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Tracking Rock - Bass

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10 Videos | Length: 1hr 19min 6sec
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  • Introduction 4:08


    In this tutorial, Kenny goes over the piece of music that we're going to track Bass guitar to along with each step we will take in the following videos to create a finished part.

  • Setting Up DI and Amp 6:01

    Setting Up DI and Amp

    Kenny sets up our DI (Direct Box) and our Bass Amp to record simultaneously into our DAW. Proper wire diagrams are used along with differing wiring options.

  • Checking the Phase 5:44

    Checking the Phase

    Watch us Kenny shows you how to determine the phase or polarity between a DI (Direct Box) and the Amp signal. This is a major step in keeping our sound waves in line without reducing low end.

  • Proper Recording Levels and Meters 5:15

    Proper Recording Levels and Meters

    In this video, Kenny goes through the proper recording level when working with a DAW. It is important not to overload our front end which consists of our mic preamps and our line gain and other outboard gear.

  • Compression and EQ 17:48

    Compression and EQ

    Kenny shows you how to work with plug-ins to get our dynamics under control by using compression and our tonal balance using EQ. This is all done post-fader to avoid committing to any sound choices that couldn't be undone.

  • Bass Arrangement 11:25

    Bass Arrangement

    In this video, Kenny go discusses the importance of creating a part that not only provides great low end energy in our song, but also differs enough from other parts to stand out and provide points of interest throughout. The benefits of playing with fingers (as opposed to a pick) and choosing the lower octave whenever possible are also discussed.

  • Recording Bass and Punching 7:36

    Recording Bass and Punching

    In this tutorial, you learn how to record in Pro Tools and do proper punches, using non-destructive Quickpunch, and set up pre-roll and post-roll settings. Afterwards we clean up our punches using fades and trimming our punches after the fact.

  • Bass Amp Room 6:43

    Bass Amp Room

    The plug-in 'Bass Amp Room' by Softube was meant to be used whenever a Bass Amp is not used in order to simulate such an effect. But watch as Kenny shows us the benefit of using it with an amp to create other sonic options to mix with our other Bass tracks.

  • Bass Distortion 5:16

    Bass Distortion

    In this video, Kenny adds a distortion plug-in (SanSamp) to create some aggressive and saturated effects to change the midrange or top end of the bass and make the bass part more articulate and easier to hear in a dense mix.

  • Mixing the Bass, Bussing and Sidechain 9:10

    Mixing the Bass, Bussing and Sidechain

    In this final tutorial, Kenny shows you the benefit of using Side-Chain Compression on the Bass to let the Kick Drum cut thru and reduce the Bass Guitar for just a brief moment to provide clarity to both instruments at the same time.

Product Overview

Kenny Gioia returns with another installment of Tracking Rock, this time focusing on the lowest of frequencies, bass guitar. You'll see how to track bass guitar from top to bottom and everything in between.

Kenny starts with an introduction where he introduces you to the song and outlines the videos to come. Next, Kenny goes over setting up to record the bass guitar, covering both amps and direct boxes. Then, Kenny shows you how to check the phase to keep your sound waves in line without reducing your bottom end.

How to get proper recording levels are then explained, as well as how to apply compression and EQ to your bass sound. Arrangement tips are up next and Kenny discusses the pros and cons of playing with fingers and a pick. Tracking the actual bass part is then shown, and then Kenny uses some plug-ins to enhance the bass tone such as Bass Amp Room by Softube.

Applying distortion to the bass is then explored, to create more aggressive tones. Kenny wraps up the series with a great tutorial on how to mix the bass guitar in the song, utilizing a sidechain compressor, which allows the bass drum to cut through the bass guitar sound when it hits.

If you need to record bass guitar or are just getting into recording, this series will show you a proven method for tracking bass guitar and then mixing it in a song... Watch "Tracking Rock - Bass" today.

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