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Producing Modern Country

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21 Videos | Length: 4hr 37min 18sec
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Chapter 1 : Getting Started

  • Introduction 4:19


    DrFord welcomes you and lets you know what to expect from the series. The final mastered product is showcased.

  • Overview 15:42


    This video runs down the contents of the finished product and details audio / visual setup and preferences to maximize your workflow and productivity.

  • Setting Up the Song 10:48

    Setting Up the Song

    Starting with an empty session, a pre-recorded 'scratch guitar' is used to place markers and set our arrangement. The session is then prepared for multi-track recording live drums (off-camera).

Chapter 2 : Multi-Track Drum Editing and Mixing

  • Editing Drums 19:17

    Editing Drums

    Learn DrFord's method for 'quantizing' multi-tracked drums to the grid without loosing feel or creating 'out of phase' problems.

  • Mixing Drums Pt. 1 17:06

    Mixing Drums Pt. 1

    DrFord shows you the importance of the 80hz high-pass filter, talks about the basics of compression and types of compressors, and begins the mixing process for the live drums on kick, snare, and live claps.

  • Mixing Drums Pt. 2 12:44

    Mixing Drums Pt. 2

    DrFord mixes the hi-hat, stereo overhead mic’s and toms. Two special reverbs are set up just for the drums.

  • Mixing Drums Pt. 3 7:07

    Mixing Drums Pt. 3

    Bus compression is added to the live drum group, several effects are 'printed' with bus routing to save processor power, and our drum section is visually 'cleaned up' in preparation for recording bass guitar.

Chapter 3 : Instruments

  • Bass Guitar 15:30

    Bass Guitar

    DrFord edits, and mixes the direct input (D.I.) bass guitar.

  • Rhythm Guitar 11:36

    Rhythm Guitar

    DrFord edits and mixes the multi-tracked Les Paul Custom electric guitar through a Genz Benz Black Pearl amplifier, playing the backing riff and chorus parts.

  • Lead Guitar 18:31

    Lead Guitar

    DrFord edits and mixes the multi-tracked G&L semi-hollow Telecaster Electric guitar through a Genz Benz Black Pearl amplifier, playing the stage rhythm and lead guitar parts.

  • Organ & Fiddle 13:28

    Organ & Fiddle

    DrFord records and mixes the genre specific 'Country' instruments.

Chapter 4 : Vocals

  • Vocal Tracking & Theory 12:29

    Vocal Tracking & Theory

    DrFord reveals the secrets to professional sounding vocals by divulging the custom 'Expanded Country Scale', and gives a brief introduction to the 'Nashville Number System'.

  • S.T.E.P. (Tuning) 12:08

    S.T.E.P. (Tuning)

    Using the 'Expanded Country Scale' and Melodyne Editor, vocals are properly tuned to maintain Country performance bends, flips, and vocal tricks without 'Auto-Tune' like sound artifacts.

  • S.T.E.P. (Vocal Editing) 7:32

    S.T.E.P. (Vocal Editing)

    Post-tuned vocals are now timing adjusted for feel, and sections are composited together to create the best possible total performance.

  • S.T.E.P. (Sibilance & Plosives) 9:05

    S.T.E.P. (Sibilance & Plosives)

    DrFord shows you how to properly remove harsh 'S' sounds (De-Essing), and hard 'P' sounds (Plosives) by hand with gain and EQ plug-ins. No expensive third party plug-ins needed.

  • Lead Vocal Mixing 17:03

    Lead Vocal Mixing

    Lead vocal is properly mixed to control volume changes, compression is applied in series, and the Waves 'Vocal Rider' plug-in is used.

  • BGV Vocal Mixing 15:24

    BGV Vocal Mixing

    Background vocals (BGV’s) are recorded, edited using the S.T.E.P. system, and mixed to create 'lift' and harmony.

Chapter 5 : Final Mix, Master and Delivery

  • Volume Automation Pt. 1 15:40

    Volume Automation Pt. 1

    DrFord shows you the basics of recording automation, and begins writing volume changes to the guitar and vocal sections.

  • Volume Automation Pt. 2 15:03

    Volume Automation Pt. 2

    Off-camera volume automation work is shown and the mixing phase is completed. Preparations for the mastering phase are also made.

  • Mastering Pt. 1 14:38

    Mastering Pt. 1

    DrFord’s mentor, Grammy nominated engineer Derek Jones, is invited to help master the track where his choices are explained and demonstrated.

  • Mastering Pt. 2 12:08

    Mastering Pt. 2

    The second half of the mastering processors are explained. The series of EQ’s, compressors, and parallel compression adds volume, punch and excitement to the final mastered project.

Product Overview

Want to learn how to produce the radio-quality modern country music heard on today's airwaves? After watching this awesome series by DrFord, you'll know how to get that huge, kickin' sound out of your county productions. Also, you can apply what's shown to any genre of rock, so don't think this series is for country folk only.

Nashville and Los Angeles producer DrFord takes you step by step through the series starting with showcasing the Hannah Anders Band's final mix of their rockin' track "Turn It Up". DrFord then breaks it all down from the beginning showing you how he arrived at that mix, covering topics such as session setup, multi-track drum editing, drum sub-mixes, bass, guitar, organ and fiddle editing and mixing, vocal tracking and scale theory, the S.T.E.P. vocal system, Final Mix, Master and delivery and much, much more.

If you're ready to get serious about your Country or Rock productions, this collection of videos paves the way. Learn the secrets to creating those big, radio-ready mixes now... Get "Modern Country Production" today.

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