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Producing House with Ableton Live - Bass and Synth

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23 Videos | Length: 2hr 26min 53sec
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  • Bass from a Sample 2:54

    Bass from a Sample

    Learn how to create a bass sound using any sample on your computer.

  • Sampled Bass Envelope 2:10

    Sampled Bass Envelope

    Discover how the addition of a filter envelope will give the sampled bass sound more character.

  • Tuning Sampled Bass 5:30

    Tuning Sampled Bass

    Explore how to use a synth to tune your sampled bass patch.

  • Bass Keying with the Drums 2:02

    Bass Keying with the Drums

    Watch how to find out the root note of the bass that works best with the drums.

  • Sample Bass Quick Riffs 2:59

    Sample Bass Quick Riffs

    See the live playing of a few riffs, then some quick editing and trimming and making the takes into something usable.

  • Sampled Bass Tweaks 6:14

    Sampled Bass Tweaks

    Learn to use the filter, pitch and amplitude envelopes to add snap to the bassline. Then see how to use portamento to add a bit of funk.

  • Bass EQ without an EQ 3:02

    Bass EQ without an EQ

    Discover how to use the dynamic tube and saturator effects in Ableton Live to even out some of the low end.

  • Bass Layering 7:05

    Bass Layering

    Explore how to layer bass patches and make a truly fat bass sound.

  • Sample Bass Control Mapping 0:00

    Sample Bass Control Mapping

    Watch how to create macros for commonly automated bass parameters.

  • Resampling Bass Notes 6:19

    Resampling Bass Notes

    See how to sample your MIDI bass parts into audio data for further editing etc.

  • Frequency Splitting 6:21

    Frequency Splitting

    Learn how to use filters and EQ to split your frequencies for endless tweaking and creating cool bass tones.

  • Sidechaining Bass 8:47

    Sidechaining Bass

    Discover how sidechaining adds presence and sits the bassline with the kick. Then see how to use sidechaining to create an entire bassline from one note.

  • Sequencing Basslines 7:51

    Sequencing Basslines

    Explore multiple creative ways to sequence a baseline, as well as how to matching a bassline to a chord progression.

  • MIDI Resampling 7:11

    MIDI Resampling

    Watch how to use the arpeggiator and 'MIDI resampling' in Ableton Live to generate new content.

  • Sequence using your Voice 3:18

    Sequence using your Voice

    See how to use your voice to sequence basslines or synths using Ableton Live's new groove feature.

  • Filter & Env Modulation 15:12

    Filter & Env Modulation

    Learn to use clip envelopes to add effects to your riffs, as well as using linked clip envelopes and LFO's to modulate parameters. Also see some of the “dangers” involved with certain types of LFOs and filters.

  • Break it Down 16:01

    Break it Down

    Discover a few tips and tricks on creating a cool synth breakdown.

  • Sub Bass Tips 8:31

    Sub Bass Tips

    Explore how to make your own sub bass, and why a sine wave isn't always the best choice.

  • Sub Bass Kick 8:51

    Sub Bass Kick

    Watch how to add some low end to your light kicks. Learn how to fill in the missing frequencies of your kick drum, and match a sub bass synth envelope to your kick. Also see how to tune the kick drum and sub kick. Use of the spectrum analyzer to see what's going on frequency-wise is also shown.

  • Synth Swells 7:33

    Synth Swells

    See how to get a bit of movement behind the scenes with a swelling synth sound.

  • Matching Kick & Bass 6:16

    Matching Kick & Bass

    Learn how to find a great kick and bass sound by matching them using “scientific” methods.

  • Dubstep & Wobble Basslines 10:23

    Dubstep & Wobble Basslines

    Discover the techniques involved in creating dubstep and wobble style basslines.

  • Creating a Bass Bomb 2:23

    Creating a Bass Bomb

    Explore how to create the iconic bass bomb effect used for signaling breakdowns or buildups.

Product Overview

This series is presented by remixer extraordinaire Timothy Allan, whose remixes have reached #1 on the UK dance charts and placed high on US Billboard, DMC and Australia ARIA charts. His remix skills have even landed him a featured spot on an upcoming Madonna production.

The bassline is equally as important as the drums in House Music, and Tim takes you on a journey explaining it all step by step. He also goes over how to make cool synth parts to support your slammin beats and bass. Watch Tim bring the funk in this sub frequency, groove focused series.

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