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Reason Tutorial

Reason 5 Explained®

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44 Videos | Length: 4hr 2min 31sec
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Chapter 1 : Getting Started

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    Quick explanation of what to expect from the Reason 5 Explained series.

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    Reason Installation

    See how and where you should install Reason 5 to your computer.

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    Registration & Setup

    See how to enter your serial number, authorization code, and register online easily.

Chapter 2 : Your Preferences

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    General Preferences

    Learn what tweaks you can make to help Reason run smoothly on your system.

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    Audio Preferences

    See how to dial in your sound card settings in Reason for optimal performance.

  • image description 3:58

    Keyboard & Control Surfaces

    Learn to setup your MIDI keyboard and or controller to work properly with Reason so you can begin to record.

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    Advanced Preferences

    Explore configuring and using external MIDI gear with Reason 5.

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    Computer Keyboard Preferences

    Learn how to customize your computer keyboard with Reason 5 to operate best for you.

Chapter 3 : Getting Comfortable with Reason

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    Open, Close, Create, & Save

    Learn the important basic Reason 5 song management functions.

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    Rack Overview

    Discover how to adjust the different Rack views and how to add devices and more.

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    The Sequencer Pt. 1

    Learn about the different modes of the Reason 5 sequencer, as well as its tools and what they can do for you.

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    The Sequencer Pt. 2

    See what the Track List area has in store for you. Learn about lanes, tracks and get a quick introduction to Lane Automation.

  • image description 2:27

    The Sequencer Pt. 3

    Discover the Edit and Arrange pane found in the sequencer area. The playhead, loop points, and snap function will play an important part of your song writing process.

  • image description 8:18

    The Transport Panel Pt. 1

    See how to control Reason 5 from the Transport Panel and how to change tempo, engage the click track, and read the indicators and more.

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    The Transport Panel Pt. 2

    Watch how to automate different things in Reason 5 including Tempo and how to use your Transport Track to automate various parameters.

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    Monitoring Your Audio

    Explore the Reason 5 Hardware Interface and how to use the Audio I/O, Big Meter, and Advanced MIDI view options.

Chapter 4 : Starting Your Musical Journey

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    Makin Some Noise

    See how to create an instrument and or effect, learn basic routing so you can run your devices into the mixer and more.

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    Recording MIDI

    Discover the basics of recording and playing back MIDI data in Reason 5.

  • image description 3:16

    Recording Automation

    Explore how to record automation for volume fades, pans and other parameters.

  • image description 2:58

    Loop Recording

    Learn how to make more than one pass over a recording using the Loop Recording feature.

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    Copy Pattern to Track

    Explore how to get those complicated patterns from a pattern based device into the main sequencer window so you can further edit them.

  • image description 2:36

    Copy Loop to Track

    Discover how to edit Rex files in the main sequencer window after utilizing the Copy Loop to Track function.

  • image description 9:30

    The Browser

    See how to find that certain instrument or effect using Reason's powerful browser functions.

  • image description 3:17

    Creating an Instrument

    Go deeper in to the instrument creation process and see what you need to do to get that exact instrument you were looking for.

  • image description 4:18

    Explore, Save & Load Patches

    Once you create that awesome sound, you'll want to save it for future use. Watch and learn how in this video.

  • image description 3:04

    Initialize Patch

    When you begin creating those instruments from scratch, you'll want to start with a clean slate. This video shows you how.

  • image description 5:45

    Basic Routing

    Discover all the different possibilities when routing things in Reason. LEarn the important basics first.

Chapter 5 : Devices

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    Spider Merger & Splitter

    Discover how to get creative with the advanced routing options offered by the Spider Merger and Splitter dives in Reason.

  • image description 6:55

    The Synths

    Learn about the different synths that Reason offers, and what each is about, and get inspired as you hear some the sounds they can make.

  • image description 8:38

    The Samplers

    The samplers in Reason are excellent for pro's and beginners alike. In this video you'll learn what a sampler is and how to get it working for your applications.

  • image description 14:47

    Dr. OctoRex

    New to Reason 5, learn the geography of the Dr OctoRex and how to import REX files into it and export them out.

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    Although this is a golden oldie, the ReDrum sill holds its own when it comes to pattern based percussion. Learn the geography of this amazing unit and how to manipulate parameters such as pitch, length and start points and more.

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    Another new addition to Reason 5, the Kong device offers a wide range of sample playback possibilities. Learn all about the unit and the effects that can be used within it.

  • image description 8:59

    Nurse n Nano

    With the introduction of Kong comes a few new tools within the device; Nurse Rex and the NN-Nano Sampler. These two units units give you have the ability to sample, re-sample, load REX files and manipulate all type of parameters. Watch how.

