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Hammond B-3X Explained®

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10 Videos | Length: 57min 56sec
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  • B-3X Overview 9:36

    B-3X Overview

    Take a tour around the B-3X user interface and see how and where all the main controls are accessed.

  • Working with the Leslie 7:43

    Working with the Leslie

    Explore the variation of Leslie speaker control available by altering the fast and slow speeds, the acceleration and deceleration rates when switching speeds, mixing and matching various Leslie amp and cabinet models, and varying the mic placement.

  • Drawbars in Action 4:14

    Drawbars in Action

    Watch as the drawbar presets are switched in real-time using the inverted drawbar preset keys. Then see how they are mapped to faders on a MIDI controller and controlled individually in real-time to modify the organ's tone during a performance.

  • Putting the Expression Pedal to Work 4:00

    Putting the Expression Pedal to Work

    Hear how the Expression pedal is used to control the dynamics of the organ as well as the level fed into the guitar amp cabinet section, and then to additionally control the movement of the Wah pedal in the Stomps section.

  • Using Two Keyboards 3:30

    Using Two Keyboards

    Discover how two keyboards, each outputting to a different MIDI channel, are used to trigger the Swell Manual and Great Manual separately in the Hammond B-3X.

  • Bass Pedals 4:09

    Bass Pedals

    Watch as the Hammond B-3X bass pedals are incorporated into a MIDI performance on a separate MIDI channel.

  • Percussion 4:58


    Explore how these rocker switches and advanced setting controls affect the attack and sustain portion of each note by enhancing either the second or third harmonics.

  • Chorus-Vibrato & Tonewheels 6:40

    Chorus-Vibrato & Tonewheels

    Explore the vibrato-chorus settings, and other Tonewheel settings available in the Advanced tab.

  • Managing Drawbar Settings 5:45

    Managing Drawbar Settings

    Learn how some non real-time ways of varying the timbre throughout a performance, by using the inverted drawbar key's contextual menu to create related drawbar setting variations.

  • Effects, Cabs, & Program Changes 7:21

    Effects, Cabs, & Program Changes

    Hear some of the Stomps, cab settings, and post effects in action, and learn how to use program change messages to create variations in a performance.

Product Overview

Studio software pro Eli Krantzberg shows you everything needed to navigate, use and create incredibly realistic Hammond B3 organ tones with IK Multimedia's Hammond B-3X virtual instrument! This video manual is designed for those new to the IK Multimedia Hammond B-3X and want to know all bout its features and functions, including how to use them creatively.

Eli welcomes you and then jumps right in with a detailed overview of the B-3X user interface so you know what everything does and how to access its parameters. Eli then introduces the Leslie speaker which really defines the B3 sound including altering the fast and slow speeds, acceleration and deceleration rates when switching speeds, mixing and matching various Leslie amp and cabinet models and more.

Next, you'll explore the B-3X's Drawbars, Expression Pedal options, using two keyboards to more realistically control the B-3X, incorporating Bass Pedals during your performances, and using the rocker switches and advanced setting controls to affect the attack and sustain portion of notes by enhancing either the second or third harmonics.

For the rest of the videos Eli shows you how to utilize the Chorus-Vibrato & Tonewheels, Manage Drawbar Settings and Variations, using and editing the available Effects, Cabs, and Program Changes, plus an overview of the Stomps, Cab Settings, and Post Effects and much more.

To see what these in-depth Hammond B-3X tutorials show you, and how you can get a very realistic Hammond B3 organ experience from your computer, see the individual Hammond B-3X tutorial descriptions on this page. Put that legendary Hammond B3 organ sound into your songs and productions today... Watch "Hammond B-3X Explained®" now.

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