't; so, that was a shame. Overall though, yeah, this is another enjoyable series that illustrates the plug-ins in use very nicely.

KONTOUR Explained
Good, but not great
While I'm all for brevity, I felt a bit unsatisfied at the end of this course. Yes, the parameters of Kontour are explained - but I don't really feel like I want to use the synth after watching the course.

There needs to be more of an effort, even in an 'Explained' series, to sell the product as a worthy addition to your plug-in collection. But no sound design examples are provided - we don't see any examples of how Kontour can be taken from an initial sine wave to an interesting final user preset - and this means that the course feels just a little too dry overall.

How to Make Virtual Guitars Sound More Real
Worth the time.
Many helpful tips in this course. Topics are presented simply and clearly.

FabFilter Twin 3 Explained
Great sound design examples
A very good overview of the plug-in. It's mostly what you could learn yourself from sitting down with the manual, but not all of us want to do that, so this is a nice alternative.

Larry uses much more usable sound-design examples in this series than he did in some of the other FabFilter Creative Suite series (particularly Volcano 3), which is great. Very easy series to watch.

Short and sweet
For many people who have NI software, we've bought a bundle, so there's soooooooo much to try and discover. Groove3's bite-sized series on the plug-ins are a god-send because I don't want to have to sit through a 3-hour series on each plug-in - I'd never get round to using the things!

Larry's series is a great length - you kind of get everything you need to know. There are a few things that are wanting, however, the biggest of which is how to route the kit-pieces to your DAW. This needed a much more detailed explanation than it received. And for anyone coming to this series who isn't familiar with how drums are mic'd, saying that the 'room mics' pick up the 'room' is not a helpful explanation. These small things could be thought about a bit more carefully in advance. I realize that there's a push on Groove3 to try and get series out as frequently as possible, but details can make all the difference between good and great.

Nonetheless, this was still an illuminating series.

All-Access Pass
I am new to Groove 3, however, I have found what I need in one place. I do not have a good attention span, but I can resume instruction anytime.

Session Horns Pro Explained
Very good and helpful
I am very pleased with this video. It helped me a lot understanding this product and improvred my workflow.

FM8 Explained
A lesson in clarity
I was reluctant to watch this video series when I saw that it was more than 3 hours long. I couldn't help but sigh inwardly and feel ever so slightly depressed at the prospect of spending so much time learning about one synth. But time flies when you're having fun. I found this really engaging and soooooooo succinct in its explanations. Highly recommended viewing for any users new to FM8.

Steve Jordan - The Groove Is Here
It's not as hard as you imagine to play with groove
It's not as hard as you imagine to play with groove

UVI Augmented Orchestra Explained
Powerful presentation of a powerful tool!
Eli nails another tutorial. Excellent presentation and full coverage. I LOVE his tutorials!
Professional, Musician, Producer, Beat Maker, Audio Engineer, Sound Designer, Mastering Facility, Sound for Film/TV, Acid, FL Studio, Reason, Studio One

All-Access Pass
Very helpful
Helping me find myself

Session Guitarist ELECTRICS Explained
Very helpful stuff
Eli covers everything you need to know. Both the more basic and the more advanced features of the plug-in are covered, and this is all done swiftly but without feeling frenetic. Thanks, Eli!

Producing a Song with Native Instruments
Great fun
This is the second series I've completed with Fabio (the first being his more recent Mix Review: Pop Synthwave) and it didn't disappoint.

I don't have all of the instruments that he's using here (can't justify the big bucks for Komplete 14 Ultimate) but I don't think that matters.

I like how quickly he works, I like that he explains why he's doing what he's doing, and I like getting an insight into a quite different workflow from my own. I find Fabio easy to follow and pleasant to listen to, so I'll be checking out his series on Creative Sound Design with NI Effects soon enough, I'm sure.

