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C-A-G-E-D Guitar System 1

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9 Videos | Length: 1hr 27min 24sec
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  • Chapter 1 9:11

    Chapter 1

    Ernie talks about the C-A-G-E-D system and how it's great for learning and mastering the fretboard.

  • Chapter 2 5:32

    Chapter 2

    In this video, Ernie talks about more exercises and how to verbally follow along with what you're playing to help you memorize what you're doing.

  • Chapter 3 7:49

    Chapter 3

    Ernie plays in A, and gives some great exercises to follow along with.

  • Chapter 4 6:55

    Chapter 4

    In this video, Ernie moves things to the E chord. He follows with some great routines and progressions that will help your relationship with everything we've learned so far.

  • Chapter 5 12:37

    Chapter 5

    Ernie moves around the neck a little bit showing some different chords.

  • Chapter 6 17:44

    Chapter 6

    Ernie moves up and down the neck continuing to speak aloud which chord you're playing, helping you remember each form and chord.

  • Chapter 7 8:52

    Chapter 7

    In this video, Ernie does the same thing only in a different key.

  • Chapter 8 17:41

    Chapter 8

    Ernie talks about passing chords, or connecting chords, and some of the rules behind playing these with each other.

  • Outro and Credits 1:03

    Outro and Credits

    Ernie plays us out as the credits roll.

Product Overview

If you think of the guitar fingerboard as unknown and remote territory, full of mystery and confusion, we have the road map and compass you need. The C-A-G-E-D System provides you with a complete understanding of the entire neck of the guitar so you can find your way around without ever getting lost again!

Guitarist Ernie Hawkins calls it "the Magic Key," and in this video series he lays out a clear and easy method for finding any chord, note or lick - in any key - anywhere on the fingerboard. He shows you how five basic chord shapes, moved up and down, can reveal all the scales, intervals and voicings you'll need to play any kind of music.

Ernie patiently and thoroughly provides hours worth of drills, exercises, practice tips and the basic theory necessary to help you understand the principles behind this important system. His amazing lesson teaches the fundamentals of how the guitar works in a clear, step-by-step way that will open your eyes, give you security and confidence, and forever change your guitar playing life.

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