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  • Introduction 9:27


    Kenny introduces Reaper 4 and gives you a general overview of how things work and what he'll be going over in the coming videos.

  • New Project & Templates 14:14

    New Project & Templates

    Learn how to create new projects in Reaper and to also take advantage of Reaper's Project Template features.

  • Tracks & The Track Manager 15:18

    Tracks & The Track Manager

    Explore making new tracks, adding colors, and the functions of the Track Control Panel are all fully described, as well as managing tracks in the Track Manager.

  • The Routing Matrix 16:33

    The Routing Matrix

    Learn all about the Routing Matrix and how it behaves like a virtual patch bay for your projects in Reaper.

  • The Media Explorer 9:56

    The Media Explorer

    Explore the Media Explorer and how to import media into our Project using it's functions.

  • The Project Media Bay 19:06

    The Project Media Bay

    Discover managing your projects using the Project Bay, which includes Source Media and Media Items used in our Project.

  • Recording in Reaper 11:19

    Recording in Reaper

    Learn all about Recording directly into Reaper 4. All recording modes, monitoring options and input settings are covered, including auto-punch.

  • Editing in Reaper 13:31

    Editing in Reaper

    See how to edit Media Items in Reaper 4. Duplicating, Copying, Pasting and Looping are all covered extensively.

  • The Grid & Snapping 18:04

    The Grid & Snapping

    Explore working with a grid and snapping your Media Items, Cursors, and Time Selections to that Grid along with Markers and Regions.

  • Fades & Crossfades 14:34

    Fades & Crossfades

    Discover how to create Fades and Crossfades in Reaper 4, including all shapes, sizes and automatic applications.

  • Using Sends 16:18

    Using Sends

    Learn how to use Sends to create busses for separate mixes, effect configurations and multiple destinations.

  • Plug-Ins & Effects 13:17

    Plug-Ins & Effects

    See how to use plug-ins and effects in Reaper 4. From creating and saving Chains, to using Input FX and the Project Bay, it's all in here.

  • Using Folders 9:54

    Using Folders

    Explore using Folders to combine similar tracks for bussing, FX and organization purposes.

  • Track Grouping 18:46

    Track Grouping

    Discover how to take advantage of Track Grouping in Reaper 4. From masters, to slaves and everything in between, including creating special groups that feature specific parameters.

  • Track Templates 5:03

    Track Templates

    Learn how to use the Track Template features in Reaper to add pre-set up tracks with and without audio into other established Projects.

  • Ripple Editing 7:38

    Ripple Editing

    Explore the use and uses of Ripple Editing for both 'track at a time', and 'all tracks'.

  • Item Grouping 8:36

    Item Grouping

    See how to group many media items and treating them as one item, including managing them in the Project Bay.

  • Media Item Properties 25:22

    Media Item Properties

    Discover the many extended features of the Media Item Properties window. Every parameter is covered and uncovered.

  • Item (Take) FX 8:38

    Item (Take) FX

    One of the most powerful features in Reaper 4 is its ability to apply FX directly to specific Media Items. In this video, we show you how and why.

  • Locking 11:33


    See the importance of Locking elements in Reaper and how to do it on a parameter by parameter basis.

  • Using MIDI 32:45

    Using MIDI

    Learn to explore and create instrument tracks as well as edit and transform MIDI data into a finished product.

  • Using Automation 27:57

    Using Automation

    Reaper's Automation features are extensive. Discover the uses of Envelopes and the many modes used in automating our music.

  • Using Toolbars 18:25

    Using Toolbars

    Explore the power of using Toolbars. From customizing the main toolbar to creating special job specific Toolbars are all covered.

  • Consolidate & Export 6:31

    Consolidate & Export

    Learn how to consolidate your Reaper 4 files so they can be exported into any other DAW program for complete compatibility.

  • Mixing Down & Stems 22:22

    Mixing Down & Stems

    Discover how to create final mixes and render stems for finished output and final product purposes.

  • Markers & Regions 12:28

    Markers & Regions

    Explore markers and regions and uncover the power of re-arranging our productions with their features. Managing regions with the Region Manager is also featured.

  • Using Dockers 10:14

    Using Dockers

    One of the newest features in Reaper 4 is the ability to have multiple Dockers which surround our screen and allow us to work the way we want. Learn how to use them here.

  • Shortcuts, Menus & Actions 22:26

    Shortcuts, Menus & Actions

    The true power of Reaper is its ability to customize almost everything in the program. See how to take advantage of that almost infinite power, here.

  • Takes & Comping 14:14

    Takes & Comping

    Watch how to record many takes of a performance, organize those takes and compile Comps of the best pieces. Reaper's newest features are explored here.

  • Mouse Modifiers 11:21

    Mouse Modifiers

    Going along with the idea that we can customize anything, Reaper 4 allows us to decide what every single mouse click, drag or double click does. See how to make the most of it.

  • Themes & Layouts 9:10

    Themes & Layouts

    Learn how to switch the many Reaper themes, tweak them to your heart's delight, and take advantage of the power of WALTER! See how to use different track layouts for specific purposes and to further customize your work environment.

Product Overview

Kenny Gioia is back covering Cockos latest revision of Reaper! Reaper 4 has many new features and functions, as well as workflows. Don't worry though, "Reaper 4 Explained" covers it all from top to bottom, teaching you what you need to know to use Reaper 4 like a pro.

Kenny starts his in-depth coverage off with an introduction, project creation, templates, track management and window overviews. He then goes deeper covering recording, routing, editing, using folders, plug-ins, automation, rendering and exporting, MIDI, markers, mixing down and much, much more.

Reaper is now a full featured DAW being used by more and more people everyday. If you use Reaper 4 or want to start using it, this is the series to watch... Get "Reaper 4 Explained" today!

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