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Pro Tools Automation Secrets

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21 Videos | Length: 3hr 6min 22sec
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  • Intro & Automation Basics 6:42

    Intro & Automation Basics

    Get an introduction to and basic description of the automation types and modes.

  • Plug-In Automation 5:55

    Plug-In Automation

    See the steps required to enable automation for plug-ins.

  • The Automation Window 6:26

    The Automation Window

    A first look at the window which is the centerpiece of the Pro Tools automation world.

  • Write-to Modes 8:23

    Write-to Modes

    Get a detailed look at the five “Write To” commands.

  • Automatch 8:26


    See how to take all or some of a track's parameters out of automation recording, without stopping the transport.

  • Latch Prime During Stop 7:17

    Latch Prime During Stop

    Learn the power and control you gain when you’re able to perform a number of automation tasks without even needing to press play.

  • Preview Mode 15:00

    Preview Mode

    Explore the coolest and best way to test out automation changes you want to make. When you’re happy, ‘punch’ them into your mix.

  • Capture Mode 14:49

    Capture Mode

    Learn how to capture anything from one to thousands of parameter states and then ‘punch’ them back to their tracks at will.

  • Glide Automation 12:31

    Glide Automation

    Using some of the techniques learned from the previous movies, see how easily you can make automation smoothly glide from in point to out.

  • Snapshot Automation 18:32

    Snapshot Automation

    Learn some ways you can use snapshots of multiple parameters. A mastering example is just one of the ways this technique could benefit you.

  • VCAs 7:51


    Learn about the clear mixing benefits of using VCAs in your Pro Tools workflow.

  • Trim Modes 13:15

    Trim Modes

    See how to turn existing automation up or down with new automation. Now you can keep complicated micro changes intact and turn the entire value up or down.

  • Coalescing Trim & VCA Automation 8:13

    Coalescing Trim & VCA Automation

    Michael shows how to take all these secondary automation changes we’ve made, and write them back to their dependents.

  • Read Trim Mode 4:14

    Read Trim Mode

    Learn about this cool mode allowing you to make simple global changes to existing complex automation.

  • Back / Back & Play 6:26

    Back / Back & Play

    If you’re doing finicky automation passes, these two modes allow you to navigate quickly to correct mistakes as you go.

  • Join & Auto Join 3:10

    Join & Auto Join

    See the way the big movie mixers do it: When automating many parameters at a time, learn how you can stop and repair just the one error, and keep the others intact.

  • Revisions in the Real World 23:54

    Revisions in the Real World

    Look at real world scenarios and solutions that a producer might come across.

  • Use Duplicate Tracks 3:01

    Use Duplicate Tracks

    Learn a quick tip to preserve custom grouping when adding new tracks late in your mix.

  • Grouping Specific Attributes 8:02

    Grouping Specific Attributes

    See a quick tip on a custom grouping situation which gives easy access to your headphone mix for global changes.

  • Copy & Pasting Plug-in Settings 1:55

    Copy & Pasting Plug-in Settings

    A look at how a simple feature can be more potent when married to a feature we learned earlier.

  • Special Paste Tricks 2:20

    Special Paste Tricks

    In this final movie, discover how automation from one parameter can be copied and pasted to a different, non-matching parameter.

Product Overview

Learn essential Pro Tools automation features from a true Pro Tools master, Michael Costa. Discover Pro Tools' amazing, powerful mixing automation features and functions, and take your mixes to the next level. The automation features and techniques are shown in detail and will be used on every Pro Tools mixing project you ever do in the future!

Michael begins with in-depth video tutorials own the basics of automation in Pro Tools, followed by the steps required to enable automation for plug-ins. You'll then get a look at the Automation Window which is the centerpiece of the Pro Tools automation world. Moving on, you'll then learn all about the different automation modes such as Automatch, Latch Prime, Preview Mode, and Capture Mode and when to use them.

Next, discover what the Glide Automation and Snapshot Automation features are and how to use them effectively in your sessions, as well as see how to use VCAs, the different Trim Modes, Coalescing Trim & VCA Automation, and much, much more.

If you'd like to see what these Pro Tools automation videos show you and how they'll help you to better understand using automation in Pro Tools, check out the individual Pro Tools automation video descriptions on this page. If you're ready to harness the power of Pro Tools' amazing automation features, this is the Pro Tools automation tutorial series for you... Watch "Pro Tools Automation Secrets" today!

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