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Fitness for Drummers

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5 Videos | Length: 29min 10sec
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  • Introduction 1:02


    Justin introduces himself and gives us an outline on what we are going to cover in this series. Justin discusses how training is an essential part of a drumming lifestyle.

  • Equipment & Terms 1:58

    Equipment & Terms

    Justin talks about the equipment you'll need to get started. No, not drums, but the workout bench and weights he uses. He also talks about how essential workout gloves are and why he uses them.

  • Stretches & Exercises Pt. 1 9:03

    Stretches & Exercises Pt. 1

    In this video, Justin focuses on different stretches and exercise techniques that he uses. Big Windmills, Shoulder Raises, Dumbell Presses, Deltoid workouts and more are demonstrated.

  • Stretches & Exercises Pt. 2 8:53

    Stretches & Exercises Pt. 2

    Justin continues to show us exercise techniques and stretching routines that he personally uses in his drumming workouts. Bicep stretches, Basic Curls, Lunges and more are demonstrated.

  • Wrap Up 8:14

    Wrap Up

    After the exercises, Justin shares some thoughts on health, inspiration and reasons why he helped make this video.

Product Overview

This Hal Leonard instructional video series features drumming fitness expert Justin Spencer explaining and executing fundamental stretching and workout routines, specific to improving your drumming, so you can play better and longer, while avoiding injury.

"Fitness for Drummers" is designed to cover the basic core workouts, with simple everyday equipment that are the core elements to improving drumming speed, control and endurance. Justin examines the importance of stretching before and after performing. He isolates select muscle groups that fatigue easily and require specific attention for drummers, and demonstrates techniques for increasing your stamina, which improves stick control and endurance.

Justin also discusses his own experience with injury, the impact to his drumming career and the strategies that enabled him to recover with a stronger level of performance than he had prior to his injury. So if you're a drummer looking to keep in the best shape possible, "Fitness for Drummers" is the video you need to see!

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