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7 Videos | Length: 54min 27sec
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  • Launch & Create Session 1:59

    Launch & Create Session

    Learn to launch Pro Tools 8 and quickly create a new session from scratch.

  • Setup & Record Audio 7:22

    Setup & Record Audio

    See how to optimize screen real estate when getting ready to record, create audio tracks, name them, set inputs and outputs, record enable tracks, properly set levels, create a click track, set the tempo and record and playback a track.

  • Setup & Record Virtual Instruments 8:22

    Setup & Record Virtual Instruments

    Watch how to create virtual instruments tracks, choose and load a virtual instrument plug-in, browse plug-in presets, record enable instrument tracks and record and playback a drum and piano track. Also see how to quantize the drums so they are in perfect time.

  • Editing Audio 6:35

    Editing Audio

    Learn to zoom in and out and scroll horizontally in the Edit Window. See how to resize tracks, navigate the timeline, use Grid and Slip edit modes and use the main edit tools to resize, move, delete, copy and paste audio regions.

  • Editing MIDI 2:43

    Editing MIDI

    Learn what MIDI is and discover the MIDI editor window where you'll see how to shorten and lengthen individual MIDI notes, delete, copy and paste them as well as how to set their velocities.

  • Quick Mix 17:25

    Quick Mix

    Watch as Antony takes a rough multi-track song and mixes it before your eyes and ears. See how to create and use a Master Fader, EQ plug-in, route to Reverbs and Delays, blend tracks and more.

  • Making CD & MP3 Files 10:01

    Making CD & MP3 Files

    See how to make a mix tighter and louder by using EQ, Compression and Limiting plug-ins, select an area to bounce to disk and how to make a stereo file for CD and MP3 players and or the internet.

Product Overview

Presented by Pro Tools 8 power user Antony Livoti, this "direct to the point" series will teach you how to create and set up sessions, use virtual instruments, record and edit audio and MIDI, basic routing and mixing techniques, make files for CD and MP3 players and more, in less than an hour.

This series is for new Pro Tools users who just want to get right to it, and not learn every little feature and function, but instead use Pro Tools to record and make music fast. Get your Jump Start on Pro Tools 8 today...

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