Chapter 6 : Live Sampling Is Easy

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    Easy Sampling

    Reason 5 offers the ability to sample live sounds on the fly. Learn which units are capable of this new function in addition to how to use the sample edit window.

  • image description 4:24


    Explore how to route your device so that you can properly re-sample your instrument to make a whole new sound.

Chapter 7 : Doing Your Own Thing

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    The Combinator

    Once you've created your own instrument from scratch you might want to combine all the elements used for that instrument. Learn how to do this process with the Combinator device.

  • image description 9:42

    The ReGroove Mixer

    Learn all about the ReGroove Mixer and how to create some variations of your idea using its features and functions.

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    Watch and become a master of the powerful arpeggiation tool found within Reason 5, creating out of this world keyboard parts.

  • image description 6:02

    The Matrix

    See how Reason's Matrix device offers you the ability to create patterns quickly and easily, similar to the old ReBirth software sequencer.

  • image description 6:22

    Spider CV Merger

    See how to manipulate all types of parameters on other devices via the Spider CV Merger. You'll get an introduction on how to make some exciting vibes and sound based on this expressive tool.

Chapter 8 : ReWire

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    ReWire into Logic

    For those times when you might want to mix your new masterpiece in Logic, you'll need to ReWire Reason to do so. This video walks you through the process of getting those awesome Reason sounds into Logic.

  • image description 8:10

    ReWire into Pro Tools

    Learn a couple of different ways to get Reason rewired into your Pro Tools session quickly and easily.

Chapter 9 : The End

  • image description 7:12

    Wrap it Up

    In this video you'll see how the Blocks function works in addition to some of the other topics covered in past videos. See and hear how you can reassemble your existing song to come up with a totally new montage of sound.

Product Overview

If you're new to Reason 5, this is the ultimate guide to get up and running and making music! DAW mad man Scott Griggs takes you step by step from the beginning, all the way to making your first track.

Scott teaches you the beginner the important basics such as installation, registration, authorization, audio setup and configuration, and then goes into song management, rack and sequencer overviews as well as recording and playing back MIDI, automation, routing, device and instrument overviews and so much more.

If you want to incorporate the powerful Reason 5 into your production arsenal and are not sure how to use it, start here and learn it right from the beginning. Scott will have you running Reason 5 like a veteran in no time. Get Reason 5 Explained today.

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Reason 5 Explained® is rated 4.9 out of 5 by 7 .
Rated 4.0 out of 5 by from Voice is an acquired taste, but once it's acquired... I actually left my first couple videos, but I hadn't really explored the RPG-8 or Matrix, so I had to dig in. Once I got over the voice (which does sound forced, like he's not really being serious), I was blown away. Anyone starting on Reason 10 or 11 should come back to some fundamentals in order to keep things simple.... like the dude's voice.
Date published: 2019-12-09
Rated 5.0 out of 5 by from Reason 10 user that wanted to learn about Reason's early days Reason 5 didn't have the SSL mixer yet. Everything had to be done in the rack using Mixer 14:2, Line Mixer 6:2, and the Spider mixer & splitters. There is beginner emphasis on SubTractor, Thor, Malstrom, and the samplers, drum machines. Having already watched several of the Reason 10 videos there was a lot of material I didn't need to watch in the Reason 5 but there was still enough material to make the purchase worth while IMO. The country accent of the presenter may be a turn off to some but the presented material is well organized but somewhat elementary at times. I probably wouldn't have purchased this video if it hadn't been discounted. Since most of the devices still work in Reason 10 I'm very satisfied with my purchase. But the Reason 10 videos are excellent but move much faster.
Date published: 2019-04-13
Rated 5.0 out of 5 by from The Perfect Introduction to Reason 5 Tutorials don’t get much better than this. Covers everything you need to know to get up & running in Reason 5, and everything here applies to those instruments & effects which appear in newer versions of the application. The videos are succinct and informative with just enough real world examples to put it all in context. Highly recommended.
Date published: 2019-03-19
Rated 5.0 out of 5 by from Another excellent video even though its an much earlier version Scott is a wonderful instructor he main gold is to explain items with simple ease and example you can not go wrong with groove3 tutorial videos. A quality and standard thats is seconds to none.
Date published: 2018-02-16
Rated 5.0 out of 5 by from Very Hopeful This helped me to remember because I haven't used Reason in awhile.
Date published: 2017-11-04
Rated 5.0 out of 5 by from Great Great Great very powerful really Great one
Date published: 2017-08-18
Rated 5.0 out of 5 by from SUPER VOICE FUN TO LISTEN TO
Date published: 2017-04-29
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