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8 Videos | Length: 55min 46sec
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  • Boomin Beats 9:59

    Boomin Beats

    Get a crash course on how to make beats using Boom and MIDI, load any Boom sample to any pad and create a multi out version of Boom.

  • Layout & Mix 12:06

    Layout & Mix

    Learn how to organize and manage your Boom tracks and record your Boom sounds and patterns down onto audio tracks via busses. Russ also addressed digital clipping and how to correct it. Then see some basic level setting and mixing tips, as well as how to create a reverb send and return to share the reverb across your separate drum tracks, plus EQ, compression and much more.

  • Workin the Space 5:47

    Workin the Space

    See how to audition and add more audio loops from Workspace into your newly recorded beat in Pro Tools 10, and then manipulate their feel until it grooves just right.

  • Two Becomes One 3:58

    Two Becomes One

    See how to take two completely different beats and make them sound like one by matching the groove and feel of one to the other. Also see how to tune the pitch of the audio track using the transpose feature.

  • Retro Beats 7:21

    Retro Beats

    Discover how to turn a new beat into a retro sounding beat by using the signal generator plug-in to add a square wave and white noise signal to your drums and give them that classic drum machine sound.

  • Filter Madness 3:54

    Filter Madness

    Learn how to apply filters to your drum tracks to give you that classic dance track sound and movement by utilizing automation and more.

  • Mash Up & Destroy 7:23

    Mash Up & Destroy

    Explore ways to mash up and destroy your beats to create totally new sounds using Air Distortion and LoFi.

  • Slice & Sample 5:18

    Slice & Sample

    See how to take a beat and slice it up and then play its pieces back via the Pro Tools Structure sampler (Any Version including Free) for further manipulation, effects and re-grooving.

Product Overview

Want a crash course in creating and manipulating beats in Pro Tools? Well, Pro Tools master Russ Hughes shows you how in this power packed micro tutorial series focused on creating and transforming beats in Pro Tools. Filled with tons of cool tips and tricks as well as practical examples, this series is a "no brainer" for anyone just getting started with beats in Pro Tools.

Russ takes you step by step showing you things like how to make beats using Boom and MIDI, getting your virtual instrument sounds down onto audio tracks, how to use basic effects to transform the stock sounds and extract grooves from one beat and then use them on other beats to lock their grooves together. Russ also shows you how to pitch shift beats, use gates and side chains to create fantastic new electro drum beats, how to destroy beats and mash them up as well as slice beats and rearrange them using Structure FREE.

If you're starting out with Pro Tools or just want some great tips and tricks on creating and manipulating beats, look no further. Become a Pro Tools Beat Guru today...

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