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Chapter 1 : Chord Patterns

  • Standard Chord Library 4:32

    Standard Chord Library

    Get a review of all the chord qualities that will be used as the building blocks for various chord progressions.

  • Strong Chord Progressions 7:32

    Strong Chord Progressions

    Learn how root movement and shared common tones can make a chord progression strong by suggesting a strong tonal center.

  • Strong & Weak Progressions 5:32

    Strong & Weak Progressions

    See how weak chord progressions, where no tonal center is suggested, can be combined with strong chord progressions to provide contrast and excitement to a song.

  • Adding Color to Progressions 10:13

    Adding Color to Progressions

    Explore some ways of adding variety to simple progressions by using pedal tones, inversion, and harmonic displacement.

  • Passing Chords & Bass Movement 6:36

    Passing Chords & Bass Movement

    See how using diatonic or chromatic bass movement, either ascending or descending, can generate some nice contour and shape to your overall chord progression.

  • Cadences & Precadences 8:26

    Cadences & Precadences

    Explore some different harmonic patterns that are used as alternates to standard cadences.

  • Chord Progression Toolbox Pt. 1 7:42

    Chord Progression Toolbox Pt. 1

    Develop a repertoire of standard “go to” chord progressions that are useful as jumping off points for your own compositions.

  • Chord Progression Toolbox Pt. 2 7:07

    Chord Progression Toolbox Pt. 2

    Develop a repertoire of standard “go to” chord progressions that are useful as jumping off points for your own compositions.

  • Analysis 9:33


    Discover how simple repeated chord patterns have been used as the foundation for some of history’s most loved pop tunes.

Chapter 2 : Melody

  • Melody/Harmony Relationships 8:40

    Melody/Harmony Relationships

    Discover the unique qualities different chord or scale tones have over different types of underlying chords.

  • Melodic Rhythm & Meter 8:41

    Melodic Rhythm & Meter

    See how the placement of melodic phrases in relation to the beats in the bar and the chord changes affects the overall sense of melodic structure and order.

  • Tips for Writing Melodies 10:10

    Tips for Writing Melodies

    Discover some tried and proven principles to consider when writing your own melodies.

Chapter 3 : Song Structure

  • The Pre Chorus & Bridge 7:52

    The Pre Chorus & Bridge

    See how a pre chorus and a bridge can be used to add variety and intensity to your song’s structure.

  • Form & Structure 7:18

    Form & Structure

    Learn about some of the many common song forms such as the ways of linking together the different song sections.

  • Hooks 5:09


    Explore some of the ways to integrate hooks into your songwriting and song production.

  • Intros & Endings 8:24

    Intros & Endings

    Discover some harmonic possibilities for introductions and endings to your songs.

Chapter 4 : Get Your Creative Juices Flowing

  • Stimulate Your Creativity 7:40

    Stimulate Your Creativity

    See how to experiment with some different exercises to stimulate new ideas and push you in directions you might not otherwise have gone in.

  • Collaborate! 10:00


    Explore some of the ways the creative process can be enhanced through collaboration with other musicians and signers.

  • Light a Candle & Write a Song 9:43

    Light a Candle & Write a Song

    Another example of how collaboration can lead to a wealth of creative ideas and directions not necessarily originally intended.

  • Cut Me to the Bone 14:41

    Cut Me to the Bone

    Watch as a song is born, complete with lyrics, a vocal and an instrumental hook, and some rawkin’ guitar!

Product Overview

Eli's back with another awesome music theory based series! In this collection Eli reveals the mechanics and creativeness behind modern songwriting. Learn popular chord sequences and cadences as well as analyze the chord progressions of some of the most famous songs ever written.

Eli starts by diving deep into the various chord patterns used to write songs, showing you strong and weak progressions, how to add color to your progressions, and gives you a chord progression toolbox which can be used as great starting points when creating a new song. Eli then shows you some chord patterns that have been used as the foundation for some of history's most loved pop tunes, and then covers the importance of melody, song structure, ways to get creative when writing and much more.

Take your songwriting skills to the next level... Checkout "Songwriting Theory Explained" today.

NOTE: You should have a solid foundation in the skills taught in Music Theory Explained

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