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u-he Hive 2 Explained®

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19 Videos | Length: 2hr 22min 41sec
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  • Intro to Hive 2's Interface & Signal Flow 7:18

    Intro to Hive 2's Interface & Signal Flow

    In the first video, get an outline of Hive 2's functions and then go through the interface and its signal flow, plus learn about the implementation of modulation.

  • The Presets 5:57

    The Presets

    See how to select Presets, use Tags and the Hive 2 Directory, as well as how to audition XY Pad Modulation and save a Preset. Then discover how you can right click presets to send a preset to either the Junk bin or Favorites bin, as well as see Hive 2's organizational capabilities.

  • The Oscillators & Sub Oscillator 9:22

    The Oscillators & Sub Oscillator

    Now explore the main parameters of the Primary and Sub Oscillators including implementing PWM, Detuning, Stacking Voices and Layering the Oscillators to create tuned effects.

  • The Wavetables 8:27

    The Wavetables

    In this video, learn all about the Wavetable options in Hive 2, including how to select Wavetables and then move through the Frames using the Position Dial and Auto Modes, plus the Table Function and the various Interpolation Modes.

  • The Filters 7:04

    The Filters

    Watch and understand how Filter routing works in Hive 2, including Series and Parallel, plus Filter Modulation and the different Filter Modes.

  • The Synth Engine 5:18

    The Synth Engine

    In this video, Larry explains and explores Hive 2's different Synth Engines and compares the sonic differences between the three of them.

  • The Envelopes 4:17

    The Envelopes

    Now learn about the controls relating to the powerful Envelopes including the Trigger Modes and Velocity Expression.

  • The LFOs 6:54

    The LFOs

    Now go over Hive 2's LFOs and how you can trigger them in different ways using Bipolar and Unipolar Modulation, varying Waveform Shapes, Tempos and Phases.

  • Function Generators Pt. 1 8:12

    Function Generators Pt. 1

    Get an introduction the concept of Function Generators and their use in Eurorack modular synthesis. In this video see how to use Envelope Mode to create a simple low pass filtered modulating patch, by utilizing the Scope to monitor what is going on with the Modulation Signal. You'll then watch how to create a kick drum using the Envelope mode but with some extra complexity by using Still Mode to further push the sound using Reverb. Lastly see how to bend this sound even more by using various LFO Modulations.

  • Function Generators Pt. 2 8:43

    Function Generators Pt. 2

    Continue your look at Function Generators focussing on Function Generator 2, including the Fall and More options and how they relate to your Main Envelope. We then add some further modulation by calling on the Step Sequencer and again looping the Function Generator.

  • The Shape Sequencer 8:26

    The Shape Sequencer

    Learn all about the Shape Sequencer and how it's used to create Rhythmic Modulation of the Filter cutXoff. See how to change Segment Shape, Level, Curvature and the Ratchet amount to make truly unique sounds. Then explore the Trigger modes and other options to create variations of the performance of the Shape Sequencer. Lastly, learn how to modulate the Time Base to further add rhythmic interest to the sound.

  • The Keys Tab 4:34

    The Keys Tab

    Now discover the Keyboard Tab including what the Glide and Vibrato LFO parameters, Micro-Tuning, Pitch Bend do, as well as the Scale Quantize feature. Then see how to use this as a Modulation Target to create a cool effect.

  • The Modulation Matrix 10:31

    The Modulation Matrix

    Explore and see how to use the Modulation Matrix, including the Sources, Via's and Targets, and then go on to discover ways to alter the Modulation Source signals using the Curve, Rectify, Quantize, Sample & Hold, plus the Slew Limiter functions.

  • The Arpeggiator 8:15

    The Arpeggiator

    In this video watch how to set the internal BPM clock for the Arpeggiator and Sequencer, including an in-depth look at the parameters relating to the Arpeggiator. The different ways that you can alter the Arpeggiator settings and ultimately the groove are covered, allowing you to create interesting and dynamic variations.

  • The Sequencer 12:42

    The Sequencer

    See how to program sequences directly using the sequencer and the MIDI keyboard, including how to generate Modulation Signals that use the sequencer to control sequencer modulated parameters. How to use the different sequencer parameters to vary the nature of the sequence is also shown.

  • The XY Controller 9:58

    The XY Controller

    Now watch how to assign parameters to the 4 XY Controllers using custom assignments and assignment presets. You'll also learn about the XY Controller Modulation Matrix and its different View Options for displaying this information.

  • The FX Section 4:05

    The FX Section

    In this video learn about Hive 2's powerful FX, including how to re-order the FX modules to create custom presets, selecting FX presets and a brief listen to the FX in action!

  • The Scope 2:45

    The Scope

    Now look and learn about Hive 2's useful Scope to better visualize your sound, adding in Modulation Signals, Zooming In and also Freezing the Display.

  • Sound Design with Hive 2 9:53

    Sound Design with Hive 2

    In this final video, see how the various functions of the synth are combined to create an interesting modulating patch, made up of different layers with rhythmic and sustaining portions. Effects are then added to create a cinematic feel.

Product Overview

Synth guru Larry Holcombe presents in-depth tutorials on u-he's outstanding wavetable synth, Hive 2! Discover and learn all of its features and functions as well as how to create powerful sounds with this wonderful virtual synth. These videos are designed for new Hive 2 users.

Larry welcomes you and then gives an outline of Hive 2’s functions, going through the interface and its signal flow so you get a solid foundation on its layout, including how u-he implements modulation for the synth. Next you'll learn important preset management techniques for saving, recalling and utilizing Hive 2's cool Junk and Favorites bin options for customizing your patch organization experience.

Moving on, Larry gets to the heart of Hive 2, showing you in-detail all about its phenomenal Oscillators, Sub Oscillator, Wavetables, Frames, Filters, various Synth Engines, Envelopes and LFOs, so you can start to build your own dream synth patches. You'll also learn about Hive 2's Function Generators which allow for incredibly complex routings and modulations of your sound.

Other topics that are explained and explored are how to use Hive 2's Shape Sequencer, which is great for creating rhythmic, undulating sounds and wicked filtered tones and more. Larry then goes even deeper covering the Modulation Matrix, the Arpeggiator, Sequencer, XY Controller, the powerful FX section, as well as the enlightening Scope feature which gives important visual feedback when designing sound in Hive 2. Last but not least, Larry gives you a whole video dedicated to designing a patch from scratch using what you've learned in the video series.

To see what these high-quality u-he Hive 2 tutorials show you, and how they'll make your Hive 2 experience creative and enjoyable, see the individual Hive 2 video tutorial descriptions on this page. Become a Hive 2 synth wizard and conjure up your own signature synth sounds today... Watch “u-he Hive 2 Explained®” now.

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