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Production Tutorial

Production Review with Bob Horn & Erik Reichers - Episode 1

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12 Videos | Length: 1hr 42min 42sec
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    Intro & Comparison

    One signature component to AJ's production style is to incorporate a live performance of an instrument, and he explains why it's crucial. So in keeping with that style he has convinced Bob to play some guitar on this production.

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    AJ now begins to explain some of his changes and the reasoning behind them to push the song closer to his vision.

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    Getting a bit deeper into the new production, AJ imparts some advice he has picked up along the way of his career and demonstrates a great sonic texture derived from animal sounds.

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    Adding a Live Presence

    One signature component to AJ's production style is to incorporate a live performance of an instrument, and he explains why it's crucial. So in keeping with that style he has convinced Bob to play some guitar on this production.

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    Mic'ing a Guitar Amp

    Erik jumps in and demonstrates a tried and true microphone setup for a guitar cabinet, and explains the often overlooked phase relationship of a multi-mic setup.

  • image description 10:58

    Recording Guitar

    Now it's time to record some guitars and here Bob is the musician while AJ is producing and guiding him on what he is looking for. Note: This was done in real-time and was very organic to the normal interaction AJ has with musicians in production.

  • image description 7:51

    Working on the Live Performance

    AJ goes into detail about what he did to the guitars sonically and production wise.

  • image description 12:59

    Prepping the Production for Export

    Get in a great conversation about professional standards for delivering your production, ready to be sent out for mixing.

  • image description 13:24


    AJ shares some of his experiences about producing and the different roles people play.

  • image description 4:45

    Getting a Balance

    Bob now brings AJ into the control room to re-balance his mix in a controlled acoustical environment. This way AJ has the opportunity to get things sounding how he envisioned before Bob starts to mix. Watch how AJ makes different decisions now that they are in a different acoustical environment.

  • image description 11:20

    The Mix Down Pt. 1

    Bob kicks it off by reviewing Eggo's original, then AJ's mix. Then hear Bob's final rough mix, followed by an overview of what he did to get the song to that level.

  • image description 14:31

    The Mix Down Pt. 2

    AJ and Bob have an in-depth conversation about mixing and the importance of bass frequencies. They then wrap up the series with a play through of AJ's production with Bob's Rough Mix.

Product Overview

Bob Horn and Erik Reichers are back in their first new Groove3 production video tutorial series, Production Review - Episode 1. See how the guys along with guest producer AJ Jenkins tackle a production makeover, including the steps they take, the reasons why, as well as creative tips and tricks for production and mixing.

Bob and Erik start out by welcoming you and then introduce their guest producer AJ Jenkins, who has worked with Raven-Symoné, Bobby V, Avonlea, Courtney Bennett and many others. Together they play producer Eggo's submitted production in Ableton Live, followed by the reproduced / augmented version AJ created.

Throughout the course of this series you’ll see and hear how AJ approached his changes and the reasoning behind his decisions that made the production go to the next level. From all the different elements, production choices like adding live guitar, remixing the parts, exporting them for mixing in Pro Tools in another studio environment, roles that producers take on, and much more, this collection of videos is a great “peek over the shoulder” of a working professional’s workflow and decision making process.

See the individual tutorial descriptions for more info. If you’re looking to further your producing skills and or re-envisioning other peoples productions, or even your own, this collection of videos from working professionals is a great addition to your learning toolbox… Watch “Production Review with Bob Horn & Erik Reichers - Episode 1” today.

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Production Review with Bob Horn & Erik Reichers - Episode 1 is rated 4.5 out of 5 by 3 .
Rated 5.0 out of 5 by from Super helpful and inspiring. Loads of good information on all aspects of putting the track together! From production decisions to mix decisions, so many good ideas in this, it's excellent!
Date published: 2019-09-01
Rated 4.0 out of 5 by from too general I was hoping to see more production tips and tricks
Date published: 2018-12-02
Rated 5.0 out of 5 by from VERY HELPFUL THANK YOU! I really like this kind of tutorials
Date published: 2018-11-26
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