Session Strings Pro 2 Explained
Just as helpful for Session Strings 2
I don't have Session Strings Pro 2 but I do have the 'normal' one. Eli's video series covers everything you need to know for that one, too. I like the length of many of these NI series - given how many instruments there are in NI bundles, it's a relief that there's lots of more bite-sized series on each of the instruments.

ROUNDS Explained
Excellent overview
My previous review seems to have been deleted, perhaps because I mentioned another website?

Very succinctly explained by Scottie. A potentially intimidating instrument made accessible in a short space of time.

GLAZE: Making a Track
Great fun and transferable to so many other NI Play instruments
This was an entertaining series to follow along with. I'm not likely to make much use of Glaze but this series isn't about Glaze so much as the transferable skills when using the Play Series, with some more general wisdom nuggets regarding the relationship between envelopes and sound creation.

Everything that Larry does here could be done in any of the Play Series instruments, so this a worthwhile series to watch even if you don't have Glaze itself. Just open up Lo-Fi Glow or Hybrid Keys or whatever other Play Series instrument you happen to have, follow along, and start to feel more confident about using all the controls.

SUPER 8 Explained
Very useful series
I wasn't convinced by the sound of Super 8 towards the beginning of the series, but by the end I'd changed my mind.

I love the visual feedback this synth provides. I know many synths do, but this synth takes it one step further than most, so if you ever get confused about what you're doing, that visual feedback can be very useful.

Larry does an excellent job of introducing all key features and then putting them to use in some great sound design examples.

Working with Spectrasonics Sonic Extensions
Another great Eli series!
Eli Krantzberg is amazing. In every series of his that I've seen, he shares so much, even things that can be used in other apps. And all that he shares is inspiring. This series is no exception. I recently bought the Nylon Sky extension and Eli's insights will make NS and go-to for YEARS. Well done, Eli. And thanks so much!

MIDI Explained
Trust in Eli
I have a few Eli K tutorials. They are all excellent. Clear and easy to understand. Very knowledgeable. Great teacher.

Hal Leonard Bass Method
This is a great video that goes along with several related books!
This Hal Leonard Bass Method video is packed with so much info it seems best to watch the video first and then check out the Hal Leonard Bass Method books that are also available on Groove3.

You can play along with the video, but I was trying to keep up with the action on 3 different screens. It shows simultaneous bass clef music matched with what Ed is doing with both his left and right hands.

This video is a great review of music theory and nomenclature as it relates to bass guitar and it makes the accompanying books seem familiar and perfect for more practicing later.
Student, Musician, Producer, Audio Engineer, Ableton Live

GLAZE Explained
Very clearly explained
Great overview of the plug-in.

Creating Epic Cinematic Compositions
excellent course
This was a very well done course. In particular I liked seeing how he built up the different layers. The Braam section was particularly well done. Very interesting to see how to build up those big sounds

Neutron 4: Beginner's Guide
Powerful Tool Requires Powerful Explanation
Eli Krantzburg’s tutorial are always thorough, detailed, clear and immediately useful. Neutron 4: Beginner’s Guide is no exception. I’ve been using this plugin for a while, but had never explored the extraordinary depths of possibilities this tool provides. There are so many options in this tool. Having a great teacher, like Eli Krantzberg, reveal how to use Neutron 4 has been an enormous help to me.
Semi-Pro, Musician, Producer, Audio Engineer, Reaper

Joe Pass - Solo Jazz Guitar
Great video!
To be able to watch Joe Pass like this is really amazing. He's at the top of the list of guitar greats and when I was a kid, he was a total mystery to me. Now, he's right there doing his thing and he makes it all look so easy. It's great.
Professional, Musician, Producer, Audio Engineer, Digital Performer, Pro Tools, Reason

Using an Oscilloscope for Music Production Explained
Wish the description had mentioned the instructor wasn't using Logic's Oscilloscope.
It's okay but I felt stuck at the start when the instructor said he was using an oscilloscope that costs £69. Made it difficult to follow along with as I didn't have that plugin.

