Logic Pro X Tutorial

Music Production w/ Logic - Vol 1

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    Tutorial 1

    Setting up the Project


    Start with a new template, add audio, global marker tracks and an Aux channel strip. Color both the channel strips and markers. Audition loops, put in place for a temporary drum track.

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    Tutorial 2

    Adding Drum Fills


    Add drum fill loops and create custom fills and hits. Explore how to edit Apple loops in the Arrange window and why they're difficult to edit in the Sample Editor.

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    Tutorial 3

    Working with Drum Fills


    Convert Apple Loops into an AIFF audio file and adjust its tempo to the Project tempo using Logic's Time Machine feature. Open the loop in the Sample Editor to create cuts and explore how the anchor works.

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    Tutorial 4

    Match EQ & Groove Templates


    Add Match EQ to the drum tracks and a compressor to the Aux channel strip that is functioning as the master strip for the drum tracks. Learn to tempo adjust loops and use the Groove Template feature to create MIDI quantize templates from the audio drum loops.

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    Tutorial 5

    Setting up to Record Bass


    Learn to Pack folders, set up a software instrument using the library to audition sounds and talk about the difference in MIDI velocity versus volume.

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    Tutorial 6

    Record & Edit Bass


    Record and edit a MIDI bass part. Learn to use take folders and Autopunch in the recording process. Editing includes creating a comp take, using the Piano Roll editor and using a groove template to quantize the bass to an audio drum loop.

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    Tutorial 7

    Setup & Record Guitar


    See how to setup and record a melody with electric guitar. Explore Guitar Amp Pro and its channel strip settings. More about Take folders and comping/quick swipe features. Editing includes Strip Silence and quantizing audio regions to make the guitar part groove.

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    Tutorial 8

    Edit & Build the Guitar Part


    More about the Strip silence feature, adjusting anchors and quantizing audio. See how to pack a take folder and pitch shift notes instead of re-recording them.

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    Tutorial 9

    Editing MIDI Keyboard Parts


    See how to edit MIDI keyboard using various techniques in the piano roll and score editors.

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    Tutorial 10

    Creating a Lead Sheet - Pt. 1


    Learn how to create a lead sheet for your arrangement.

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    Tutorial 11

    Creating a Lead Sheet - Pt. 2


    Learn more about creating a lead sheet for your performance.

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    Tutorial 12

    Setup & Record Sax


    This video guides you through the process of preparing and setting up to record a sax part.

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    Tutorial 13

    Edit the Sax


    This video guides you through the process of editing the sax recording that was done in the previous video.

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    Tutorial 14

    Working with Vocals - Pt. 1


    Explore signal flow, solving latency issues, adding effects, and how to edit recorded vocals that are packed in Take Folders.

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    Tutorial 15

    Working with Vocals - Pt. 2


    Discover Logic’s Pitch Correction plug-in and how to creatively use it on vocals as well as utilizing crafty automation tricks to optimize it’s performance.

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    Tutorial 16

    General Mixing Concepts


    Learn basic mixing ideas and techniques as well as some specific steps taken and applied to this project’s mix.

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    Tutorial 17

    Final Steps


    See how to use Logic’s fantastic mastering plug-ins on the final mix to address phasing issues and to balance and optimize the mix so it’s as loud as commercially bought CD’s and more.

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    Tutorial 18

    Conclusion & Mastering


    Doug wraps up the session by giving pointers and a basic overview of the session as well as playback of the entire production.

Compatible with Logic 8 & 9, this series presented by Apple Certified Logic Trainer Doug Zangar will give you a "behind the scenes" look at how a true Logic master builds a song from the ground up in Logic.

From laying down drums, bass, guitar, using virtual instruments and effects, vocal tracking, editing and comping, to mixing the track and everything in between, you owe yourself a look at this collection if you use Logic 8. Many new Logic 8 features and functions, keyboard shortcuts as well as customization tips and tricks are revealed in this exciting new Logic video series.

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I love it

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1. When did you start dabbling in music?

I started playing a bit of guitar and piano in the mid-60’s as a small child. Nothing really stuck until my first electric guitar and ensuing garage band in high school. By my last year of high school I was studying jazz guitar and the music bug had bitten.

2. What training have you had?

I went on to get a BFA in music (magna cum laude) from Cornish College of the Arts, emphasizing jazz guitar. Faculty at that time included Gary Peacock, Art Lande and Marius Nordal. I also completed the Pacific Northwest Film Scoring Program, where I studied with Hummie Mann. Additionally, I have become a certified trainer for Apple’s Logic Pro software on versions 6, 7, and 8.

3. When did you get into recording?

My first home recording gear was purchased in the mid ‘80s. It consisted of a Tascam Porta One and a Roland 505 drum machine. By the late 80’s the Atari 1040 ST and Logic’s predecessor, Notator 2.0 were purchased. Digital audio didn’t arrive at the home studio until the early ‘90’s, with Digidesign’s Session 8.

4. People you have worked with/for?

My professional career has included working with Pavarotti, Vic Damone and Diahann Carroll. I have written music for commercials on television and radio and scored independent films. Studio work includes performing on as well as arranging and producing many CD projects. I have also helped many Seattle area musicians work with Logic.

5. Why are you so good at training people?

I draw from my formal education, 4 years of running the Seattle Logic User Group, over 20 years of teaching music at the community college level and 30 years real-world experience working in the music business to give you a lot of insights and tips and tricks on how to use Logic to help create and refine your work.

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Music Production w/ Logic - Vol 1 is rated 5.0 out of 5 by 1.
Rated 5.0 out of 5 by from fantastic, love the easy voice and casual way it flows I love it
Date published: 2017-03-13