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Pro Tools Tips & Tricks-Vol 3

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33 Videos | Length: 5hr 16min 32sec
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Chapter 1 : Editing

  • The MIDI Editor 12:55

    The MIDI Editor

    The new MIDI Editor in Pro Tools 8 is one of the more powerful features added to this new update. Kenny shows you the ins and outs of this new time-saving window.

  • Locking Regions 2:51

    Locking Regions

    Discover the different locking modes in Pro Tools 8, including the standard locking mode and the new helpful version 8 exclusive Time locking of regions.

  • Command Focus Keys 13:47

    Command Focus Keys

    The Command Focus Keys have been around for quite a while but many of us don't use or know about each key's function. In this video, Kenny will take you through each and every time saving keystroke.

  • Real-Time Properties 15:58

    Real-Time Properties

    The real-time properties addition to Pro Tools has made it a much more powerful productive MIDI tool, allowing for real-time auditioning of all your changes without committing to any of them. Kenny explains it thoroughly in this video tutorial.

  • Track Lanes 5:38

    Track Lanes

    Track Lanes is a welcome addition to Pro Tools 8 and in this video, you explore how to get the most out of this time saving feature.

  • Comping Tracks in PT8 10:06

    Comping Tracks in PT8

    Now that Pro Tools 8 has added a playlist feature which allows you to view all your playlists at once, there's a whole new way to compile vocal tracks. In this video, Kenny shows you how to take advantage of this welcomed feature.

Chapter 2 : Mixing

  • Comparing Multiple Plugins & Effects 5:49

    Comparing Multiple Plugins & Effects

    See a very different way of trying out different plug-ins and effect chains to see what works best in the context of your mix. Rather than being limited to simple bypass A/Bing, Kenny shows you how to compare very complicated options.

  • Solo Modes 2:44

    Solo Modes

    Explore the different Solo modes and their specific uses in Pro Tools 8. Latch, X-Or and Momentary are all discussed.

  • Advanced Grouping 10:15

    Advanced Grouping

    Most people constantly use Groups in sessions, yet there is so much more to Grouping than having the faders moving together. Kenny breaks down all the more complicated things that you can use Groups for in Pro Tools 8.

  • Headphone Mixes 11:07

    Headphone Mixes

    Setting up headphone mixes in Pro Tools can seem quite complicated and monitoring each artist's mix can be even more difficult to figure out. This tutorial shows you the best way to set up multiple headphone mixes and gives you the ability to monitor any of them in a very simple way.

  • Monitoring in Mono 4:42

    Monitoring in Mono

    While Pro Tools 8 has yet to provide a simple Mono button, Kenny shows you how easy it is to create one for yourself. It is important to check your mixes in Mono and with this simple tutorial, you can learn how.

  • Automation Enable Window 16:13

    Automation Enable Window

    Learn about the very important and powerful Automation Enable Window. Step by step you'll discover what each button does.

  • MIDI Learn Function 11:26

    MIDI Learn Function

    The recently added MIDI Learn Function allows you to control just about any parameter on any Pro Tools 8 virtual instrument. Discover how to route all the controller data so that any standard MIDI or USB controller can be mapped quickly for changing any parameter or automating instrument plug-ins.

Chapter 3 : Virtual Instruments

  • Boom 17:37


    Explore Pro Tool's first drum machine. While a bit limited it can be very inspiring.

  • DB-33 Organ 10:02

    DB-33 Organ

    Besides this being a killer organ plugin, you can run any sound thru it's unique amplifier, learn how.

  • Mini Grand 3:35

    Mini Grand

    A really good Piano that fits nicely into Pro Tools 8's new bag of tricks, learn about its options and uses.

  • Structure Free 16:50

    Structure Free

    This basic sample player still has some powerful features with the ability to easily create your own patches, discover how.

  • Vacuum 12:08


    Pro Tools 8's synthesizer which is about as powerful as they come, sounds great and is simple to program after watching this video tutorial.

  • Xpand2 9:13


    Explore the power of this staple of a plug-in. It's like having a multi-timbral keyboard workstation built into your computer. See how to use it like a pro.

  • Printing Virtual Instruments 11:39

    Printing Virtual Instruments

    Although many people leave Virtual Instruments running in real-time in productions, it's always a good practice to print all of your tracks to audio to save on DSP and for future archiving purposes. Discover how easy this task can be.

Chapter 4 : Utility

  • Shift Commands 8:17

    Shift Commands

    Learn about the new Shift Key commands for Record, Input, Solo and Mute, as well as useful applications for them.

  • Using the Color Palette 8:14

    Using the Color Palette

    See how to handle and manage color and the color palette in Pro Tools 8. Color Coding for Tracks, Regions, Markers, and Groups are all covered.

  • Track Latency w/o ADC 9:26

    Track Latency w/o ADC

    Discover how to handle track and plug-in latency using time adjuster to compensate without using Auto Delay Compensation. Useful for tracking and mixing in Pro Tools LE or even tracking in HD where you might prefer to avoid ADC altogether.

  • Auto-Delay Compensation 13:35

    Auto-Delay Compensation

    Learn about this simple yet often confusing feature found in Pro Tools HD version 8. Kenny explains the ins and outs of this very powerful feature while explaining it's many uses in mixing.

  • Workspace & Project Window 14:42

    Workspace & Project Window

    Learn about the many functions and uses of both the Workspace and Project Windows in Pro Tools 8.

  •  Preparing Loops for Pro Tools 8 6:27

    Preparing Loops for Pro Tools 8

    Now that Elastic Audio is a staple in the newer Pro Tools versions, many old loop libraries and CDs are not formatted for easy drag and drop use in Pro Tools. See how to easily convert those old libraries for quicker future use in your sessions.

  • Drums to MIDI Output 10:19

    Drums to MIDI Output

    Many companies are creating products to allow drum replacement using midi triggers. In this video, discover how to do that very thing with nothing more than Pro Tools 8 and Beat Detective.

Chapter 5 : Pro Tools Preferences

  • Display Preferences 7:52

    Display Preferences

    Discover the features and functions and helpful uses for the Display Preference options.

  • Operation Preferences 10:03

    Operation Preferences

    Explore the features and functions and helpful uses for the Operation Preference options.

  • Editing Preferences 8:00

    Editing Preferences

    Learn about the features and functions and helpful uses for the Editing Preference options.

  • Mixing Preferences 8:21

    Mixing Preferences

    Discover the features and functions and helpful uses for the Mixing Preference options.

  • Processing Preferences 2:59

    Processing Preferences

    Explore the features and functions and helpful uses for the Processing Preference options.

  • MIDI Preferences 3:42

    MIDI Preferences

    Learn about the features and functions and helpful uses for the MIDI Preference options.

Product Overview

Presented by multi-platinum producer / engineer Kenny Gioia and shown entirely in the new Pro Tools 8, this amazing collection of in-depth video tutorials will show you things you never knew about the "industry standard" Pro Tools.

Kenny's concepts and techniques will enable you to work faster and more creatively in Pro Tools and in turn, easily produce tracks that sound better and are more interesting. Give yourself and your productions an edge when working with Pro Tools, get Kenny's amazing tips and tricks for Pro Tools today.

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