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24 Videos | Length: 3hr 34min 7sec
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  • Introduction 8:48


    Let’s start off with an overview. We’ll take a look at the three panels, their main sections and the universal controls. Then we will wrap up the video going over some general workflow.

  • Oscillator Basics 10:41

    Oscillator Basics

    In the first oscillator video we’ll go over the five main sections. Then take a look at the oscillator’s basic parameters and Pitch Control.

  • Phase Modulation 12:18

    Phase Modulation

    Now on to the juicy stuff. Now let’s go over the basics of Phase Modulation. For this application we could also call it FM or Frequency Modulation. We’ll apply those ideas to Bazille’s interface.

  • Phase Distortion 8:40

    Phase Distortion

    Going even deeper, we are able to create even more complex wave forms with this type of synthesis. We’ll go over the simple interface and why it’s so powerful.

  • Fractal Resonance 7:46

    Fractal Resonance

    Here we have another really interesting way to manipulate wave forms. Again, a really simple interface that can be a very powerful sound design tool.

  • LFOs 16:15


    If you are familiar with Subtractive Synthesis you’ll feel right at home. But don’t think Bazille’s LFOs are simple because they are extremely flexible and powerful. We’ll go over all their parameters.

  • Filters 12:18


    There are four Filters available to us and the come with an enormous amount of options. Let’s take a look at what they’re all about.

  • Envelopes & Outputs 14:38

    Envelopes & Outputs

    Two staples in any type of synthesizer, there are more than just an ADSR and the routing options are almost endless. Really cool stuff here.

  • Processors 7:39


    Next let’s take a look at how Bazille incorporates some of the classic Modular signal processors.

  • MIDI & More 4:41

    MIDI & More

    Along with the Modulation options the MIDI and More Panel gives us the flexibility a Modular Synth can offer. We have both MIDI and Internal Control sources which can be patched to practically anything.

  • Multiplex 9:17


    This little Multiples is usually so simple it needs no explanation, right? one signal goes in and it’s split, or lot’s of signals go in and they are combined with a single output. Nope, not this guy. Let’s take a look at how this Multiples module does way more than just a simple split or mix.

  • Modulation Sequencer 19:29

    Modulation Sequencer

    What Modular System would be complete without some kind of step sequencer. Well, I say non. Bazille doesn’t disappoint. This video will be dedicated to the Mod Sequencer. We can control practically every parameter including Pitch.

  • Voice Control 16:40

    Voice Control

    Next, let’s move to the Tweaks and FX panel. We will start off with the utility parameters that come with every synth. Then go over a few unique options.

  • Mapping Generators 5:20

    Mapping Generators

    When you thought it couldn’t get any more customizable... it’s about to. The Oscillators aren’t giving you a complex enough wave form? Then draw in your own. The LFOs or Envelope Generators aren’t doing exactly what you want, then manually create your own.

  • Additional Parameters & Ramp 3:58

    Additional Parameters & Ramp

    Are four simple ADSR Envelope Generators and two filters enough? Nope. We have additional parameters for both and two Ramp Generators.

  • Distortion 8:26


    Now onto the toys. In this video let’s take a look at the many different ways we can color and add harmonics.

  •  Delay 5:53


    We’ll go over the classic delay parameters as well as some not to classic ones.

  • Phaser 2:46


    Scottie explores the phaser and all its parameters.

  • Spring Reverb 4:33

    Spring Reverb

    Scottie digs into the spring reverb and explains all its features and functions.

  • Patch Browser 5:32

    Patch Browser

    The next panel is all about presets. It’s a very nice layout and very simple to use. This video will show you everything you need to know about saving, recalling and organizing your sounds.

  • Performance 6:13


    Let’s go one step further. We will go over performing with Bazille. Specifically, using a MIDI controller to move parameters and MIDI Program Change messages to recall Patches while performing.

  • Kick & Bass 7:14

    Kick & Bass

    In the final few videos let’s reverse engineer a few pre made patches. In this video we will take a look at a drum and bass patch. Pitch modulation is key whenever creating synth Kick or Tom sounds.

  • Melody & Chord 7:58

    Melody & Chord

    Next let’s learn how modulation can create complexity both in the waveform and pitch. Movement is always key when creating big sounding synth patches.

  • SFX 7:04


    Finally space sounds. If you own a modular system, analog or plugin, at some point you will be making laser sounds. Here’s one I really like.

Product Overview

Synth master Scottie Dugan returns, this time covering the incredible modular virtual synth Bazille, by the synth gurus at u-he. This definitive series covers everything from beginning to end, including sound design examples that will show you the true power of Bazille!

Scottie starts with a detailed Overview covering the Main Sections and Controls. Next, Oscillator Basics are shown, followed by Phase Modulation, Distortion and Fractal Resonance explanations, including how to use them to shape sounds. LFOs, Filters, Envelopes and Processors are then examined, explained and demonstrated, giving you a solid working knowledge of these important Sonic Sculpting Tools.

MIDI Options are now revealed, and you'll see How to Assign and Control Bazille's Parameters with both Internal MIDI Commands and External Commands, from a MIDI / USB Control Surface. The powerful Step Sequencer is then shown, enabling you to Make Cool Sequences in no time. Scottie now focuses on Voice Control, Mapping Generators, Additional Parameters, Distortion, Delay, and Phaser effects.

Wrapping up the series, Scottie shows you how to get down and dirty using Bazille in a Live Performance, and then supplies you with videos on Different Sound Possibilities, including Kick Drums, Basses, Melody & Chord Patches, and Sound Effects.

If you've dreamed of getting into Modular Synthesis, Bazille is a great way to go. Learn this monster synth inside and out, and Start Creating Your Own Powerhouse Sounds, Effects and More... Watch "u-he Bazille Explained" today!

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