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Pro Tools Tips & Tricks-Vol 4

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30 Videos | Length: 3hr 19min 41sec
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  • Punching In 3:06

    Punching In

    See how to creatively use Pro Tool's Automatic Punch-In features.

  • Effect Sends & Returns 8:47

    Effect Sends & Returns

    Learn how to use effect sends and returns properly and most efficiently.

  • Automating Plug-Ins 3:31

    Automating Plug-Ins

    Discover how to automate plug-ins and effects in Pro Tools.

  • Snapshot Automation 5:16

    Snapshot Automation

    Explore how to use automation on a section by section basis.

  • Delete All Automation 3:50

    Delete All Automation

    Watch how to delete all automation types from a track, or all tracks in a Pro Tools session.

  • Trim Mode in LE 5:36

    Trim Mode in LE

    See how to use Volume Trim mode, an HD only feature, in native based Pro Tools LE software.

  • Voice Stealing in LE 7:28

    Voice Stealing in LE

    Learn how to use Voice Stealing, an HD only feature, in native based Pro Tools LE software.

  • Cancel Record & Remove Take 1:57

    Cancel Record & Remove Take

    Discover how to delete takes and save hard drive space on the fly.

  • Sequential Inputs & Outputs 3:01

    Sequential Inputs & Outputs

    Explore how to quickly setup inputs and outputs to run sequentially in Pro Tools.

  • Option / Alt Shift 5:01

    Option / Alt Shift

    Watch how to use these common modifiers to make global changes in Pro Tools.

  • Multiple Outputs 3:21

    Multiple Outputs

    See how to send audio information down multiple streams simultaneously.

  • Zoom Presets 2:40

    Zoom Presets

    Learn how to take advantage of the Zoom Preset feature in Pro Tools.

  • Zoom Toggle 10:08

    Zoom Toggle

    Discover how to take advantage of Zoom Toggle feature in Pro Tools.

  • Recording Thru Effects 5:29

    Recording Thru Effects

    Explore how to print tracks while recording effects at the same time.

  • Parameter Switching 3:17

    Parameter Switching

    Watch how to quickly switch from viewing one parameter to another with a quick shortcut.

  • Default Plug-In Presets 4:57

    Default Plug-In Presets

    See how to save and use a plug-in preset as the default when instantiating a plug-in.

  • Compare Plug-In Presets 1:43

    Compare Plug-In Presets

    Learn how to use the Compare feature built into all plug-ins in Pro Tools.

  • De-Activating Inputs & Outputs 5:54

    De-Activating Inputs & Outputs

    Discover how to quickly and efficiently de-activate inputs, outputs and sends on any track in your session.

  • De-Activating Automation by Parameter 6:14

    De-Activating Automation by Parameter

    Explore how to de-activate specific parameters on a track while keeping others activated.

  • Automation Modes 9:34

    Automation Modes

    Watch how to efficiently use the numerous Automation modes in Pro Tools.

  • Automation Enable Window 5:10

    Automation Enable Window

    See how to use the Pro Tools Automation Enable window to its fullest potential.

  • Fades & Crossfades 10:54

    Fades & Crossfades

    Learn how to use Fades and Crossfades properly and creatively in Pro Tools.

  • Edit Modes 9:12

    Edit Modes

    Discover how to take advantage of Shuffle, Spot, Slip, Grid, Snap to Grid and Relative Grid modes in Pro Tools.

  • Editing Tools 12:36

    Editing Tools

    Watch as Kenny explains the proper use and focus of each of Pro Tool's editing tools.

  • Proper Gain Structure 7:09

    Proper Gain Structure

    See how to correctly set the gain stage of your signal, signal flow and plug-ins in Pro Tools.

  • Studio to Studio 5:51

    Studio to Studio

    Learn how to use the Input / Output Window to work with sessions from other studios.

  • Phase Correction in PT 11:32

    Phase Correction in PT

    Discover how to properly phase align your drum tracks in Pro Tools for better detail and imaging.

  • Alternate Takes & Match Criteria 12:43

    Alternate Takes & Match Criteria

    Explore how to take advantage of Alternate Takes using Match Criteria in totally new ways.

  • Editing Full Track (shuffle mode) 14:52

    Editing Full Track (shuffle mode)

    Watch how to quickly and creatively arrange or re-arrange a song in Pro Tools using Shuffle mode.

  • Session Templates in 8.0 8:52

    Session Templates in 8.0

    See how to take advantage of and utilize the new Session Templates feature in Pro Tools 8.

Product Overview

Kenny strikes again! Presented by multi-platinum producer / engineer Kenny Gioia, this awesome collection of in-depth video tutorials is focused on "Frequently Asked Questions".

Kenny has gathered all the questions he's been asked via email and on Pro Tools forums, and answers them all in detail as only Kenny can. You'll learn creative tips & tricks on things like punching in, using effect sends and returns, automation, edit tools, edit modes, plug-ins, fades and crossfades, templates and much more.

If you use Pro Tools, get "in the know" with Kenny's legendary tips and tricks tutorials. You and your Pro Tools productions will be glad you did.

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