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Producing Voiceovers with Logic

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  • Introduction 7:35


    Explains some of the differences between dynamic and condenser microphones, as well as the relative merits and drawbacks of the different sizes and pickup patterns available.

  • Project Setup 12:15

    Project Setup

    Looks at specific project settings and preferences that will be useful for the voice over recording task we will be undertaking.

  • Recording with Effects 9:32

    Recording with Effects

    Learn about the different ways to have your talent monitor software effects while recording so that they are either monitored only, or printed to a file.

  • More Project Settings 5:37

    More Project Settings

    Looks at setting up a headphone send, and look at pre-fader metering and punch on the fly for this project.

  • The Music 8:14

    The Music

    See how to set the tempo to match the tempo of the pre-recorded music bed we'll be using, in case we need to do any music editing later in the project.

  • Sound Isolation 4:29

    Sound Isolation

    A brief look at sound isolation possibilities and the importance of mic placement as a means towards achieving a clean sound.

  • Setting Levels 5:04

    Setting Levels

    With the talent in the studio, we'll set levels and demonstrate some of the effects of mic placement.

  • Recording! 6:02


    Watch the process of the voice over talent being recorded, reading through the text of the ad.

  • Punching-In 8:51


    See how to replace some of the flubbed lines using both Auto-Punch mode, and Punch On The Fly mode.

  • Another Read 5:44

    Another Read

    See the voice over talent read through the script again, this time with music underneath, in order to get an alternate performance from him and to provide additional choices in case we need them.

  • Creative License! 4:18

    Creative License!

    See how one line of the text is taken and by using cycle record mode, experiment with some character voices on top of an apple loop.

  • Organizing the Takes 7:43

    Organizing the Takes

    See how to backup and organize as well as use the Strip Silence function to remove the empty spaces during the recordings - in order to get them ready for auditioning.

  • Creating a Composite Take 9:00

    Creating a Composite Take

    Listen back to the main read through, select the best takes, and separate them onto their own track.

  • Placing & Editing the Text 10:24

    Placing & Editing the Text

    Watch how to place the text alongside the music to get a rough timing; and then make some cuts to get it down to approximately one minute in length.

  • Heads & Tails 8:04

    Heads & Tails

    In this video we'll trim the heads and tails of each dialogue region, and select one of the creative takes John did on the single line we isolated previously.

  • Processing the Dialogue 8:32

    Processing the Dialogue

    See how to split another phrase onto a separate track for future processing, and apply basic EQ and compression to the main dialogue track.

  • Sweetening 8:39


    Learn how to create some special effects for the isolated lines of dialogue, and create a break in the music.

  • More Sweetening 9:11

    More Sweetening

    See how to place a tempo change in the timeline, and create an Apple Loop from a segment of the music bed to follow the new tempo.

  • Mixing 9:26


    Discover how to create volume automation as well as process some destructive gain change in the Sample Edit Window.

  • Creating a Doughnut 5:55

    Creating a Doughnut

    In this video we'll create a second version of the ad that has a large hole in the middle of the dialogue; so that it can be recycled and updated by the client in the future with various seasonal promotions or other replacement text.

  • Bounce Down 9:18

    Bounce Down

    In this video we'll add a subtle amount of a mastering plug-in on the mix bus, and render the final versions of the mixes for different delivery formats.

  • Problem & Solution 6:49

    Problem & Solution

    We discover a small last minute problem - and a creative solution!

  • Summary 9:49


    Listen through the two completed versions, and recap all the steps that we've gone through from the beginning until completion.

Product Overview

Presented by Apple Logic Certified Pro Eli Krantzberg, this collection of Logic 8 & 9 compatible video tutorials will show you how to make professional voiceover productions for commercials, advertisements and more.

Starting with a blank session, Eli takes you step by step from the beginning and shows you how to prepare, record, edit, mix and master a quality voiceover spot for a radio advertisement. If you want to expand your studio services to include voiceover work, this collection will be your best investment.

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