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  • Intro & Quick Start 8:54

    Intro & Quick Start

    In this first video, Thomas shows off the presets browser and the basic layout of the plug-in.

  • Main Section 8:52

    Main Section

    Explore the main section of the device and how the Depth control is used to dial in the sound you are looking for. Also learn the more advanced knobs like Sensitivity and Decay, both of which can modify the transient processing in spiff.

  • Frequency Graph 8:35

    Frequency Graph

    Discover the main frequency reduction section of the plugin and how the various EQ curves are used to select frequency ranges for the transient shaping.

  • Stereo & Mid-side Section 6:55

    Stereo & Mid-side Section

    Learn how the plugin can be used for rebalancing audio across the stereo spectrum. This can be practical for advanced creative processing and audio repair.

  • Output & Advanced Section 8:56

    Output & Advanced Section

    This video shows the advanced section of the device and how it affects the quality of the audio processing. Thomas also shows the output controls and their functions.

  • Emulating Tape Machines & Preamps 13:15

    Emulating Tape Machines & Preamps

    This video shows the transient shaping with the spiff plugin can be used to emulate softness of a vintage tape machine and the punchy mid-range clarity of a hardware preamp.

  • EQ-ing Sound with Transient Shaping 6:59

    EQ-ing Sound with Transient Shaping

    Learn how to use this plugin as a dynamic transient equalizer. This enables new ways of wrapping sounds around each other in a mix.

  • Vocal Processing 15:26

    Vocal Processing

    Thomas shows how to process a vocal just using spiff for transient shaping. This works as a way of additive compression that enables you to add a compressed tone to a voice without sacrificing dynamics of the original permanence.

Product Overview

Studio wizard Thomas Cochran presents comprehensive oeksound spiff video tutorials! A tool designed for surgical control of transients, spiff can help take your mix that extra step toward polished and professional-sounding, and these tutorials will teach you all you need to know about the plugin. Thomas takes you through the basics to get you up and running quickly and then demonstrates some more advanced techniques to show off what this plugin is truly capable of. These videos are new spiff users.

Thomas welcomes you and starts by explaining the interface and preset browser, so you can get started auditioning the plug right away. You'll learn what each section of the plugin does and where all the controls, such as Depth, Sensitivity, and Decay, are located as well as their function. Thomas then covers the frequency graph, which displays the EQ curves and allows you to select various ranges for processing.

Next, explore the Stereo and Mid-side sections of the plugin, both of which can be useful for lending balance to a mix and/or repairing problematic audio. Then learn about the Output and Advanced sections and how they allow you to determine the quality of the audio processing.

Throughout the rest of the course, you'll see several specific uses of the plugin, including how to emulate a tape machine or preamp, how to EQ a sound with transient shaping, and how to process vocals with an additive compression effect!

To see exactly what's contained in these in-depth spiff tutorials, and how they'll help you use spiff to quickly tame the troublesome transients in your mix, see the individual spiff video tutorial descriptions on this page. Don't settle for harsh, spiky transients in your productions ... watch “spiff Explained®” now!

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