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Eventide H3000 Factory Explained®

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  • Introduction 4:44


    Jeff discusses the modular and highly customizable design of the H3000 factory's user interface and briefly covers each section of it's GUI.

  • Preset Bar 5:40

    Preset Bar

    Take a quick tour through the generous amount of Factory Preset Patches and learn several different methods of Loading Preset Patches that you want quickly. Then, learn how to Save your custom presets via the H3000’s built-in preset management system, or via your DAW’s preset manager, when you are done editing parameters.

  • Front Panel 7:58

    Front Panel

    Understand the significance of the H3000's Front Panel as a birds eye view of the plug-in as well as a way to quickly access specific parameter pages for each preset.

  • Preset Parameters 4:15

    Preset Parameters

    Explore this useful sub section of the H3000's plug-in interface that actually reflects the design of the original hardware processor unit by displaying the same master parameters that would come up automatically upon loading a preset on the original hardware version of the H3000 Ultraharmonizer.

  • Program Page Pt. 1 9:54

    Program Page Pt. 1

    Learn how this section, accessible via the lower portion of the plug-in panel, offers two working areas to help you manage the large number of parameters and their settings.

  • Program Page Pt. 2 6:15

    Program Page Pt. 2

    The example preset for this tutorial involves setting up and configuring the Delay, Ampmod and Scale effects blocks, utilizing the LFO effects blocks to modulate the Ampmod block, as well as using Mod Wheel MIDI controller messages for real-time parameter manipulation of assignable functions.

  • Expert Page 3:01

    Expert Page

    See how this page offers yet another way to access all of the many parameters available on the H3000, by displaying an “at-a-glance” view of all 18 effects block’s configurable settings and parameters.

  • Function Page 2:01

    Function Page

    Discover how to create unique, dynamic effects programs by assigning mod sources to the patchable parameters from nearly all input and effects blocks.

Product Overview

Studio expert Jeff Silverman goes to work in the Eventide H3000 Factory, showing how Eventide took their Pitch, Delay, Modulation and Filtering algorithms from their legendary H3000 Harmonizer and packed them into a powerhouse plug-in!

Jeff begins with a discussion of the Modular and Customizable Design of the H3000 Factory's User Interface. That leads into the different plug-in sections, starting with the Preset Bar and Front Panel. He then describes the various Preset Parameter Sub-Sections, which recreates the Master Parameters from the hardware.

From there, Jeff works overtime on the H3000 Factory starting with a two-part exploration of the Program Page, Expert Page, and finally the Function Page, where you can assign Modulation Sources.

If you're new to the Eventide H3000 Factory or an experienced user looking to go deeper, watch "Eventide H3000 Factory Explained" today!

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