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Slide Guitar for Blues - Lap Style

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11 Videos | Length: 1hr 42min 16sec
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  • D & G Tuning Family 8:19

    D & G Tuning Family

    In this video, Bob Brozman introduces you to the course and discusses the D & G tuning family.

  • Using the Bar, the Hardware, & the One Chord Blues 13:14

    Using the Bar, the Hardware, & the One Chord Blues

    Bob dives into using the bar, the hardware he is using, nad the one chord.

  • Taking it Up the Neck & Melody 11:32

    Taking it Up the Neck & Melody

    In this video, Bob "taking it up the neck" and the melody of a song.

  • String Pairs 7:25

    String Pairs

    Bob dives into string pairs.

  • Diatonic Blues & Melodic Style 9:00

    Diatonic Blues & Melodic Style

    In this video, Bob explores diatonic blues and the melodic style.

  • Cycle of 5ths Changes 8:54

    Cycle of 5ths Changes

    Bob gets into the cycle of 5ths changes in this video.

  • National Guitar G Tuning 9:09

    National Guitar G Tuning

    Bob talks about the national guitar G tuning.

  • Slanting the Bar 6:42

    Slanting the Bar

    In this video, Bob discusses how to slant the bar.

  • Adding a Chime & Melodic Concepts 8:00

    Adding a Chime & Melodic Concepts

    Bob dives into adding a chime and melodic concepts.

  • Right Hand Triplet & Picking Style in D 9:54

    Right Hand Triplet & Picking Style in D

    Bob discusses right hand triplets and the picking style in D.

  • D Minor Blues & Final Thoughts 10:07

    D Minor Blues & Final Thoughts

    In this video, Bob explores the D minor blues and gives his final thoughts.

Product Overview

In this Homespun instructional video, Bob Brozman uses a variety of instruments including a Weissenborn, a Dobro-type resophonic and a National steel, to teach the funky blues tunes, cool riffs and adventurous improvisations that he pulls from his seemingly bottomless bag of tricks.

His course in lap style slide guitar will open up exciting musical ideas and powerful techniques for anyone who wants to get into the real blues sound.

Playing in open D and open G tunings, Bob passes along all the sounds and techniques that make up this compelling style. He teaches pieces that range from the "primitive" one-chord renditions of Charlie Patton to modern-day country/swing blues.

You'll get instruction in the use of the round-nose bar and how you can attain quality vibrato, pitch precision, good tone, blue notes, rhythmic effects and control of the slide. Bob details licks, turnarounds and improvisations along with numerous exercises and right hand picking drills to help you develop your picking strength.

By the time you complete this lesson you'll have an arsenal of licks and the improvisational skills you'll need to go on to even more challenging material.

Note: You can use any guitar to play this style, although it would be best to have one with a high action.

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