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  • The Sounds: QuickStart 4:30

    The Sounds: QuickStart

    Punch 2 is a unique drum machine that combines drum synthesis, sample triggering, and a built-in pattern sequencer all in one environment. Jump right in and see how Punch 2's 24 drum pads are easily edited directly from the Main View.

  • Patterns: QuickStart 6:14

    Patterns: QuickStart

    Discover the grooves, breaks, audition, and loop play pads and get a quick overview of how the four-track editor on the Pattern Page works.

  • Working with Kit Presets 7:03

    Working with Kit Presets

    Explore the full featured and robust file management system for kit presets and external MIDI control.

  • The Pad Menu & Pad Presets 4:39

    The Pad Menu & Pad Presets

    Learn some useful workflow functions in the Pad right click menu and see how to save customized pad presets.

  • The Pattern Sequencer 10:38

    The Pattern Sequencer

    In this video, Eli demonstrates how to assign sounds to the four tracks, program beats, use Key Entry for MIDI input, and more.

  • The Pattern File Screen 8:05

    The Pattern File Screen

    See how this area of the interface is used to save and load both single patterns and combined patterns that contain a collection of 8 grooves and breaks.

  • The Audition Sequencer 7:39

    The Audition Sequencer

    Explore how this function is used to chain patterns together to create arrangements, including custom sequence orders, step length, pattern repeats, and MIDI export.

  • The Easy Screen 4:10

    The Easy Screen

    Learn how to control the sound, envelope, pitch, filtering, modulation, and effects for the entire kit all in a single, easy-to-use view.

  • Getting Started with the Advanced Screen 5:51

    Getting Started with the Advanced Screen

    Discover the Global Drum Module, Quick Edit, and User Wave area of the Advanced Screen.

  • Bass Drum Sound Design 7:00

    Bass Drum Sound Design

    Explore the four synthesized bass drum module types and their associated tuning, amplitude, and noise envelopes.

  • Snare Drum Sound Design 7:35

    Snare Drum Sound Design

    Next, Eli demonstrates how a waveform oscillator combines with filtered noise and click oscillators to create synthesized snare sounds.

  • Hi Hat Sound Design 5:18

    Hi Hat Sound Design

    Hear how filtered noise and a filtered frequency modulated oscillator offer different approaches to electronic hi hat sound design.

  • Toms Sound Design 3:49

    Toms Sound Design

    Explore the range of tom sounds available using FM-style frequency modulation combined with a standard oscillator, filter, and noise source.

  • Claps Sound Design 2:37

    Claps Sound Design

    Learn about the three Clap models, which work by passing filtered noise through a quickly re-triggered amp decay envelope followed by a much longer decaying amp envelope. Stereo offset and humanization are added in Models 2 and 3.

  • The User Module 5:16

    The User Module

    The Punch 2 User module can play a variety of general synth drum models as well as samples. Take a quick flyover of some of the User parameters and new features not found in the other model categories.

  • Working with Samples 9:01

    Working with Samples

    Explore the sample editing features in Punch 2, as well as the ability to import and combine up to three samples together. They can play back either layered, split based on velocity, or alternating in round robin style.

  • The Slice Module 8:11

    The Slice Module

    Learn how to use the slice module to load in a sample (usually a drum loop), and Punch 2 will automatically place slice points into the sample so that you can trigger each of these slices via the pads.

  • The Modulation Screen 5:11

    The Modulation Screen

    Discover the Modulation Screen's 2 envelopes, 2 LFOs, and modulation matrix, which allows you to modulate the movement of parameter values within Punch 2.

  • Master, FX, Color, & Manager Screens 10:40

    Master, FX, Color, & Manager Screens

    Get a quick flyover of the basic functions on the Master Screen, FX Screen, Color screen, and Manager screen.

Product Overview

Music tech expert Eli Krantzberg presents an in-depth set of Punch 2 video tutorials! Learn how to quickly start making beats like a pro with this comprehensive video series! Even if you've never used Punch before, you're covered. Eli starts at the beginning and takes you step by step through the features of this stellar instrument, demonstrating the amazing flexibility, functionality, and sound-designing possibilities that await. These videos are for new Punch 2 users.

Eli welcomes you and then begins quickly acclimating you to the interface and the Main View, from which you can easily edit any of the 24 trigger pads. Next, learn how to quickly audition any of the grooves, breaks, patterns, and more from the Pattern Page. Explore the architecture of presets - both kit and pad - and learn how to save and recall them via the Pad Menu. Continue with the Pattern Sequencer and follow along as Eli demonstrates how to assign sounds to each of the sequencer's four tracks and Key Entry for MIDI input.

Next, Eli breaks down the Audition Sequencer, which enables you to create arrangements by chaining patterns together. Explore the Easy Screen, where you can control multiple parameters, including envelope, pitch, filtering, modulation, and effects for the entire kit all in one convenient place. Then take a look at the Advanced Screen, which allows for detailed editing of the sound for more precise adjustments.

Throughout the rest of the course, you'll explore the rest of the plug's impressive features with Eli. Follow along as he designs five different sounds - bass drum, snare, hi hat, toms, and clap - making use of filtering, noise envelopes, tuning, and modulated oscillators along the way. Then go deeper with the Modulation, Master, FX, Color, and Manager screens, all of which allow for added flexibility.

To see exactly what these in-depth Punch 2 video tutorials show you, and how they'll make creating killer tracks with Punch 2 fun and easy, see the individual Punch 2 video tutorial descriptions on this page. Get ready to get down and dirty with your beats ... Watch “Punch 2 Explained®” today!

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