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Chapter 1 : Getting Started

  • S2 Intro 2:11

    S2 Intro

    Welcome to Superior Drummer 2. Get a brief explanation of what to expect from this in-depth series of videos.

  • S2 Installation 8:44

    S2 Installation

    Time to install Superior 2 on your system. This video gives you an example of how to do just that, with an explanation of the contents included with the DVD.

  • Register & Authorize 2:52

    Register & Authorize

    Now you need to register and authorize Superior 2. Here is an example of how to get to the ToonTrack website and what you need to do once you get there.

  • SDX Installation 4:05

    SDX Installation

    Got an expansion pack for Superior 2? In this video you'll learn how to install an SDX, and what the different installation options mean to you.

  • Sound Paths 6:16

    Sound Paths

    Next, a Sound Path will need to be established. This video will show you how to do that. In the Settings Window, you'll learn how to set new paths and use the different options found in the center section of the Settings Window.

  • Instrument Settings Pt. 1 4:07

    Instrument Settings Pt. 1

    In this video you'll learn more about the Settings Window, and what the options are in the top portion of the Settings Window.

  • Instrument Settings Pt. 2 2:58

    Instrument Settings Pt. 2

    More explanation of the Setting Window. See various ways to optimize your system for use with Superior Drummer 2.

Chapter 2 : Using S2 with your DAW

  • S2 with Garageband 3:50

    S2 with Garageband

    Use Garageband? Here you'll learn how to setup Superior 2 inside of Garageband, quickly and easily.

  • S2 with Logic 10:54

    S2 with Logic

    Working in Logic? Learn to instantiate Superior 2 within Logic. Also learn how to setup a stereo and multi-channel output for Superior 2.

  • S2 with Studio One 4:12

    S2 with Studio One

    Got Studio One from PreSonus? Learn how to get Superior 2 up and running quickly within Studio One. Want to use the Multi-Channel output for Superior? No problem - here you'll learn that as well.

  • S2 with Tracktion 8:30

    S2 with Tracktion

    Setting up Superior 2 in Tracktion from Mackie can be tricky if you're new to the software. Learn how to get a Stereo and Multi-Channel version of Superior running inside of Tracktion.

  • S2 with Ableton Live 9:09

    S2 with Ableton Live

    Slamming with Ableton Live? See how quick and easy it can be to get Superior 2 performing in both a Stereo and Multi-Channel output within Ableton Live.

  • S2 with Reaper 3:38

    S2 with Reaper

    Need Superior 2 to run Stereo or Multi-Channel out in Reaper? Watch this video to get going in no time!

  • S2 with Pro Tools 8:15

    S2 with Pro Tools

    Running a big production with Pro Tools in your studio? In this video you'll learn how to get Superior 2 running like a pro. Learn how to get both a Stereo out and Multi-Channel output routed.

Chapter 3 : Menus and Views

  • The Help Menu 5:12

    The Help Menu

    Stuck in a rut? Need Help? Learn about the Help menu in this video. Also learn where to go on the ToonTrack website, and what to do in the Support Portal and Forum.

  • Construction Window 3:44

    Construction Window

    Here is where you'll begin to learn about the different views you have to choose from while in the Construction Window. The Standard View will be covered first, and learning how to change instruments quickly is also covered.

  • The Classic View 4:18

    The Classic View

    Now it's time to show the second view option, The Classic View. This view should be familiar to users of the first Superior, but there are certain benefits to using this view. Learn those benefits in this video!

  • Choosing Multiple Libraries 7:21

    Choosing Multiple Libraries

    Learn how to choose from multiple libraries in the Library menu and how to utilize the Combined Presets menu.

  • The Construct Menu 6:20

    The Construct Menu

    The Construct Menu can be a very helpful place. Learn how to choose different kit presets, and how to create and save your own customized kits.

  • Brushes, Sticks & Rods 6:05

    Brushes, Sticks & Rods

    Want to use Brushes instead of Sticks? How about Rods? In this video you'll learn how to choose between the different options in the Tool Settings menu.

  • Optimize Your CPU 4:10

    Optimize Your CPU

    Need to optimize your system even more for use with Superior? This video will show you how to use the Memory and Status section to accomplish just that.

Chapter 4 : Mix and Layer

  • The EZ Mixer 10:05

    The EZ Mixer

    In the zone with your project and don't want to leave the Construction Window to get into the Mixer? Fear not… Learn how to use the EZ Mixer!

  • Voice & Layers 3:49

    Voice & Layers

    Learn how to use the Voice and Layer section in this video. You'll see the different layer limits, how to choose different instruments, all within this section.

  • The Instrument Section 4:47

    The Instrument Section

    Discover the functions of the Instrument Section. Need to choose a different instrument or articulation? Just watch this video.

  • Instrument Properties Pt. 1 7:59

    Instrument Properties Pt. 1

    Explore advanced instrument properties such as Attack, Decay, Sustain, Hold, and Release, which make up the Envelope Section in Superior 2. Learn about the Offset, Note On, Aftertouch, and Note Off options.

