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Chapter 1 : MASCHINE 2.0 Explained

  • Introduction - New Layout 8:06

    Introduction - New Layout

    Here we take our first look at the new MASCHINE 2.0 software, with its new screen layout and menu options. Jeremy demonstrates completely revamped interface with an expanded workflow, we will begin to explore each section.

  • Setting Your Preferences 8:43

    Setting Your Preferences

    Jeremy takes a look at MASCHINE 2.0's very detailed preferences setup with new options to optimize the running of the software and the MASCHINE Studio controller.

  • MASCHINE Studio Controller 6:35

    MASCHINE Studio Controller

    The MASCHINE Studio controller is the new addition to the MASCHINE family, with more controls, a jog wheel and dual color screens. Jeremy gives run down of all the functions it can now manage.

  • Transport Bar Explained 6:21

    Transport Bar Explained

    This area contains some very basic but also a few unique control settings that are easily misunderstood. Worthy of explanation.

  • Browser Basics Pt. 1 7:01

    Browser Basics Pt. 1

    In this tutorial Jeremy accesses project files and groups, both from the software browser and from the MASCHINE Studio hardware controller.

  • Browser Basics Pt. 2 8:18

    Browser Basics Pt. 2

    Jeremy continues with the browser by loading sounds, instruments, effects and samples. A look at NI's new optimized gui's for their native plugins, as well as a sneak preview of the new mixer section.

  • Importing Sounds, REX Files and MPC Programs 9:46

    Importing Sounds, REX Files and MPC Programs

    Jeremy explores how to use your own samples inside of MASCHINE, including direct loading of REX files and any legacy MPC programs and samples libraries.

  • Control Area 9:03

    Control Area

    Nothing happens for your audio and midi routing unless you fully understand this section of the program. Jeremy also shows how to get access from the hardware controller.

  • Arrange View 12:31

    Arrange View

    Here we look at the new layout of the scene view in particular and how it adds improved visual feedback. Pattern management and hardware controller integration is also explained.

  • Event Area Basics Pt. 1 7:16

    Event Area Basics Pt. 1

    Jeremy looks at how to organize your sounds inside a group, including link and choke functions, pattern length and using the dual screens on the controller for viewing.

  • Event Area Basics Pt. 2 6:53

    Event Area Basics Pt. 2

    Jeremy explores setting up your arrangement grid, using note editing tools and shows the controller jog wheel in action.

  • The Mixer 8:19

    The Mixer

    A long awaited enhancement, the new mixer function gives you DAW style control over levels for groups and individual sounds, as well as easier plug-in management per channel. The hardware dual screens mimic the software experience. One of the best new features of version 2.0.

  • Parallel Compression and Send/Return Effects 5:36

    Parallel Compression and Send/Return Effects

    Both of these mixer functions are now available at long last, and Jeremy shows you how to set them up in the new mixer environment. The new Supercharger compressor plug-in from NI is also on display.

  • Sidechain Compression 7:49

    Sidechain Compression

    Jeremy digs into another long awaited feature, especially for the EDM producers. Ghost trigger setup is also illustrated.

  • More Sidechain - The Tremolo Effect 5:42

    More Sidechain - The Tremolo Effect

    Jeremy shows some creative uses of sidechaining in other styles of music, and this time we use a third party vsti to do the job.

  • Controlling Automation 8:41

    Controlling Automation

    Jeremy takes a look at the recording and editing of automation on various plug-in parameters. Hardware control included, as well as deeper software editing.

  • Using Macros 9:12

    Using Macros

    An often ignored feature, Jeremy looks at setting up macros controls and applying them as automatable parameters, including using them in a live performance situation from the hardware.

  • Drum Synths Explained 6:10

    Drum Synths Explained

    Another new feature to MASCHINE 2.0 are the new Drum Synths, capable of creating the gamut of drum and percussion sounds. Jeremy explores the features and controls, testing them out in a demo composition.

  • The Sampler 6:36

    The Sampler

    With MASCHINE's great sampling capabilities, Jeremy looks at chopping up drum loops and reassigning sounds to pads, as well as creating your own patterns. The hardware controller is also featured.

