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  • Interface & Presets 5:11

    Interface & Presets

    First up, Larry gives an overview of the interface and also discusses the preset section.

  • Oscillator Pitch & Routing 12:17

    Oscillator Pitch & Routing

    Next up, investigate the pitch options for Vital's oscillators and also the filter routing options.

  • Oscillator Display, Spectral & Wave Morphing 12:13

    Oscillator Display, Spectral & Wave Morphing

    In this video, Larry discusses the ways in which you can visualize your wavetables, add unisons, and also manipulate them using the spectral warping and wave morph dials.

  • FM, RM & Re-Synthesizing Wavetables 10:11

    FM, RM & Re-Synthesizing Wavetables

    Learn how to use FM synthesis to generate carrier and modulator oscillators which can create rich harmonic textures. Then see how to employ envelope modulation to add some movement, as well as use ring modulation in a similar way to make strange sci-fi effects. Lastly, Larry explains and explores the re-synthesis capabilities of Vital's oscillators.

  • Wavetable Editor Pt. 1 13:59

    Wavetable Editor Pt. 1

    See how to create wavetables from a blank canvas using the wavetable editor. Then learn to draw in your own waveforms using the wave and line sources and change them over time to create a morphing wavetable.

  • Wavetable Editor Pt. 2 13:16

    Wavetable Editor Pt. 2

    In this video, learn to create a harmonically rich layered patch in Logic, bounce it down to audio, and load it into Vital. Then see how to use a formula to calculate the correct window size for the sample to play back at the correct pitch within Vital's wavetable editor. Next, discover a drag-and-drop approach that allows you to import wavetables with key frames automatically added. Finally, see how to enhance the morphing potential of your wavetables using the modifier options.

  • Wavetable Editor Pt. 3 12:14

    Wavetable Editor Pt. 3

    Larry shows how to create a layered patch consisting of a wave source, an audio source, and a line source to design a very complex wavetable. Then he demonstrates how to add effects to the sound, showcasing the potential of this amazing synth! Also covered are the text-to-speech, vocode, and pitch splice features.

  • The Sampler 5:49

    The Sampler

    Next up, take a look at the sampler, which allows you to play back samples in a no-frills manner. This is great for layering real sounds with your wavetables!

  • The Filters 10:05

    The Filters

    In this video, you'll discover the filters, then focus on routing, filter configuration, filter modes, and also setting them up to work in a dual configuration.

  • The Envelopes 3:34

    The Envelopes

    In this video, Larry covers the envelopes, demonstrating the ways in which you can audition envelope modulation, and also explains the delay and hold features of the envelope.

  • LFOs 16:09


    Larry introduces Vital's LFOs, which an be used to create custom LFO shapes for interesting modulation possibilities. Learn to create smooth transitions between points, loop the LFO at different points, and save custom LFO shapes.

  • Other Modulation Sources 7:50

    Other Modulation Sources

    Next up, discover the modulation sources which allow you to generate modulation that's tied to MIDI note on/off messages, including key tracking, aftertouch, and velocity, among others.

  • Random Modulation 6:18

    Random Modulation

    In this video, learn how to use the two random modulators, including their unique randomness modes, to create smooth modulation signals.

  • Global Settings 4:31

    Global Settings

    Larry covers the polyphony and glide settings and demonstrates how to assign the mod wheel and pitch bend wheel as modulators.

  • Macros 8:06


    Discover macros and the way in which they can be used to change multiple parameters with one dial. Larry also demonstrates how to use these alongside the Mod Remap Tool, effectively resulting in a scrollable LFO.

  • Effects Pt. 1 11:45

    Effects Pt. 1

    In this video, learn how to use the chorus, compressor, delay, distortion, and EQ effects and also how to re-order the effects modules.

  • Effects Pt. 2 6:35

    Effects Pt. 2

    Here, Larry covers the remaining effects of filter, flanger, phaser, and reverb.

  • Mod Matrix 8:49

    Mod Matrix

    Next up, discover the Mod Matrix, which allows you to add in manual modulation routings and set these as bipolar and stereo modulators. You'll also learn to re-map an LFO to create interesting sequences.

  • Advanced Settings 7:32

    Advanced Settings

    Larry talks through the advanced settings in this video, covering the ways in which you can stack your extra oscillator voices in pitch, wavetable position, and the oscillator spectral and distortion dials.

  • Synthesized Kick Drum 8:33

    Synthesized Kick Drum

    In the first sound design example, learn to create a synthesized kick from a pitch-decaying sine wave and a sampled kick attack.

  • Huge Pad Sound 11:24

    Huge Pad Sound

    Finally, Larry shows how to create a huge pad sound with multiple wavetables modulating, unison, a sampled foley layer, and liberal use of effects.

Product Overview

Synth expert Larry Holcombe presents a comprehensive set of Vital video tutorials! If you're looking for groundbreaking new sounds to set your tracks apart from the masses, you need to check out this video series. Larry breaks down every awesome feature of this innovative synth plugin and demonstrates the amazing and inspiring sounds that are possible. From simple preset scrolling to creating your own inimitable sounds from scratch, it's all here. These videos are for new Vital users.

Larry welcomes you and starts with an overview of the interface, getting your feet wet by demonstrating how to audition some preset sounds so you can get inspired right away. Then you'll dive into the oscillators and learn about routing possibilities, along with the synth's unique visual approach to wavetables and spectral morphing. Next, Larry covers the use of FM synthesis and how it's used to generate rich textures with carrier and modulator oscillators.

Then you'll take a deep dive into the Wavetable editor - one of this synth's signature features - and learn how to draw in your own waveforms (and change them over time), import other audio sources with an intuitive drag-and-drop feature, and create complex layered sounds from a wave source, audio source, and a line source.

Throughout the rest of the course, Larry covers the remaining features of the plugin in detail, including the Sampler, Filter, Envelopes, LFOs, several modulation sources, various effects (Chorus, Compressor, Delay, Distortion, EQ, Filter, and others), the Mod Matrix, global settings, Macros, and more! To close out the course, Larry shows you how to design two sounds (a synthesized kick and a huge pad) from the ground up!

To see exactly what's contained in these comprehensive Vital video tutorials, and how they'll vastly improve your sound-sculpting knowledge on this robust plugin, see the individual Vital video tutorial descriptions on this page. Begin designing your own signature sounds today... Watch “Vital Explained®” now.

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