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Arpeggio Power!

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10 Videos | Length: 1hr 9min 40sec
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  • Chapter 1 16:54

    Chapter 1

    Paul starts off by tuning, and talking about Arpeggios, and a little bit about the rest of the series.

  • Chapter 2 12:52

    Chapter 2

    Paul continues more on reaching different places on the neck, and how to apporach arpeggios.

  • Chapter 3 7:51

    Chapter 3

    In this video, Paul talks about Major 6th Arpeggios and how they're played.

  • Chapter 4 4:36

    Chapter 4

    Continuing with Arpeggios, Paul brings in the Minor 6th and shows you how to play them.

  • Chapter 5 3:42

    Chapter 5

    Paul shows you the Dominant 7th Arpeggio, and relates it to what you've learned so far.

  • Chapter 6 5:50

    Chapter 6

    Moving forward, Paul talks about the Major 7th arpeggio, and how you can get there from the last arpeggios you've learned in previous videos.

  • Chapter 7 2:05

    Chapter 7

    This video is all about Minor 7th Apreggios, Paul walks you through the different parts necessary to understand it all.

  • Chapter 8 2:48

    Chapter 8

    Moving forward, Paul gets into Diminished Arpeggios, and what they all contain.

  • Chapter 9 7:05

    Chapter 9

    Paul talks about E Minor 9, something related to the school of gypsy jazz guitar playing. Paul then talks about some tips and hints that will help you along your way with Arpeggios.

  • Chapter 10 5:57

    Chapter 10

    Paul introduces Adam who will be playing some accompaniment guitar, then he talks about Chords and Arpeggios together. Finally, Paul wraps things up with one final lesson, and talks about the importance of Arpeggios before a few final words before playing one last tune.

Product Overview

Arpeggios (chords played as individual notes) are an indispensable component of music and can become an invaluable tool in your musical bag of tricks. Paul Mehling has methodically created a program of drills and exercises that “connect the dots,” offering a disciplined approach to practicing for guaranteed results.

Paul starts you off with basic first-position chords, then works his way through increasingly more complex chord forms, from open position to closed shapes moving freely up the neck. He covers major, minor, 6th, dominant 7th, diminished, and other arpeggiated chord forms.

Throughout the lesson, Paul provides numerous tips and points of advice to help you build your playing chops and increase your familiarity with the guitar fretboard. You’ll learn to understand how each chord is built and how improvisation grows out of these exercises.

Guitarists at all levels will gain knowledge of the fingerboard, improve improvisational skills, and build left- and right-hand power and speed.

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