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Whats New in Pro Tools 10

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  • Introduction 1:32


    A brief look at where Pro Tools is right now.

  • Software Specification Enhancements 6:50

    Software Specification Enhancements

    A look at the increases to voice counts and other features.

  • Nomenclature Changes 3:13

    Nomenclature Changes

    See the unification of language used to simplify things between audio and video products.

  • Real-Time Fades 7:32

    Real-Time Fades

    A look at one of Pro Tools 10's premier new features.

  • Clip Based Gain (Basic) 11:25

    Clip Based Gain (Basic)

    See how we can now control volume levels on a clip by clip basis.

  • Clip Based Gain (Advanced) 5:17

    Clip Based Gain (Advanced)

    A deeper look at this new feature and how it integrates with existing volume automation.

  • Export Tracks as New Session 2:47

    Export Tracks as New Session

    Now there's a way to create new sessions from a limited selection of tracks.

  • Support for Interleaved Files 5:40

    Support for Interleaved Files

    Pro Tools can now accept interleaved files directly to the timeline.

  • 32 Bit Files & Mixed Bit Depths 3:27

    32 Bit Files & Mixed Bit Depths

    Not only does Pro Tools now read and write 32 bit files, but you can mix 16, 24 and 32 up in a session.

  • Mixed Audio Files Formats 4:41

    Mixed Audio Files Formats

    Like bit depths, you can now also mix up your audio file formats into the one session.

  • iTunes & SoundCloud 5:30

    iTunes & SoundCloud

    See how your bounced files can be sent to these two popular destinations in one click.

  • Clip Groups 3:24

    Clip Groups

    Learn about the additional feature added to the feature previously known as Region Groups.

  • Disk Cache Enhancements 5:56

    Disk Cache Enhancements

    See how the unused RAM in your computer can make Pro Tools speed up greatly.

  • AudioSuite Handles 6:35

    AudioSuite Handles

    Take a look at how you can now process files beyond the selected area.

  • AudioSuite Reverse Option 3:23

    AudioSuite Reverse Option

    See the shortcut on select plug-ins that does the work of three steps, with only one click.

  • Multiple AudioSuite Windows 2:54

    Multiple AudioSuite Windows

    See how AudioSuite windows can now behave like their real-time counterparts.

  • AudioSuite Preserves Fades 4:35

    AudioSuite Preserves Fades

    Learn that with some preparation, AudioSuite processing can leave underlying fade and automation data intact.

  • Bus Interrogation 4:59

    Bus Interrogation

    See this great new feature that can save you time by hunting down and identifying tracks that share the same busses or outputs.

  • New AAX Format & Plug-Ins 6:22

    New AAX Format & Plug-Ins

    Learn about the eventual successor to RTAS and TDM, as well as 2 of the 3 new AAX plug-ins included with Pro Tools 10.

  • The New Channel Strip Plug-In 7:24

    The New Channel Strip Plug-In

    Have an in-depth look at the new powerful AAX plug-in included with Pro Tools 10.

  • New Visual Mixing Features 5:22

    New Visual Mixing Features

    Learn about three visual additions to the Pro Tools Edit Window to increase workflow speed.

  • In-App Web Browser 3:02

    In-App Web Browser

    See how you can now access the internet from within the Pro Tools application to do a number of things, from downloading updates to browsing the user forums.

Product Overview

Pro Tools 10 is chock-full of new features and functions that will dramatically speed up your workflow and production time. Pro Tools guru Michael Costa takes you step-by-step through each new feature and function, in-depth, leaving no stone unturned.

Michael covers topics such as the new specs, menu name changes, Clip Based Gain, new export options, new supported file types and bit depths, iTunes & SoundCloud support, Clips Groups and Disk Cache Enhancements. He then goes deeper into all the new AudioSuite features, Bus Interrogation, the new AAX plug-in format, Channel Strip plug-in, visual mixing features and more!

If you need to know what's new in Pro Tools 10, this is the video series for you.

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