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  • Intro & Quick Start Features 7:28

    Intro & Quick Start Features

    Learn how the basic session Quick Start features work on initial boot up of Pro Tools 8.

  • Importing an Audio File 5:23

    Importing an Audio File

    Discover the basic functions of the Import Audio Window, as a means of bringing an already recorded audio file into a blank session.

  • Basic Transport Commands 7:05

    Basic Transport Commands

    Learn how to use the Transport Window and the equivalent key commands for basic playback, rewinding, and fast forwarding; as well as shuttling playback at variable speeds.

  • Cursors & Counters 8:13

    Cursors & Counters

    Understand how the Playhead Cursor and the Edit Cursor can work either separately or together, and how to use the counters to position them.

  • Locating & Navigating 6:02

    Locating & Navigating

    Learn how the Playhead Cursor Locator and various scrolling options work when the play position moves beyond the boundary of your edit screen.

  • Pre & Post Roll 8:41

    Pre & Post Roll

    Learn some playback navigation techniques using the pre and post roll functions.

  • Edit Window Overview 7:54

    Edit Window Overview

    Learn the basic controls in the Edit Window Toolbar, and the main areas of the Edit Window.

  • Audio Files & Regions 7:46

    Audio Files & Regions

    Discover the relationship between audio regions and audio files, and the different ways Pro Tools handles them.

  • Creating Tracks 5:34

    Creating Tracks

    See how to use the New Tracks dialogue box for adding new tracks to your sessions.

  • Working with the Click Track 7:46

    Working with the Click Track

    Learn the different ways of creating and adjusting the various parameters and settings of the Click Track.

  • Setting the Time Signature 6:18

    Setting the Time Signature

    See how to work with the Pro Tools Meter Ruler to create and edit time and multiple time signatures.

  • Setting the Tempo 6:36

    Setting the Tempo

    Learn how both the Manual and Conductor Tempo modes work and the different ways of establishing the tempo for your session.

  • Getting Ready to Record Audio 8:54

    Getting Ready to Record Audio

    See how to set the track's metering to peak mode, pre-allocate and monitor hard drive space, set the record mode, name tracks and set their input and output routings, record enable a track or multiple tracks, and how to use Record-Safe mode.

  • Input Monitoring 8:05

    Input Monitoring

    Learn about several of the monitoring related functions and settings available in Pro Tools, and setting track record levels.

  • Recording Audio 8:06

    Recording Audio

    Learn convenient key commands and workflow for starting and stopping recording and playback while in the process of recording audio.

  • Getting Ready to Record MIDI 9:11

    Getting Ready to Record MIDI

    See how to set up a Software Instrument track and set the necessary related parameters to record MIDI.

  • Recording MIDI 6:51

    Recording MIDI

    Learn how to record MIDI and then use the MIDI Merge mode to add additional data to the region. Also see how to use the Wait For Note function as an alternative to the count off.

  • Punch-In MIDI Recording 9:48

    Punch-In MIDI Recording

    Learn how to set punch-in and out points, and how to re-record over a pre-determined portion of a MIDI region.

  • Introduction to Playlists 5:55

    Introduction to Playlists

    Learn about Playlists - how to create, duplicate, rename, and manage them from the Playlist Selector.

  • Loop Recording Audio 6:15

    Loop Recording Audio

    See how to setup and loop-record some live electric guitar after setting the preferences to automatically create multiple playlists.

  • Selecting Alternate Takes 6:44

    Selecting Alternate Takes

    Learn about the various ways of selecting from the multiple regions that were generated from the loop recording, and discover the Match Criteria Window.

  • Working with Playlists 9:11

    Working with Playlists

    See the various features of working in Playlist view, and comp together a track from the guitar regions that were recorded in Loop Mode.

  • Working with Tracks 9:45

    Working with Tracks

    Learn how to work with the various track display options in the Edit Window, and how to control the various content and viewing settings.

  • Edit Modes 7:39

    Edit Modes

    Discover the functions of each of the four edit modes, and the various key commands for accessing and moving between them easily.

  • Zooming 9:08


    Learn about all the different ways to Zoom inside the Pro Tools 8 Edit Window.

  • Trimmer, Selector & Grabber Tools 11:02

    Trimmer, Selector & Grabber Tools

    Learn about the functions of these tools and their different modes, and then see how to use them to continue building the arrangement.

  • Smart, Scrubber & Pencil Tools 7:08

    Smart, Scrubber & Pencil Tools

    See how these three tools work, and then use the Smart Tool to work on the arrangement.

  • The MIDI Editor 10:25

    The MIDI Editor

    Discover selecting and altering the pitch, position, and lengths of notes in the MIDI Editor Window.

  • Quantizing 9:23


    Learn about the quantization parameters available in the Event.

  • MIDI Real Time Properties 5:38

    MIDI Real Time Properties

    More on quantizing and related functions in the Real Time MIDI Properties windows, and Event Operations sub windows.

  • Event List & Score Editors 11:21

    Event List & Score Editors

    Discover the MIDI Event List and Score Editor windows, and how use the Score Editor to modify a synth melody.

  • Window Configurations 8:58

    Window Configurations

    See how to use the Window Configuration features to store and recall multiple custom window layouts.

  • Selection Techniques 8:20

    Selection Techniques

    Learn to unleash some of Pro Tool's powerful and cool key commands for creating, editing, and nudging selections.

  • Track, Group & Region Lists 10:52

    Track, Group & Region Lists

    See how to manage and control the data and tracks you work with in a session. Learn what they can do, and how to use them effectively.

  • Memory Locations 11:09

    Memory Locations

    how Markers work in Pro Tools 8, and how they can be used for recalling various aspects of the interface in addition to the timeline position.

  • Beat Detective 9:15

    Beat Detective

    See how to use and abuse Pro Tool's Beat Detective functions for realigning audio.

  • Elastic Audio 9:33

    Elastic Audio

    Learn how to use Elastic Audio to import loops directly at the session tempo, as well as how to use it on already existing tracks. Also see how the Warp Markers feature can allow you to change various rhythmic or tonal characteristics of the content.

  • The Mixer 8:26

    The Mixer

    Get an overview of the Mix Window architecture and all the viewable options available on the channel strips, as well as an example of using an effect plug-in as a channel strip insert.

  • Sends 9:53


    Learn how to setup a stereo send across all the tracks, and route discreet amounts of the signal through a bus, where it gets processed with a reverb plug-in inserted on an aux track, and then routed to the master output.

  • Automation 9:33


    Learn the basics of writing and editing Automation for volume, sends, and plug-in parameters.

  • Mix Down 10:05

    Mix Down

    See how to get the session ready for the final mix, and perform a Bounce To Disk process in order to render the whole session to a stereo file which can then be burned to CD.

Product Overview

Presented by Pro Tools 8 power user and instructor Eli Krantzberg, this comprehensive series starts at the beginning and goes in-depth into the most used features and functions in the new Pro Tools 8.

From session creation, recording and editing modes, navigation, markers, Beat Detective, Elastic Audio, MIDI instruments and editor windows, making files for CD and so much more. This series enables you the viewer, to develop a solid foundation in Pro Tools 8 and shows you how to get the most out of your Pro Tools system.

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