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Cubase 7.5 Update Explained®

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    Tutorial 1

    Setting Up


    Mark explores new features introduced into Cubase 7.5 while viewing some of the visible UI alterations such as those found with the Inspector / Visibility tabs and how you can modify what is displayed.

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    Tutorial 2

    Track Visibility Management


    Learn how you can make specific tracks visible or hidden using the new Track Visibility Management function. You’ll also see the new ‘track count’ information area that allows you to keep track of how many tracks are visible or hidden. Additionally, see UI improvements made to how you can Solo / Mute tracks.

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    Tutorial 3

    Track Names and Event Colors


    To help keep focus on different Track/Event types, you’ll look here and see how to use the option to increase the amount of letters displayed on the track name area. Also, we’ll look at differentiating Events by changing them into different colors.

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    Tutorial 4

    Track Visibility


    Discover how to use the Visibility tab to make specific tracks visible or hidden dependent on user choice. Also, you’ll see how to use ‘Visibility Agents’ to further enhance this feature.

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    Tutorial 5

    Configuring for Visibility


    By extending your knowledge of what you saw in the previous tutorial, you’ll now look at specifically configuring the Visibility tab to display only certain tracks.

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    Tutorial 6

    Creating Configurations


    Learn how to set up user configurations for ‘per project’ ease.

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    Tutorial 7

    Project Logical Editor


    Here, you’ll see the improvements and enhancements made to the ‘Project Logical Editor’ so that you can quickly and conveniently search for specific tracks from within large projects.

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    Tutorial 8

    Re-Record Mode


    Discover how to set up and use the new Re-Record mode to immediately ‘ditch’ a poor recording and start again without having to use the Stop/Start buttons.

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    Tutorial 9

    Introducing Track Versions


    Here you’ll be introduced to the new ‘Track Versions’ concept made available in Cubase 7.5.

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    Tutorial 10

    Track Versions in Action


    Extend your knowledge of the principles of ‘Track Versions’ by watching a real world example of how it can be used to evaluate various versions of different piano takes.

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    Tutorial 11

    Track Versions and Lanes


    To develop our understanding further, we’ll look at using ‘Lanes’ with ‘Track Versions’ to produce the best performance of multiple piano midi recordings.

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    Tutorial 12

    Creating New Versions


    Mark creates ‘New Versions’ of recordings by using the menu options found within ‘Track Versions’.

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    Tutorial 13

    Enhance or Build Tracks with EDM


    See how to utilize the new EDM Toolbox to enhance your project whilst also linking it to the ‘Chord Track’.

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    Tutorial 14

    Instrument Rack 2 Overview


    Mark introduces the new method of working that incorporates ‘Instrument Rack 2’ into the Cubase workflow when using virtual instruments. You’ll see how setting up is similar to previous versions of Cubase but yields a different, newly designed UI.

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    Tutorial 15

    Rack 2 Multitimbral MIDI Channels


    Discover the enhancement made when using the ‘Rack 2’ option of utilizing multitimbral midi channels for a VSTi.

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    Tutorial 16

    Rack 2 Outputs


    Learn how to assign multiple outputs to a specific VSTi, in this case, we’ll look at integrating ‘Halion 5’.

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    Tutorial 17

    Implementing VST Quick Controls


    See how the ‘Quick Controls’ feature found in earlier versions of Cubase has been extended and enhanced in Cubase 7.5 to be directly integrated into the new Instrument Rack and linked to the existing ‘Quick Controls’ tab found in the Inspector.

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    Tutorial 18

    HALion Sonic SE2 Overview


    Here, you’ll be introduced to the new version of HALion Sonic SE that includes a new VSTi module called ‘Trip’.

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    Tutorial 19

    Trip Overview


    Mark gives an overview look at the new analog emulation synth found within HALion Sonic SE2.

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    Tutorial 20

    Groove Agent SE4 Introduction


    The vastly improved version of Groove Agent is introduced. We’ll look at using ‘Beat Agent’ to quickly move between kits.

