T-RackS Tutorial

Mastering with T-RackS

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15 Videos | Length: 2hr 36min 17sec
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  • Intro to T-RackS 9:30

    Intro to T-RackS

    Get a basic introduction to T-RackS layout and functions.

  • Introduction to Mastering 4:07

    Introduction to Mastering

    Michael explains the basics of mastering before looking at the tools.

  • The Loudness Wars 10:29

    The Loudness Wars

    See how the desire for excessive loudness has damaged music and see how some clever processing in T-RackS Brickwall Limiter tries to minimize the damage.

  • EQ 9:43


    A discussion about EQ with some examples.

  • Dynamics 14:26


    Learn about dynamics processing and get a first look at some of T-RackS new dynamics modules.

  • Linear Phase EQ 8:10

    Linear Phase EQ

    Discover the transparent sound that a fully phase compensated EQ can provide.

  • Dithering 3:26


    See when to use this small and often misunderstood necessity in the mastering chain.

  • MS Processing 16:49

    MS Processing

    Learn how to split the mix into its mids and sides and how to process them separately from each other.

  • Multi-Band Dynamics 15:34

    Multi-Band Dynamics

    See how processing just certain frequencies of the mix gives you more control over problem areas.

  • Parallel Processing 10:53

    Parallel Processing

    Learn how two processors operating at the same time can toughen your mix.

  • Compressors in Series 15:17

    Compressors in Series

    Understand how two compressors one after the other can be used to better tame your dynamic.

  • Stereo Width 4:30

    Stereo Width

    See how you can create a wider mix without compromising the center.

  • Stems 2:38


    Discover an alternative to straight stereo mastering that gives you more control.

  • The Power of Comparing 2:37

    The Power of Comparing

    Learn the importance of having a fixed reference when mastering to keep your ears in check.

  • Lets Do Some Mastering 28:08

    Lets Do Some Mastering

    Dive into mastering four songs while using two others as a reference.

Product Overview

Presented by engineer and mixing guru Michael Costa and officially approved by IK Multimedia, this in-depth series shows you how to get professional radio sounding results using the IK Multimedia T-RackS.

Michael first introduces you to the powerful T-RackS Deluxe plug-in suite and then gives you a crash course into mastering your productions so they sound better while having a healthy, loud level. During your journey you'll learn about EQ, compression, dithering, parallel processing and much more. Step-up your sound today.

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