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SampleTank In Action

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21 Videos | Length: 2hr 27min 28sec
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  • Intro & Set Up 6:08

    Intro & Set Up

    Learn how to re-link up the sound library from a new location, customize the colors of the interface, and get a quick overview of the main Sample Tank architecture.

  • Working with Drums 5:26

    Working with Drums

    Explore how to navigate through the instruments, load a drum set into the first part, record in a beat, and set the polyphony and part volume.

  • Editing Drum Zones 6:38

    Editing Drum Zones

    See how to isolate the different zones of the drum kit and apply pitch and formant shifting to them individually using the IK Multimedia STRETCH algorithm.

  • Layering Bass Sounds 7:43

    Layering Bass Sounds

    Discover how to reassign the MIDI channels on different parts to create a layered bass sound and use pitch shifting to fatten up the blend.

  • Envelope 1 & Macro Parameters 8:08

    Envelope 1 & Macro Parameters

    See how some of the Envelope 1 and Macro parameters can be used to shape the amplitude of a synth patch over time.

  • Saving Instruments 6:56

    Saving Instruments

    Learn to do a bit of housekeeping and save all the user presets of the sounds we've modified so far, and store user keywords with them so that they can easily be recalled.

  • The Filter 7:30

    The Filter

    Discover how the three different filter modes in SampleTank work and how they can be used to help sculpt a sound by carving away some of the frequency range.

  • Envelope 2 Parameter 7:15

    Envelope 2 Parameter

    Explore how the Envelope 2 parameters can be used to creatively shape the effect of both the filter and pitch over time.

  • Split & Layered Brass 6:12

    Split & Layered Brass

    Learn how to use the "Range" mode to create splits and layers.

  • Synced Panning 8:24

    Synced Panning

    See how to use the LFO 2 parameter to shape and sync panning as well as filter and pitch to the tempo of your host sequencer.

  • Syncing Loops to Tempo 5:57

    Syncing Loops to Tempo

    Learn how the Part Sync button works to automatically sync loops to the host tempo.

  • Part Effects 6:02

    Part Effects

    Discover how to use the Part Effects mode of SampleTank's effects processing section to apply effects uniquely to a single part of the multi-timbral combination.

  • Automation 4:36


    Learn how to use SampleTank's simple and elegant automation table to assign MIDI CC numbers with any parameters you want to make available to automate.

  • Locking Effects 6:43

    Locking Effects

    See how to add a guitar part and use the Effects Lock feature as a means of auditioning different user presets with the same effects chain.

  • Importing Sounds 8:17

    Importing Sounds

    Learn how to import and map raw sounds as well as SampleCell ll instruments.

  • Portamento 8:52


    Discover how to use the portamento settings along with SampleTank's Legato Mode to create musical pitch scoops as well as learn how to add a velocity based offset to the filter settings.

  • Round Trip 5:07

    Round Trip

    See how to create a short loop from some of the SampleTank parts we have been assembling, and then import it back in as a new instrument.

  • Working the Tank 10:04

    Working the Tank

    Using the new loop created in the last video, Eli creates a part with it and modifies it using a combination of techniques looked at throughout the series.

  • Multiple Outputs 6:47

    Multiple Outputs

    See how to set up SampleTank to route parts to discreet outputs and setup a multiple output instance of SampleTank in Logic to address the new output routing.

  • Standalone & IAC Mode (Mac Only) 8:33

    Standalone & IAC Mode (Mac Only)

    Learn how to set up SampleTank as a stand alone instrument to be triggered by Logic via IAC mode.

  • Final Mix 6:10

    Final Mix

    Discover how to use the Send section of SampleTank's effects to add reverb to a few of the parts and give a final complete listen through to the full mix.

Product Overview

Presented by music software expert Eli Krantzberg and officially approved by IK Multimedia, this in-depth series starts from the ground up and gets you going with IK Multimedia SampleTank fast.

You'll also learn about SampleTank's more advanced features and functions such as zone editing, STRETCH mode, automation, filters, envelopes, effects, multi-outs, standalone mode and much more. If you use SampleTank for your productions you must see this collection... Your productions and tracks will be glad you did.

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