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Remixing in Logic Pro X

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  • Introduction - Listening to the Original 5:08

    Introduction - Listening to the Original

    In this series Jeremy will be using Logic Pro X to show you the thought process behind the remix, including techniques and methods with Logic’s stock instruments and effects, including sound design and arrangement tricks to bring life to your remixes. In this first video, we examine the original song and make decisions on what direction we are going to proceed in relation to key, tempo, genre and overall feel.

  • Adjusting the Tempo 11:18

    Adjusting the Tempo

    In this video Jeremy maps out the rough outline of the song using the acapella and the original version for timing information. Jeremy also adjusts the timing to our desired tempo and utilizes Logic’s Flex Time function to adjust our source material.

  • Adding Markers 7:33

    Adding Markers

    The simplicity of markers and the marker tracks is shown to create a virtual birds eye view roadmap to help us imagine and create the parts for our remix.

  • Kick and Snare Pt. 1 5:34

    Kick and Snare Pt. 1

    Using Logic’s EX24 instrument, we lay the foundation and establish our groove, starting with drum programming.

  • Kick and Snare Pt. 2 7:28

    Kick and Snare Pt. 2

    Continuing with our drums, Jeremy gets into the editor section of the EXS24, and does some further layering and tweaking of our drum samples.

  • Adding the 808 10:48

    Adding the 808

    The sound of the 808 kick drum is synonymous with so many styles of urban and pop production. Here Jeremy uses Ultrabeat to create a pitched 808 drum sound that will be our bassline for the track.

  • Adding Hi-Hats 7:33

    Adding Hi-Hats

    Now Jeremy examines how to program a complex hi hat pattern using various swing quantize parameters, adjusting the grid parameters, and also using step input programming in the midi editor to program otherwise virtually unplayable parts.

  • Making the Drum Roll 13:15

    Making the Drum Roll

    Utilizing Ultrabeat once more, Jeremy explores a few hidden features and tricks in the interface that allows us to create a complex drum roll with timing and pitch changes.

  • Making Sweeps and Risers Pt. 1 11:37

    Making Sweeps and Risers Pt. 1

    A very popular transition effect, the white noise sweep sound is designed from scratch using the ESP synth, various effects and automation.

  • Making Sweeps and Risers Pt. 2 9:23

    Making Sweeps and Risers Pt. 2

    Jeremy continues with our riser transition effect made with our ES2 synth, more automation and plugins, and a cool gating effect using a trigger input and a noise gate.

  • Mix As You Go Pt. 1 12:44

    Mix As You Go Pt. 1

    Here Jeremy starts the process of shaping our sounds that we have so far, including limiting, eq, overdrive and compression choices. Jeremy also examines the master buss chain and the importance of metering on your master.

  • Mix As You Go Pt. 2 7:19

    Mix As You Go Pt. 2

    Jeremy continues by adding send effects like delays and reverbs, and focuses on the overall mix blend of the drums and effects together.

  • Layering Synths Pt. 1 11:20

    Layering Synths Pt. 1

    Now Jeremy begins assembling the building blocks of our synth backdrop, focusing on the low end using pads and stabs to set the foundation to match the drum and bass programming. We will be using the ES2, as well Amp Designer and Logic’s new midi fx plugin, Arpeggiator. Again with the mix as you go philosophy, Jeremy uses plugins to help shape the sounds sonically as we compose.

  • Layering Synths Pt. 2 11:25

    Layering Synths Pt. 2

    After we have the foundation synths, we will take a look at filling out the rest of the frequency range with lead sounds, arps and counter melodies to bring movement to the arrangement from section to section. EXS24, Sculpture and the Vintage B3 are featured in this video.

  • Starting the Arrangement 12:58

    Starting the Arrangement

    In this video, Jeremy takes a birds eye view of all the elements we have created , and using the marker track we made earlier, construct the framework around the acapella to make our remix or essentially our 're-production' not just sound like a clutter of new loops and phrases, but actually play like a song.

  • Finishing the Arrangement 8:34

    Finishing the Arrangement

    Jeremy goes through a few more in depth arrangement editing, and examines the song in sections and focus on transitions.

  • A Few More Sounds Pt. 1 11:38

    A Few More Sounds Pt. 1

    The finishing touches now becomes our focus, as we add spicey percussion elements to remix using the ESX24 sampler stock sounds.

  • A Few More Sounds Pt. 2 4:07

    A Few More Sounds Pt. 2

    In this video Jeremy takes a look at another new Logic instrument, Retro Synth, and add the last bit of flavor to our track.

  • Making the Approval Mix Pt. 1 11:52

    Making the Approval Mix Pt. 1

    At this point you will have realized that we have been quietly 'mixing' as we were going along, using plugins for sound design and for keeping various elements working together musically and sonically. There are many in depth tutorials made specifically on mixing alone, so instead we will focus on making what we call an 'approval' mix. An approval mix is what you’re going to need to send (usually on a deadline) for a record label, artist manager, publisher etc to hear for them to green light your remix, often times to make last minute changes or suggestions before the final cut. We are going to walk through some tips and tricks to making your approval mix pack enough punch to win over your client.

  • Making the Approval Mix Pt. 2 15:12

    Making the Approval Mix Pt. 2

    A few last minute effects, including the seldom used Multipressor plug-in to shape our elements an complete our approval mix. And that’s a wrap!

Product Overview

Super producer Jeremy Harding has worked with Rihanna, Sean Paul, Chaka Khan, Ashanti, Beenie Man, Ciara, Sinead O'Connor and many others, bringing his style and grace to their productions and arrangements. Sit down with Jeremy and watch him work, turning an acapella into a full blown remix using nothing but the built in features and plug-ins found in Logic Pro X!

Jeremy begins by welcoming you and explains what you can expect from the series. Even though it's shot with Logic Pro X, you can easily apply the information to any DAW. Jeremy plays you the original mix and discusses what the remix should accomplish regarding tempo, genre and feel. Jeremy then dives in and takes the acapella provided by the record label and adjusts its tempo using Logic's FlexTime. The song is then mapped out and markers are created for each section of the song.

Jeremy then builds up the remix starting with the drums, programming the beats and adding fills and rolls. Sweeps and Risers are then created to add movement between the sections of the song, and some basic mixing is demonstrated so you have a good idea of what it will sound like when finished. Jeremy now adds synth parts, layering them for a lush and full sound.

The arrangement is then focused on and Jeremy shows you his techniques for building it up and making it exciting, keeping the listener engaged. More sounds are added for the finishing touch, such as percussion and more synth sounds featuring Logic Pro X's Retro Synth. Jeremy wraps up the series by showing you how to finish up the mix by adding EQ and Mulit-Band compression and more.

If you've wanted to know what the process of remixing a song from scratch entails, this series is worth its weight in gold. Jeremy gives you all the ins and outs, as well as info on what not to do when crafting a remix from an acapella... Watch "Remixing in Logic Pro X" today!

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