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Mixing Urban Pop

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  • Preparing to Mix 17:57

    Preparing to Mix

    Michael talks about mixing in general, his gear, how to setup and use a template for mixing, routing, using different monitors and more.

  • Setting Levels & Faders 18:27

    Setting Levels & Faders

    Michael runs through the song and shows you how to get a rough mix going while focusing on keeping your gain structure healthy and safe.

  • Drums & Bass 15:53

    Drums & Bass

    Michaels starts to mix the drums, perc, FX and bass elements first in this song. Watch him hone these instruments in using EQ, compression, reverb, delay and get the mix going.

  • Synthetic Elements 21:41

    Synthetic Elements

    Michael now focuses on the numerous synth parts of the song and blends them into an interesting 3D soundscape using advanced EQ'ing and routing to various effects.

  • Vocal Elements Pt. 1 23:29

    Vocal Elements Pt. 1

    Michael breaks down all the vocal tracks and figures out the role that each plays in the song. Michael then starts to carve and shape them using his various DAW tools.

  • Vocal Elements Pt. 2 26:23

    Vocal Elements Pt. 2

    Michael now turns to the rap vocal tracks and gets them seated in the mix properly while continuing to work on the main vocal parts and harmonies.

  • Track Tweaks 1 18:50

    Track Tweaks 1

    Michael now starts to jump around the mix fine tuning different things. Tuning vocals, adding special effects such as distortion, grouping vocals for better mixing control and much more are shown.

  • Track Tweaks 2 15:48

    Track Tweaks 2

    Michael focuses on more needed refinements in the song such as vocal level placement, EQ and compression. The bass sound is also revisited and further massaged into shape.

  • Final Changes 32:57

    Final Changes

    After a long 'ear break' Michael made many changes to the mix off camera. In this video he reveals all of them and exactly what he did to arrive at the final mix.

Product Overview

If you're looking to learn how to mix urban pop, look no further. Australian mix master Michael Costa is going to show you the tricks of the trade. Michael starts with a raw mix of "Doin' Ma Thang" by upcoming super artist Tessa Cattanach, and goes through it all ending with a professional sounding radio mix that gets your head nodding.

See how Michael sets up his session, uses templates, creates routing, uses EQ, compression and effects to create a 3D space, banging drums, fat bass, "in your face" vocals and more. You'll see both mistakes and revelations happen as they occur, in this real-world mix session.

After watching you'll have knowledge that usually takes years to gain through much trial and error, and your mixes will greatly improve by applying Michaels techniques and tricks to your productions. The info is shown in Pro Tools 8, but is all about mixing, so it can be applied to any DAW. Get your mix groove going, check out "Mixing Urban Pop" today.

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