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KONTAKT 5 Update Explained®

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  • Introduction 3:06


    Mark introduces you to the new features present in Kontakt 5.

  • New Filters Overview 5:40

    New Filters Overview

    Learn about the types of new filters made available and how the different categories produce different results with recommendations where to use them.

  • State Variable Filters 6:16

    State Variable Filters

    In this tutorial, we’ll cover SV Filters in so far as they are now regarded as the standard filter to use with Kontakt 5. Additionally, information about how filters work will be covered too.

  • SV Filters in Action 5:23

    SV Filters in Action

    Mark uses some SV filters here to illustrate how effective ‘Bandpass’ filters can be to cut and boost frequencies outside of the cut-off frequency.

  • More SV Filters 8:20

    More SV Filters

    To conclude our look at SV filters, see how effective an SV notch filter is on a Cello Ensemble patch. Resonance of the filter is looked at too.

  • Ladder Filters 5:59

    Ladder Filters

    Mark looks at how the new Ladder Filters, rather than the legacy ladder filters, are used to create a musically flattering mild harmonic distortion to the signal.

  • Adaptive Resonance Filters 7:43

    Adaptive Resonance Filters

    Mark explores another filter update that has found favor with K5 users because it allows the chosen resonance to be automatically adapted, up or down, so that no signal spikes occur to the sound. Here, we’ll look at the HP versions of AR filtering.

  • Other New Filters 10:11

    Other New Filters

    To conclude our look at the many different filters updated or introduced (37 in total), here we’ll look at and audition some of the filters not covered so far. This time, we add further parameter modifiers such as envelopes and an LFO.

  • Time Machine Pro 6:18

    Time Machine Pro

    The improved time stretching effect, Time Machine Pro, is introduced here as Mark looks at pitch shifting a beat while retaining the original length.

  • SP1200 & MPC60 Engines 7:41

    SP1200 & MPC60 Engines

    We take a look at the two new 1980’s sample based drum machine emulations here and assess the subtly different qualities they offer with the reduced bit depths and sample rates.

  • Solid G-EQ 7:09

    Solid G-EQ

    Here, we look and listen to the newly introduced analogue based 4 band parametric EQ as it alters the sound of a drum loop.

  • Solid Bus Comp 7:24

    Solid Bus Comp

    To help tame loud parts of a drum loop, we look here at the analogue modeled Solid Bus Comp. In particular, we look at focusing attention on the ‘clap’ within the loop.

  • Transient Master 5:36

    Transient Master

    Mark now looks at how the Transient Master allows you to either highlight the initial spike of a snare, or suppress it. Mark also shows how increasing the body of the signal to add a perceived sense of sustain.

  • Tape Saturator 6:29

    Tape Saturator

    Finally, we look at using the popular tape saturation effect on an organ to create a more ‘edgy’ or ‘gritty’ character.

Product Overview

Studio master Mark Struthers shows you everything you need to know about the new features added to Native Instruments KONTAKT version 5. See and learn all the new features and functions that this powerful update brings to this world-class software sampler.

Mark begins with an introduction briefly discussing the new additions to KONTAKT 5. He then begins with a detailed look at the new filters included with version 5, revealing the Variable Filters, SV Filters, Ladder Filters, Adaptive Resonance Filters and more.

Time Machine Pro is then explored and you'll see just how easy it is to pitch shift material while keeping its original tempo in place. Mark now goes old school and breaks down the new SP1200 and MPC60 MASCHINE Sound Engines that are built into KONTAKT 5, giving you that great vintage vibe for your samples.

Mark wraps up the series with videos all about the new Solid G-EQ, Solid Bus Compressor and Tape Saturator, as well as the awesome Transient Master that allows you to shape the attack of your samples with unbelievable precision.

If you're using version 5 of Native Instruments KONTAKT, check this series out as soon as you can and reap the rewards of knowing the finer details of this industry standard software sampler... Get "KONTAKT 5 Update Explained" today.

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