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Producing Electronic Music

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27 Videos | Length: 6hr 49min 13sec
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    Tutorial 1



    Learn a bit about the process behind the video as well as what you'll achieve.

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    Tutorial 2



    See how to set up a few dedicated channels and some effects sends.

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    Tutorial 3

    The Kick Drum


    Discover some tricks for layering drums, avoiding clicks and phase issues. Also see how to add more snap using multiple techniques.

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    Tutorial 4

    The Snare


    Explore laying down multiple snares, and learn about the 'Key' area of a rack to make your own sampler, from Simplers.

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    Tutorial 5

    Shuffly Bits


    Get some groove going by emulating the Logic 16c shuffle. See how to make your own shuffle shaker, and augment it with a recorded loop.

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    Tutorial 6

    The Drum Bus


    Discover how to add a bit of compression to the drums, and compare the difference between the 'Fatso' and Live's built-in compressor on drums.

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    Tutorial 7

    The Hats


    See how to add some high hats to the drums and learn a few tricks on how to keep your hats interesting even if the pattern isn't.

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    Tutorial 8

    Master Bus Compressor Setup


    Explore how to setup the sometimes controversial master bus compressor and some other enhancing plug-ins on the master bus.

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    Tutorial 9

    The Bassline


    Watch and learn how to make the 'Ying' to the kick drums 'Yang'.

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    Tutorial 10

    Adding Accents


    Discover how to add some drum accents, layer snares and abuse old drum loops.

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    Tutorial 11

    Borrowing Riffs


    See how to take someone else's funk, and make it your own.

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    Tutorial 12

    The Stabs


    Discover how to make your synth stabs sound stab-tastic.

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    Tutorial 13

    Automation Pre-Planning


    Learn how complex synths and plug-ins require you to 'configure' their automation parameters in newer versions of Live. Also see how to Map Simpler controls to macro knobs to make automation easier.

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    Tutorial 14



    Explore using Operator to make awesome wah-wah effects.

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    Tutorial 15

    The Ride Cymbal


    See how adding a single sample can add so much energy.

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    Tutorial 16

    Inception Synths


    Learn how easy it is to make racks within racks of synths and effects.

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    Tutorial 17

    The Wobble Synth


    Explore making some Dubstep influenced wobble sounds by modulating various parameters with LFO's

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    Tutorial 18

    Vocal FX


    See how to turn any random phrases you say into 'angry techno guy' vocals!

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    Tutorial 19

    Noisy FX


    Yes, they're cliche'd and It's been around for ages, but it works!

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    Tutorial 20

    Random FX Pt. 1


    See how just fooling around with your synths can make great FX.

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    Tutorial 21

    Random FX Pt. 2


    Tim reveals a random effect generating tip never before seen.

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    Tutorial 22

    Extending the Loop


    Discover how to take your 4 and 8 bar loops to longer lengths without getting boring.

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    Tutorial 23

    Synth Automation


    Explore how recording your synth's automation 'live on the fly' can add another dimension of realism to your track.

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    Tutorial 24

    Extra Stabby Stabs


    See how layering can give your stab sounds that extra oomph.

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    Tutorial 25



    Watch how to lay down a rough arrangement from start to finish.

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    Tutorial 26

    Arrangement Tweaks


    Tim wraps up the series with a play-through of the current arrangement, making tweaks along the way, giving the production the polish it needed.

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    Tutorial 27

    Final Thoughts


    Tim gives some final thoughts on the project.

Remixer extraordinaire Timothy Allan has done it again, bringing you a new smash hit product, "Producing Electronic Music". In this series, Tim shows you some of his most coveted tricks and techniques for producing a world-class electronic track.

Shown in Ableton Live, but applicable to any DAW, Tim shows you how a professional electronic music producer works his magic when producing tracks. Tim covers all the elements such as drums, bass, synths, vocal, effects and so much more, giving you great insight into the craft that can take years to learn on your own. See how to make things fit and groove, as well as how to layer sounds for impact and punch, use compression to give the tracks that "Radio Sound" and how to properly create and work an arrangement.

If you want to make your electronic music productions sound like they belong in the club or on the radio, look no further. "Producing Electronic Music" is your key to electronic success.


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1. When did you start dabbling in music?

As a very young kid my parents signed me up for piano lessons. My mom said if I quit that I would regret it later on in life, but I thought piano lessons were boring! Electronic music was a natural progression for me from those early days, it let me combine my love of technology and all things nerdy with a love of loud and strange noises.

2. What training have you had?

I've had years and years of training from a good friend of mine named "The Internet", and before him my other good pal "Trial and Error". 

3. When did you get into recording?

The wonder of synthesis and certain electronic music is that you never really have to record anything if you don't want to! Although I do remember way back in the day recording found sounds on an old garage sale cassette recorder I bought, and using those samples in old school Trackers on the Apple II.

4. People you have worked with/for?

I've worked with, and for, a whole bunch of fantastic people so far. Some of the more popular ones include Empire of the Sun, Dirty South, Ash, Paul Oakenfold, Carl Kennedy, Hong Kong Blondes, Loverush UK, Molly Bancroft, Made by Monkeys, Tiff Lacey, Marcie, Offer Nissim and Kirsty Hawkshaw. Madonna chose a track I made for a compilation she released, although she never called or took me for lunch! That really doesn't count as 'working with' does it!?

5. Why are you so good at training people?

I'm good at training people because I remember what it was like to be the newbie, and I try and go over things that I would have found interesting and cool, back when I was starting out. I take the time to learn the techniques inside and out, and then break that down quickly for people.

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    Builds, Fills & FX in Logic Pro X

    Dance music master Timothy Allan is back with a tutorial on how to make your dance tracks slam with cool builds, fills, and creative use of effects, keeping people on their feet.

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    Deconstructing Future House

    In this music production tutorial series hit dance music producer Timothy Allan deconstructs a Future House track, showing you exactly how every element of a Future House song contributes to the final result. Shown in Logic Pro X, but applicable to any DAW, you’ll learn how to make Future House music and what it takes to get amazing results.

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    Finishing a Club Track in Live 9

    Following on the heels of his smash hit series "Starting a Club Track with Live 9", Timothy Allan is back with the sequel, "Finishing a Club Track with Live 9". In this series, Timothy shows you how to arrange and finalize the beats and grooves created in the first series and make it sound like a world-class club track. Timothy even includes the Live session file and samples so you can work and experiment along with him.

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