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Whats New in Pro Tools 10

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    Tutorial 1



    A brief look at where Pro Tools is right now.

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    Tutorial 2

    Software Specification Enhancements


    A look at the increases to voice counts and other features.

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    Tutorial 3

    Nomenclature Changes


    See the unification of language used to simplify things between audio and video products.

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    Tutorial 4

    Real-Time Fades


    A look at one of Pro Tools 10's premier new features.

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    Tutorial 5

    Clip Based Gain (Basic)


    See how we can now control volume levels on a clip by clip basis.

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    Tutorial 6

    Clip Based Gain (Advanced)


    A deeper look at this new feature and how it integrates with existing volume automation.

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    Tutorial 7

    Export Tracks as New Session


    Now there's a way to create new sessions from a limited selection of tracks.

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    Tutorial 8

    Support for Interleaved Files


    Pro Tools can now accept interleaved files directly to the timeline.

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    Tutorial 9

    32 Bit Files & Mixed Bit Depths


    Not only does Pro Tools now read and write 32 bit files, but you can mix 16, 24 and 32 up in a session.

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    Tutorial 10

    Mixed Audio Files Formats


    Like bit depths, you can now also mix up your audio file formats into the one session.

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    Tutorial 11

    iTunes & SoundCloud


    See how your bounced files can be sent to these two popular destinations in one click.

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    Tutorial 12

    Clip Groups


    Learn about the additional feature added to the feature previously known as Region Groups.

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    Tutorial 13

    Disk Cache Enhancements


    See how the unused RAM in your computer can make Pro Tools speed up greatly.

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    Tutorial 14

    AudioSuite Handles


    Take a look at how you can now process files beyond the selected area.

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    Tutorial 15

    AudioSuite Reverse Option


    See the shortcut on select plug-ins that does the work of three steps, with only one click.

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    Tutorial 16

    Multiple AudioSuite Windows


    See how AudioSuite windows can now behave like their real-time counterparts.

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    Tutorial 17

    AudioSuite Preserves Fades


    Learn that with some preparation, AudioSuite processing can leave underlying fade and automation data intact.

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    Tutorial 18

    Bus Interrogation


    See this great new feature that can save you time by hunting down and identifying tracks that share the same busses or outputs.

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    Tutorial 19

    New AAX Format & Plug-Ins


    Learn about the eventual successor to RTAS and TDM, as well as 2 of the 3 new AAX plug-ins included with Pro Tools 10.

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    Tutorial 20

    The New Channel Strip Plug-In


    Have an in-depth look at the new powerful AAX plug-in included with Pro Tools 10.

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    Tutorial 21

    New Visual Mixing Features


    Learn about three visual additions to the Pro Tools Edit Window to increase workflow speed.

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    Tutorial 22

    In-App Web Browser


    See how you can now access the internet from within the Pro Tools application to do a number of things, from downloading updates to browsing the user forums.

Pro Tools 10 is chock-full of new features and functions that will dramatically speed up your workflow and production time. Pro Tools guru Michael Costa takes you step-by-step through each new feature and function, in-depth, leaving no stone unturned.

Michael covers topics such as the new specs, menu name changes, Clip Based Gain, new export options, new supported file types and bit depths, iTunes & SoundCloud support, Clips Groups and Disk Cache Enhancements. He then goes deeper into all the new AudioSuite features, Bus Interrogation, the new AAX plug-in format, Channel Strip plug-in, visual mixing features and more!

If you need to know what's new in Pro Tools 10, this is the video series for you.

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The series serves as a good bridge into PT10

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1. When did you start dabbling in music?

I was classically trained in piano from the age of 7 and had a strong obsession with popular music right throughout my youth. I played keyboards in various rock bands in the mid 80's but found a pronounced leaning towards the technology and computer side of music as samplers and computers became more attainable in the late 80's.

2. What training have you had?

In 1989 I completed my Bachelor of Arts, majoring in Music Technology from La Trobe University in Melbourne, Australia. Much of my tech knowledge in those pre-internet days came from devouring issues of Keyboard, Mix and EM - monthly, without fail.

3. When did you get into recording?

I started getting into recording in 1984 with a Tascam 244 4-track cassette system. In 1989 I moved to a Digidesign Sound Tools II system - a true random access 2 track editor - and that was the beginning of a long association with Digidesign products. I married this hardware up to Opcode's Studio Vision for many years as well as getting in at the ground floor with Pro Tools v1 in 1991. I've been a Pro Tools user since then right up to the current day.

4. People you have worked with/for?

I've been lucky enough to work with a huge cross section of talent within the Australian music scene. Names like: INXS, Little River Band, John Farnham, Kasey Chambers and Richard Clapton. Plus music editing on breakout movies like Shine and Strictly Ballroom with Oscar nominated composer, David Hirschfelder.

5. Why are you so good at training people?

I think I'm good at training because I really love this stuff - I genuinely want to show people how cool these tools are. Even as a fully grown adult, I still find myself getting excited like a little kid about the magic we can do with our systems these days and wondering how far it can go in the years to come. I hope that enthusiasm is contagious!

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