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Pro Tools Tips & Tricks-Vol 1

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40 Videos | Length: 3hr 58min 13sec
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Chapter 1 : Editing

  • Beat Detective Collection Mode 6:31

    Beat Detective Collection Mode

    Learn to use the Beat Detective Collection Mode on Multi Tracked Drums to quickly and easily tighten them up and make the performance groove.

  • Kick Drum Replacement 6:51

    Kick Drum Replacement

    See how to easily replace and or enhance the Kick Drum track in your songs and sessions.

  • Snare Drum Replacement 8:59

    Snare Drum Replacement

    Learn how to replace and or enhance the Snare Drum track in your songs and sessions with other samples.

  • Tom Replacement 5:44

    Tom Replacement

    Learn how to realistically replace and or enhance the Toms in your songs and sessions.

  • Conforming a Click to a Drummer 4:04

    Conforming a Click to a Drummer

    Learn how to make a click track follow a drummer’s performance and timing.

  • Stuttering Guitars 5:19

    Stuttering Guitars

    See how to create a cool Stuttering effect for guitars, keyboards, drums or any other instrument.

  • Beat Detective with No Click 6:12

    Beat Detective with No Click

    Learn how to easily quantize a drummer or track that wasn’t originally recorded to a Click Track and make it groove.

  • Using Beat Detective on Bass 9:36

    Using Beat Detective on Bass

    Using Beat Detective on bass instruments can be hard as their attacks are usually to weak to get good triggers… Kenny shows you the fix.

  • Scratching in Pro Tools 4:32

    Scratching in Pro Tools

    See how to recreate the classic DJ Scratching Effect on any vocal, drum, guitar, or other track in Pro Tools.

  • Quantizing & Conform Loops 5:39

    Quantizing & Conform Loops

    Discover how to use Beat Detective to Quantize any loop to any tempo you choose and make it groove.

  • Flexible Drum Loop Time 4:39

    Flexible Drum Loop Time

    Learn to make a standard drum loop fit any tempo and even adjust for tempo changes in your song.

  • Making Grooves with Rex Files 6:45

    Making Grooves with Rex Files

    Learn to simply and quickly assemble REX Files into cool grooves and outline your song.

  • Splitting Drum Loops 4:39

    Splitting Drum Loops

    See how to break up a drum loop and adjust its levels and add effects to its individual elements.

  • Replacing Drum Loop Sounds 5:44

    Replacing Drum Loop Sounds

    Learn the steps to easily replace the elements in a drum loop such as its kicks and snares with better samples.

  • Recording Background Vocals 4:18

    Recording Background Vocals

    Discover the trick to easily record and manage background vocals in your songs by utilizing smart tracking techniques.

  • Comping Vocals 6:13

    Comping Vocals

    Learn the art of recording multiple takes of vocals and turning them all into the one Perfect Take.

  • Relative Grid Mode 6:55

    Relative Grid Mode

    Learn helpful ways to use Pro Tool’s Relative Grid Mode when editing large sections of songs and more.

Chapter 2 : Mixing

  • Using Mono Delays 5:51

    Using Mono Delays

    Learn to creatively use Mono Delays in your productions. Discover how to make them change over time and introduce a filter type effect.

  • Ping Pong Delay 3:33

    Ping Pong Delay

    Learn to create an authentic Ping Pong Delay in your sessions. See how a real engineer reproduces the analog outboard gear effect in Pro Tools.

  • Cymbal Compression 3:57

    Cymbal Compression

    Learn the tricks to make sizzling cymbals in your songs and sessions.

  • Parallel Compression 4:09

    Parallel Compression

    See how to create the Punch that’s heard on today’s recordings and productions in your songs and sessions.

  • Kick Tone Enhancement 4:24

    Kick Tone Enhancement

    Learn to create a fat, huge sounding bass drum in your songs and sessions by using the Pro Tools Signal Generator plug-in.

  • Auto-Tune Graphic Mode 5:41

    Auto-Tune Graphic Mode

    Auto-Tunes advanced Graphic Mode is explained and demystified by showing it being used on an actual out of tune vocal track.

  • Automating Eq & Pan 6:44

    Automating Eq & Pan

    See the steps on how to quickly automate EQ and Panning to create cool filter effects and sonic movement in your mixes.

  • Wah-Wah Effect 2:51

    Wah-Wah Effect

    You will throw away your Wah-Wah pedals after seeing how you can easily create the best sounding and most responsive Wah-Wah effect in Pro Tools.

  • De-Essing Vocals 4:29

    De-Essing Vocals

    Learn a great way to reduce sibilance in your vocal tracks with laser sharp precision.

  • Sidechain Gating 4:56

    Sidechain Gating

    Learn this tried and true studio technique to create dynamic effects and track enhancements.

  • Sidechain Compression 3:06

    Sidechain Compression

    Discover how to create a more effective natural sounding compressor with this insightful studio trick.

  • Using Extra Bank of Sends 4:56

    Using Extra Bank of Sends

    Learn some cool techniques for utilizing the extra bank of sends included with version 7.x of Pro Tools.

  • Sidechain Gating Drums 7:39

    Sidechain Gating Drums

    See how to make a highly accurate Drum Gate effect without the typical drum misfires.

  • Sidechain Gating Triggered 8:46

    Sidechain Gating Triggered

    Know the advanced way to better trigger a Gate in your Pro Tools sessions.

  • Trim Mode Trick 2:07

    Trim Mode Trick

    See how to use Trim Automation to quickly and easily adjust settings such as volume.

  • Six Ways to use Trim Mode 10:19

    Six Ways to use Trim Mode

    Learn six slick, time saving ways to adjust the overall gain of the tracks in your songs and sessions.

  • Relative Trim Mode 7:41

    Relative Trim Mode

    Learn some cool techniques for Relative Trim Mode.

  • Reverse Effects 10:06

    Reverse Effects

    See how to recreate the classic backwards reverb effect easily in Pro Tools and align it perfectly with your tracks.

  • Using Indigo as a Vocoder 3:49

    Using Indigo as a Vocoder

    Learn to get the best results from the Indigo TDM Synth plug-in when used as a Vocoder. These tips can be applied to LE and M-Powered systems too!

Chapter 3 : Utility

  • Making a Click Track 3:23

    Making a Click Track

    Discover how to make polyrhythmic - zero latency click track that will even follow the tempo changes in your songs and sessions.

  • Talent Dimming 2:57

    Talent Dimming

    This handy studio utility trick shows you how to automatically control your talent’s level in between takes.

  • Advanced Markers 20:18

    Advanced Markers

    The definitive tutorial for learning how to creatively use Markers in Pro Tools. This info will greatly enhance your track management, session navigation, recording sessions and more.

  • Talkback Ducking 3:51

    Talkback Ducking

    Learn this cool studio utility trick to automatically lower and raise your talkback mic level when the music starts and stops.

Product Overview

Kenny Gioia is a Multi-Platinum producer, engineer, and mixer who has worked with Mandy Moore, Lee Ann Womack, LFO, Marcy Playground, Hall & Oates and many other top name acts. Totaling almost 4 hours of run time, these 40 highly insightful Pro Tools "Tips and Tricks" videos cover indispensable Mixing, Production and Utilities topics.

This collection is shown in Pro Tools 7 and is fully compatible with versions 8 and 9. It reveals techniques used by Kenny to get great sounding tracks, create tight loops and rhythm parts, and shows you cool effects and utility tricks to get the most out of your Pro Tools sessions... This is a must have for every Pro Tools user!

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