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Producing House with Ableton Live - Arrangement and FX

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25 Videos | Length: 3hr 35min 20sec
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  • Introduction 1:47


    Get an overview of what is covered in Part 3 of the Producing House with Live series.

  • Arrangement Methods in Live 4:18

    Arrangement Methods in Live

    Covers 3 main ways to arrange in Live: Additive, Subtractive and Scene Based arrangement.

  • DJ Intro & Outro 4:24

    DJ Intro & Outro

    Find out how and why to structure a DJ friendly intro and outro for your track.

  • The Power of Two 5:08

    The Power of Two

    Learn why two, and multiples of two, are the magic numbers when doing dance music arrangements.

  • Chunking Your Arrangements 7:38

    Chunking Your Arrangements

    Discover the common parts of house music song arrangement.

  • Mapping with Locators 4:28

    Mapping with Locators

    Learn how to use locators to give you a visual overview, and quick way to easily jump around your chunked arrangement.

  • Analyzing Existing Arrangements - Part 1 9:18

    Analyzing Existing Arrangements - Part 1

    Learn how to dissect other peoples track arrangements and energy levels using warping and an audio file in Live.

  • Analyzing Existing Arrangements - Part 2 11:03

    Analyzing Existing Arrangements - Part 2

    Go one step further from just analyzing the arrangement and get down to the instrument level of other tracks.

  • Power of Little FX 5:17

    Power of Little FX

    How small FX can make a big difference in the feel of your track’s arrangement.

  • Making a Radio Edit 19:33

    Making a Radio Edit

    Learn tips and tricks on how to get your 8 minute dance track into a typical 3.5 minute radio edit.

  • The Big Breakdown 21:04

    The Big Breakdown

    See the creation of a big mid-song breakdown using sounds and effects your track already contains.

  • The Finality of Working with Audio 9:15

    The Finality of Working with Audio

    See the benefits of immediately rendering to audio, and how it can keep your arrangement progressing.

  • Faking Note Chase in Live 2:34

    Faking Note Chase in Live

    How to trick Live into playing a lengthy MIDI note and automation from anywhere in the clip.

  • Introduction to Transitions & FX 1:14

    Introduction to Transitions & FX

    Get an introduction to the concepts transitions and FX and what will be covered with the transition based videos in this offering.

  • Transitions with Sends & Sidechaining 12:42

    Transitions with Sends & Sidechaining

    Use delays, reverbs and other effects on sends to create and smooth out transitions.

  • Using Bass Filtering in Transitions 6:17

    Using Bass Filtering in Transitions

    Learn how removing low frequencies can actually add more excitement to the transitions of bass and low end phrases of your track.

  • Sidechain Delay 7:24

    Sidechain Delay

    It's not what you think. Using the sidechain and a delay in more creative way than the norm.

  • The One Bar Breakdown 3:11

    The One Bar Breakdown

    How deviating from a normal bar length can work for your tracks breakdown.

  • White Noise Sweep 12:03

    White Noise Sweep

    Create the typical noise fill, but with a few twists.

  • Pitched Risers 17:28

    Pitched Risers

    Create a pitched riser effect from scratch.

  • Delay Re-Pitch FX 11:10

    Delay Re-Pitch FX

    Explore the often overlooked 'hidden' features in Live’s delays to create a unique build-up/breakdown technique.

  • Reverse Reverb Techniques 9:51

    Reverse Reverb Techniques

    Use reverb and audio rendering to create multiple styles of transitions and build-ups.

  • Percussive Delay Hits 11:37

    Percussive Delay Hits

    Make some massive sounding atmospheric FX out of some tiny sounds.

  • Feedback Loop with Delay 10:38

    Feedback Loop with Delay

    See how the unpredictability of feedback loops can lead to great results in making custom FX.

  • Using Random FX & Fills 5:58

    Using Random FX & Fills

    See how to make unlimited FX just using a single click of certain synths.

Product Overview

Remixer extraordinaire Timothy Allan does it again with Volume 3 of his smash hit house music production tutorials. In this series Timothy wraps it up with an in-depth look at the art of arranging a house track as well as applying effects.

Timothy Allan's remixes have reached #1 on the UK dance charts and placed high on US Billboard, DMC and Australia ARIA charts. His remix skills have even landed him a featured spot on an upcoming Madonna production, so he knows his business.

This is the final collection in the series, showing you how to finish your house music track by creating a smashing dance floor arrangement, as well as adding the all important house music effects to create impact and dynamics. If you've seen the first 2 chapters, this is a no-brainer.

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