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Reaper Advanced - SWS Extensions

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12 Videos | Length: 3hr 7min 29sec
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  • Installation & the Basics 8:18

    Installation & the Basics

    In this tutorial, Kenny runs through the installation and basics of using the SWS Extensions with Reaper.

  • SWS Zooming 16:43

    SWS Zooming

    Learn how to take advantage of the powerful zooming actions and workflow using the SWS Extensions with Reaper.

  • Command Parameters 16:01

    Command Parameters

    The Command Parameters dialog box adds features to Reaper that's easy to overlook. Learn the power of this device in this tutorial.

  • The Label Processor 9:18

    The Label Processor

    While naming our media items seems like a pretty inane task, using the Label Processor to re-name for organizational purposes can really speed up your workflow as it can be done simply and automatically.

  • The ReaConsole 13:43

    The ReaConsole

    The ReaConsole can be one of the more intimidating features of the SWS Extensions but after watching this video, you'll be using its powerful feature set on a daily basis like a pro.

  • Color Management 16:15

    Color Management

    Using colors in Reaper gets a lot more powerful when combined with the SWS Extensions. The ability to Auto-Color our tracks based on name or function can prove to be invaluable.

  • Snapshots Pt. 1 13:28

    Snapshots Pt. 1

    Snapshots are clearly the most powerful feature in this set. Learn how to create and use these for mixing, importing and sharing all of your favorite settings. This is a must watch.

  • Snapshots Pt. 2 14:21

    Snapshots Pt. 2

    The Snapshots feature set was a bit too big to be contained in one tutorial. Watch Kenny continue to show you all about this great addition to Reaper.

  • The Cue Buss Generator 18:22

    The Cue Buss Generator

    While the Cue Buss Generator seems like a one trick pony, it can do more than you might realize. In this tutorial you'll learn how to use this function for making Effects Returns, Parallel Processing, Headphone Mixes and Submixes.

  • Multiple Project Management 17:02

    Multiple Project Management

    In this tutorial Kenny shows us how to manage multiple projects at once for trying out alternate arrangements, versions and relating similar projects to each other for sharing tracks, media items, FX settings and mix parameters.

  • Fill Gaps 20:48

    Fill Gaps

    Drum Editing - In this video you'll learn how to quantize and time-stretch multiple mic'd drum kits using the Fill Gaps feature for making seamless edits in your productions.

  • LFO Generator & Envelope Processor 23:10

    LFO Generator & Envelope Processor

    One of the missing features in Reaper has always been the ability to modulate and dynamically alter our envelopes. The LFO Generator changes all that and you'll learn how powerful this feature really is.

Product Overview

Do you want to supercharge Reaper? Well, Reaper master Kenny Gioia shows you how in this awesome series on adding and using the powerful and free, SWS Extension set. You'll be able to do things faster and more efficient as well as things you could never do before!

Kenny begins by demystifying this sometimes hard to understand and setup feature set. He then shows you the enhancements such as SWS Zooming, the Command Parameters dialog box and the ReaConsole feature. Then he moves onto cool Color Management options, the powerful Snapshots feature and Cue Buss Generator. He wraps up the series with Multiple Project Management options, the "Fill Gaps" drum editing feature and finally the new LFO Generator & Envelope Processor features.

If you use Reaper, this excellent extension set by Standing Water Studios is a no brainer. Install it today and then watch Kenny explain it all to you so you get the most from it... Checkout "Reaper Advanced-SWS Extensions" today!

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