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The Basics

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    Tutorial 1

    Interface Overview Pt. 1


    This video covers launching Soundtrack Pro and talks about the 5 panes; Project, Transport, left, right and lower. It also explores items in the Window menu.

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    Tutorial 2

    Interface Overview Pt. 2


    This video covers moving tabs, minimizing windows and layouts.

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    Tutorial 3

    The Toolbar


    This video shows how to customize the tools and explains all the buttons found in the toolbar.

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    Tutorial 4

    Timeline Editing Tools


    This video explores how to select and use the timeline editing tools.

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    Tutorial 5

    Timeline Project Properties


    This video explores the previous/next selection buttons and Project Controls located across the top of the Timeline.

Time and Space

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    Tutorial 6

    Global Timeline & Display


    This video explores the global timeline and the time display with its associated Time Ruler Units menu which is a sub-menu of View menu.

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    Tutorial 7

    Selection Bar & Cycle


    This video looks at making time slices with the selection bar and shows how to create and manipulate cycle regions.

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    Tutorial 8

    Track Headers Pt. 1


    This video shows the elements of track headers, the pop-up menu items and the redundant items found in the Multitrack menu.

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    Tutorial 9

    Track Headers Pt. 2


    This video looks at the audio input choices and how to use track header selection to modify and edit as a group.

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    Tutorial 10

    Time Based Track


    This video demonstrates how changing tempo affects the time location of a beat based item. It also shows how to make a track time based or beat based.

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    Tutorial 11

    Timeline Controls Pt. 1


    This video looks at the Master Envelopes and the Snapping button. It also explores the Snap to Value menu and the related items in the View menu.

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    Tutorial 12

    Timeline Controls Pt. 2


    This video looks at adjusting track height and the various ways to zoom in and out in the timeline. Key commands and the View menu are also shown.

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    Tutorial 13

    Project Pane Controls


    This video examines all the items in the bottom pane of Soundtrack Pro, where your transport controls are found.

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    Tutorial 14

    Key Command Navigation


    This video examines alternate ways to navigate using keyboard commands.

Working with Clips

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    Tutorial 15

    Spot & Select Clips


    This video demonstrates spotting clips from the search tab and ways of selecting single and multiple clips.

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    Tutorial 16

    Moving Clips


    This video demonstrates various ways to move clips around the timeline.

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    Tutorial 17

    Copy, Cut & Join Clips


    This video demonstrates various ways to copy, cut or split and join clips.

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    Tutorial 18

    Resize Clips


    This video shows how to resize clips with the Clip Resize Pointer, trimming and changing offset via slip.

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    Tutorial 19

    Using Fades


    This video covers applying and modifying fade ins, outs and cross fades on a clip.

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    Tutorial 20

    Clip Shortcuts


    This video covers most of the shortcut items found in the clip shortcut menu and a few in the main Clip menu.

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    Tutorial 21

    STAP Editor Overview


    This video shows how to open up a clip as a STAP. Features and techniques including selection and markers are explored.

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    Tutorial 22

    Using Scripts


    This video shows how to create, save, find, manage and use scripts on audio clips.

Markers and Tabs

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    Tutorial 23

    Using Markers


    This video demonstrates creating, spotting and editing four marker types. It also covers score markers and score marker to playhead.

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    Tutorial 24

    Video, Project & Details Tabs


    This video covers the features of the Video and Project tabs and how video information is revealed in the Details tab.

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    Tutorial 25

    The Details Tab


    This video examines the Details Tab and explains the information it reveals.

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    Tutorial 26

    The Effects Tab


    This video examines the Effects Tab, looking at adding and deleting effects and manipulating their parameters.

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    Tutorial 27

    The Tracks Tab


    This video examines the Tracks Tab features of Mixer Objects, Groups and the channel strip.

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    Tutorial 28

    The Analysis Tab


    This video examines the Analysis Tab, discussing the types and parameters. It also shows editing some clicks.

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    Tutorial 29

    The Actions Tab


    This video examines the Actions Tab and covers the shortcut and action menu items.

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    Tutorial 30

    Meters & Recording Tabs


    This video demonstrates and explains how the features of the Meters and Recording tabs work.

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    Tutorial 31

    Browser & Favorites Tabs


    This video demonstrates and explains how the features and functions of the Browser tab and Favorites tab work.

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    Tutorial 32

    The Search Tab


    This video explains the various features of the search tab and shows how to find the key of the project and a audio loop.

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    Tutorial 33

    File Editor Tab Pt. 1


    This video covers the link with timeline feature, as well as the tools and views of the file editor tab.

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    Tutorial 34

    File Editor Tab Pt. 2


    This video covers making selections, snapping and searching zero crossings.

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    Tutorial 35

    Multitake Editor Tab


    This video covers creating and editing a multitake clip in the Multitake Editor tab.

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    Tutorial 36

    The Mixer Tab


    This video looks at the Mixer tab interface and audio flow. It shows redundancies with the Tracks tab and the track headers.

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    Tutorial 37

    The Bin Tab


    This video shows the features of the Bin Tab. How to navigate the hierarchy and manage the Bin are also explored.

Sound Repair and Correction

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    Tutorial 38

    Noise Reduction


    This video how use the Noise Reduction interface. Setting the noise print and going through the noise reduction process are shown.

