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Sonalksis Plug-Ins Explained®

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23 Videos | Length: 2hr 55min 10sec
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  • Intro & Common Controls 3:52

    Intro & Common Controls

    In this tutorial Michael gives an introduction to the Sonalksis plug-ins, as well as an overview of the common controls found in all of the plug-ins.

  • SV-517 Mk.2 EQ Controls 12:54

    SV-517 Mk.2 EQ Controls

    Michael shows how to use this versatile parametric EQ by exploring every knob and switch.

  • The SV-517 Mk.2 EQ in Action 4:42

    The SV-517 Mk.2 EQ in Action

    Hear this beast of an EQ in action with particular emphasis on the versatility of the shelving options.

  • SV-315 Mk.2 Compressor Controls 14:56

    SV-315 Mk.2 Compressor Controls

    Learn all the controls and intricacies of this very versatile dynamics plug-in in depth.

  • The SV-315 Mk.2 Compressor in Action 10:07

    The SV-315 Mk.2 Compressor in Action

    Hear a variety of shapes that can be created by using all of the various options and controls on a drum track within this compressor.

  • SV-719 Mk.2 Gate Controls 8:57

    SV-719 Mk.2 Gate Controls

    In this video Michael explores the interface of this multifaceted gate/expander. Learn about all of the controls as well as the various options this plug-in offers.

  • SV-719 Mk.2 Gate in Action Pt. 1 9:37

    SV-719 Mk.2 Gate in Action Pt. 1

    Discover the vast control you have over gating by utilizing the many controls of this plug-in on a raw drum mix. Michael demonstrates using the gate, expander, the side-chain options and more.

  • SV-719 Mk.2 Gate in Action Pt. 2 7:07

    SV-719 Mk.2 Gate in Action Pt. 2

    Michael shows you how to use an external signal to trigger the ducking of our source. Through his examples you'll hear how this differs from doing the same process with a compressor.

  • MaxLimit Controls 7:26

    MaxLimit Controls

    Michael explores all of the controls and options of this single-band limiter.

  • The MaxLimit in Action 5:38

    The MaxLimit in Action

    Using this limiter on a drum loop, you'll hear all the options the plug-in offers from loud and crunchy to silky smooth.

  • The MultiLimit Controls 6:48

    The MultiLimit Controls

    Explore the interface of this great multi-band limiter. Michael will show how the addition of 5 independent bands distinguishes this plug-in from its single band sibling.

  • MultiLimit in Action 7:21

    MultiLimit in Action

    In this tutorial Michael puts the MultiLimit plug-in to work, including how you can manipulate bands separately to push the limiter in different ways.

  • The StereoTools Controls 12:00

    The StereoTools Controls

    Learn the interface and options of this clever full featured tool for manipulating left, right and width of our stereo signals.

  • StereoTools in Action 3:30

    StereoTools in Action

    In this tutorial Michael demonstrates using the plug-in on a stereo mix. You'll hear the width of our demo track expand without adding ugly phase shifting artifacts.

  • The CQ1 Controls 8:33

    The CQ1 Controls

    In this tutorial Michael explores the interface of the CQ1 multi-band dynamics plug-in. You'll learn all of the controls and options including the side-chain filter control, how to link the 4 bands and the various options that can be adjusted.

  • CQ1 in Action 7:31

    CQ1 in Action

    Here, you'll hear how the CQ1 can make music move in different tonal directions based on its dynamics and use of the may controls this plug-in offers.

  • The DQ1 Controls 4:47

    The DQ1 Controls

    Explore the interface of the DQ1 dynamic EQ and learn how it differs from the CQ1.

  • DQ1 in Action 3:42

    DQ1 in Action

    Here, you'll see this dynamic EQ at work. Michael will demonstrate how the DQ1's independent high & low thresholds give you amazing control over our track's dynamics.

  • Ultimate-D 6:19


    Explore the interface of this dithering plug-in and how the use of 'real language' in the interface can de-mystify the dithering process as a whole.

  • Uber Compressor 12:04

    Uber Compressor

    In this tutorial Michael shows you how this compressor can bring some amazing punch and aggression to your tracks by using the plug-in's controls.

  • Creative Filter 5:36

    Creative Filter

    Michael explores the broad range of roll-offs that can be achieved with this analog sounding filter plug-in.

  • Digital Grimebox 7:52

    Digital Grimebox

    This sonic decimator is capable of providing all the grunge and noise you could ever ask for. Watch as Michael goes through the interface and modes of this plug-in.

  • Free-G 3:51


    Watch Michael explore all of the controls of this free plug-in that can be placed over any channel or bus to control level & pan.

Product Overview

Studio wiz Michael Costa is back with a new series all about the Sonalksis suite of audio processing plug-ins. Follow along as Michael goes through each plug-in one by one, covering each plug-in's interface as well as "in action" videos demonstrating each plug-in at work.

Michael starts off with an introduction to the series and the common controls found in most of the plug-ins. Michael then tackles each plug-in individually, exploring in detail every knob, switch and option available. Next, Michael shows each plug-in being put to work, utilizing each plug-in's various controls and of course, doing a little experimentation.

If you use Sonalksis plug-ins, this series is a no-brainer. Get high quality training for your high quality plug-ins with a low learning curve that will pay off big time... Get "Sonalksis Plug-Ins Explained" today.

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