  • Instrument Properties Pt. 2 4:13

    Instrument Properties Pt. 2

    Want to know about the Pitch Knob and other options found in the Humanize Section? You'll get that info here…

Chapter 5 : Using X-Drums

  • X-Drum Pt. 1 8:45

    X-Drum Pt. 1

    The X-drum section takes drum programming to a whole new level. Learn how to create an X-Drum, and how to select from different libraries and tools.

  • X-Drum Pt. 2 4:12

    X-Drum Pt. 2

    The Microphone Assignment Section is where you can really have some fun with the X-Drums! Learn about the Columns and different colored Mics. Also explore how to reset and auto-assign your Mics.

  • X-Drum Pt. 3 5:17

    X-Drum Pt. 3

    Watch how to create a new Mic channel specifically for your X-Drum. Also learn about MIDI Mapping and how to pan Cymbals individually via the X-Drums.

Chapter 6 : The Mixer Window

  • Mixer Window Pt. 1 2:49

    Mixer Window Pt. 1

    Get a basic layout of the Mixer Window including the FX Inserts, Bus Send, and Bleed Control sections.

  • Mixer Window Pt. 2 5:14

    Mixer Window Pt. 2

    Learn how helpful the Channel Presets section can be for new and even advanced Users.

  • Mixer Window Pt. 3 1:51

    Mixer Window Pt. 3

    See a more detailed explanation of the FX Insert section. Learn how to choose a plug-in, drag a plug-in between channels, and how to bypass a plug-in.

Chapter 7 : Bussing and Blending

  • Sonalksis Plug-Ins 10:15

    Sonalksis Plug-Ins

    Explore all of the Sonalksis plug-ins included with Superior Drummer 2.

  • Get on the Bus 3:48

    Get on the Bus

    Need to bus a signal to another channel? Learn how to do that with this Bus Section video.

  • Make em Bleed! 5:52

    Make em Bleed!

    Get into the hyper-realistic world using the Bleed Control.

  • Phase & Fade 2:56

    Phase & Fade

    Learn about Phase Reversal and the Fade Control in addition to a quick re-cap of the Mixer Window.

Chapter 8 : The Groove Player

  • Groove Player Pt. 1 3:13

    Groove Player Pt. 1

    Need help getting started with your new tune? Let the Groove Player give you a head start.. Also see how to import your own custom grooves into the Groove Player.

  • Groove Player Pt. 2 10:08

    Groove Player Pt. 2

    Selecting and playing grooves are easy after watching this video! Learn about the Velocity Knob, and how to quickly change the timing of the grooves.

Chapter 9 : Mapping S2

  • Mapping Window Pt. 1 6:23

    Mapping Window Pt. 1

    Learn about the Keyboard, ARP Knob, and the 'Advanced Note and Node Preview Tool' in this video.

  • Mapping Window Pt. 2 4:44

    Mapping Window Pt. 2

    See how to choose between different instrument articulations, how to delete certain articulations, and how to teach S2 new MIDI Notes for your articulations.

  • Mapping Window Pt. 3 8:26

    Mapping Window Pt. 3

    Get an explanation of the Velocity Control Section and its functions such as Gate, Reset, and Reverse.

Chapter 10 : MIDI Nodes

  • MIDI Nodes Pt. 1 6:47

    MIDI Nodes Pt. 1

    Here you'll begin to learn about the MIDI Node section, how to stack instruments, and how to manipulate velocities for each member.

  • MIDI Nodes Pt. 2 7:06

    MIDI Nodes Pt. 2

    Want to know another way to create a MIDI Node? Want to know about the different colored Keys? Check out this video.

  • MIDI Nodes Pt. 3 2:42

    MIDI Nodes Pt. 3

    Learn about the Member Velocity Control section and how it's different from the Velocity Control found in the Instrument Section.

Chapter 11 : Bounce and Beat!

  • Bounce Window Pt. 1 3:54

    Bounce Window Pt. 1

    Get an explanation of all the functions of the Bounce Window, in addition to the various Bounce Options.

  • Bounce Window Pt. 2 9:22

    Bounce Window Pt. 2

    Need to Bounce your new tune or groove? Learn how to use the advanced Bounce options in this video.

  • Bust a Beat! 9:37

    Bust a Beat!

    See how to quickly create a song idea using the Groove Player.

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Rockin' Toontrack Superior Drummer 2? Want to know it inside and out? DAW mad scientist Scott Griggs is going to take you on a Superior Drummer 2 journey that covers it all from beginning to end.

Scott starts the S2.0 journey from the beginning showing you the basics, such as installation, registration, interface overviews, using it in the most popular DAWs, building kits, using X-Drums to more advanced topics such as using the Groove Player, mixing and effects, advanced mapping, multiple outputs, bouncing and much more.

If you use Superior Drummer 2, it's to your benefit to really know it inside and out, so you can work fast and get the best results. There are no other tutorial videos that go this in-depth into the amazing Toontrack Superior Drummer 2!

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