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    Tutorial 21

    Patterns with Groove Agent SE4


    By using the PATTERN option, we’ll look at easily developing and integrating ‘preset’ drum patterns within a project.

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    Tutorial 22

    GASE4 and Beat Designer


    By using ‘Beat Designer’ with Groove agent SE4, we’ll build and develop our own midi drum patterns to use within a project. Additionally, we’ll look at routing specific drums within GASE4 to individual effects.

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    Tutorial 23

    Magneto 2 in Action


    Here, Mark looks at integrating the newly updated ‘Tape Saturation’ effect Magneto 2 on a drum track.

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    Tutorial 24

    Using REVelation


    Now, Mark looks at using the newly introduced reverb ‘REVelation’ on a vocal track.

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    Tutorial 25

    Sync Track and Channel Visibility


    For convenience within a busy project, see how you can easily synchronize track and channel visibility between your project view and MixConsole.

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    Tutorial 26

    Auto Hitpoint Detection


    Another improvement is the ‘Automatic Hitpoint Detection’ function that is applied to newly recorded audio or to existing, imported audio.

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    Tutorial 27

    Score Editor Changes


    Here, we’ll take a brief look at how the Score Editor UI has been improved to incorporate two tabs; Symbols and Inspector.

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    Tutorial 28

    Noise Gate Improvements


    The new ‘Threshold’ dial is looked at here that is part of the already existing ‘Noise Gate’ found in the ‘STRIP’ area of the Inspector and the MixConsole.

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    Tutorial 29

    VST Connect SE2


    Here, we’ll look at the introduced ‘Midi Recording’ feature found in VST Connect SE2.

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    Tutorial 30

    Loop Mash FX


    Finally, we’ll try out the effects found in the ‘Loop Mash FX’ effect on a drum track.

The Cubase 7.5 update brings a ton of new features and functions to Steinberg's powerhouse DAW. Let Cubase guru Mark Struthers take you through it all, step by step with this in-depth series of videos.

Mark starts with the user interface changes, new track management features, the improved Project Logical Editor, new Track Versions functions, Re-Record Mode, the EDM Toolbox, Instrument Racks, VST Quick Controls and much more.

Next, Mark dives into the latest version of HALion and showcases its new Trip Module. Groove Agent SE4 is then studied in detail, as well as its Beat Designer feature. Magneto 2 and Revelation are then revealed, and Mark also covers the enhanced Auto Hitpoint Detection feature in Cubase 7.5

The power packed collection of videos is rounded off with videos on Sync Tracks and Channel Visibility, Score Editor Changes, Noise Gate Improvements, VST Connect SE2, the way cool Loop Mash FX and much, much more!

If you're up to date with Cubase 7.5, this series is a must have to get the most from its new improvements, features and functions. Be a Cubase 7.5 master... watch "Cubase 7.5 Update Explained" today.


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1. When did you start dabbling in music?

Having a father with a recording studio and having played guitar since being a 14 year old kid, I quickly got into recording. But, the purchase of a Tascam 244 Portastudio was a breakthrough in realizing what I wanted to do.

2. What training have you had?

I taught myself to play guitar and keyboards and found it a remarkably calming and mathematical experience learning the rules of intervals within a scale and how they can take you to any chord.

3. When did you get into recording?

The purchase of the cassette based Tascam 244 lasted a fair few years until I moved up to a Roland VS880 which then linked in to building a purpose built commercial multimedia studio around 15 years ago mainly running Steinberg and Adobe software.

4. People you have worked with/for?

Thankfully, nobody famous enough to have an ego. Instead 100's of happy Joe Public clients.

5. Why are you so good at training people?

My degree is in English and Teaching and I was a grammar school teacher for over 10 years before changing direction and working solely from my studio. recording music and filming for clients.

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    Cubase 7.5 Update Explained

    The Cubase 7.5 update brings a ton of new features and functions to Steinberg's powerhouse DAW. Let Cubase guru Mark Struthers take you through it all, step by step with this in-depth series of videos.

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