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Electronic Music Producer’s Guide: Reverb & Delay

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22 Videos | Length: 1hr 12min 1sec
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  • Introduction 0:55


    Adam welcomes you to the course and gives a preview of what he will be covering.

  • What is Reverb? 5:43

    What is Reverb?

    Multiplier starts at the beginning with the basics and covers what is reverb, and why we use it.

  • High Pass Filtering Reverb 2:54

    High Pass Filtering Reverb

    Now learn how and why it's the most common way to process reverb.

  • Reverb Size Modulation 3:37

    Reverb Size Modulation

    Multiplier shows you four examples of his favorite reverb trick.

  • Frequency Shifting Reverb Riser 1:21

    Frequency Shifting Reverb Riser

    Watch and see how to create a cool riser effect by frequency shifting a reverb.

  • Gated Reverb 4:38

    Gated Reverb

    Multiplier now shows you this classic technique and a few ways to do it, including sidechaining, and doing it manually.

  • Reverb Stereo Imaging 3:26

    Reverb Stereo Imaging

    Now discover two new approaches to create and set up reverb stereo imaging.

  • Convolution Reverb 7:38

    Convolution Reverb

    Multiplier now shows you a whole range of examples of convolution reverb, from the normal, to the weird, to the weirder, experimental, custom, and even his favorite application of it using iZotope Trash2.

  • Matching Predelay to Project Tempo 4:48

    Matching Predelay to Project Tempo

    In this video, see two ways to match reverb predelay to project BPM.

  • Impact Reverb 3:08

    Impact Reverb

    Now learn how to make your reverb "swell" back in after the initial impact, using sidechain compression.

  • Pitch Down Reverb Trick 2:57

    Pitch Down Reverb Trick

    Discover how to create deeper reverb that's lower in frequency, for a more interesting effect.

  • Reverb Playback Considerations 3:55

    Reverb Playback Considerations

    Learn why it's very important to understand how reverbs sound very different in different playback situations.

  • Creating Atmospheric Beds 1:54

    Creating Atmospheric Beds

    Multiplier now shows you a fun trick to create an atmospheric bed, using only reverb.

  • Preverb 2:03


    Learn all about this classic, but often overlooked reverb technique.

  • Preverb But Delay 2:20

    Preverb But Delay

    Discover a new twist on a classic reverb technique.

  • What is Delay? 5:22

    What is Delay?

    Delay can be used in lots of different ways, and Multiplier shows a few of them, including "rhythmic interest" and a "harmonic bed".

  • Tap Delay 3:01

    Tap Delay

    This video shows how to create a "tap delay", as well as multiple delay layers.

  • Custom Delay 3:10

    Custom Delay

    Discover how to create custom delays using feedback loops, and custom processing chains, such as frequency shift.

  • Haas Effect Delays 4:38

    Haas Effect Delays

    Explore the classic way to make something "wide", and the reasons why you might not want to.

  • Manual Delays 0:57

    Manual Delays

    Learn all about this simple idea, and why it shouldn't be overlooked.

  • Delay on One Word 1:27

    Delay on One Word

    Multiplier now shows another simple, but powerful delay usage concept.

  • Repitch Delay Mode 2:09

    Repitch Delay Mode

    Wrapping it up, explore one of those tricks that's super fun to play with!

Product Overview

Adam Pollard aka Multiplier, adds yet another video tutorial collection to the Electronic Music Producer's Guide series, this time focused on Reverb and Delay. Learn the important basics as well as cool tips and tricks for using Reverb and Delay in your Electronic Music productions.

Adam welcomes you starts with what Reverb is and why you want to use it. Then it's on to topics such as High Pass Filtering Reverb, the Reverb Size Modulation trick, creating a Frequency Shifting Reverb Riser, and creating Gated Reverb using sidechaining.

You'll then go deeper with video tutorials on how to create a wide reverb stereo image and using and abusing Convolution Reverb, followed by tutorials on creating Impact Reverb, Pitching Down Reverbs, Creating Atmospheric Beds, and much more.

Multiplier then turns the page and looks at all things Delay. First learn what Delay is and the different ways to use it in Electronic Music productions. Then see and hear how to match predealy to your project tempo, creative ways to use Tap Delay, creating Custom Delays, the Has Effect Delay, setting up a delay manually to fit your song, and eye-opening production tricks for using delays.

See the individual tutorial descriptions for more info. If you produce electronic music, Reverb and Delay are essential to producing this genre, and knowing how to use them is a must... Watch "Electronic Music Producer's Guide: Reverb & Delay" today.

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