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Chapter 1 : Getting Started

  • Introduction 5:42


    Get an overview of the key mastering tools built into Ozone.

  • Getting Around 8:15

    Getting Around

    Discover the basics of the Ozone user interface.

  • The Preset System 9:36

    The Preset System

    See how to recall, save and organize your Ozone presets.

  • Common Controls 13:00

    Common Controls

    Learn how to set the general options, use the undo history, keyboard shortcuts, and solo and bypass each mastering module.

Chapter 2 : Mastering Modules

  • Paragraphic EQ 9:26

    Paragraphic EQ

    Learn how to use the mastering EQ, analog and digital modes along with the mid-side mode.

  • Para EQ Spectrum Options 6:34

    Para EQ Spectrum Options

    See how to configure the spectrum options to customize the frequency display.

  • Matching EQ 10:51

    Matching EQ

    Watch how to use spectrum snapshots then apply the frequency curve of one song to another using the 'matching' mode.

  • Mastering Reverb 8:56

    Mastering Reverb

    Discover how to use Ozone's high quality reverb to tie the mix together with a subtle added sense of space.

  • Loudness Maximizer 13:30

    Loudness Maximizer

    Learn this essential tool to increase the apparent volume of your mix while keeping it warm. Watch an example of using the Loudness Maximizer to match the four tracks in our sample project.

Chapter 3 : The Mulitband Mastering Modules

  • Common Controls 8:40

    Common Controls

    All of Ozone's multiband modules have common controls for the frequency bands. Learn how to bypass a band, solo a band, change the number of bands in any of the multiband modules.

  • Harmonic Exciter 7:39

    Harmonic Exciter

    Ozone's exciter can add presence or sparkle to any of the bands without impacting headroom. See how to tweak the amount of excitation for each band along with the type of harmonic content to add.

  • Multiband Dynamics 12:33

    Multiband Dynamics

    Explore how to control up to four bands of compression for precision mastering and problem solving.

  • Stereo Imaging 5:48

    Stereo Imaging

    Discover how to expand the stereo width of your mix using 4 bands of stereo widening.

Chapter 4 : Advanced Features

  • Input / Output Meters 10:50

    Input / Output Meters

    Learn how to setup the I/O options for the Ozone meters. Also learn how to adjust the gain when Ozone is bypassed for better A/B comparisons.

  • K-System Metering 4:42

    K-System Metering

    Explore the Ozone K-System metering options and what they can do for your mixes.

  • Correlation & Spectroscope 7:06

    Correlation & Spectroscope

    See how to use these important mastering tools to “see” the stereo spread and detect phase problems.

  • Dithering Options 8:52

    Dithering Options

    Discover Ozone's comprehensive set of bit reduction options for CD mastering.

Chapter 5 : Application Notes

  • CPU Optimization 4:02

    CPU Optimization

    Ozone requires more processing power than typical plug-ins. Learn some ways to keep CPU utilization under control.

  • Creating Mastering Presets 6:14

    Creating Mastering Presets

    Using everything from this series, we construct a preset for mastering from scratch.

  • Using MacroFaders 7:33

    Using MacroFaders

    See how to add three top level MacroFaders to control some key Ozone parameters.

  • Mastering Example Pt. 1 12:16

    Mastering Example Pt. 1

    Using the demo songs and our mastering preset, I walk you through finishing up the demo project.

  • Mastering Example Pt. 2 17:02

    Mastering Example Pt. 2

    Continuing from part one, we complete the last three songs and bounce to disk completing the Ozone Explained series.

Product Overview

Want to make your mixes punch and kick? Learn all about the tool professionals use to master their recordings to get that CD quality level and powerful sound. DAW guru Bill Edstrom takes through the amazing iZotope Ozone mastering plug-in from beginning to end.

Bill starts with the important basics such as GUI overviews, common controls, using presets, module overviews, then covers more advanced topics such as correlation and spectroscope usage, dithering options, CPU optimizations, using MacroFaders, actual mastering examples and much more.

If you need to get your mixes "radio ready", check out the powerful iZotope Ozone plug-in, then get "Ozone Explained" to learn to use it right from the start.

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