  • The Sampler Pt. 2 6:06

    The Sampler Pt. 2

    Expanding on the idea of chopping up drums, Jeremy looks at chopping up and re-programming musical phrases from an imported sample loop. Hip hop producers, this is your bread and butter.

  • The Sampler Pt. 3 5:12

    The Sampler Pt. 3

    Here Jeremy has a look at using the zone page in the sampler menu, doing splits, layers and how you can apply it musically.

  • Multi Output Instruments 7:05

    Multi Output Instruments

    We take a look at routing a multi output instrument inside of MASCHINE. We use NI KONTAKT for this video, and we show simple pattern building with the hardware controller.

  • Step Mode 11:41

    Step Mode

    In this tutorial Jeremy explores step mode recording, it's ease of use and it's versatility. This is more applicable using the hardware controller, which is featured heavily in this video.

  • Third Party Effects 6:14

    Third Party Effects

    Integrating third party effects into the MASCHINE Mixer, including controlling parameters and saving and loading presets directly from the browser.

  • MASCHINE in Logic Pro X 9:47

    MASCHINE in Logic Pro X

    See how to integrate MASCHINE as a plugin within Logic Pro X, routing audio and recording, editing and triggering midi on separate tracks from within Logic.

  • MASCHINE in Studio One 7:14

    MASCHINE in Studio One

    Jeremy examines Presonus Studio One's over simplified method of integrating MASCHINE's multiple outs into their DAW

  • MASCHINE in Live 10:50

    MASCHINE in Live

    Ableton Live has an extremely configurable workflow that requires a bit more attention than most, but drag and drop functionality makes it all worth it.

  • MASCHINE in Cubase 6:15

    MASCHINE in Cubase

    From the company that invented the VST plug-in, we go through the motions of setting up Machine inside of Steinberg's Cubase 7.

  • MASCHINE in Pro Tools 7:50

    MASCHINE in Pro Tools

    Arguably the most used DAW in the world, MASCHINE integration into Pro Tools is discussed and illustrated.

  • Exporting Audio 8:10

    Exporting Audio

    The final video in the tutorial, Jeremy shows how to use the export functions, allowing you to export your entire mix or even groups and individual sounds to send to a mastering house or for use as stems or loops in other projects. A demo example of the resulting files in an external DAW finishes off this series.

Chapter 2 : 2.1 Update

  • Basic Workflow 5:56

    Basic Workflow

    In this video we will take a look at some very simple changes that drastically speed up our Workflow. They allow us to spend less time pushing buttons, organizing and scrolling and more time making music.

  • Drum Synth Updates 3:43

    Drum Synth Updates

    Next up we have some enhancements to Kick and Percussion modules. Grit Kick has been added which gives us another option that is metallic and crushed sounding. Also, a Performer Mode have been added to the Percussion Interface. By simply holding a pad we can create a very human performance.

  • Moving MIDI 4:26

    Moving MIDI

    Now let’s look at how MIDI information is passed back and forth between MASCHINE and our DAW. Previously, to move a MIDI performance from MASCHINE was very time intensive. Now a new Batch option makes the whole process very fast and painless. We can also send that pattern right back into MASCHINE.

  • Sampling Workflow 2:45

    Sampling Workflow

    When the MASCHINE 2.0 update rolled out a lot of people’s Sampling Workflow changed dramatically. Now, the Record History is no longer the default view after sampling. In this video I demonstrate how the Sampling Workflow is back and fast.

Chapter 3 : 2.2 Update

  • Introduction 1:12


    Scottie Introduces himself and briefly explains about the software and firmware updates from MASCHINE.

  • Update Installation 1:17

    Update Installation

    Scottie brings us to the Service Center to download the software updates, and then updates the firmware manually.

  • Touch Sensitive Knobs 1:35

    Touch Sensitive Knobs

    Scottie shows us the improved browsing style and menus and how they are laid out. Scottie then shows the Touch Sensitive Knobs and Pad Mode, and demonstrates how easy and fast the navigation is after the update.

  • Scales & Chords 3:53

    Scales & Chords

    Scottie shows us a preset from Rounds before showing the functionality of the interface. He then shows us Scale and Chord modes, and the Harmonizer.