Melodyne 5 Explained
Useful Practical Interpretation : A key tutorial to professional Vocals
This tutorial and Eli as teacher, are a notch above anything I have seen and used .
All those under the hood details come together to be used so effectively.
I use the lesson segments practicing on a vocal track I recorded. and it is mind blowing.

The one element Pitch Tune Macro combined with Chord Scale is truly unbelievable. How this artificial intelligence gets so artistic. when carefully used It is undetectable that the vocals were tuned.
I am just learning this fairly complex tool.
So exciting.
In the past I looked at Melodyne as too complicated it may have been or they have a marketing/explaining issue? but now with Eli's help, it has become my go to tool for tuning vocals.
The studio level is wild. I have the assistant and it is already doing miracles.

Hobbyist, Semi-Pro, Musician, Producer, Audio Engineer, Logic Pro, Pro Tools

EZbass Explained
Toontrack EZ Bass
If you're looking for the best tutorial on the web regarding EZ Bass Explained " Look no further then here on Groove 3. You saw the rest now see the best. Hands down !!!

VALVES Explained
Great teacher
Eli is always so clear in his workshops
Semi-Pro, Musician, Producer, Audio Engineer, Logic Pro

Impact XT Explained
Not really helpful.
I usually consider Eli a very talented educator, but this time - IMO - he failed completely. He takes too much for granted, jumps back and forth between different topics and uses some strange examples he should better have left to younger generations (e.g. weird vocal chops). I've been using Impact XT for quite a while - more intuitivly rather than systematically, but haven't gained any useful insight so far. Sorry, Eli - but I love almost all your other tutorials.
Semi-Pro, Musician, Producer, Audio Engineer, Bitwig Studio, Mixcraft, Reaper, Studio One

All-Access Pass
Amazing educational value!!!
The All Access Pass, is the best musical investment that I have ever made.
It has only been one week, and it totally inspired me to learn many needed skills In understanding music theory, DAW recording techniques, guitar chord theory, mandolin basics, midi programming, singing range pitch skills, mastering audio recordings, etc.
The videos and books, have answered so many of my questions, and truly inspired my musical journey.
Absolutely my best music investment to date!

Creative Effects Processing with GUITAR RIG
Absolute Awesome Site!
I can express how much I appreciate all the wonderful learning experiences I’ve had studying tutorials here on this amazing Site.
Great job!

All-Access Pass
I'm positively surprised!
I liked the training on Cubase. Then, I wanted to learn how to use Kontakt. I'm lazy ... well, let's say busy. I don't have much time, not enough, to spend on learning (important) tools like this.
That's the key. Using Groove3, I learned. And was entertained.
Today, I tried the one about VALVES. --> Superb! I only looked at the "overview", and already, I know I will watch the whole thing.
I'm really happy to have joined Groove3.

Producing Voiceovers in Pro Tools
Very insightful
While this is an older version of Pro Tools, I was still able to learn a lot from this tutorial. Being that I'm on a PC, I seriously appreciate how the instructor gave you both Mac and PC hot keys. I highly recommend this course. This video also shows how Avid is good about not drastically changing their product.

Eric Clapton - Acoustic Classics - Guitar Signature Licks
Great set of lessons for those who have some guitar experience
Great set of lessons for those who have some guitar experience
I.E. is you just got your first guitar last week you might these lessons a bit too challenging.

Quickly & thoroughly covers the material in an informative manner.

KOMPLETE KONTROL Software Explained
Profound knowledge, with minor drawbacks
The more video tutorials I watch on Groove3, the more often I have the same experience. The courses are good and teach a lot of helpful content, but two disadvantages are almost always the same:

- The lack of version information: I remember that very few courses included information about when they were released or which version of the software they were aimed at. This remains a complete mystery and often you only realise afterwards that the software described is years behind the current version you are working with.

- Lack of didactic concept: The same applies to the way the knowledge is conveyed. One notices that the authors know their stuff and explain the elements of the software point by point. But it often appears somewhat erratic and a recognizable workflow on how to operate with a certain target in mind is even rarer than the version info mentioned above.