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    Tutorial 39

    Removing P Pops


    This video goes through the settings of the Frequency Spectrum. A plosive (p pop) is removed from a VO.

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    Tutorial 40

    Ambient Noise


    This video shows how to set an ambient noise print and looks at 'Replace With' and 'Add Ambient Noise functions'.

STP Preferences

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    Tutorial 41

    General Prefs


    This video goes through all the general preference settings.

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    Tutorial 42

    Project Prefs


    This video goes through all the project preference settings.

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    Tutorial 43

    Rec, Sync, Control & Video Prefs


    This video goes through all the Recording, Synchronization, Control Surfaces and Video preferences.

Logic, Final Cut and STP

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    Tutorial 44

    Logic Round Trip


    This video shows the round trip for an audio file from Logic to Soundtrack Pro and back to Logic.

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    Tutorial 45

    Final Cut to STP


    This video goes over the method of exporting a project from Final Cut Pro to Soundtrack Pro and then working on an older and newer version of the project using Conform to relocate audio clips. The features of Conform are also explained.

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    Tutorial 46

    FCP Audio to STP


    This video shows two methods of sending audio to STP: Soundtrack Pro Audio File Project and Soundtrack Pro Script.

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    Tutorial 47

    FCP to STP Roundtrip


    This video shows sending to a STP multitrack project and exporting the edited project from STP back to the FCP project.

STP Workflow

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    Tutorial 48

    Track Setup


    This video shows how to create, name, and color tracks and submixes. Routing tracks to submixes is also shown.

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    Tutorial 49

    Markers & VO


    This video shows how to create markers on the fly, name them and spot VO clips in the timeline.

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    Tutorial 50

    Spotting FX


    This video shows multiple methods of spotting FX in the timeline. The Multipoint Video HUD is demonstrated. Mix automation is also shown.

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    Tutorial 51

    Working with Music Pt. 1


    This video shows how to create an independent audio file that is not an apple loop that one can then time stretch.

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    Tutorial 52

    Working with Music Pt. 2


    This video shows setting up the project tempo for bringing in music clips using the score play head to marker technique. Music clips are then added.

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    Tutorial 53

    Working with Music Pt. 3


    This video deals with making Apple Loops fit the video. Copying, trimming, transposing and adding extra beats are demonstrated.

Mix and Export

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    Tutorial 54

    Cleaning up VO


    This video shows using the Stamp Tool, the Pitch Shifter plug-in and Normalize. It explains setting volume with envelope points and demonstrates Latch and Touch automation modes.

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    Tutorial 55

    Mixing in STP


    This video shows basic mix techniques of volume and pan. It shows creating a bus for reverb effect and using sub-mixes to adjust the mix.

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    Tutorial 56

    Export Your Masterpiece


    This video shows how to set automation envelopes to prepare the mix for export. It explains menu choices in the export window and shows muting/soloing of tracks and using the cycle region to customize an exported audio file.

Presented by Apple Certified Logic Trainer Doug Zangar, this is the definitive guide to Apple's Soundtrack Pro 3. If you're new to Soundtrack Pro 3, pull up a seat, sit down and get ready to learn this powerhouse editing application inside and out.

Doug really goes deep in his presentation of Apple's Soundtrack Pro 3, covering all the basics and advanced topics such as interface overviews, navigating the timeline, working with clips, editing, using fades, noise reduction, exchanging sessions and files with Logic and Final Cut Pro, mixing and exporting and so much more.

If you're new to Soundtrack Pro 3 or just want to further your operational knowledge, take a trip with Doug Zangar down the expansive Soundtrack Pro highway. He'll make sure you don't get lost and arrive safe and sound!


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1. When did you start dabbling in music?

I started playing a bit of guitar and piano in the mid-60’s as a small child. Nothing really stuck until my first electric guitar and ensuing garage band in high school. By my last year of high school I was studying jazz guitar and the music bug had bitten.

2. What training have you had?

I went on to get a BFA in music (magna cum laude) from Cornish College of the Arts, emphasizing jazz guitar. Faculty at that time included Gary Peacock, Art Lande and Marius Nordal. I also completed the Pacific Northwest Film Scoring Program, where I studied with Hummie Mann. Additionally, I have become a certified trainer for Apple’s Logic Pro software on versions 6, 7, and 8.

3. When did you get into recording?

My first home recording gear was purchased in the mid ‘80s. It consisted of a Tascam Porta One and a Roland 505 drum machine. By the late 80’s the Atari 1040 ST and Logic’s predecessor, Notator 2.0 were purchased. Digital audio didn’t arrive at the home studio until the early ‘90’s, with Digidesign’s Session 8.

4. People you have worked with/for?

My professional career has included working with Pavarotti, Vic Damone and Diahann Carroll. I have written music for commercials on television and radio and scored independent films. Studio work includes performing on as well as arranging and producing many CD projects. I have also helped many Seattle area musicians work with Logic.

5. Why are you so good at training people?

I draw from my formal education, 4 years of running the Seattle Logic User Group, over 20 years of teaching music at the community college level and 30 years real-world experience working in the music business to give you a lot of insights and tips and tricks on how to use Logic to help create and refine your work.

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