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11 Videos | Length: 1hr 10min 40sec
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  • Get Going Fast 5:38

    Get Going Fast

    Russ shows you how to get up and running fast and play some sounds from the UVI Workstation.

  • Under the Hood 5:46

    Under the Hood

    See how to set-up MIDI, audio and all the other behind the scenes settings that will ensure everything is working just as it should.

  • Creating Your First Track 12:12

    Creating Your First Track

    In this video Russ shows you how to get UVI Workstation working in your DAW as a multichannel sound player using sounds, loops and effects.

  • Using Loops 7:46

    Using Loops

    Explore loading loops and working with them in UVI Workstation. By the end of this video you'll be able to load multiple loops and drag and drop MIDI and Audio.

  • Using Separate Outputs 2:54

    Using Separate Outputs

    Why settle for stereo when you have 32 channels of audio to play with. In this session find out how to route your audio to separate channels and then use your favorite plug-ins to process it.

  • Finding Sounds 5:54

    Finding Sounds

    Learn to find sound fast and audition them using all the options available - this lesson will make sure you never lose a sound again.

  • Expert Mode 4:57

    Expert Mode

    There's no better way to use UVI Workstation than in Expert Mode. Find out how to split, stack and send sounds to the outputs you need.

  • Power Loops 5:16

    Power Loops

    Russ shows how you can stack loops fast, add effects and create cool, complex loops. This is a must for those wanting to make hot beats.

  • The Arpeggiator 11:31

    The Arpeggiator

    The UVI Workstation arpeggiator is a powerful tool for those wanting to make rhythmic musical patterns. This extended video explains every part of this feature rich arpeggiator and gives users the tools to make some amazing patterns.

  • The Effects 6:35

    The Effects

    Learn to add sparkle, sheen, rumbling bass, squash, mangle and distort. All of this is possible if you know how to use the effects on parts, aux and master channels.

  • MIDI Learn 2:11

    MIDI Learn

    Map your favorite hardware controller to the UVI parts, it's easy to do - Russ shows you how in quick and easy video.

Product Overview

The UVI Workstation may be free, but it is one of the most powerful playback plug-ins ever created, working both in standalone mode and in all top DAWs. Synth and DAW master Russ Hughes shows you all you need to know to get it up and running fast, all in just a little over an hour.

Russ begins with setting up the UVI Workstation and looking "under the hood" at its design and architecture. Next he shows you how to create your first track in your DAW, using loops and separate outputs. Then Russ shows you how to use the browser to find sounds, reveals "Expert Mode", how to stack loops and add effects, use the powerful built-in arpeggiator and much more.

If you want to use the UVI Workstation in your productions, Russ shows you how in this awesome Jump Start series. Watch today.

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