Finally, I find the video tutorials really good as a starting point. But they could be even more useful if they took into account the points I mentioned.
Hobbyist, Musician, Cubase

Impact XT Explained
It gave me a great start
I had played with it a couple times, but never was very serious about it. I now have a very good command of how it works, and I took it from there!

Auto-Tune Pro X Explained
Easily explained
Lays down the foundation nicely to use

Eventide H3000 Factory Explained
Essential viewing to demystify.
A concise overview to a plugin with overwhelming possibilities.

Studio One Presence XT Explained
It gave me the start I needed
I had to use Presence XT, but never had before. I video showed me the things I needed to do to start using it functionally.

this is too old. Not relevant to latest versions and updates. Is there an updated version in the works?

Came here specifically for this course and extremely disappointed
Hobbyist, Musician, Producer, Beat Maker, Audio Engineer, Cubase, Logic Pro

Harrison Mixbus Explained
Hi5 , Mixbus MUST HAVE!
Searching and researching... then Finding This Gem! Thanks so much for this resource. There are no other video series for Harrison Mixbus Anywhere! Great Product!
Professional, Producer, Beat Maker, Audio Engineer, Sound Designer, Game Designer, Sound for Film/TV

Studio One 6 Explained
Unlocking doors
I am part of the 'over the hill' gang who did not grow up with computers. Studio One 6 is very much a challenge for me in certain aspects. At times the mouse movements in this 'course' are a bit too fast for me. But that aside, I like the course very much. There is a bit of review at the end of each chapter. The teacher is quite likable. I still could use a class like this for the computer challenged. Never the less i am very happy with my purchase
Professional, Musician, Studio One

Cubase: Mixing Explained
Really good introduction to mixing in Cubase
I have read a number of articles on mixing, and explored a number of courses, but this is the best one for a bottoms up explanation. Using the built-in effects makes it accessible to everyone, and while I have seen a lot of different approaches to mixing, this is an excellent foundation.

I share the criticism of another reviewer that gain setting should be done using the PreGain knob rather than the faders, as I have seen done in other courses. This avoids the problem of making adjustments lower down on the fader scale, where small moves have a bigger effect.

It might have been more effective if the included audio was more poorly recorded, so that we could see more examples of how to respond.

Other than that, I found this course extremely helpful and strongly recommend it.
Hobbyist, Producer, Ableton Live, Cubase

All-Access Pass
Useful to me, and has several topics that I have had questions about.
Semi-Pro, Logic Pro

EZdrummer 3 Explained
Nice clear presention
Gives a good overview of how EZDrummer works and how to incorporate it into a musical workflow. Thanks!

Mixing 101 - Mix Session from Hell
Not a session from hell by any means
The title of this series is really misleading. It's a pretty normal mixing session, with no significant mixing surgery required. Kenny is really engaging, as ever. As a minor aside, I did find his unusually frequent rising intonation became a little distracting at times. I don't remember this being so noticeable in other video series I've watched with Kenny - all of which have been fantastic. It's nice to see a punk rock song being worked on - too often, these mixing series take an EDM track of some kind that has been made entirely in the box.

The four stars is purely because of the false advertising. This is not a mix session from hell.

Awesome work!
Really liked the reviews at the end of each section
Semi-Pro, Musician, Producer, Audio Engineer, Digital Performer, Logic Pro, Reason

bx_console Focusrite SC Explained
A solid overview
I got this plug-in as part of the Focusrite Clarett bundle. This series is therefore a welcome surprise, and provides a good overview of the features.

Just a heads-up: it seems pretty clear that Eli is assuming that viewers will already be very familiar with how to use EQ, compression, gating, and de-essing; if you're not, you will be lost and frustrated quickly.

Definitely recommended viewing for anyone who owns this plug-in and already knows their way around the various tools the bx_console Focusrite SC brings together under one roof.
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