  • The Arpeggiator 3:45

    The Arpeggiator

    Scottie shows us the Arpeggiator and the different functions and controls it has. He plays the Arp with the Chord sets, introduces some after-touch and tweaks some different parameters to show it's various capabilities. Scottie then records a quick groove with the Arp and signs off.

Chapter 4 : 2.3 Update

  • KOMPLETE Select 6:00

    KOMPLETE Select

    Now Machine users get more Instruments and effects right out of the box. There’s a great line up of acoustic instruments, modeled vintage synths, and more drum options. It’s a great addition to anyone’s sound arsenal.

  • Drumsynth 2:24


    Next we have some great additions to the Drumsynth. There are new Kick and Snare sounds as well as the new Crash and Hat engines. Control every aspect of the synth engine to make it sit just right.

  • Effects 3:40


    Reverb is getting a big overhaul along with the addition of three more effects; Distortion, Cabinet and Limiter. The reverb is very musical and natural sounding, but it can also get huge and swelly. The Limiter update is much appreciated and very nice to work with now. All of these new updates are very useful and will ear their place in your mix.

  • Workflow Improvements 3:46

    Workflow Improvements

    Finally there are some great workflow updates and improvements. Now working with MIDI and parameters will be much more fluid and easy.

Chapter 5 : 2.4.6 Update

  • Slicing Samples 3:47

    Slicing Samples

    Now Maschine users can slice samples on the fly.

  • Other Workflow Changes 4:28

    Other Workflow Changes

    In this video let’s check out the other additions and changes make to the software.

Product Overview

All hail the mighty MASCHINE 2! Studio professional Jeremy Harding is back with an in-depth look at this wondrous hardware and software studio tool, showing you the important basics, advanced features and functions, and cool tips and tricks! If you want to learn MASCHINE 2 software or Studio hardware, this is a must see.

Jeremy begins your tour of MASCHINE 2 with an introduction laying out what you'll learn in the series, and then important first steps like setting your preferences, GUI overviews and Browser basics. Next, Jeremy focuses on the MASCHINE Studio hardware, showing you how to accomplish the things you just learnt, using the hardware only.

Importing sounds is next and Jeremy shows you how to import WAV files, REX files and even MPC drum kits into MASCHINE for an endless sonic palette. Editing is now revealed, and Jeremy shows you how to go deep, fine tuning your parts to perfection. Tips & Tricks are then shown, such as how to setup Parallel Compression and classic Sidechain Compression to make your music pump and move with the tempo.

The MASCHINE starts to get hot when Jeremy shows you advanced topics like using Automation and Macro Controls, the built in Drum Synth plug-in, the Sampler, Multi-Out Instruments, Step Recording, 3rd Party Plug-ins & Effects and much more.

Jeremy ends your journey with videos on how to setup and use MASCHINE 2 inside Logic Pro X, Presonus Studio One, Ableton Live, Cubase and Pro Tools. The final video in the series shows you step by step how to export your entire mix for the web or mastering, Group Export for Stem Mixing, and Individual Sound Export so you can bring all the different tracks into another DAW for further mixing and production!

But that's not all! Studio wiz Scottie Dugan appears with 4 awesome vids on the new 2.1 update features and functions, covering new Basic Workflows, the Drum Synth, Moving MIDI, Sampling Workflows and more!

Learn all about the new Komplete Select Acoustic Instruments, Synths, and Drum Modules added in the 2.3 Update. Scottie walks you through the new Drumsynth features, the overhaul of the Reverb effect, along with the new Distortion, Cabinet, and Limiter processors. Discover the new workflow improvements in this important update too!

MASCHINE 2.4.6 adds a few tasty new features, and Scottie covers them in these update videos. Now Maschine users can slice samples on the fly with the new Manual Slicing mode. And that’s not all, there are additional workflow changes such as scene length no longer being tied to pattern length. This means the scenes and loop length can freely move however you want. There are some other really nice improvements scattered through the software, which you'll learn about here!

If you're new to MASCHINE 2 software or the MASCHINE Studio hardware, this series is for you. You'll get up and running and have a deep understanding of its workflow and be able to create awesome beats and grooves in no time... Watch "MASCHINE 2 Explained" today.

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