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Chapter 1 : First Look

  • image description 4:10

    Introduction & Overview

    Take a tour of the header info, Synth and Effects pages and their sections, and the Preview Ribbon.

  • image description 3:45

    Using Controls

    Discover the differences between faders, knobs, selectors and range controls. PC keyboard and scroll wheel tips included.

Chapter 2 : The Synth Page

  • image description 9:01

    Oscillators - Waveforms

    This video covers the selection area menu items for waves, transpose, octave, sync mode and grouping.

  • image description 5:51

    Oscillators - Shapers

    Take a look at how to shape a wave using the numerous available transformation parameters and route audio through the two filter busses.

  • image description 6:38

    Oscillators - Perform Mode

    Get a tour of the powerful pitch bend parameters and portamento mode. Analog parameters and the X-Y pad are explained as well.

  • image description 4:39

    Filter Types

    The filters types are explained and demonstrated. The filters types are explained and demonstrated. The cutoff and resonance filters are demonstrated.

  • image description 3:53

    Filter Controls

    Reso Boost and signal routing are covered. The Dual and Parallel settings are explained.

  • image description 6:15

    Envelope Generators

    The Envelope Generator section is explained. Amplifier and Pitch are demonstrated.

  • image description 6:35

    LFO Pt. 1

    The Low Frequency Oscillator (LFO) section is explained. This video covers all parameters and controls when using one of the two available waves.

  • image description 2:56

    LFO Pt. 2

    The addition of the second wave is explored. The modes to combine wave 1 and wave 2 are covered.

  • image description 6:12

    Modulation Matrix Pt. 1

    Get a tour on how to use Source, Range and Destination parameters to use an LFO and an EG for modulation.

  • image description 8:00

    Modulation Matrix Pt. 2

    This second video looks at Curve and Control menu items. Various routing possibilities are demonstrated using Curve and Control to affect the destination modulation.

Chapter 3 : The Arpeggiator

  • image description 5:54

    Algorithmic Mode

    This first video looks at the algorithmic patterns created by playing multiple notes. Octave, Sort, Sync, Speed, Mode, Velocity and Length are demonstrated along with the Groove features.

  • image description 6:10

    MIDI Mode

    This second video looks at the MIDI arpeggio and Gate patterns in Z3TA+ 2's collection. Export, import, and edit are demonstrated.

Chapter 4 : The Effects Page

  • image description 5:10


    Learn how to set up a filter per voice, all filters, or both. Modes and destinations are covered along with tone, gain and the Decimator.

  • image description 5:38


    Chorus, Flanger and Phaser are all available and explained. All the parameters are explained and demonstrated.

  • image description 4:26


    The Compressor threshold, ratio and gain are explained and the modes are demonstrated.

  • image description 6:02


    The Delay has three separate delays that work in series. Learn the modes, EQ, feedback and stereo placement.

  • image description 3:39


    The Reverb room modes, size, damping, EQ and level are demonstrated.

  • image description 3:52

    EQ & Simulator

    The modes for the 7 band equalizer are demonstrated as are the Simulator modes.

Chapter 5 : Working with Automation

  • image description 4:21


    This video covers recording and playing back Z3TA+ 2 parameters viaTrack Based Automation.

  • image description 8:58

    MIDI Learn

    The powerful MIDI learn features are covered. Mapping the controller, creating online and offline automation and play back are demonstrated.

Chapter 6 : User Waveforms and Menu items

  • image description 4:41

    User Waveforms & Program Menu

    Loading custom waveforms in the oscillator and LFO sections are covered. The Program menu items are covered as well.

  • image description 2:04

    Options Menu

    The Options menu items are covered in detail.

Product Overview

Presented by DAW master instructor Doug Zangar, this in-depth series about the powerful and awesome sounding Cakewalk Z3TA+2 will show the deepest features & functions of this amazing virtual synth.

Doug starts off with detailed overviews and basic control usage. He then dives into the Synth Page, demystifying all of its parameters such as oscillators, filter types and controls, envelopes, LFO's and the powerful Modulation Matrix. Next he explores the fantastic built-in Arpeggiator, the Effects Page and all of it's high quality effects. He wraps up the epic series with working with automation and user waveforms and menu items.

A more in depth series of videos on this virtual synth does not exist. If you really want to get the most from this beast, stop and tame it here... Watch "Z3TA+2 Explained" today.

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Z3TA+2 Explained® is rated 4.5 out of 5 by 1 .
Rated 4.0 out of 5 by from Z3TA+2 Explained I enjoyed this series of videos because they Clarified lots of features of Z3ta+2. Creating my own sounds will now be a little les daunting!
Date published: 2016-08-07
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