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Pro Tools Tips & Tricks-Vol 2

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22 Videos | Length: 4hr 1min 49sec
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Chapter 1 : Editing and Mixing

  • Dynamic Delay 8:57

    Dynamic Delay

    Learn how to mimic an expensive hardware delay unit with this great technique. This will bring your delays to life as well as provide you with some great production techniques.

  • Paste to Fill 11:00

    Paste to Fill

    Learn about this often overlooked function of Pro Tools. This feature allows you to fill up empty space with existing data from your project.

  • Region Groups 9:49

    Region Groups

    Learn how you can use Region Loops to enhance your Pro Tools workflow and projects.

  • Region Loops 8:03

    Region Loops

    Learn how you can use Region Loops to enhance your Pro Tools workflow and projects.

  • Replace Regions 7:23

    Replace Regions

    The Replace Regions command can be useful in a lot of different ways. This video will introduce the concepts and features of this command, and also show you some great ways to start using it.

  • Vocal Exciter 7:59

    Vocal Exciter

    Learn how to build a Vocal Exciter from scratch. This is used to emulate the effect hardware devices like the Aural Exciter where you add a certain harmonic character to the vocal that helps it stand out in the mix.

Chapter 2 : Keyboard Shortcuts

  • Keyboard Shortcuts - Pt. 1 8:53

    Keyboard Shortcuts - Pt. 1

    Kenny works extremely fast in Pro Tools and these shortcuts are key to that speed and efficiency. This is the first part of a 4 part series that will show you some of the best keyboard shortcuts Pro Tools has to offer.

  • Keyboard Shortcuts - Pt. 2 13:19

    Keyboard Shortcuts - Pt. 2

    In part 2 of the series Kenny shows you a bunch of Editing and selection shortcuts.

  • Keyboard Shortcuts - Pt. 3 13:47

    Keyboard Shortcuts - Pt. 3

    In part 3 of the series you will learn about Automation shortcuts, as well as shortcuts that will help with groups and multiple tracks.

  • Keyboard Shortcuts - Pt. 4 9:44

    Keyboard Shortcuts - Pt. 4

    n the final video of this series you will learn shortcuts that will help you zoom and view your project, as well as manage tracks and FX.

Chapter 3 : Beat Detective

  • Full Song - Pt. 1 13:55

    Full Song - Pt. 1

    This is the first part of a 4 part series dedicated to using Beat Detective to tighten up the percussion for an entire song.

  • Full Song - Pt. 2 7:22

    Full Song - Pt. 2

    Part 2 of this series guides you through working on the Tag and Chorus sections of the song.

  • Full Song - Pt. 3 19:06

    Full Song - Pt. 3

    Part 3 walks you through working on the solo and bridge sections of the song.

  • Full Song - Pt. 4 4:08

    Full Song - Pt. 4

    The last part of this series demonstrates how to clean up and organize your song after you are done using Beat Detective to tighten up the performance.

  • Swing Mode 11:24

    Swing Mode

    This tutorial walks you through the process of using Beat Detective to tighten up a groove, while still retaining the Swing feel of the original beat.

Chapter 4 : Utility and Workflow

  • Favorite Plug-Ins 3:06

    Favorite Plug-Ins

    Learn how to speed up the process of selecting plug-ins that you use frequently, and how to further organize your plug-in lists and windows.

  • Reason with Pro Tools 12:34

    Reason with Pro Tools

    See how Kenny creates a killer template so he can work with Reason in Pro Tools, super fast. This is a must see for anyone who uses Reason with Pro Tools.

  • Import Session Data 8:02

    Import Session Data

    Learn some great ways to utilize the Import Session Data feature.

  • Prepare Session for Mix Engineer 23:13

    Prepare Session for Mix Engineer

    This tutorial walks you through the steps of preparing your session to be sent to another engineer for mixing, editing or other production work.

  • Bounce to Session 7:59

    Bounce to Session

    Learn how Kenny bounces his mix within a session and why he chooses to use this alternative method.

  • Using a Macro Program 13:31

    Using a Macro Program

    Kenny using lots of time-saving tools in his Pro Tools workflow. One of his indispensable tools is a Macro Program that allows you to perform actions, that would normally take many keystrokes, in one keystroke.

  • Window Configurations 18:35

    Window Configurations

    Window Configurations allow you to save presets of how you have the various windows in Pro Tools arranged, their visibility, and tons of other great stuff. This is another great way to use the functions in Pro Tools to customize your workflow and workspace.

Product Overview

Kenny Gioia is a Multi-Platinum producer, engineer, and mixer who has worked with Mandy Moore, Lee Ann Womack, LFO, Marcy Playground, Hall & Oates and many other top name acts.

Shown in Pro Tools 7 and compatible with version 8 and 9, Kenny's Pro Tools Tips and Tricks Vol. 2 is sure to please again and further expand your Pro Tools knowledge. You'll see how to "Beat Detective" a whole song, create dynamic delays, custom keyboard shortcuts, slick window configurations and much more... Kenny says, "You're going to dig it!"

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